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3250 Points

July Contest Winners .

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This Time , we will give 3250 Points Reward .

For your information , we saw all of the works, choose the best ones and moved them to " Best Of " Folder and Gave them Rewards .

Please read the whole journal , if you are one of our winners , just comment here :… , then we will give you your rewards .

Every work gets 10 points Reward .

Now let's introduce the winners together :

FOLDER : Best Of Photography :…

:iconlykorias:Glencoe by Lykorias
:iconfocusgallery: by focusgallery
:iconandersstangl:Curve by AndersStangl
:iconnameda:Candy coated rose by Nameda
:iconjsif47:The Anvil by jsif47
:iconmasterank:Lets take a Stroll in the Garden by masterank
:iconpiroshki-photography:Sky full of bees by Piroshki-Photography
:iconwiku2707:Old, Passion, Work by Wiku2707
:iconserodous:lone Flower by Serodous
:iconm-eralp:Cold Sunrise by m-eralp
:icondkokdemir:The Key by dkokdemir
:iconjarodkearney:Bride by jarodkearney
:iconenigmaticus:Rural bridge I by Enigmaticus
:iconlch-photography:Depression Chapter 3: Exasperation II by LCH-Photography
:iconhenriqueamagioli:Lost in my dream by HenriqueAMagioli
:iconianvicknair:The Angry Question by ianvicknair
:iconmisgaeroten:Un peu de douceur... by Misgaeroten
:iconchervona:caterpillar waiting for Alice by chervona
:iconshzphoto:Surreal by Shzphoto
:iconwoot859:Come Hell or High Water (Lara Croft) by woot859
:iconjaredwingate:Homeless 010 by JaredWingate
:iconinnocentium:Indochinese Tiger by Innocentium
:iconorangeroom:Common Kestrel I by OrangeRoom
:iconvitalysemenov:War of the Worlds by VitalySemenov
:iconshzphoto:Reflection by Shzphoto
:iconyavuzselimturan:Seed by yavuzselimturan
:iconbuuckphotography:Enchanting Limbo - Peter Iredale Shipwreck by BuuckPhotography
:iconpiroshki-photography:Smooth night by Piroshki-Photography
:iconjohannabrown:Pinksunset by JohannaBrown
:icondigibug:Balloons by Digibug
:iconmazarek:Time for dinner by mazarek
:iconlevel4dotno:<da:thumb id="384590409"/>
:iconlilyas:Midnight Rose by Lilyas
:iconveronika-schnek:Phobia by veronika-schnek
:iconlykorias:Loch Ness by Lykorias
:iconaura-93:Lorikeet 2 by Aura-93
:iconyuphotography:<da:thumb id="383149427"/>
:iconadila:090720114 by Adila
:iconl-yukan:Water In Motion 2 by L-Yukan
:iconpalzattila:Snail by palzattila
:iconalexstork:Fish fly by Alexstork
:iconinayatshah:Galloping Glory by InayatShah
:iconbonafidechimp:Summer Time Chicago by BonaFideChimp
:iconisalovesphotography:Gleam by Isalovesphotography
:iconkiritani-akira:beautiful evening by kiritani-akira
:icontinas-photography:Lightning. by TinaS-Photography
:iconchervona:deep, deep in the woods by chervona
:iconvisual3deffect:Axtelera-Ray : Princess Theia A Guardian Angel by Visual3Deffect
:iconaxelrafn:Hraunfossar Panorama by axelrafn
:icondaneas:Port Meadow by Daneas
:iconseth2012chaos:Flow by seth2012chaos
:iconpiroshki-photography:Spring of Krupaja by Piroshki-Photography
:iconpiroshki-photography:When the sky collapses by Piroshki-Photography


FOLDER : Best Of Digital Art :…

:iconjalpix:ANGELA by JALpix
:iconchris-bennier:under the surface by Chris-Bennier
:iconragheb-abuhamdan:Typography portrait by ragheb-abuhamdan
:icontrip-artist:Etheric Multi-Dimension by Trip-Artist
:iconkajenna:Maxim (portrait) by Kajenna
:iconjimmyzhang:Glory, Glory by JimmyZhang
:iconangelshu:The beauty of China by AngelShu
:iconque-ink:<da:thumb id="344836667"/>
:iconbojan1558:ship in the city by Bojan1558
:iconlourdes-laveau:GRACE by LOURDES-LAVEAU
:iconzackb05:Street by zackb05
:iconmburleigh8:Marble games by mburleigh8
:iconiwhengo:the watcher by Iwhengo
:iconvladimm:Hell O by vladimm
:iconnaeloj:Study - Dihaze by naeloj
:iconplok259:Two Sides of Tumblr by plok259
:iconfangelsi:L'eau D'etoile by fangelsi
:iconrin-sarasara:hot by rin-sarasara
:iconraysheaf:At the Door by raysheaf
:icondevilishlycreative:Face Off by DevilishlyCreative
:iconladunya:Gold by ladunya
:iconawolgfx:Fate by AwolGFX
:iconmacgwyver:Three eyes by MacGwyver
:iconspeedportraits:Painting The Hobbit ~ Bilbo Baggins by speedportraits
:iconvoyager168:We are watching you! by Voyager168
:icondistortedorion:MISTerious castle by DistortedOrion
:iconb1jan:Bust_study by B1jan
:icondontnoanything:The head of love by DontNoAnything
:iconozzpurechesterholicz:Learning How To Live by OzzPureChesterholicz
:iconark4n:Enlightenment: the hard way by ark4n
:iconsparrow-chan:Forest spirint by sparrow-chan
:iconark4n:Living together: the challenge by ark4n
:iconyolandablazquez:frog prince by YolandaBlazquez
:icondsiete:Straight Edge by DSiete
:iconkingmannu:missing you so much by kingmannu
:iconle-laa:<da:thumb id="340824195"/>
:iconaeternum-art:<da:thumb id="353698130"/>
:iconrapsag:Captain America by Rapsag
:icongalaxy-wolf16:<da:thumb id="380220179"/>


