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Monthly Food Challenge - Cupcakes WINNER!

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 1, 2013, 5:22 PM
Congratulations to Aya-no-Shrink-Ray
I will contact $Moonbeam13 for the distribution of your prize, it may take a little bit.

Monthly Food Challenge
It's a new year, so we're changing things up a little bit.
Starting in January, a three month premium membership* will be randomly drawn from the members that participate in the challenge.
This also means that we will be extra picky with those that do not follow the rules.

Theme of the month
The theme in this Valentine's month would be the ever dynamic and attractive treat: cupcakes

Your cupcakes can be in any flavors, any frosting and any toppings.
Make your work special with different decorations --- they can be a bitten cake or even a cup-cake pop!

Feel free to make whatever you want as long as the items are primarily made of clay and that they fit the food context. :)

Hope you have a loving and creative month!

*Congratulate to oanna-a-contragosto for winning our prize last month!
Remember everyone who participate will have a chance to win a three month premium membership :D


Life Scale Examples:
Cupcake pops by kupenskaCream Filled Chocolate Cupcake by sasQuat-ch Salted Caramel Faux Cupcake by CreativeAbubotSunflower Cupcake by Sliceofcake

Miniature Examples:
vanilla mini cupcake charms by SnowfernMini Confeitaria Brilha Brilha #025 by pripercaBlue Frosted Cupcake Ring by yobanda New Cupcake Earrings by PetitPlatRose  Vanilla Cupcake Necklace by Bon-AppetEatsPretty cupcake by tiramisuxfluff

Helpful Tutorials
We have lots of tutorials in our gallery that might be helpful for your project.

The challenge closes on February 28th 2013 and the 3 month sub winner will be drawn randomly from the members that have participated in the challenge.


**If any of these rules are ignored, you will be disqualified from winning the prize**
  • Participants have to be members of #semi-sweeties
  • Submissions must be entirely made by you
  • Only new work is accepted
  • Items must be primarily made of clay
  • Unlimited submissions as long as it fits the theme
  • You must write somewhere in the artist comment box that this is an entry for semi-sweeties' monthly challenge +add a link to this journal.
  • Submit entries into the "Monthly Food Challenge" folder.

*This prize is supplied by Moonbeam13

:dalove: the team at semi-sweeties
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tools :D

Didn't fit in the title :D

It is not difficult and it does not cost a fortune. All you need is a strong will to create, any other problems can be solved :)
You may find some of the advice written here ridiculous but this is how i began so i'm speaking from experience
- intro over :D -


If you are a complete beginner i would highly recommend using cheaper metals such as copper, aluminum, anodized aluminum or lacquered copper. You will ruin some to substantial quantity of wire while learning. Don't let that bring you down; it is normal and everyone who makes jewelry has gone through that phase :) So, unless you are wealthy, get the cheapest wire possible and experiment. Learn how it behaves. If you bend it 3 times will it break? What pressure is the best to hold it tightly without marring it with pliers? I learned on the cheapest wire available so i did not have to think THAT much about the money i was ruining with my failed attempts. You can get these in most craft or hardware stores. And online.

Another benefit of the cheaper wires is that if you use lacquered copper and manage to make something beautiful without damaging the lacquer you will be great with precious metals because you will learn how to work with the wire without damaging its surface. If you get good at that it will save you loads of time (you will not have to file and polish the damaged parts and your pieces will look neat and uniform).


1. Pliers
Another thing you can get from any hardware store. I got mine for about 18$, a set of 5. I would recommend the ones from the hardware stores because they are sturdier for this price than the ones you can get in craft stores. But that's true for Croatia, you should check in your town if you are not sure. My point is that they are cheap :boogie: And for starters you do not need all 5 of them (flat nose, flat bent nose, round nose, combination and the ones for cutting). You only need the flat nose and round nose pliers. That is quite enough for a beginner and should not cost over 7$
Just check that they're not flimsy (squeeze them as hard as you can and if they don't bend - buy them)

2. Cutting tools
You have them already :D You can cut thinner wires with old scissors and the thicker wires with plain nail clippers. If you need to buy nail clippers get the bigger ones and check that the blades are flush. There should be no over or underbite. I used a bunch of cutting tools so far and nothing has beaten the plain nail clippers yet

3. Hammering tools
Also known as hammers :slow: haha :D You do not need an anvil. You need a bigger, flat faced hammer and a smaller one. They are cheap in hardware stores. Try getting the ones which have smooth faces because every groove on them will transfer onto your wire while you hammer it. Use the bigger hammer as an anvil. Don't get the insanely big one but a reasonably sized one so you can use it later when you do get a proper anvil. If you can get a cheap anvil or a smooth block of metal by all means do buy it, if not - all jewelry i ever made was hammered with nothing but two hammers :)

