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Feature #2

Tue May 27, 2014, 9:01 AM

Also this feature is dedicated to Italian artists. :heart:

touch of elegance by Sylph-Art Deep Inside My Tale by Ainhel Sensitive by AlevBlack
Closer by Ariel87 A walk in the fog V _frozen_ by SilvieTepes The Queen in her boudoir by CalamityJade
Venus Stock 1 by DanielleFioreModel Nero Nero by T-Brother In The Shadows by Corvinerium
A new life but W (nov '13) by digitalessandra Naples, Italy - Bright Armeno by blakmanta
Mountains 3 by Sergiba upside down fantasy by RerinKin
Lion II by titta20 The End of the World by panna-acida Isabelle by Soulgraphica
Le Boudoir . III by decayed-angel Sensazioni by DiegoKoi My Last Dev by dr34msh4d0ws
so eyes can see again by WalterMB Adrienn by minotauro9 Sofia by myraincheck
Primavera - Spring by doclicio Ride in a Dream by Doucesse sunday by dear-dead-ofelia
wake of herself by agnes-cecile Doctor Who - Matt Smith by Mantina
Marie Antoinette-The Melody of a Fallen Tree by LilywhiteBlack L'angelo custode by LaDeaBendata L  O  S  T by blueanto
Over the Sea by Marcello-Paoli Princess Serenity cameo by elvira-creationsElaryeen by Elehanne
Post apocalittico 2012. Alluvione by ChudnayaMamba Volando by AlbertoCuccodoro Child in Venice by thegreenmanalishi

All of these deviations have also appeared in the second issue
 of aRt's Creation, it seemed right to remember them here, too.

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aRt's Creation is open to all kinds of art.

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Italian feature :heart:
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 Winners announced!~ :iconhappyhug: It was very hard to decide the winners for the art part~! ;w; I had so much trouble and I really wanted to draw all of them :3

Part 1: Points Giveaway

Congrats to :icontheroseprince: :iconheartangelfied: and :icondinneroll: for winning 50 :points: each!

Part 2: Chibi Giveaway

Congrats to :iconcutekhay:

Strawbee by cutekhay    

And :iconkusokei:

Part 3: Icon Giveaway

Congrats to :iconmainecare:


And :iconmeepuu:

Misty by Meepuu


Thank you everyone for joining this giveaway! <33 I will be hosting other giveaways soon!

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Tip of the Day: Beginning your day

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 18, 2012, 10:40 AM
Sketch as soon as you wake. You'll always have a good drawing day if you do.
I always found it to be harder to paint if I start painting in the afternoon instead of first thing in the morning.

Sending positive vibes to you all!

PS. Some people have mentioned in the last couple journal entries that I should write a book with advice for artists... I have. It's called "The Perfect Bait." More info here -->

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The little things in life

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 9, 2013, 9:11 AM
Lost Message by Sortvind Little Star. by andokadesbois fly away by ZoeWieZo you're my sun by ivadesign :bottle of memories: by candymax .: Lost Message :. by zZToraZz elixir by prismes Elsewhere by incolor16 On the Edge by Kameolynn I'm the one . by incredi Love Is All by MarcoHeisler :thumb170771502: Lucky Colors. by andokadesbois :thumb242746069: Small Beauty by Lady-Tori Shell of a Butterfly by TheSaval candies by AlicjaRodzik Shine by EliseEnchanted The little things by nhuthanh Remedy by incolor16 Bleeding hearts by Healzo absorb. by Camiloo Printemps by fruitpunch1 :thumb202669762: Winter air by bebefromtheblock even cold heart can bleed by Orwald f l y b y e by SaphoPhotographics My heart belongs to you by xOronar dont press ''play'' by StopScreamGraphy Precious by o-kaykay time shows... by addy-ack Try by Healzo

Magical love. .. by light-from-Emirates I Have Tried Everything... by nairafee
Let's Play by DemonMathiel Brooch 12 by yychanson