FOLDER : Best Of Digital Fan Art :…

:iconkatz56147:Amatsu Magatsuchi by katz56147
:icontixielix:Wet... by TixieLix
:iconsweeetrazzbery:Watch Dogs by SweeetRazzbery
:iconzetsuai89:Ulquiorra Schiffer __ fetters of the soul by Zetsuai89
:iconjht888:A Painting of Luna Lovegood by jht888
:icontomzj1:PACIFIC RIM - The Apocalypse by tomzj1
:iconpuppet-girl86:Grell Sutcliff by Puppet-Girl86
:iconmidna01:Through the Darkness by Midna01
:icondevilkazz:METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCE by DevilKazz
:iconluckyirisheyes:Jade Harley + The Horrorterrors by LuckyIrishEyes
:iconkeyade:Good Night by Keyade
:iconkay-wan:Dota 2 Art Tournament by Kay-Wan
:iconayyasap:My Shepard by AyyaSap
:iconsillyshadows:Music set me free by sillyshadows
:icontadazza:<da:thumb id="377947983"/>
:iconkirillbran:Old, weaving factory by kirillbran


FOLDER : Best Of Traditional Art :…

:iconasfahani:Same direction (commission) by Asfahani
:iconadonabauer:Artwork 1 by Adonabauer
:icondlesko250:Predator Bust by dlesko250
:iconjosephinebruce:Hazel by josephinebruce
:iconyankeestyle94:Communique by Yankeestyle94
:iconaepler:Untitled 3 by AEpler
:iconangelblack65:Perception by angelblack65
:iconweroni:Abrupt Clarity by weroni
:icontanyashatseva:Dreamgirl by TanyaShatseva
:iconhannakarlsson:The Elephants by HannaKarlsson
:iconbajanoski:Leopard eye by Bajanoski
:iconsasoriakasuna1:Dominic Toretto and Brian O'Connor by Sasoriakasuna1
:iconhitforsa:On a way to a beacon by hitforsa
:iconbadusev:A FALL EVENING by Badusev
:icontaniaav:The most beautiful eyes by TaniaAV
:iconzephyrxavier:Skull02 by zephyrxavier
:iconrglaze:Marilyn painting (work in progress, oil on canvas) by RGlaze
:icondrsiddhi:STEVE JOBS (1955 - 2011) by drSIDDHI
:iconsaraportrait:Fruits and chocolate by saraPortrait
:iconillegalhamster:<da:thumb id="382608080"/>
:iconvianaarts:Cute Redhead - Ballpoint Pen by VianaArts
:iconnewboldworld:Rivendell-Wisdom-of-the-Elves-by-Joe-Gilronan by newboldworld
:iconmsamsonov:touch by MSamsonov
:iconurosh1991:<da:thumb id="382563180"/>
:iconartbybeverly:The Song of Autumn! by ArtBYbeverly
:iconkinko-white:Eddard Stark by Kinko-White
:icondavid681:The Birds by David681
:iconsheenapikeart:Pride by SheenaPikeArt
:icondutchartist19:<da:thumb id="380810782"/>
:icongiovanninejar:Torre De Babel by GiovanniNejar
:icondavidreevespayne1:Cutty Sark In Full Sail by davidreevespayne1
:iconchristopherpollari:Johann Lost In The Grey Void by ChristopherPollari
:iconfubuduffonen:She's The Summer by FubuDuffonen
:iconmitsuo2:Rihanna by MITSUO2
:iconjeremyedenart:Heavy Brigade Combat Team - Drawing by JeremyEdenArt
:iconvanessa-lim:In my hands by vanessa-lim
:iconhendrikhermans:Happy (?) together by HendrikHermans
:icon69xuxu69:Dao Phi Thien Ha poster 2 by 69XuXu69
:icon22zitty22:Zizzy by 22Zitty22
:iconabrem008:Judith by Abrem008
:iconryanmbellart:Grow With the Sun! by ryanmbellart
:iconcr1msoncloud:Green Ranger by Cr1msonCloud
:iconchroma-kun:Com: For Our Future by chroma-kun