4. Filing tools
Again to the hardware store! :la: A set of 5 or 6 needle files (the ones used by locksmiths) can be bought for as little as 5$. You can go crazy and invest 100$ but you do not need that just yet. You will need these files to smooth out the edges where you cut the wires, to make earwires, to file out any marring on plain copper or aluminum, etc. Cheap ones will do just fine. I know because that's what i still use and you can see it works :D You can also buy sanding paper but i have no experience with it so i can't tell you anything helpful about it.

5. Polishing tools
A cheap nail polisher! :typerhappy: They start at about 6$ on and you get several drill/polish bits with it. You do not need an expensive drill or polisher right away. This is all i used for years and i still do when i don't feel like setting up the big evil drill (i call it evil because it can't go under 15.000 rpm so it is quite dangerous to use). These small nail polishers run much slower so you can not hurt yourself while you learn how to use them. You will get one or two fleece bits in the set - those are used to get a high polish. They do work by themselves but you really should use a polishing compound or you will ruin them very quickly. Polishing compounds can also be found online in small packages for several $. I think i'm using jewelers rouge but i'm not sure because a friend gave me a chunk of it and it had no labels on so i'm just guessing. Another thing that is useful and can be bought for not much are polishing cloths. That's the final touch. There are many out there and each jeweler prefers one or the other so you have to see which one you like the most. But if you do the job correctly with the polisher you will not need these right away.

These are all the important tools a beginner should have. Well actually you don't even need the hammers or the polisher at first, that depends on what do you want to make. You know what they do and you can decide if you need them or not :)

If i think of any more (or if you do just tell me in the comments) i will add them here
Or if you guys have any advice for beginners just write them in your comments and i'll add them here

So, this ends our 'Materials and tools' part of helping people who'd like to start being creative and make wire jewelry :hug:

Other topics will be covered in other journals. If you have any requests just write them in the comments, i'll note them down, see which questions are most popular and write more journals
Also, when i finally finish all the commissions and aliens i will make some tutorials and there will be freebies! :la: YAAAAAY! :typerhappy:

Ooh, and if you have an uncontrollable urge to follow me elsewhere you can do so on Facebook: , Etsy: and pretty much all other pages on the internet where you can have a profile :D I'm always Imnium

Have a great day! :glomp: :heart:
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Llamas a mi XD

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 9, 2010, 3:28 PM

:party: Hola amigos aqui entenderan para que son las llamas, como se obtienen y todo lo relacionado con ellas. :giggle:


Give Llama

Give Llamn by leon2085plz

Si quieren conseguir llamas, entren al siguiente chatRoom donde se hace Give llama, Get llama.… <--------- ENTREN

Las llamas son "un regalo" que se les hace a otros user de Deviantart, generalmente estos "regalos" se comprar con puntos de DevianArt se compran y regalan. La particularidad de las llamas, es que son gratis y se pueden mandar a miles de personas, sin que cueste ningún punto. A los que se la envían, notaran que arriba del botón MORE que esta al lado de Submit Art, hay una pequeña llama. La llama cambiara de apariencia dependiendo de cuantas llamas nos regalen. Básicamente hablando es como tener “Una especie de medalla en el profile”

Llama Badges by eggy

Llama (1+)
Super Llama (10+)
Albino Llama (50+)
Super Albino (100+)
Ninja Llama (500+)
Fancy Llama (1000+)
King Llama (2500+)
Spartan Llama (5000+)
Wizard Llama (7500+)
The Golden Llama (10000+ or 15000+)
Rainbow Llama (?)

Si quieren regalar llamas y obtener Puntos de DeviantArt Entren aca ------> y regalen llamas como a sus amigos, pero obtengan a cambio Puntos, juegen y ganen :P

¿Para que sirven los puntos de DeviantArt y que son? ------> ahi esta la respuesta,los puntos sirven para comprar suscripciones [636 (3 meses) por ejemplo], compran deviationes a la venta en DeviantArt, o articulos como remeras, peluches, llaveros, etc..


llama Trade by leon2085plz


llama Trade 2 by leon2085plz


llama Trade 3 by leon2085plz




Leo!! :iconleon2085:

Journal CSS made by caybeach
Brushes by gvalkyrie
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Journal Entry: Sun Jan 25, 2015, 1:58 PM
Holitaas :D

