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For the Scribblenauts Unmasked Contest.…

I was gonna draw Batman as he's my favourite DC hero, but I thought too many people may be drawing him so I decided to draw Watchmen, my favourite DC comic series ever. With great story and great character development Watchmen is no doubt beyond amazing (I still included a Batman cameo in there though). And to adapt it into Scribblenaut's style is just so fun to do, Scribblenauts is one of my fav game series, it still amazes me how crazy you can get with the game. Cant wait to get Unmasked as well.

In this picture we have (From left to right): Batman (The tiny one on the left), Dr Manhattan, The Comedian, Nite Owl, Rorschach, Silk Spectre, Ozymandias, Lynx, Squid.
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/MAKES IT AN HOUR BEFORE CONTEST CLOSES / omg ive been looking at the timer in and out ahahaa /faints

(made with Wacom intuos3, paint tool SAI, and photoshop CS5)

i took on a pretty different style from what i'm used to for this! i wanted it to look sort of childish/child-like because i thought it might be fitting for my message; my gift is for my parents, who have given me so much more than life in this world. Because I've watched them work hard all my life, and they also tend to worry a lot about anything and everything, i wish more than anything to give them peace of mind, and this i've represented by a fantasy vacation home, (quite literally) detached from earthly worries. My parents love nature, and they x'D So on our little vacation island filled with shrubbery, they can play endless rounds of golf and chill in the cool breeze, live a simple life, and have absolutely nothing to worry about.

i used to make many drawings like these when i was very, very young (A3 paper filled with fantasy homes) all of which my mum kept properly in her drawer =) i wanted to more or less recreate something like those childish works of art that i used to do, with this theme in mind...haphazard layers, small items strewn all around etc.

so yea! :dummy: i drew off inspiration from the game Bastion for some elements. though as i was painting this...i realized how much it looked like the stuff i used to do in my ex-game company X__x don't know if thats a good thing or not...and now i have the sudden need to make something rpg related aahh...

art by circus-usagi
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For So I Herd U Liek Progress

Based on something I made 5 years ago [link]
combined with the real Dragon Dance

Nope, I'm still not a fan of Gyarados.
As much as I think it has great design and
in-game usability, it's overused.

I'm not a fan of overrated stuffs.
But a design this awesome deserves
to be overrated, I must admit.

So... the concept was basically to draw
my brother's Gyarados and my Milotic
(it was drawn during the Ruby/Sapphire period)
in one scene. The two were battle frontier buddies.
In multi mode, the two swept the enemies easily.
Wasn't our the best team for competitive playing,
but we loved the fishies.


Bonus: Phailed sketches that took me over 2 hours [link]

Photoshop & Wacom tablet, with a bit of patience
and slight pain in my fingers for 15 hours.

Artwork © me
Gyarados, Milotic, Pokémon © Game Freak
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Re-drawing one of my popular art in past.
2 years improvement for my speed paint style is turn out great for me. But not the best.
And thanks to deviantart, since I've been here for 2 years, my skill improve a lots. :)

I want to be better and better! ; w ;

Pokemon HeartGold SoulSilver : Gold & Silver with Quilava and Croconaw.

Old :
New :
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Since the DA carving contest said I could enter as many times as I want, I figure I can drop my good ones in and see how I fare!

It's Kirby! I like Kirby. Sadly, the only Kirby games I've actually played are Kirby's Adventure and Kirby 64. So I can't say I'm a Kirby fanatic. But Epic Yarn came out recently, and someone suggested I carve Kirby awhile ago, so Kirby it is! This one's for you, ~LugiaLuver1!

So I wasn't actually planning on carving this one this weekend, since I've got midterms up the wazoo next week. But, as circumstances happen, one of my pumpkins from home had a rotting spot! So it was carve or die, and I never say die! Kirby was actually quite perfect for this one, since it's really on the small side. It's also carved upside-down, since it's a very strangely shaped pumpkin and that was the only way to make it work.

Design wise, this one was a cinch. Because of the odd shape of the pumpkin, I couldn't make the best use of my transfer paper, so I mostly freehanded the entire thing. Yet another benefit of using Kirby for this one! I decided on a star shape for the cut out since Kirby's round. I think it turned out neat, which is why I'm confident to enter it in the contest.

Blah de blah, I talk to much on these descriptions. If Kirby ate a pumpkin, would he turn into a pumpkin? Someone needs to draw this! Also, hi everyone from Smosh and Gamesradar!

Light Version: [link]

Kirby © Nintendo
Carving © Me
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I just wanted to submit something for the Toshiba contest. I have to say. this is real good~
I got my tablet fixed. (And for those of you who didn't know. I stepped on it and broke it in half. =P)

And downloaded Paint.NET. It rocks!
Made this entire thing in it.
Hope ya like it~

I'm maybe going to submit more. But different colors.
I'm thinking about green, red (orange), pink, white, gray, and blue.

I miss a color you'd like? Note me/and or comment this.
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My first entry for the Tomb Raider Reborn Contest.

You can see my second entry here: [link]
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Ding ding ding! Just in time!! :la: After two weeks of intensive hard work here is my piece :faint:. I wished I had more time to improve many things, but it's something. :petting:
Thank you so much DA for this awesome contest where I learned new techniques and improved old skills! :dalove:

Info & Cedits:
- For the body I used a photo of mine. The face and the rest of the photo are painted.
- Textures: The wood of the bow and the fire of the torch are from CG Textures (in their FAQ they indicate that you have permission to use their textures for this kind of work) and I contacted them and they gave me permission: contact.jpg.

Reborn Process by Keevanski Animated Reborn Process by Keevanski

Moar Keevanski on:
Facebook // YouTube // Twitter

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Facebook: [link]

This is my submission for the Tomb Raider Contest, I absolutely loved the game, 10/10 for me! Such a great experience, and I'm really glad this contest has come about, this was very fun to do.
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Done with watercolors. Used masking fluid for the Lara silhouette. Just got it yesterday, so its my first time using it and i love it!
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