33 by CarrotCat37 Fairy tale Wonders by BlackJack0919 Memories by Jules1983 Brought to fantasy by HKoub wait until midnight. by simoendli .day 1 by Subaru7 flowers for you by kyokosphotos cranes II by all17 Lilas . II by Somebody--else Forever Alone by Siilin Never Bloom Again by Obsessed-by Sail the starry seas by a2star Girl's Best Friend by Sarah-BK Heartstrings I by Gosia Two Heartbeats. by xJNFR 15.52 - Bottle of Luck. by dragonfly-oli The Stories Will Blossom by cloduy the odyssey by henwen Vintage by Kezzi-Rose Rainbow Stars by andru89 random afternoon by loLO-o For the magic of books by Bucikah Illusion by MissUnfortunate We belong together by dansch LoVe by Terry1977 Will never wither by orsnai I dream. by uglybug Japan, we begin a new chapter by ersatz-moon Little Swinger by sternenfern Gotta Get Stung By Idea Bee by goRillA-iNK Fairy by Kara-a Sweet dreams ... by aoao2 The Requiem by RaBBiTKa Inspire by Kameolynn Day 1 by hayzy 093452 by nairafee sweet perfume. by magnesina Evolution Is A Matter Of Time by darkcalypso The Wave by dansch Where there is a Key, there is yet hope. by BlueColoursOfNature Roundandround. by kittysyellowjacket Mon Carousel by AmandineRopars Mermaid Scales by ifsantag preparation by AlicjaRodzik Something Special by nhuthanh Merry Christmas by AlicjaRodzik silent. by impatienss Unique by wihad

Blueberry by JustHoldMe taste of summer by Orwald
Chocolate Strawberries Day 202 by escaped-emotions

Seashore Gatherer by TheCameraGirl sleepy little sailor by waveystar La grue by eulalievarenne Petit Bateau. by 0paline Life by astridle All my frail hopes by Julie-de-Waroquier rose tea by inessa-emilia A Handful Of Doubts by oO-Rein-Oo want some summer? by Atreja pretend I'm worth by theluckynine fairy dust by inessa-emilia

matricaria chamomilla by AlicjaRodzik

Make a wish by nhuthanh Magical little World... by Samantha-meglioli little stars ... by aoao2 little hearts by Blanchii :thumb198603909: salkovnik by mmarieta A Little Bottle on moss N4 by Jerome-REMY Maybe You're Gonna Come Back... by KatharinaKuebler Little Bottle by khrmnens Bottle Full Of Love by KatharinaKuebler Magic by Lady-Tori warm morning by na3sat Broken Fairy Wings by Lady-Tori Letters to Juliette by bittersweetvenom Open your heart II by Eltasia Time to say goodbye... by Samantha-meglioli Autumnal time by Alessia-Izzo :thumb243923907: Dreams I can't make sense of by iTaylie Storyboat by TheCameraGirl :thumb214259576: Beach treasure by EliseEnchanted ladybug by BlueColoursOfNature an old story by kim-e-sens Sailing the Deep Dark Ocean. by oro-elui a bottle full of magic by cloe-patra Wet and shiny 4 by Bomb-Creator from her to eternity by iCECREAMTRUCKFUCK Granny's ring by NRichey The odd couple by orsnai We are no more than candles burning in the wind by BlueColoursOfNature I have a beautiful wife... by Moosiatko Spring. by TinaApple .:: Beauty of Books ::. by Whimsical-Dreams Sweet Heart by hazydream 364.365. by weruninhalflight .: Good Morning :. by Rare-Pearl My Love for You by FurImmerUndEwig Rainy Stars by Silvermoonswan Lost Time In A Book by pinkparis1233 Owl by Silvermoonswan you have the key to my heart.. by blushybubu :thumb197127067: Out of time by wQheartbeats

Fairy Tales.. by pacificdreams I'm here by MintLights

spring by Zaratops hand cycles 1 by ezorenier hands remember by friday-forever Wild heart by alexandrajitariuc Delicious red berries by Pamba Floral Easter by DorottyaS The path to the Heart by Lifebug Alice's Clock. by JoanaSorino Irresistible Strawberries - Day 132 by rosannabell Easter Eggs by TheCameraGirl cherryy by pinkviewfinder Preservation by karinelips

Photography features
Animals & insects: [Birds]  [Bunnies]  [Guinea pigs]  [Butterflies]  [Cats]  [Dogs]  [Horses]  [Snails]
Colors: [Blue]  [Brown]  [Green]  [Pink]  [Purple]  [Rainbow]  [Red]  [Yellow]  [Orange]
Food: [Candy]  [Fruit] 
Nature: [Flowers]  [II]  [III]  [Landscapes] 
Objects: [Clocks]  [Little things]
Other: [Bokehlicious]  [Colorful]  [Under the...35x] [40x] [20x]

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*Update4: Well people that's it ^-^ we got all of the 12 winners. Thank you sooo much for participating in this <3. You still have a chance in winning PMs. In fact, Creation-Inspiration is holding a weekly giveaway right now, check it out.