Wuaa, llegue a los +2000 watchers y estoy super feliz ;3; por lo que decidí hacer un sorteo por esto XD

Bueno; es la primera vez que hago uno así que espero que todo salga bien jaja

El premio será un pixel como este:

Pixel meo by Pandi-Mar
Así con todas las boludeces que me pidan; puede tener plantas; banquitos; rejitas o cualquier cosa que esté a mi alcance ;--;
Solo será de un personaje y solo habrá un ganador/a Por motivo de tiempo </3

Bueno; para participar es bastante fácil:
•Tienes que darle fav a este journal; utilizaré esos número para el sorteo.
•Tenerme de watch
•Si quieren; pueden promocionar el journal; eso me ayudaría mucho ♥

El sorteo se llevará a cabo el día miércoles 28 de este mes y el premio lo estaría entregando el viernes o sábado aproximadamente
Para elegir al ganador; utilizaré RANDOM.ORG 

Bueno; eso es todo; espero que participen ♥

Chatoo :3

CSS and graphics by Pandi-Mar

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((If I die))

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 2, 2013, 5:17 PM

((This counts me and Iggys))

If you don't care: stop reading.
If you'd come to my funeral: like this.
If you'd miss me: comment a heart.
If your not scared: re-post and see
Who your " Real Friends" are.

  • Mood: Nervous
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Not to brag but our cosplayers



are fucking amazing.






Not to mention our fan artists


are extremely talented


and their works are absolutely









And the show/webcomic itself


brings a 'togetherness'


like no other.


It shows the world that no one is alone


and we're all brothers and sisters


at the end of the day.


And no matter how often there is conflict




be it countries with their political problems

or just best friends trying to sort things out



It will always resolve


and come right back to being









And just plain silly!




It teaches us about culture



And history


and how to respect it.


This is a fandom that is




















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hihihihi <3
Today I've reached 1,000+ watchers * O * holy carp what the fluck kfndmslkrhfgbjnsljshfnc
Amg did you know i never thought i'd get as many as 50 watchers when i joined dA XDDD

idfhvbnmsdjufgdvbjcnlsifh anyways

To thank all my watchers.... Im going to be giving away stuff owo 

I know it's not much but I really don't have that much to give ;___; <3 Please understand

Im giving away a goodie bundle consisting of:

-Chibi from me
-Pixel Icon from me
-1 month premium
-150 :points:
You can look in my gallery if you want examples

Rules to participate:
-You MUST be one of my watchers BEFORE this journal is posted to be eligible(I will be checking!) 
-One entry per person (no using other accounts!)
-You must love apple juice (Nah, just kidding)

To enter (if you are eligible):
- :+fav: this journal 
-.... thats it 8D

Because I will be picking a number from a random generator, you must fav this journal and the number you are listed as will be your draw number

If the number generated belongs to a person who did not follow the rules, another random number will be chosen. 

You can also share the prizes with others, (e.g you want to keep the points but want the pixel icon for a friend) but you must let me know before i send you the prizes! 

Again, thank you so much ;___; <3333333333

Edit: Oops forgot to add end time

I will pick at 9:00 PM EST on 5/19/13

& AMG thank you all for the CONGRAZZLES <33333 
number was picked at 8:54 PM EST, user confirmed by 8:56PM EST 
WINNER: (drumroll pl0x)

 photo winnerproof_zpsd5a25141.png


I will note you regarding your prize.

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Thank you for 1000+ watchers

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 10, 2013, 3:57 PM
Hello peeps :iconsawakowaveplz:

OMG guys thanks so much, I'm so happy. I got 1005 watchers :iconcryforeverplz:

I wanna hug you all, come here at me :iconlovelyhugplz: let yui-chan hug you!  :iconamericahappyspazzplz:

So as a little thank you from me, I'll raffle one of my watchers through to win a one character headshot :iconjunesplz:

To participate, just fav this journal. You have to be a watcher to win of course. So I'll give you guys 3 hours to fav this, where I live is 19:57, so at 22:57 I'll raffle and announce the winner.