FOLDER : Best Of Traditional Fan Art :…

:iconbadusev:CRESCENDO by Badusev
:iconthe-wheels:Twilight Zone by The-Wheels
:iconartislife88:Kurt Cobain by ArtIsLife88
:iconbill-con:Stelios The Spartan (Michael Fassbender) by Bill-Con
:iconwpatison:All lies [art trade] by WPatison
:iconpensierimorti:Sevoftarta by pensierimorti
:iconblood-pleasures:Jyu Viole Grace (Finished) by blood-pleasures
:iconlinnfeyling:James Hetfield by LinnFeyling
:iconchairboygazza:Frozen Love. by chairboygazza
:iconsorbetti:Kat Graham by Sorbetti
:iconilojleen:Matt Bomer by Ilojleen
:iconfabiano777:Eva Regina by Fabiano777
:iconirisbouman:Queen by IrisBouman
:iconmrfreddy95:Dylan dog riproduzione lucio parrillo. .. by MrFreddy95
:iconrommeldrawlines-12:Wolverine (Variant cover) by rommeldrawlines-12
:iconred-szajn:Jonne Jarvela - Korpiklaani by Red-Szajn
:iconliddellemily:You complete me by LiddellEmily
:iconangelofpurity15:<da:thumb id="388507423"/>
:iconcapricorn-kid:Hannibal by capricorn-kid
:iconthelostreincarnate:Old Ezio Auditore by TheLostReincarnate
:iconalexndramirica:Cesare Borgia by AlexndraMirica
:iconwpatison:Blockbuster [art trade] by WPatison
:iconsherlover221:Ginger Ben! by Sherlover221
:iconrhafiel:Naruto fanart 6. Uchiha Madara by Rhafiel
:iconmiss-lizzie-jane:Jensen Ackles minimalist sketch by Miss-Lizzie-Jane
:iconkinko-white:Heart of Mirkwood by Kinko-White
:iconmizecki:CL (Lee Chae Rin) by Mizecki
:iconbabitommo:<da:thumb id="387169520"/>
:icondesignermf:Altair's Drawing (Assassin's Creed) by DesignerMF
:iconciaramcavoy:Revenge of the Sith -Oil painting by CiaraMcAvoy
:iconnyaaaaaaaan:Vocaloid: Yuzuki Yukari by Nyaaaaaaaan
:iconroyalsmiley:Sandor 'The Hound' Clegane by royalsmiley
:icongumshorts:Thoros of Myr by Gumshorts
:iconscenicsarah:Johnny Depp 2013 by ScenicSarah
:iconlucia-95rdus:Eunhyuk portrait (Break Down) Super Junior-M by Lucia-95RduS
:icongunneos:a case of need by gunneos
:iconsomeone-else79:Tom Chaplin by Someone-Else79
:iconinhibitus:The Amazing Spiderman - Movie Poster Pen Drawing by inhibitus
:iconjeuro85:The Wolverine by JEURO85
:iconxxxfefyxxx:The truth is...I'm Iron Man! by xXxFefyxXx
:iconakaayakashi:<da:thumb id="385329016"/>
:iconnorthumbrianartist:Watercolour of James Gandolfini (1961 - 2013) by NorthumbrianArtist
:icongunneos:The Consulting Detective by gunneos
:iconalffisky:Jared Leto by AlffiSky
:iconlapicher:Johnny Depp- Captain Jack Sparrow Portrait by LaPicher
:iconanadia-chan:Lumina by Anadia-Chan
:iconciaramcavoy:X-Men : First Class Traditional movie art (oil) by CiaraMcAvoy
:iconalexndramirica:Vivien Leigh by AlexndraMirica
:iconbajanoski:Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag Edward Kenway by Bajanoski
:iconray-koster:daAnnie by Ray-Koster
:iconaline96:Gandalf the Grey by Aline96
:iconmeduzza13:Loki by MeduZZa13
:iconninjificus:Famke Janssen as Jean Grey Phoenix X-Men by Ninjificus
:iconspomo-u:Robert De Niro by Spomo-U
:iconwpatison:King of the night by WPatison
:iconsykonurse:Beth Gibbons by sykonurse
:iconsomeone-else79:Jared leto by Someone-Else79
:iconfeyjane:Jon Snow by Feyjane
:iconawkwardtaco:CARRIE: Chole.Grace.Moretz by awkwardtaco
:icon7-year-bytch:Deal With It by 7-Year-Bytch
:iconcr1msoncloud:Iron Man by Cr1msonCloud
:iconmisslysiak:Pepper Potts by misslysiak
:iconganjamira:I fight for my hive! by Ganjamira


FOLDER : Best Of photo manipulation :…

:iconestherpuche-art:Butterfly by EstherPuche-Art
:iconfantasio:Android Legacy V: A Mechanical Romance - Wallpaper by fantasio
:iconrazielmb:Eternal dreamer by RazielMB
:icondoucesse:The Poisoned Apple by Doucesse
:iconestherpuche-art:I Miss You by EstherPuche-Art
:iconkartoffel83:Rise of an Empire by Kartoffel83
:iconjosiane-rey:Campanario by Josiane-Rey
:iconamiltarea:Awaken Dreams by Amiltarea
:iconlolita-artz:Mermaid Fantasy by Lolita-Artz
:iconstellartcorsica:Lost in past by stellartcorsica
:iconalexnoreaga:Hearts Burst Into Fire by alexnoreaga
:iconestherpuche-art:In my Dreams by EstherPuche-Art


FOLDER : Best Of OCS :…

:iconchrishogman:The Death Knight by ChrisHogman
:iconsolanart:Serenade Banshee by SolanArt
:iconarcsh:Descent by Arcsh
:iconwolfnoom:metal dragon by wolfnoom
:iconjujupie:Richard Holdstein - OC by Jujupie
:iconmay-ya:Under The Glow by May-Ya
:iconwolfinrahalify:Smile babe! by wolfinrahalify
:iconbustergarou:Xi Ling - OC painting by BusterGarou
:iconsurealkatie:heart of the beast by SurealKatie
:iconowlivia:- birds of a feather - by Owlivia
:iconpockicchi:Commission #12: TheGreenDragoon by Pockicchi
:iconyourbloodday:After all the lights go down by YourBloodDay
:iconpanom:Nanaho Newlooks by panom
:iconarcrebs:Civilization Lost by ARCrebs
:iconmalverro:Ninja by malverro
:icontimberking:Groveberry Forest by timberking
:iconkromnz:Xan Derrycc Commission by Kromnz
:iconayamepso:Study is my passion by ayamepso
:iconNicolePrince:It's good to be king. by NicolePrince


FOLDER : Best of Fantasy :…

:iconProsaiska:Treasure Guardian by Prosaiska
:iconCynic-pavel:Valhalla warrior advanced by Cynic-pavel
:iconXermanico:Might and Magic - Soeurs de Sang by Xermanico
:iconcolor-sekai:Bazaar by color-sekai
:iconnosaj7541:Guiding by JasonTN
:iconGonVerdugo:Dragon by RoVerdugo
:iconCoudrayMathieu:Zoo des Chimeres by CoudrayMathieu
:iconAlexandrescuPaul:Aurites by Lex Paul by AlexandrescuPaul
:iconLarryWilson:Moonpetal - The Queen's Handmaiden by LarryWilson
:iconHeatherSchoff:Eclipse. by Zaellrin