If you want to be notified about our future giveaways, you can watch me and/or join Creation-Inspiration. :heart:

*Update3: We got two new winners \0/ and there's only two hours left.
*Update2: Another two hours past and we have another two winners! c:
*Update1: two hours already past and we have two new winners!! :excited: check the list!

Hello my lovely fellow deviants :excited:
It's Deviantart's 12th Birthday!
Check out all the birthday activities from contests to giveaways here:

:bulletblue::bulletblue: I have 12 one month premium memberships to give away. All you have to do is comment on this journal and I'll choose the winners during the next six hours...make it eight hours.. ._.

:bulletblue::bulletblue: This giveaway is only for non premium members.

:bulletblue::bulletblue: First four people to comment on this journal will auto-win a 1 month PM \0/ ....already got the first four winners

Here are our winners:

Congratulations to all of you. You'll get your PMs this weekend or maybe before that :dalove:
Post away :la:

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:star:Simply +fav this journal.
:star:2x prizes for my watchers. <3

:bulletyellow: One 250/500 point winner will be chosen.
:bulletorange: One 100/200 point winner will be chosen.
:bulletred: A random number generator will be used. Your number is automatically picked by the +fav.
:bulletgreen: Winners chosen sometime on the 13th of June.
:bulletblue: Winners will be posted here.
:bulletpink: You are welcome to ask that your points get donated to someone else.
:bulletpurple: Watching isn't necessary, but appreciated. There is bribery here with double the prizes. So check out the art. <3


I do appreciate people spreading the word. <3 Thanks.

Winners are DevilishDB for 100 points, and AnimeArtist59 with 250 DOUBLED to 500 points. Look for another giveaway in a couple weeks!

Previous Winners:
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Wanna Draw Like a Professional Manga Artist?

Anime and manga: a booming industry in many parts of the the world. The beautiful and unique style of art and its exquisite stories enticed many readers and captured many young artist's hearts. This is how I started drawing; my love for manga and anime led me to a love of drawing. But like any abilities, good skills do not come overnight; and they don't come no matter how long you sit and wait for them.

I've hit a roadblock in my advancement so I decided to ask my favorite manga artists their own personal experience. It turned out, many of them had difficulties that I'm currently countering. Their advices are most helpful, and I hope you find them helpful too.

To those who never picked up a pencil to draw outside of manatory art classes in school: Read and see the process and other aspects of becoming a good artist. Maybe they can spark a drawing interest in you.

To those who are casual doodlers: These tips may turn you from casual to hard-core doodler! (But remember! Doodling in class is BAD!)

To those who hit a roadblock in their manga drawing not-yet-career: Join my club! These tips can help all of us get out of the rut and keep of improving!

To those who are about to give up: Frustrated? It's okay, many of us feel the same way. These tips might be able to help you change your mind. But remember, there are plenty of other styles out there if you feel manga style is not for you.

To those who are far-away admirers: Not sure on where to start? Maybe these advices can point you in the right direction.

And to those who are almost there: Yay! Congrates! These tips may speed you up to success.

(Note: I asked way too many artists! I have a whole list of artists I admire and I asked every single one! >_< It's my fault, I had the strange notion that great artists are too busy to answer my Notes, but most of them replied! I don't regret it, all of them are valuable advices. But to shorten this news article, I'm going to pick what I think is the most helpful answer.)

Thank you to :iconkuurin: :iconminjii: :iconnuriko-kun: :iconzeiva: :iconkaze-hime: :iconneneno: :iconjoodlez: :iconshilin: :iconremocholy: :iconiris-zeible: :icondemitasse-lover: :iconmou-s: :iconlaudine: :iconnefis:

1.When did you start drawing anime-style art? And how long have you been doing it?

Demitasse-lover: From what I can remember, I started drawing anime when I was 10 then I kinda suddenly lost interest for a while until I started drawing again when I was 12. That was a few months before I joined dA. At that time, I was already 13. Now I'm 17. Goodness, time goes so fast.

Zeiva: Since March 1995, so that's 14 years. I am 24, soon to be 25.

Remocholy: When I was about 14 and now I'm 19,count it yourself : D
But turely speaking,I was not so clear about whether my art was anime-style or something at that time.I just drew what I loved to draw.