And if you become a watcher after this journal, you won't be able to win, sorry :( 

Thank you again

EDIT: only 24 people faved it even though it has 49 views '-' lol whatever, I guess people didn't read it till the end xD 
so I'll announce the winner:
pakkuma congrats bby, thanks for your support <3
here's an image with the  print of both sites: 

send me a note with the character u want *3*


I'll do other giveaways when I have more watchers, I think I'll do each time I get 1000 more xD

And next time I'l give a day for people to fav the journal, because It'll be more fair since I bet a lot of people weren't online during these 3 hours

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Some people have been asking me this question, so I decided to write this journal.  You all are going to hate me after you read this :XD:

Step 1: Find Free, Hardly Used Line Arts

You can't make adopts without line arts.  There are a lot of free MS Paint line arts out there that are easy and simple to use.  For some line arts though, Paint will not work, so you will have to use a more complex art program (such as GIMP, which is free).  

I've also noticed that it's a lot easier if you make you're own line arts, but I mean no offense to anyone, but only make your own lines if you can draw decently.  I make my own MLP lines, I'm confident in my ability to draw them decently, and people do like my line arts since they have been used by others several times.  I've noticed that they do sell faster if I use my own line art for the adopt (I guess it's the style, I draw them more elegantly, I guess :P)  

Once you earn more points, buy fairly inexpensive but high-quality "P2U" line arts.  These line arts, as the name suggests, are pay to use, which means you have to pay money to their creator to use them.  These line arts generally come in a packet and are higher quality 9generally) then free ones.  I'd say 9/10 times these are not MS Paint friendly though.

Step 2: Designs

This is what I've learned about designs: people love stripes.  And what people love even more is spots with stripes.  People also seem to like blue and orange together, or pastel colors.

You personally don't have to like your own designs :XD: But you have to design for dA as a whole so more people will want to buy them.  I, personally, don't like my designs.  I simply can not use my own designs since I'm not a digital artist, but a poor traditional artist who really only had crayola colored pencils to work with....

Also, people seem to like "well drawn" over "well designed."  This means if the design is good but the line art is crap, it is less favorable than a crappy design with a cool line art.

Also, never use gradients! Just don't, that's just wrong...

Step 3: What to Sell:

For the longest time I used to sell MLP adopts.  I used my own lines, colored/designed it in MS Pain, then applied shading in GIMP.  People loved them.  They would all me "name your price", and I could earn 10-40 points per adopt.  Considering these took about 2 mins. to make, that's a lot.  Now, MLP adopts don't sell as well, but they are still pretty popular.

I would advise selling cheap cat adopts.  And once you have enough money, try dragon and griffin adopts.  

Step 4:The Price

One word: cheap.  If you're just starting out as an adopt maker, chances are you're not very good.  I know I sucked at the beginning, but I looked at other adopts an learned new styles, how to color better, etc.  

Start off with selling them for 1-3 points, then you can increase them as you go on and get more popular.  If you have a good adopt, but you're not sure how to price it, I'd advise name your price.  I do this for my griffin adopts, and I can get a lot of points for them.  Name your price is when people tell you what price they would like for the adopt.  It's also called offer to adopt, an it's a pretty good idea if you want to make points quickly.  Though, sometimes this can be intimidating since people might not know what to offer and are afraid that they might offend you if they offer too low, but get ripped off if they offer to high.  

Step 5: Don't be a Jerk

There are a lot of adopt makers out there who are, well, real turds.  They lie, they cheat, they steal, just to make a quick buck, er, point.  I've seen some people steal points from others through adopts, not just by adopt theft, but by declining service to someone AFTER they've sent the points, meaning the person bought the adopt and the adopt maker didn't give them the adopt after they payed for it.  

It's just, not right, please don't be on of those people.....

Anyways, this is the end of my "tutorial" :P  I'm sorry if I offended any of you, also I'm sorry for any grammatical errors I may have made.
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RAFFLe WINNERS + YOU, come talk to me ! n q n

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 6, 2013, 9:47 PM

UPDATE: The 2 winners are #111 :iconshini-ko:, and #167 :iconnepheloyd:
everyone else, thank you for participating! I will hold future raffles, and good luck and try again !

Winners please note me what you'd like! n q n


so i figured it's never bad to socialize with your watchers, so


I'll try to reply with something worth reading AHHAa ^ q ^
if you want to get to know me better, come tweet me n q n
im going to be more active on twitter now but I'll still post (completed) stuff here!

OK SO I THINK I'M GOING TO DO AN ICON RAFFLE Since summer's here and schools (almost, not really) out
I'll have some time to do stuff !

just favourite this journal so I can add you into the raffle.
I'll pick 2 winners for now! and it'll be just a 50 x 50 blinking icon OK

e.g. :iconpueiia:

this raffle ends .... 2 days from now !
whispers feel free to follow me on tumblr/twitter for extra raffles

you all are qts ! <3

im a mighty titan ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
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