FOLDER : Best of Literature :…

:iconAlice537:A single tear by Alice537


FOLDER : Best of Artisan Crafts :…

:iconkurka-designs:Deer pendant by newwoodland
:iconkerinewton:String Theory by kerinewton
:iconAlexPyro:Rabbit by AlexPyro
:iconBCcreativity:Phoenix-Rising by BCcreativity
:iconDark-Lioncourt:Dark Secret necklace by Dark-Lioncourt
:iconbloodyrose91:Handmade Posable purple wolf! SOLD by KaypeaCreations
:iconYnik-name:icy air dragon fox (for sale) by Ynik-name
:iconAR-Faham:Scorpion by AR-Faham
:iconcarmendee:Cascading frilled jellyfish by carmendee
:iconbrandojones:Couple's wedding portrait - Woodburning by brandojones
:iconBrunasc:The Burrow - 01 by Brunasc
:iconXPantherArtX::.Teddy.: by XPantherArtX
:iconxXNeo:work in progress : unicorn by xXNeo
:iconMousenibbles:Protection seal knot by Mousenibbles
:icon5Happy5:Black Walnut Dragon Flute Fetish by 5Happy5
:iconAR-Faham:Dragon by AR-Faham
:iconteyyyerrrsss:DIY Owl IPad Case by teyyyerrrsss
:iconohmymarie:Red Maple tree Erable Rouge by ohmymarie
:iconobsidiandevil:Garnet and Rutile Quartz Necklace by obsidiandevil
:iconNimianna:Homer by Nimianna
:iconMousenibbles:Sycamore Wand by Mousenibbles
:iconWood-Splitter-Lee:-SOLD-Hand Made Poseable Baby Cotton Candy Unicorn by Wood-Splitter-Lee
:iconAMechanicalMind:Mechanical Spiders made from watch parts by AMechanicalMind
:iconbloodyrose91:Azura Fox SOLD by KaypeaCreations
:iconVattukatt:Stag Forest 1 by Vattukatt
:iconNerdyKnitterDesigns:Crochet Queen Chrysalis by NerdyKnitterDesigns
:iconGriffinLeather:Leather skull purse clutch in ox blood by GriffinLeather
:iconPestilentialCreature:Tree And Shell. by PestilentialCreature
:iconVioletIcarus:Babytooth - rise of the guardians (sculpture) by VioletIcarus
:iconcarmendee:Jellyfish pendant by carmendee
:iconXPantherArtX::.Bisou.: by XPantherArtX


FOLDER : Best of All Other Folders :…

:iconladyjart:Spiderman by ladyjart
:iconjht888:A Painting of Will Graham by jht888
:iconsuperxtoon:Chaplins dog by superxtoon
:iconPurpleScorpion187:Brothers by PurpleScorpion187
:icontakmaj:<da:thumb id="379892537">
:iconMohamed-A-N-B:<da:thumb id="379341091">
:iconEquinox81:<da:thumb id="375689479">
:iconAzaikar:<da:thumb id="378531786">
:iconSheppard56:<da:thumb id="377333285">
:iconmaenzchen:<da:thumb id="374649611">
:iconDinhosaur:<da:thumb id="371154683">
:iconxXKitsune:<da:thumb id="378929973">
:iconEaglefriend:<da:thumb id="373686963">
:iconTixieLix:<da:thumb id="373740357">
:iconrevanche7th:<da:thumb id="373894538">
:iconManticora-Miorro:<da:thumb id="373514012">
:iconHarpiya:<da:thumb id="364330470">
:iconSorbetti:<da:thumb id="367381353">
:iconPyramiddhead:<da:thumb id="379443205">
:icongenie-chan:<da:thumb id="377577576">
:iconVrihedd:<da:thumb id="378094902">
:iconTsalagiMahariel:<da:thumb id="375146892">
:iconstarca:<da:thumb id="378157846">
:iconluisbc:<da:thumb id="378838978">
:iconFaasteer:<da:thumb id="378810013">
:iconPaulCastleton:<da:thumb id="369284125">
:iconSkylar-Red:<da:thumb id="373955004">
:iconPyr0sky:<da:thumb id="349508782">
:iconHoshi-Pan:<da:thumb id="379183361">


:note: If you see yourself in the list of Winners, please comment Here…


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Macro Spotlight Vol. 43

Sun Dec 2, 2012, 8:45 AM by MarcosRodriguez:iconmarcosrodriguez:

Spotlight Vol. 43


The Spotlight

Romanesco Mountains by JRd1st

red drop by Anwer-21

Natural Elegance by mj-magic

Harlequin by snomanda

my own little forest by xXxSILLYxBERRYxXx

Splash gone wild by relhom

Swirl by MarinaCoric

H2O by Judo95

Screw by n0s-zero

'Frostflake' by Gallynette

'on it's own globe' by Betuwefotograaf

Pystira Ephippigera Jumping Spider with Tick by melvynyeo

Soft Green by Esma698

Every Drop is Growth by GrotesqueDarling13


Mellow yellow by pqphotography

drops by YourFavoriteProfil

M2785 - Dew. by Lothringen

76534 by formylittleprince

Little ovni II by Elilustratodo

Resting in Silence Measured by Infinity by goRillA-iNK

Shine on by diensilver

dronka :) by hippiska

See a piece that should be featured?

Don't hesitate to note me with the thumb! I'll do my best to get it in the next feature.