Laudine: It was back there, on my 4th birthday, my dad's secretary gave me a Doraemon manga, and it inspires me to draw even until now. (Fujiko F Fujio is my idol forever). Though, for all the time drawing is just a hobby for me, until recently, I have just determined to try to draw seriously (around January this year, I think)  
So..basically, I have been drawing manga/anime about 15 years, and have just started to draw seriously 3 months ago xD;

2. How often do you practice?

Demitasse-lover: Um well, if you can call randomly doodling practicing, then quite a lot. But school is starting to take over my life so I'm getting lesser and lesser free time to draw >: joy. So if I count, probably an hour a day? And during vacation probably.. umm I never count. A lot I guess.

Mou-S: I used to practice a lot, doing one or more pictures per day I think, but as school (and life) got busier I started to draw less. Aside from doodling during one of those boring lectures, I barely drew anything during the school terms in the last two years.

Neneno: Hahaha! I've been asked this question before, and I answer it in detail with photographs in my livejournal. You can see it here:…

3. What were some difficulties when you were just starting out? How did you solve them?

Joodlez: Everything -- proportions, anatomy, folds, hair, and the whole list. When I was little, I would frequently copy and trace various different drawings for fun. Later on, when I though I was better, I did away with direct references completely, and instead observed real-life and illustrated examples and "practiced". It also helps to return to your finished pieces to scrutinize them and see where you need to work on

Neneno: Difficulties would be... being frustrated at having the end result be off from what I pictured in my head. It still happens to me though, but less and less, I guess 8D? I just learned to accept failure and try to learn from it instead of dwelling on it.

Zeiva: Nobody ever support my idea of becoming mangaka. They all laugh at my inability to draw. Like a brat I am, I wanted to prove them wrong.

Nuriko-kun: I could only draw one particular pose from one single angle, and had no idea how to even start on anything different, so I'd keep drawing that same angle and pose, so I'd never learn anything new, and the cycle repeats. There was no improvement and all my pictures looked the same and boring.
Looking at references really helps. Even tracing and copying is really helpful, so long as you pay attention and remember where things are supposed to go as you draw. Basically, don't space out when you're drawing, or you'll just keep repeating the same errors and there will be no improvement.

Mou-S: Frankly speaking, when I first started drawing in manga-style, I had no standard or expectations in my pictures. Everything that I drew appeared to be perfect at the time. (I even remember getting mad at the people who criticized my drawings.) It's apparent that the biggest hinderance to my improvement was my inability to discern my mistakes. This problem was solved, to some extent, by time and the maturation of my own mindset, as I gradually became open to critiques. Looking at the works from professional artists also helped me to realize my weaknesses in the areas such as anatomy, perspectives, and background construction. (and they also served as good reference materials for me to improve in these areas.)

4. Have you taken formal art classes (any in general)? If so, did you think it helped your anime drawing abilities?

Kuurin: I've taken art courses in England and New Zealand, so they've helped alot. However, the class that really helped me out was life drawing. It's that class that you have to draw the naked guy/lady in the middle of the room. The first class made me cringe, since I was 16 at the time and fat ladies weren't really something I wanted to draw, but after getting used to it, it helped me get better at anatomy and experimenting with different media. Of course, those things are very useful for anime art too!

Iris-Zeible: Never take any clasees until two years ago, I entered an art college and started to learn something very very basic. Like colors, composition, anatomy... those kind of basic stuff. And yes, basic learning improves me a lot.

Demitasse-lover: Hahah the only art classes I've attended were those where you make pictures out of egg shells and houses out of random sticks back in grade school XD.. well sure, I guess they kinda helped.. my creativity but not my anime drawing skills. I did attend an art workshop a few months ago. Although it only lasted a day and all we pretty much did was draw a circle, I think it really helped me improve my shading skills. :3

5. In your opinion, how much of an artist’s ability is natural talent? And how much is acquired skill through learning and practicing?

Kaze-Hime: Art is 90% knowledge, 10% skill and talent.

Joodlez: I think what people refer to as "talent" is the natural inclination to pursue something in a particular field. If one is inclined to draw and enjoy it, she/he will do it excessively, thus developing and refining their skills. Nobody is born with the skills to draw, exactly, but they may be born with a keen eye for detail, aesthetics, and colour, with a reinforcing internal and external environment.

