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At this point I have taken a few small spoon shaped scraping tools and lightly carved some muscle tone into the heart, and started carving in some veins. The tool in the photo was made from a piece of a scroll saw blade that was rounded off and sharpened. I used this to remove very small amounts of wax from either side of the vein, creating a raised vein that sticks up above the surface of the heart. I also developed the arteries coming out of the top a little more. I am not trying to make a super realistic looking heart, I think it should be stylized in the same manner as the rest of the piece. I just want it to read as a human heart.
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Progress pictures of Idrith -

It was pretty much the first time I tried doing something in this style so a lot of it was just me messing around. And I did plenty of things that were really far more frustrating than they have to be, so until I figure out a better way of doing stuff, I canít give a more detailed step-by-step. ^^; And if there are any suggestions/questions please comment :)
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:iconcupcakelaplz:You can find the video on my YouTube channel!:iconcupcakelaplz:

I've been meaning to do this tutorial for a while, yesterday I was in a tutorial making mood and I just did it. No fancy editing, props, effects or nothing... I figured that making the tutorial and teaching is more important than making it pretty. So thereeeee learn how to make super pretty frosting XD If you notice, the way I do it is really quick and easy. If you have any questions about this tutorial or tutorial requests let me know :) I want to make more video tutorials like this. I also took photos for another tutorial yesterday, cookies anyone? :eyes:

Also, I'm still super self-concious about talking in English, so I pushed myself to do it. I can practice reading, listening and writing in English but I never get to talk in English... ever... so I could use the practice. I think that my pronounciation is a bit awkward sometimes and I have an accent, I hope you can understand me and thank you for your patience :pray: I also have a few grammar mistakes, I didn't use a script or anything so I actually expected it (they're nothing serious, I hope).

Subscribe to my YouTube please :D

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See all my Artisan Craft tutorials here: [link]
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Attention! Are you new to miniatures and want to know how I make my miniature cakes? Well I have recently collaborated with Mini Food Tutorials to offer you this great basic tutorial for doing just that!

The tutorial includes tips on how I make my bases and icing... as well as a few of my favorite sprinkles and toppings.

You can find this tutorial for the great low price of $12 at this link -…


For more information on this, you can check out today's blog post HERE!

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(c) A Bohemian Bazaar, Christopher Blake Leaphart 2013
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Son mis primeros blend en psd :3 pero son hermosos, y ya me di cuenta de las personas que roban.. soo este es un regalo, por mis 100 watchers*-* los tenía abandonados i know:c así que perdón. PERO! no se salvan, van a tener que pedir CONTRASEÑA . Es simple:3 es fácil.

Para obtener la contraseña debes hacer esto
:rose: Agregar a :+fav:
:rose: Tenerme en +watch {reviso}
:rose: Dejar un sensual comentario, no solo ''Ay hermosos ¿me pasas la contraseña? cosas así yo ignoro. Tampoco te pido que me dejes un testamento.
:rose: Ser sexy {es obligatorio} okno xd

Ya saben:3 para obtenerlo hagan eso y gracias por los +100 Watchers♥
Blends originales :icononlybestrong:

Descarga: [link]
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I made it! :la:

It took me a lot more to make the tutorial than the flowers! :giggle:

If you have any questions please ask in comments and I will answer them here.

If you use the tutorial, I'd appreciate if you'd link to this tutorial in the description.

Also, I'd like to see the flowers you make. :la: Gimme a link in the comments. I will feature them! :D

Download for better view. ;)

Versiunea Ón limba rom‚nă: [link]

Q: Is it fragile?
A: It depends on the size of the flowers, the thickness of the petals and the quality of the clay.
- the bigger the flowers are, the bigger is the possibility to hit them by mistake.
- if the petals are very thin, they are more fragile, of course. You have to find the best size/thickness ratio. :)
- if the clay you use is old and poorly kept, they will break easily. If the clay you use is brand new, it is much more flexible and it does not break, unless you want it to. ;P
- another thing you can do to protect the flowers is to incorporate them in jewelry with other materials, like felt, organza etc., like in my spring set [link] .

I recommend to never make these flowers from other than newly bought clay. Especially if you make them for rings or bracelets. Jewelry for hands has a higher probability of being hit and scratched.

Also, to make sure they don't break, always bake them right after you mold them. The more they stay on your desk in the open air, unbaked, the poorest will their quality be. And this is true for all polymer clay crafts. When I make more things on the same day, I start with the least fragile and end with the most fragile.

Other tutorials of mine:
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Here's the long requested tutorial for the ramen bowl!

Video Tutorial: [link]

It took me forever to make/edit this video :D. Hope you guys like it!! =]

P.S. - This will be given to the winner of the giveaway =]

Join the miniature group: :iconlittle-dreamers:

Etsy: [link]
Tumblr: [link]
Personal Tumblr: [link]
YouTube: [link]
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Sorry I put here a link to my youtube account cause the quality of my flash is very low.

Hope you like it :heart:

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This is for whoever needs help putting on their ear cuffs! :D

Don't be afraid to ask me questions if you have any! :)

:groups: My Etsy Shop:

:facebook: My Facebook Page:…

Steampunk Clock Hand ear cuffs by MeowcheeSteampunk Crescent Moon ear cuff by MeowcheeSwinging Steampunk ear cuff by Meowchee Jareth ear cuff by Meowchee
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Hi to all!!! Today I show you a simpy tutorial for use with any polymer clay for make a nice Mac Charm!
For this I've used Sculpey Premo Accents Silver, I love it :love: soft and compact ideal for little subject as thisl :)
Download for see full details.
Have fun! :giggle:
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