Undiscovered Talent

Give love. Write comments. Collect Favorites. Watch Artists. Make Art.



Macro Gallery Moderator


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101 point giveaway -closed-

Sat Apr 13, 2013, 8:19 AM
Sorry I'm so late. The winner of this give with number 252 iss....
Yay. Another giveaway. :happybounce:

Same rules apply as always. All you gotta do is...

:bulletred: FAV THIS JOURNAL!

That's it!

If you watch me, thank you! :heart:
I will a a watcher feature for all my watchers starting next month! :tighthug:

No alternate accounts because if you do. I will find you and I will terminate you. :grump:

You have any questions for me? I'll answer them all; doesn't have to be dA related. I'll answer them all. (You can even be anonymous and I won't know who is asking the question!)

Now, this part is optional but I love getting feedback from you guys. So here's what your comment can be about today. You are going to comment a greeting so I can repsond to you. c:

Since nobody is answering to other people; I'll respond to yoor comments. c:

First, write 'Hello or any other greeting' as a comment for yourself (So somebody can respond to you!)
Second, greet the comment below you with a 'Hello',  'How are you' , 'Wassssupp!!'.. Whatever you want! (That will be you talking to another deviant :dummy:)

I will comment for the first person. Make sure you are social to the other deviant, you never know that they may be your new friend. :la:

Help let these giveaways continue with a small donation! :hooray: Even 1 :points: goes a long way! (I will feature people who donate in the watcher feature as well.)

Love by iDJPanda

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I am holding another contest!!! Love Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2] 

What kind of contest:
You must draw one of my OCs (you can draw one or more together)
You can draw them doing any activity and in any kind of clothes
Here are my OCs:Panda Emoji-31 (Hello) [V2]…
(also other deviants drawings of my characters)…
some examples of my OCs (but please look through my gallery to see more OCs that are not shown here and references):
Yuna by fingerpaint888  Emery (character reference sheet) by fingerpaint888   Your Safe With Me by fingerpaint888  Main Character for Outlander by fingerpaint888No longer by fingerpaint888 kaze by fingerpaint888AT: Aiko and Kaze for fingerpaint888 by SailorShana8

Rules:Neko Emoji-40 (Ok Okey) [V2]
You can enter as many times as you want
Dirt No nudity, violence, sex
Don't copy any work!  It must be your own!!!


PrizeBunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] 
1st place:
50 points
A sketch by me and full body drawing
A llama from me
sketch by :iconinfinity133:
drawing from :iconarceeandjack:
colored headshot by :iconisuzu-rin-kakuri:
colored chibi from :iconkammy-tan:
colored full body from :iconfluffykawaiipuppy:
 a full body and a chibi from :iconsaracaa:
a fullbody drawing by :iconminirou:
a fullbody colored chibi by :iconcaramule:
colored chibi by:iconjenmini:
character by :iconporupai:
colored full body by :icons00shee:
colored full body by :iconzenri-n:
full body digital painting by:iconsadfuzz:
a fav, llama, and request from :iconbukichan:
a llama and colored headshot by :iconmichesan:
2nd place:
20 points
A llama from me
A sketch by me
A sketch by :iconinfinity133:
drawing from :iconarceeandjack:
colored chibi from :iconkammy-tan:
a colored chibi from :iconfluffykawaiipuppy:
half body from :iconsaracaa:
a waist-up drawing by :iconminirou:
a fullbody colored chibi by :iconcaramule:
a colored half body by :icons00shee:
colored half body by :iconzenri-n:
colored half body by :iconsadfuzz:
a fav, llama, and request from :iconbukichan:
a llama and headshot sketch by :iconmichesan:
3rd place:
10 points
A llama from me
A sketch by me
colored chibi from :iconkammy-tan:
chibi from :iconsaracaa:
chibi by :iconminirou:
sketch by :iconrirenliplock:
a colored chibi by :icons00shee:
simple colored half body by :iconzenri-n:
half body lineart by :iconsadfuzz:
a fav, llama, and request from :iconbukichan:
a llama from :iconmichesan:

When does it have to be done by:
September 30 2014
I hope this gives everyone enough time, but if more time is needed in the end then I can extend it :)