Shilin: This question depends on which artist you're talking about. Talent for art in my opinion is just how keen an observer the artist is, and how much he processes what he observes in his mind. Some people naturally think a lot (therefore "talented") and thus makes it a lot easier for them to learn and discover new things, but a lot of people who aren't as sensitive in nature can still consciously force themselves to pay attention to things and think about everything they see. As long as an artist is constantly aware and thinking, he's 90% of the way there. As long as he knows what he's trying to achieve, he will find the skills and techniques he needs to accomplish it. Therefore I think natural talent has little place in determining how good an artist can become, since any well-aware individual can accomplish the same result, it's just that the learning process will be different for everyone.

Nuriko-kun: Um... Say artistic ability is a ladder. The one who is more talented gets to start on a higher rung, and he also has longer limbs. So he will climb faster and go farther than a regular person who is working equally hard. It is entirely possible to surpass a more talented person by simply working harder than he does.

6. What kind of equipments do you use? Are there any particular supplies you would suggest to newbies?

Kuurin: I mainly use Photoshop and Open Canvas to make my digital art. For traditional art, I use coloured pencils, mechanical pencils and sometimes watercolour paints. Oh, and Copic markers. For newbies, I suggest buying Photoshop. It seems really expencive, but it's honestly worth it! Use Photoshop to get used to shading and backgrounds. Even basic sketching is made really easy in Photoshop, because you can move things around however you please, and if you make a mistake it' not the end of the world. After you're comfortable there, experiment! It's no good to stick with just one media.

Shilin: I use a mechanical pencil and any white paper space to draw, and Photoshop with a Wacom tablet to CG. I have no suggestion in tools to newbies; use whatever you have/you feel comfortable using. Using Da Vinci's tools will not make you draw like Da Vinci.
Minjii: I normally use digital media but have a secret love for traditional (note that barely no traditional works are in my gallery but that's due to a busted scanner.) I suggest artists to get their hands on EVERYTHING and ANYTHING possible. From traditional media to digital, even mixed media. That way you can find your niche or whichever, and go from there. You must also note that even though we're in the era of technology, digital is not always 'better.' My suggestion for a basic start? Pencil and paper.

Nefis: I use anything I want, if it draws a line in a paper, or if it give me some color, it's perfect for me. I don't care about brands.
I recomend the pencil, a lot of people try to color in photoshop and they just don't know how to shade. If you can shade with a simple pencil in a paper, you will color and shade perfectly in photoshop.

7. Anything special you do to improve quickly? Anything at all!

Iris-Zeible: i) Learn about realistic drawing. Capture accurate shapes, learn correct anatomy, and learn to do shading, capture light and shadow.
ii) If you don't like realistic drawing, collect some awesome anime artist and copy their style + coloring. (And you will risk yourself becoming a copy cat. )

Demitasse-lover: This is an overused answer but I'll use it anyway. PRACTICE DAMN IT. People who are too impatient to practice and wants to know a more efficient way to improve never will improve. A lot of people always say this as an advice and I know you're probably already sick of it by now but it's the best advice I know.

Kaze-Hime: Be very observant. Like, really concentrate on everyday normal stuff. Like if you want to draw hands better, look at hands a lot.

8. Do you use any helpful websites/books/magazines/anything at all to improve your abilities?

Iris-Zeible: Website? I think deviantArt is very good enough. All the great artists are gathering here, and many of them share some nice tutorials, encouraging each other to do better.
For book and magazine... I think manga is good enough. Don't just read manga for fun, try to observe the way they do paneling/ anatomy/ express storyline.

Kuurin: First things first, avoid those 'how to draw anime' books. They did nothing to help me out when I was starting. Honestly they're a waste of money. One thing that really helped, was browsing through DA and Japanese artists websites to see different styles. After that you can try and develop your own. Tutorials are also helpful, as are critiques (even if they can be harsh sometimes!).

Laudine: For funky perspective and anatomy practice, I really recommends ! It is an awesome site with tons of poses in various angles, it's definitely worth to check! For some awesome Photoshop tutorials, you can check , it got plenty of cool tutorials there ^^ I also suggest to buy some books, like books about human anatomy, landscapes, etc. No, don't buy 'How to Draw Manga' books, most of them are...well, bad.

9. Give one SPECIFIC advice to all the newbies who want to reach your level.

Kuurin: Tracing is a great way to practise when you're a new artist. After tracing a few pictures, move away from that and use refs instead. These'll help you get used to where everything is, and it'll help you know where you needmore help in. After that, draw without any help. It'll come handy, honestly. HOWEVER, don't post your traced and ref-ed art anywhere public. They're for practice and practice only!

