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Official Russian LOST SOULS Community's project.
All characters by Poppy Z Brite.

Photo by Eleonora Sidorina.
Designed by Anna Shellkova.

The model is Milada.


I would like to remind you, that you can see only the PART of Official Russian LOST SOULS Community's project. Other foto-arts and other photographer's LS-works you would see after registration on [link]


ФОТОПРОЕКТ LOST SOULS по мотивам романа Поппи Брайт "Потерянные Души" (

Дорогие фанаты, напоминаю вам, что здесь выложена только ЧАСТЬ фотопроекта "Потерянные Души", и если, заинтересовавшись, вы хотите посмотреть остальные фото-арты в моей обработке, а так же работы от других фотографов, то добро пожаловать на официальный русскоязычный сайт!
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I know you all may have seen this before that's because you have so enjoy seeing it again.
I forgot i had it and i can't remember why I've taken it down but I miss it and it's one of my fave photos so I hope you all missed it as much as I did.
Even tho I couldn't of really missed it considering I forgot about it. XD

CHEAP COMMISSIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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October, as you may or may not know, is breast cancer awareness month! So here's a sketch in honor of that. :aww:

My earliest watchers might remember my deviation to this cause from last year, in which I mentioned a friend of mine whose mother was fighting breast cancer. She was the one who made me aware of the campaign and I'm really glad to say that her mom had gone through with the surgery and is fine now! :,D There are however, many women who are still fighting, and although most people are aware of such a disease, most aren't of the early detection plans/ possible preventative precautions and such :T So if you'd like to learn more about the campaign or help with the cause, here's the website! I encourage you all to take a look see! :meow: [link]

About the drawing itself, hopefully the incorporated ribbon is obvious enough! At first it was going to be another one of my typical fashion sketches, but then I thought a different angle would look better ^^'

art/ design me, Vivian Lin :iconvilva:
Please refrain from altering or using without my permisson. Thank you!
Tumblr'd here!: [link]
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some cute spirit-day art before (most of you) go to bed =w=
I always love anti-bullying things, idk it just seems so thoughtful and inspirational to me<3
well I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!
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Am I a big cheater if I enter on more than one account? >_>


A Message From Your Feline Overlords

This can still be stock hehe.
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Please, do not comment on this if you are going to say something stupid about Michael in general (face, skin, etc.)

This is not a vector, I don't even know what that is. I didn't trace it, because if I did... it would be perfect.

Please don't steal this, I actually don't hate this one.

Alright... I think I did pretty good on this, though it looked better before I colored it on photoshop. I was just going to post it, but I couldn't get the shading to come through properly ;A; I hate how I colored his lips too, it sucks T_T

HIStory era: Scream- Part of my Black History Month project.
I drew this because I love the original picture :D He looks so elegant and peaceful :XD: For some reason, I really like Mr. Jackson's profile no matter what year it is. Other than that, he's just so awesome. I've learned a lot about Michael in these past 7 -almost 8- months and I really wish other people would look beyond the lies and discover him for themselves, they'd be surprised. There are billions of reasons why I chose him for this project, too many to list. So, I'll just say it's all for the L.O.V.E. ;p

"I'm just like anyone. I cut, I bleed, and I embarrass easily."
R.I.P. Michael Jackson, the KING

Michael Jackson(c)God and the Jackson family
Art (C) ME
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Don't be afraid to be who you are.<3

Photograph taken by myself.
Editing done by myself.


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A lovely photograph from my sister, kfaas. :heart:
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Toda la mañana e intentado escribir una simple nota pero mi inspiración se marchitaba un girasol que siempre mantengo junto a mi escritorio no le había dado suficiente sol ya que el día anterior había caído una tormenta y no había podido ver a Marie me sentía vacío sin ella no podía pasar un solo instante sin pensar en ella, deje mis partituras tome mi celular y le marque a Javier y Fred para salir en un día de chicos
-Hola Thomas ¿pasa algo malo? pregunto Fred con cierta curiosidad
-No,tan solo quiero tener un día de chicos ¿pueden acompañarme?
-Claro me parece una grandiosa idea ¿donde nos vemos?
-¿Que les parece en las hamburguesas slushy?
-Gran idea ahí nos vemos en media hora
-Me parece bien, nos vemos en media hora
-Ok bye
Thomas tomo su chaqueta, y las llaves de su auto bajo las escaleras a toda velocidad, sus padres no estaba así que tomo las llaves de la casa cerro la puerta y encendió el auto y comenzó su trayecto.
Al llegar saludo a Javier y Fred con un abrazo
-Hola chicos como les a ido
-muy bien y a ti Thomas. respondió Javier
-bien y digan me quieren una hamburguesa
los chicos platicaron sobre todas las aventuras que habían vivido cuando eran niños con Marie y con Jazz.
en eso Fred levanta la mano saludando a alguien Javier la da un codazo leve a Thomas, el joven se sonrojo al detectar el dulce aroma de un girasol
al voltear miro a Marie y jazz caminando hacia ellos Thomas soltó una sonrisa picara se levanto y camino hacia Marie y jazz
-hola chicas ¿les ayudo?
Marie se sonrojo y jazz tan solo respondió
-no gracias yo tan solo quiero una hamburguesa los dejo. jazz se fue corriendo
-¿como has estado Thomas? pregunto fríamente Marie
-desde cuando me llamas Thomas, solo me llamas así cuando estas molesta ¿te hice algo malo? pregunto tristemente
-tranquilo estoy bien ¿que tal si vamos con los demás?
-Ok. Thomas muy cortes le arrebato lentamente las bolsas que traía
-gracias. Marie le respondió   Thomas preocupado se sentó alado de Javier para quedar frente a frente con Marie. la chica hizo todo lo posible para que su mirada no congeniara con la de Thomas, las dos chicas terminaron su hamburguesa y jazz quiso ir a una tienda Thomas saco su cartera y pago la cuenta de los 5 jóvenes y comenzaron la caminata.
Thomas Melty94
Marie angelus19 y sam-ely-ember
jazz melty94 y sam-ely-ember
Javier y Fred Dan Povenmire y jeff swampy marsh
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Naoko postanowiła złożyć życzenia wszystkim singlom! >w<
I nie tylko... :D
Oczywiście to też dla Ryana =w= (mimo że ten singlem nie jest)


Happy Valentines to everyone who's alone in this day from Naoko-chan! >w<

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