Good Luck to everyone!!!!!!!  Ene Emote (Kagerou Project) - Head Tilt 
Also if anyone wants to contribute any prizes or make a journal about this contest that would be cool Bear Emoji-31 (Hello Hi) [V2] 
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Rainbow dash was asleep again, Dreaming about the Night of the Gala.She woke up with a sudden sound of "Dashie,wake up!!!". She slowly looked down and saw Pinkie pie bouncing up and down. "Twilight got the picture devolped from the Gala, and Rarity looks ssssooo funny.". Rainbow Dash looked up in disapointment, She didn't want to remember from that horrible night. Even though she had a great time with her friend, She was still disappointed that she never had anytime with the Wonder Blots after all the things she did to impress them."No thanks Pinkie pie, i'm really tired, you know, because we stayed up really late.", She said, Trying to sound sincere. Pinkie pie coked her head sideways in confusion,"Are you sure Rainbow Dash?". "I'm sure". Rainbow Dash flys away sadly, Going to her Cloud home, Wanting to be alone. When she gets there, she opens the door slowly and walks in. Just when she is about to close the door, She heard a knocking. She turned around shocked "Who could that be?". She opened the door and saw Soarin, one of the male Wonder Bolts. "Umm... Hey Rainbow Dash, Hey umm, I'm really sorry that i didn't and all of the rest of us didn't spend time with you after you.. well..umm.. saving my pie.". Rainbow Dash giggled and said "It's ok", whispering OMG in her head. "So can i.." "Oh yeah, you can come in". Soarin flo in. "Do you want some wine." Raibow dash offering the first thing she could think of, blushing at the thought of what she just said. Soarin blushed a bit too, but said "Sure.". Rainbow Dash, glad that she didn't embarrassed herself, went to the fride and pulled out a big green bottle full with purple liguid. Rainbow Dash walked up to Soarin and asked " with anyone or anything", Soarin blushed again and said "No, i'm single but i'm looking for some mare, i mean i kinda like Spitfire, but more like a sister." Rainbow Dash thought for a minute and asked "Well, how come no one else came.". Soarin blushed, then stuered for a minute finally saying "Well the thing is, i kinda like you and i was wondering if you... wanted to go out with me" Rainbow dash blushed and said. "Um..Sure".
    Rainbow Dash and Soarin where heavly drunk, Them both giggleing over something Rainbow Dash had said. Finally Soarin stopped giggleing and said "Hey, you know since where together, i was thinking maybe we sould...." Rainbow dash thought for a minutie and asked "What do you mean" Then Soarin said  "Make pie." Rainbow dash,Confused said "i don't have any friut or anyhting and..." Soaroin said "I meant" Rainbow Dash grinned and said "Oh well lets go to my bed room and get started" Soarin and Rainbow Dash went to her bedroom, tightly imbraced, and thats where it all began...
   Rainbow Dash and Soarin woke up at the same time. they looked at each other and screamed. "What happened" Rainbow Dash asked. "I don't know" Soarin said, embarassed, "I'm ssoo sorry Rainbow Dash..." Rainbow Dash looked at him with sincere eyes and said "It's ok ,It my fault too, plus i don't think we did anything too bad, After all, all you did was spend the night. Soarin thought about that for a while and said "yaeh...", He was still pretty scared and confused, but at least conforted. Rainbow Dash looked at rainbow dash, Scared as well, bechase Both Soarin and Her had ruffled hair, and he had red lipstick stains all over his face. "You can use my shower" Soarin looked up from his belly, he was trying to scrub away a wine stain "Oh..thanks". He closed the Bathroom door and turned on the water.
Rainbow Dash thought about the night, but cold barley remeber anything. She had woken up with her entire lower abdomen wet and she smelled like a mixture of wine and AppleJack's pig farm. A few hour later Soarin walked out and said thanks.