Neneno: Practice doesn't make perfect. You can't mechanically just draw whatever. You have to think as you do it, too. Creating a piece of art is very much a process that requires thought. So plan out the picture in your mind first; don't just draw a face and make it up as you go.

Joodlez: Find an inspiration. Keep yourself inspired, whether it be with books, movies, dreams, music, artistic idols, etc. It really helps to find a partner on your skill level who will encourage and inspire you, so that you can help each other out with deficits and problems.
When you come across a day when you just can't draw as well as normally ("art block"), just stop and pursue it later. It's unnecessary frustration. Don't get discouraged, and ALWAYS be open to critiques!

Mou-S: To the newbie anime artists: Practice realism once in a while, and pay attention to the details (e.g. the texture of objects, the folding of clothes, the intensities of different shadows, etc.). It helps you to build up an art foundation and to gain an "artist's common sense." When doing anime-style works, try to incorporate what you have learned from realism whenever you think it's applicable. It makes the picture more natural and detailed.

Nuriko-kun: Don't neglect traditional art. Photoshop has resizing tools that fix up lopsided heads or oversized limbs. Even if most of your art is done digitally, you should make sure you can still draw proportionally on paper without having to rely on those convenient tools to fix your picture. Otherwise, you could end up drawing consistently "off" pictures, and it will become a bad habit.

10. Give some words of encouragement to help all the budding anime artists on their way to the top!

Kuurin: Learning how to draw takes alot of time and willpower. If you think you suck and you're the worst artist in the world, don't stop drawing. ALL great artists were rubbish at the start. It's only by hard work and practice that they got to where they are now. You can't go from newbie to pro over night, yah? You need to work hard at it :U

Minjii: You're an idiot if you get discouraged by 'art gods' or artists 'better than you.' You have to remember that everyone starts somewhere, even these sorts of people. Sure there are obstacles, but what route in life doesn't have them? Challenge yourself to improve and you will! (This also goes for things even outside the art world... Also note that if you feel anime is not for you, there are many other styles you can go for, there are no dead ends. :3)

Remocholy: Don't give up on the half way.

Demitasse-lover: Encouragement eh? You can do it! Don't give up! Don't lose interest! And if a time comes that you can't seem to draw anything anymore, stop. Do something different and inspiration is bound to hit you again. Inspiration is everywhere. Even under a rock.

Mou-S: Keep practising and be patient. Keep this up for a few years and look back at your old drawings, you will be shocked. = )
Nefis: Draw because you want to. Not because you want to be admired.
I draw in anime style because it's easy, not because I want to do kawaii animu girls in kawaii animu scenes. And I do not draw for you, I draw for me.
I'm not saying that you should be an egoistic person, i'm just saying that the only one that can draw the things you feel, is yourself. The most important thing at the end is how much of you will be in your drawings.

There you have it! Advices from successful artists! I wonder when I can be good...maybe when I draw as long as Laudine and Zeiva? Maybe when I start to leak sketches like Neneno? Whatever it is, I definitely have inspiration to improve! And I hope you do, too! Don't give up now!

Keep on trying!

Follow my art Tumblr at!
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Weekly 100 Points Giveaway [CLOSED]

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 2, 2013, 2:35 PM

:bulletred:Congratulations, :icondemonrenx: and :iconmythologynut01: :la: Giveaway winners by 2kaze

Thank you all very much for your participation :la:
The second giveaway is open! Weekly 100 Points Giveaway [Closed] Week 2:bulletred:Congratulations, :iconlil-hawk::iconcigdolsid::iconsensationalised::iconleslie28::iconsonex111:
Thank you all very much for your participation :la:
I'll make another one in about a hour :dummy:
Alright, time for the second one :dummy:
This one will be a little different, there will be 5 winners, 20:points: for each :la:
:bulletred:Ok, back to back to business :iconfeelingfreeplz:
It's easy to participate :iconmikulaplz:
:bulletred::+fav: This journal
:bulletred: Choose any artwork you like ( it can be yours or not ) and  I'll feature it at this journal.
The winner will be announced June 16.
Want to support my next giveaway? Order a commission... for science! [La la la la]
Featured artwork:

This giveaway was way bigger than I expected :o
So here's a surprise! The first one to answer one of these questions will win 50 :points: :la: ( 50 :points: each, you can guess as many times as you wish )

:bulletblue: The way to a woman's heart is through ________ ( Fill the blank space, and yes, I'm quoting someone ) :bulletred: Hint: :iconrhettandlinkplz: Winner: :iconsensationalised:
:bulletblue: My favorite non-anime alien :la:. :bulletred: Hint: :drunk: Winner: :iconnikki-the-human:

Good luck :iconmikulaplz:


Hey there, people :la:

From now on I'll do a 100 :points: giveaway every week :dummy: I'll open a new one 1 hour after the previous one is closed.

