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probably not what you were expecting, i know. but talking to a bunch of friends about Pokemon made me want to draw something like this.... this is my current team i am training in Pokemon Pearl.

front row, left to right: first is a trainer version of Lady, then it's my Gallade (male named Link) next is Gardevoir (female named Lady) and on the end is Lucario (male named Ruisu)

back row is Empoleon (female and my only lvl 100 at this time though 2 others are almost there) Flygon (female) and Sceptile (male)

all the pokemon are scaled much bigger than they are supposed to be, i know....Also don't ask were the rest of Flygon and Sceptile's bodies are.....because i don't know. and Empoleon looks the worst if i may say ^^;

as to why i chose this six, no real reason....they just appeal to me, that's all ^^

-:edit:- now are all level 100 :D yay for me and having no life!

all pokemon are (c) to Game Freak and Nintendo
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I'm not really an animator, but this is possibly my first REAL sort of animation. This is almost 3 weeks old and I haven't worked on it since D: 
I know it's a bit rusty...I didn't use any references nor do I take animation classes or followed any tutorials on how to make a running cycle...
I'll work on it whenever I have time. I'm planning to add shading an a background.

Animation and art by me
Vaporeon from Pokemon belongs to Nintendo/Game Freak

*Added download button
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FLAT PIKACHUS AGAIN. this ones to :iconchiweee: ;u; since you liked them so here you go!
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I'm putting this one in scraps so everyone can go from page 1 to page 30 without any interruptions.


Pattern: [link]
Progress per page can be seen in my scrapbook: [link]
Progress per day can be seen on facebook: [link]

Want to commission me? Send me a note and we can discuss! (No, I will not do something this big, it's insane!)
Here's my Etsy shop: [link]

Twenty-ninth and thirtieth pages are complete!

From the last page, now Pidgeot, Rattata, Raticate, Squirtle, Wartortle, and Blastoise are done! THIS MEANS IT IS COMPLETE AS A WHOLE!!

130 Days! 914 hours! (It was actually a lot less hours than that, I wrote it down from when I picked up the needle to when I put it down.) This means it took me less than one day to do a single Pokemon - I averaged about 6 hours per Pokemon.

Finishing from last time:
June 11: 12:30PM - 5:30PM
June 12: 1:30PM - 4:30PM
June 13: 3PM - 6PM
June 14: 1PM - 5PM

I used:
-Fabric: Charles Craft - Silver Standard - Aida 18 count 30" x 36" (76.2cm x 91.4cm)
-Needle: Sharp End 22
-Hoop: Quilting and Embroidery Hoop with Stand - 16" x 27" (40.60cm x 68.568cm) This hoop isn't big enough for the whole cross-stitch, just so you know~

They are all here baby!
Bulbasaur - Ivysaur - Venusaur - Charmander - Charmeleon - Charizard - Squirtle - Wartortle - Blastoise - Caterpie - Metapod - Butterfree - Weedle - Kakuna - Beedrill - Pidgey - Pidgeotto - Pidgeot - Rattata - Raticate - Spearow - Fearow - Ekans - Arbok - Pikachu - Raichu - Sandshrew - Sandslash - Nidoran♀ - Nidorina - Nidoqueen - Nidoran♂ - Nidorino - Nidoking - Clefairy - Clefable - Vulpix - Ninetales - Jigglypuff - Wigglytuff - Zubat - Golbat - Oddish - Gloom - Vileplume - Paras - Parasect - Venonat - Venomoth - Diglett - Dugtrio - Meowth - Persian - Psyduck - Golduck - Mankey - Primeape - Growlithe - Arcanine - Poliwag - Poliwhirl - Poliwrath - Abra - Kadabra - Alakazam - Machop - Machoke - Machamp - Bellsprout - Weepinbell - Victreebel - Tentacool - Tentacruel - Geodude - Graveler - Golem - Ponyta - Rapidash - Slowpoke - Slowbro - Magnemite - Magneton - Farfetch'd - Doduo - Dodrio - Seel - Dewgong - Grimer - Muk - Shellder - Cloyster - Gastly - Haunter - Gengar - Onix - Drowzee - Hypno - Krabby - Kingler - Voltorb - Electrode - Exeggcute - Exeggutor - Cubone - Marowak - Hitmonlee - Hitmonchan - Lickitung - Koffing - Weezing - Rhyhorn - Rhydon - Chansey - Tangela - Kangaskhan - Horsea - Seadra - Goldeen - Seaking - Staryu - Starmie - Mr. Mime - Scyther - Jynx - Electabuzz - Magmar - Pinsir - Tauros - Magikarp - Gyarados - Lapras - Ditto - Eevee - Vaporeon - Jolteon - Flareon - Porygon - Omanyte - Omastar - Kabuto - Kabutops - Aerodactyl - Snorlax - Articuno - Zapdos - Moltres - Dratini - Dragonair - Dragonite - Mewtwo - Mew
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Art tumblr Regular tumblr Pixiv

Commissioned by shakespeareinventedfuckery on tumblr.


Mew & Pokémon © Nintendo & Game Freak.
Artwork © Mio Dahlbäck

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Here are all three Keyblades based on their Crest Element of their Wielder Aqua, Ventus and Terra.

The Idea to this came nearly in the Beginning after I got Aquas Bright Crest the first time and it took me ages to fullfill my idea I had in mind.

There were many designs which were just copying Aquas Key without any effort of something new, so I had to work a long time on this one, it took in fact all other Keyblades to create before I could really do this project with the best result.

I worried first that I fuck up the scales that for example Vens Keyblade is too huge or Terras Version too small but it turned out like it was in the game~ :D

All Stat Bases I made are after Aquas Bright Crest Stats which are a sum of 11.
Aqua ATK: 4 MAG: 7 = 11
Ventus ATK: 6 MAG: 5 = 11
Terra ATK: 9 MAG: 2 = 11

This is only a collaboration for the idea on the same place, I really do hope you like it!


Pictures by order:
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Felt like doing my very first fanart of Ken and Mimi from Digimon. Favorite pairing and very odd couple, just like these kind of pairings
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For the Gijinka event over at :iconpkmn-crossing:!!!

Jeez. . . I'm so tired! It's 6 in the morning and I started at 9 last night eoe I need sleep! But well, other than the fact my hands are dead, I uh, I kinda like this! It's Minzy as a human! And I wanted to draw a different outfit type for every letter of her name so here we go:

M - Just her usual type of clothes! She likes wearing shorts or skirts that go above the waist, and a baggy shirt
I - This her her more girly/cute outfit, and the fact that I love polka dots >u>
N - Her original outfit on her app!
Z - Her more. . . Punkish outfits? Usually they would have more colors and patterns and all that, but I'm dying so all you get is this Team Rocket themed outfit!
Y - This is just her formal outfit ;n;

And yeah! I hope I didn't get too carried away, I just wanted to take the opportunity to draw Minzy as a human, because when else will I?

I hope you all like it <3
*falls over to sleep*
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This is a chibi sketch commission for :iconcoffeecuppup:, of herself and her boyfriend, and their Pokemon ;u; They're adorable !!
She asked for simple coloring and that's what I enjoy to do the most, sketches with this kind of coloring u///u I would always do that if it was just me XD !! So if you want that kind of commission, don't be shy !
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