                                                                                   A 1 MONTH LATER

   Rainbow Dash keep rewiewing that night, getting a little more detail every time.Exactly. She had been tired and crampy ever since the incident.It was exatly 1 month after the incident. One morning rainbow dash had become very dizzy. A week after that she had began vomiting every morning. She also had to urinate very offen and for very long periods of time. After a week she got tired of it and went to Twilight. She knocked fourisly on Twilight's door until Spike answered. Rainbow Dash rushed in and ran to the bathroom, vomiting again. Twilight ran downstairs and asked "Spike, whats going on down her?" Spike scratched his head with 1 fingure and said "Well, i really have no idea, Rainbow Dash just ran in and ran into the bathroom and started throwing up." Twilight went and knocked on the door "You ok Rainbow dash?" Rainbow dash unlocked the door and walked out. "Well kind-of" Rainbow Dash said, A bit woozy. Twilight cocked her head in a confused look. "Is everything alright?" Twilight asked conserningly "Well..." Rainbow Dash told Twilight all of her probelems. "Well..I do have one theory, but other then that i have no idea, so you should go see a docter." Rainbow Dash looked up and asked "What is it?" Twilight took a pause blushing. "Well, i have read many medical books and.. i think you might be pregnant, but i'm pretty sure thats not it, you might just have the flu, the syptoms are very close." Rainbow Dash Pupiles dialiated to small dots, her,a mother? It was absoured, she probaly just had the flu. "Yeah, i'm pretty sure it's just the flu, but i should go to the docter any way.". Twilight looked at Rainbow Dash awkardly "um..ok.", Then Rainbow dash walked out. The more Rainbow Dash thought, the more she was sure it was just the flu. She decied that it was decied it was the flu. She skiped the docter office and went to her house. "Just some mediciane and i'll be fine." After 2 days, nothing got better, in fact, things got worse. she vomited more ofen and she was tender in the breats and belly area. "Ok, i think this is a very severe cause of the flu!" Rainbow dash screamed as she vomited, pounding the toliet in pain while her eyes wettened. Itr was the fith time her throat burned from vomiting. She decied to go to Fluttershy. She flew their very tired from being restless. When she got to Flutterhsy house she knocked on the door. When Fluttershy answered she asked "Oh,hello, who's there?" Rainbow Dash, super pale and tired asked "Fluttershy, carry me too...the hospital." All of a sudden RAainbow dash fell. "Oh dear." Fluttershy carried Rainbow Dash to the hospital, by then Rainbow Dash was wake and ok. "Thanks Fluttershy." Fluttershy looked at Rainbow dash and said "Oh..Umm..No probelm." Then Fluttershy tip-toed out. Rainbow Dash walked up to the front desk and told the nurse her probelm. "Right this way" the nurse said. Rainbow Dash folwed the nurse, regaining her color. Rainbow Dash was sent into a doctors office. The doctor looked up at Rainbow Dash. "Oh, why hello um.." "Rainbow Dash" Rainbow Dash said. "Well, Rainbow Dash, what seems to be the probelm?" Rainbow dash told him about the all the sypotems. "My friend,Twilight Sparkle, said i ethier have the Flu or i'm... pregnant." Rainbow Dash paused in between i'm and pregnant. "Well let me take a sample of your DNA, do you want a urine or blood sample. Rainbow Dash thought for a moment and then said urine sample. "All right then, well here's a cup that you can pee in and i'll take it to the lab. Rainbow Dash got up and went to the bathroom. She was super worried. She came back with the cup and he took it to the lab, But before he asked he left he asked "Are you married or anyhting?" Rainbow Dash blushed and said "No, i don't think so..." Thinking about the night she and Soarin had had.She hoped nothing had happened that. He didn't come back for half an hour, when he came back he said "I have some news for you, your pregnant!" Rainbow Dash was in shock,then she realized it was that night.She had never mated before, and that night was a giant black out."I gotta go." Rainbow Dash walked out "Good luck on the foal Rainbow Dash!" The doctor said as she walked out. She went to Twilight, she and knocked on the door. Twilight answered the door "Oh,hey Rainbow Dash, what did the doctor say?" Rainbow Dash blushed and said "Well,you gotta promise not to tell anyone." Twilight looked at her and said "I promise." Rainbow Dash looked at her and said "I'm pregnant and Soarin from the Wonder bolts is the father!" She said as quick as she could. "Oh, well congradulation, i think?" Twilight said with a questioning look. "Twilight,How am i going to tell a Wonder bolt that i have concievied one of there childern!". Twilight thought for a minute then said "Well, tell me how this all happened in the frist place and i might be able to help." Rainbow Dash told her the whole story. Twilight zoned out for a second before answering "Well the best thing is too tell him." Rainbow dash was shocked, she thought that wasn't such a good idea, but Twilight was the smartest. "Ok, thanks for the help Twilight, i'll go talk to him.". Rainbow Dash walked out and went home. She deiced to pack somethings and go to cloudsdale, where the Wonder Blots are. She said good bye to her turtle and left. She Started to fly there and got there in about 4 days. The next day she deiced to go see soarin. She got up early and went to his house. She knocked on the door ans Soarin answered "Oh hey Rainbow Dash, what brings you around these parts. Rainbow Dash Was sweating, super nervous. "You look hot and tired, come inside." Rainbow Dash walked in and sat on the blue couch. Everything in the house was blue. Was this where she would have to live here in the future? "Well um.. Remember that night when you said you wanted me to be your girlfriend and i said yes?" Soarin blushed and said "yeah, umm.. the thing is, is that i am in a relationship with Spit Fire now,I'm sorry." Rainbow Dash thought for a minute, this was going to be hard. "Well, um.. i you need to would you go back into a relationship with me?" Soarin looked up and said "Well yeah, i mean Spit Fire probably won't like it but i really like you but i was just confused if i really like Spit Fire as a sister or girlfriend and i didn't hear a reply from you since then,Why." Rainbow Dash blew a whole sigh of relief, at least he would marry her and still love her. "Well,It's just,I'm uh..." Rainbow Dash took a deep breath and whipped of her head. "I'm pregnant and you are the father." Rainbow Dash said, then filched ate the sight. Soarin Eyes shrunk to pin points and he almost fainted. "You mean..i' father?" Soarin said some what excited, "yes" Rainbow Dash bowed her head down. Soarin jumped around. "Why are you so excited, i mean with you and Spit Fire and everything, i thought you would be mad or sad?" "Well, this has helped relize if i love Spit Fire as a sister or more or if i love you, and this has opened a window for me!" Soarin cuddled his head against Rainbow Dash's belly "This foal is going to be beautiful." Rainbow Dash smiled and calmed down. "How do you think Spit Fire will react?" Saorin backed away and opened his eyes. "i don't know, but i think she'll understand, just let go find her and i'll bring her here so we can talk." He left and came back with Spit Fire, who looked mad yet upset, they flew up the stairs and had a big fight. When they got back soarin had 2 hoof marks on his face. Spit Fire took off at top speed crying. "Well she didn't take it too well." Soarin said, rubbing his face. "Sorry." Rainbow Dash said. It's ok, as long as i can be with you." He said, starting to rub her belly again. 'Now i'll i have to do is tell my friends.' Rainbow Dash thought, smiling
                                                                 To Be Contiued....
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Recent Work

COME AT ME LIKE A NINJA, BRO. by frappzilla  5/365 The Unicorn Princess by frappzilla 2/365 Vivien + Murdoch by frappzilla 7/365 Admit Defeat by frappzilla

EDIT: Please check here for all dolls for sale and prices too.
Tops and coats have been updated here

The rest is going to be up tomorrow.
Sorry for the delay!

Well I tried to leave and it didn't work and I feel like a bit of a moron now. I was so sure i could do it. I had such strong resolve and then caved at the last minute.

I'll be keeping my core crew {Jango, Circa, Taxi, Kitch, Tawny, Frapp, Friday (in another sculpt) and one more 'earthier' boy (though I cant choose who!)  but everything else, dolls, bodies, parts, clothes, shoes, accessories, wigs etc will all be listed for sale in the next few days. If you're interested in anything in particular let me know.

All of the clothes and things are being updated over the next few days
but here is a list of dolls and parts that is available
Anything with a * has the potential to stay (but I'm only keeping one of them + a kitch)

Summery09 on sdf body
Dollti Lovelyhouse Shin-B
Volks Shiro with ear gauges mod head
Unoa Latea faceplate with Amatea resin headback
Soom Tuff on doll zone boy body
5 Male F-doll bodies
1 Abio Angel girl body
1 Abio Angel boy body
Hypermaniac Choyangbi
SSDF boy body
Volks Olivia Modded head  by lightlybattered*
Leeke-C Leo
Little Rebel Seven head by Maigune*
Delf Woosoo by Angeltoast*
Volks School A mod by lightlybattered
Abio Angel Yi head by lightlybattered
Delf El modded with a fang by Angeltoast*
U-me by Ticuk*
Rainbow Music Delf Body*
SD13 Body
F-38 head by sdink*
Popo68 body*