There will be 2 winners ( 50:points: each ) on this first giveaway.

It's easy to participate :iconmikulaplz:

:bulletred::+fav: This journal

:bulletred:Answer, how should I do the next one?
1 winner, 100 :points:?
2 winners, 50 :points: each?
5 winners, 20 :points: each?
10 winners, 10 :points: each?

And that's all :iconfeelingfreeplz:.

The winner will be announced June 9.

Want to support my next giveaway? Order a commission... for science! :la:

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Problems on deviantART?

It happens to us all at some point... We find a problem. This problem could be another user, some art or a technical glitch. The types of problems are you could encounter here on deviantART could span 100 news articles, so we will just focus on the most common issues and how to get help with them.

deviantART Users

You will, at some point, have an issue with another deviant. Just like in real life, personalities collide, heads will butt, and tempers will flare. But when does it become a problem? And how do you solve the problem?

Harassment is a serious issue. Comments made to you, even if by note, that are "extremely aggressive, insulting or otherwise extremely abusive" are not allowed. The Etiquette Policy and dA FAQ 238 makes this 100% clear. If someone is contacting you and behaving this way, the first thing you should do is to BLOCK THEM. Once you block them, they can't communicate with you anymore. Now, if they continue to harass you through their own profile or on other deviant's or group's profiles, you will need to file a report with the Help Desk.

Harassment: A Survival GuideIt's no secret that the members of deviantART are an opinionated bunch! For good or ill, there is always plenty to say about art that speaks to them. This is great, yet amidst those opinions you're bound to get reactions that are nothing more than word pollution or troll bait. How many of you have logged into deviantART and been faced with this problem?

We've all seen it, been a victim of it, or at least heard about it: Folk out in the digital world living for nothing more than the joy of ruffling peoples' feathers. Well not to worry dear reader, because I've compiled a survivor's guide on how to slay the beast of text pollution: le trolls!
:bulletred: Identify The Problem!
Being the level-headed fantastical artist that you are, when it comes to outrageous claims and aggravating comments regarding your work it seems like common sense for you to set the record straight and reply to these virtual text hoodlums. I

Spam and Flooding
Spam and flooding are some other issues you may come across. Repeating the same message (comment or note) to you over and over is not okay and is generally considered spam but is actually called flooding. Commercial exploits on deviantART are considered spam and are not allowed. If you see this behavior or are a victim of it, contact the Help Desk. Do not approach the deviant who is doing these things, and if these things are being done TO YOU, make sure you BLOCK THE DEVIANT.

Bullying is a terrible issue and is found on every social site on the internet. Bullying, sometimes called 'trolling' or 'white knighting' is not allowed on deviantART. If you think you are the victim of a bully, contact the Help Desk. And make sure you BLOCK THE DEVIANT.

Bullying is so COMMON: The Essay by KobayashiHisa

Offensive Works on deviantART

Eventually, you will find some art that you just don't like. O-well. But at some point, you might find art that is just plain offensive or obscene. If you do find art that just doesn't seem like it belongs on deviantART, tell the Help Desk.

Hate Art
Hate art is not allowed on deviantART. Hate art is "clearly racist or bigoted..." Promoting slavery, torture, hatred, killing, etc of any identifiable group of people (race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, etc) is expressly forbidden on deviantART as stated in FAQ #12 and in the submission policy you agree to every time you submit anything to deviantART. If you see art that appears to be hate art, contact the Help Desk or use the Report Deviation link found on every page that has artwork on it. If the user who submitted the possible hate art is bothering you, BLOCK THEM.

Art Theft and Copyright
Art theft is the deviantART way of saying "copyright infringement." Sometimes you may see artwork that appears to be suspect or from a different source even though the deviant who uploaded it claims it is their work. If you see this and are really really sure the work isn't theirs, use the Report Deviation link to report the work. Do not attempt to speak with the person or reason with them. If you do, you may end up needing to block them because they will be angry and may verbally attack you. If you know who the actual artist is, contact that person so they can file a real copyright report or DMCA takedown with deviantART (something only the copyright holder can do). To read more about the copyright policy on deviantART (that you agreed to follow when you signed up for an account), read this. Don't forget that deviantART does not recognize Fair Use and that even if you are outside the USA that you still must follow the laws of the USA.