  • Watching: Pugbutt Sleep
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Llamas a mi XD

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 9, 2010, 3:28 PM

:party: Hola amigos aqui entenderan para que son las llamas, como se obtienen y todo lo relacionado con ellas. :giggle:


Give Llama

Give Llamn by leon2085plz

Si quieren conseguir llamas, entren al siguiente chatRoom donde se hace Give llama, Get llama.… <--------- ENTREN

Las llamas son "un regalo" que se les hace a otros user de Deviantart, generalmente estos "regalos" se comprar con puntos de DevianArt se compran y regalan. La particularidad de las llamas, es que son gratis y se pueden mandar a miles de personas, sin que cueste ningún punto. A los que se la envían, notaran que arriba del botón MORE que esta al lado de Submit Art, hay una pequeña llama. La llama cambiara de apariencia dependiendo de cuantas llamas nos regalen. Básicamente hablando es como tener “Una especie de medalla en el profile”

Llama Badges by eggy

Llama (1+)
Super Llama (10+)
Albino Llama (50+)
Super Albino (100+)
Ninja Llama (500+)
Fancy Llama (1000+)
King Llama (2500+)
Spartan Llama (5000+)
Wizard Llama (7500+)
The Golden Llama (10000+ or 15000+)
Rainbow Llama (?)

Si quieren regalar llamas y obtener Puntos de DeviantArt Entren aca ------> y regalen llamas como a sus amigos, pero obtengan a cambio Puntos, juegen y ganen :P

¿Para que sirven los puntos de DeviantArt y que son? ------> ahi esta la respuesta,los puntos sirven para comprar suscripciones [636 (3 meses) por ejemplo], compran deviationes a la venta en DeviantArt, o articulos como remeras, peluches, llaveros, etc..


llama Trade by leon2085plz


llama Trade 2 by leon2085plz


llama Trade 3 by leon2085plz




Leo!! :iconleon2085:

Journal CSS made by caybeach
Brushes by gvalkyrie
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Hiyaaa guys,

How are you all doing? As some you know in about two weeks I'm flying to South Korea to visit a friend :iconblackroosje: She's staying there for 6 months as an exchange student. How cool :D But this gave me a nice idea.

Some peole in the past did draw my dolls and I really loved that because I'm not really good at drawing. So here is the thing.
I'm holding a contest and the price will be cool things from South Korea. :la:

So what do you need to do:
Draw one of my dolls or some of them together (you are free to do whatever you want, my dolls are Candy, Monroo, Benji and Leslie)
Place it on your DA and send me to link with an PM

The one who has the nicest, funniest or most epic drawing get the South Korean box. This box will be filled with all cool, funny and nice things. Mostly gadgets I think. But I'll make it an epic box hahah XD

The deadline is october 23th because then I'll be back from South Korea. Friday november 1 will be the winner announced. Shipping cost will be taking care of by me :)

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:bulletblue: Vocaloid Plz // Page : 1 2

Hatsune Miku


Kagamine Len

Kagamine Rin




Shion Kaito


Sakine Meiko

Kamui Gakupo


Megurine Luka

Megpoid Gumi
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Previously: Heads and Faces and Stuff to Listen to While Drawing

Starting off, we have my all time favorites!

Simplifying the figure:
This is my very favorite anatomy deviation and I still come back to it when I need to amp myself up for drawing some anatomies. It’s just so simplified yet still accurate! It makes breaking down the body into simple shapes easier to understand. When I start working out a person’s anatomy, this is what they’ll look like, because details get in the way at that point and structure and form are what’s important to get down.

Muscles: One of the best resources on the internet for anatomy is Posemaniacs. It has hundreds of poses that you can spin around in 3D space to see from different angles. Studying the poses is good practice but also you can just use parts for reference, if you quickly need to know stuff like what the neck looks like from the back or what an arm looks like when it is coming straight out at you.

Skeleton: THIS GUY. IT IS AMAZING. Pros: $15, educational, very detailed, moveable limbs, occupies nieces for HOURS, fits in barbie cloths. Cons: If you so much as look at him, the top of his head pops off, but that's not a con, it is just comedy gold. His name is Mr. Boney Guy and he is the best thing I've ever bought off Amazon.

Foreshortening with the Coil Technique: Cool method video by Sycra, for those whith trouble drawing the body in perspective (AKA, all of us)

I need to make another journal for clothing, but until then, this is very useful to keep in mind. Clothes are gonna go around the body.


Video Section: Figure drawing videos by Proko Drawing skeletons over photos to get greater understanding of the figure by FZDSchool Figure Drawing Videos by Sycra

Both Men and Women
Tutorials 1 2 3
4 5 6 7 Reference 1 2 3 4 5 6

  1 2 3 General 1 2 3 Body Types 1 Proportions and Age 1 2

*Sigh* I don’t know what it is, but it seems like there are a lot less quality gal anatomy tuts. Maybe it’s because I’m a girl, so I am more familiar when something’s drawn off? Maybe the artists just got too excited about drawing breasts and all sense of reality and form fell out of their brain?? Whatever it is, just be careful what tutorials you listen to. Just because someone made a tutorial and it’s popular, doesn’t make it accurate. (not even all of these I link, but I still find parts of the tuts helpful)

Anyway, here's more girl tuts than guy tuts and hopefully that makes up for it:

Simplifying 1 2 General 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Body Types 1 2 3 Some Nice Reference Images 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

1 2 3 Neck 1 2 3 4 5 Hands 1 2 3 4 5 6 Feet 1 2 3 4 5

Sorry it's just numbers this time, having the Titles+Names just takes too long to format and then it looks cluttered in the end.

Anyway, if you have any favorite related tutorials, physical book recommendations, or advice and tips, feel free to leave them in the comments!

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