A Copyright Briefing (New Updates 3/5/13)I am not a lawyer. I do not know everything there is to know about copyright law and cannot assist you with legal matters. I have studied copyright extensively and written many DMCA Takedown Requests for myself to successfully get the illegal use of my work stopped. This article is in no way comprehensive. It does not include 100% detail on copyright laws. If you want more information or just want to browse more of my writing on copyrights, please go here.
Copyright and "Theft"
Why sharing can be illegal.
There is quite a bit of confusion about copyright law, the DMCA, fair use, de minimus, etc. And rightly so. I always try to give people the benefit of the doubt when I come across what appears to be a "theft" issue. Even people in the United States, the home of the DMCA and one of the strongest supporters of

Porn and Underage Models
Pornographic imagery is not allowed on deviantART. Period. Some forms of nudity are allowed, but in general, all explicit adult material is not allowed on this website. This includes linking to such content from journals or deviation descriptions - it just isn't allowed. Also, minors (people under the age of 18) are not allowed to be sexualized (real or made-up). If you see pornographic material, use the Report Deviation link on the artwork. Do not approach the user. If you find art that appears to follow the policy but may need a mature tag added (like nudity or violence), simply use the Report Deviation link and say so (there is that option).

Issues with Journals
Journals have their own issues. Like I said above, you can't link to outside sources of explicit adult material. You also cannot promote or distribute warez, cracked software, etc from your journal. There are other general rules for journals such as not promoting hatred, calling out other users, making negative lists for people to target, etc. If you find a journal that appears to be breaking any rules, simply contact the Help Desk and explain the issue. If the staff thinks it violates the rules, they will remove it.

Technical Glitches

EEK! Yes, welcome to technology! Even the best laid out website will have issues from time to time. deviantART must change with the times, with user demands, with technology, and more. Features are added to the site all the time and need testing too. Depending on how you use your account, you may find more glitches than other users. The bottom line is that if you find a glitch, contact the Help Desk and explain the issue... Screenshots help! You can also choose to stay informed about all the issues and changes being made. You can also choose to become a beta tester if you want to see all kinds of awesome stuff and help fix it! *nerdvana* Bottom line though... don't panic! It will get fixed.

Official deviantART groups you should watch/join...
:iconhq: :iconcommunityops: :iconcommunityrelations: :iconfella: :icondevbug:

Awesome community groups you should watch/join...
Groups Directory Update
 Group Love 

deviantART is an artist dream come true  and caters to artist from all artistic mediums. I know of no other
online community that is in constant contact with their members and 
allows members to run their own groups with specific rules and 
guidelines that you have decided for your group. 
If you are not interested in becoming a founder or administrator of a group, deviantART has hundreds if not thousands
of groups for you to search and find one or more that is to your 
comfort level and liking. Groups are a fantastic way to find other 
artist to discuss techniques, share idea's, collaborate and make new 
Question for the Reader; How often do you 
search for a new group to join or to find a group that is centered 
around your interest  Discuss in the comments area of this journal 

Ha! Too many to list here, but that journal has so many great ones listed!

Questions on Fanart? Please see this amazing and very informative video: [link]

To be clear, I am not a member of the staff nor do I get any special information or treatment on deviantART. I simply make reports, ask questions, read the FAQs and stay involved with the community to learn as much as I can. I am more than happy to answer all your questions, but understand that I am basing my answers off of my own experiences and off of how I understand and have understood explanations of the various policies on deviantART (through official deviantART journals, help desk inquiries, and contact with different staff members).

I am not an expert (I learn new stuff everyday). I cannot make reports for you. I cannot remove art. I cannot ban people. And I most certainly cannot change any policies on deviantART or any laws in the USA.

But I will help you to the best of my ability.

:heart: Lantiis
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1000 points from Booboo [CLOSED]

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 27, 2013, 8:39 AM
It's almost Booboo's bday and it's been a long time since she and I did a give away ♥

Little piece of my heart by lieveheersbeestje

:star: Fav this journal so I know that you're in : )
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I'll announce the winners August 29 @ this time ♥

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The 10 winners of this give away are,
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09. Bimmi1111
10. LivingDreamer97

Thank you all for the Booboo happy birthday wishes! :rose:
Will do another give away again soon : )

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