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Similar Deviations
These were totally random, there isn't really much to say about them.
I wanted to update them earlier but you know, Bioshock Infinite... hehe

1. 300 :points:/ 3 USD =SoukiAdopts
2. 300 :points:/ 3 USD =SoukiAdopts
3. 300 :points:/ 3 USD =SoukiAdopts
4. 300 :points:/ 3 USD =mint-muffin
5. 300 :points:/ 3 USD =Bonelo

These are minimum prices, you can make higher offers to outbid someone if you want to; these aren't an auction but they aren't first come first serve either BUT I'LL TAKE USD OVER POINTS, I highly prefer money

You guys know the rules so yep.
All designs belong to *NorthernFeathers till purchased.
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Next set of customs! ;u; I hope you guys like them!

1. =flarechess
2. =Saygo-pohm
3. *curled-mustache

If you would like anything changed don't hesitate to say so! c:
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this is my first adoptable batch. like I already said in my profile I like more focusing on outfits rather than character designs.

 i really hope you'll like my first batch, I took a look at other deviants' works and I hope I haven't priced mine too high!

#1-Summer Flower (CLOSED) custom for Kyiyomi
#2-Nautical Hello Kitty (CLOSED) Hyri
#3-Pink Bunny (CLOSED) empt-minded
#4-Warm Embrace (CLOSED) mistressmaxwell

please credit me for the design the first time you use it.
cute base is a free one by Koru-ru
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These took a surprising amount of time to complete. I was messing with backgroundy stuff, by the way, so you guys should let me know what you think of it. Also, tell me if you want to have more lingerie girls in the future! This'll be an auction to gauge their success.


If you wish to bid, be sure to post your bid as a reply to my "REPLY HERE TO BID FOR ___" post corresponding to the number of the adopt you want!
Points offers must end with a 0, cash payments must be sent via PayPal. If your cash offer won, I'll note my PayPal to you!


START BID ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ 200 :points: / $2

AUTO BUY ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ 1100 :points: / $11
[bidding can continue for a short time after, if more than
one person tries to auto-buy at the same time]

END DATE ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ Sometime today (the 10th)

► 1 - Seafoam ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ won by *Mallicat with $5

► 2 - Crystalite ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ won by *rolodopts with 500 pts

► 3 - Cosmos ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ pending payment for ~DragonsAdopts

► 4 - Dusk ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ auto-bought by *xCalee

► 5 - Flora ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ won for *Missopup with $5

Click here to see some of my bases.
All lines/coloring/etc done by me. Do not take.

Important ordering info on my adoptables can be viewed right here. Don't
worry, it's not much of a read. If you want to order something real
quick just go straight to the paying info, and read the rest later.
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O hey a base I actually really like. If I don't keep this base someone slap me.

Uhmmhmmmm offer 100:points:+ for this one again. I'm really not sure what it is gomen.

I'll take the highest offer tomorrow sometime maybe? I have a maths test to study for so I might not be on much till the weekend, but then I have my party too... so next week maybe.
Who am I kidding I'm always on here anyway, my life sucks

Owner: ~ugh-what

//Plays 'closing time' as I go to bed
Night y'all
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      Other Available Adoptables:

      :bulletblue: Dark Knight Auction: [link]
      :bulletblue:Kemonomimi Unicorn Male: [link]
      :bulletpink:Dog Anthro Girl: [link]

      Commissions: [link]

      A male adoptable based on anubis ^^

      :bulletred:Highest Bid: AB'd by :iconlacroa:
      FurAffinity Page

      Starting Price: $10
      Minimum raise $1


      ENDS MAY 6, EST 10:30 PM

      :bulletpink: Reply to the "BID HERE" comment to bid! make the comment clear! I won't be able to inform you always but check back on this page to see if you've been outbid! ^^
      :bulletpink: 1 hour extension to the last bid to prevent snipe.
      :bulletyellow: You get the unwatermarked, full-sized image once bought!
      :bulletyellow: After winning, I will note you with my paypal! after 48 hours and I do not receive the payment, the adoptable will either re-open or go to the second highest bidder.
      :bulletgreen: It is your OC once bought! give the adoptable a name, personality, backstory, etc.
      :bulletgreen: You can change the design and color how you like or the change the gender once bought.
      :bulletgreen: You can claim it as your own character but cannot claim the original art or design as your own.
      :bulletgreen: Do not re-sell the adoptable!
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I was REALLY missing this base omg. I also missed drawing cute lingerie! Where the ribbons at? Where dey at?
I hope you guys enjoy these, that you're having a good Manditory Romance season, and that you eat a lot of chocolate.
PRICE: $2 | 200pts
(PayPal, points, or a combination thereof)
MIN INCREASE: 50¢ | 50pts
BONUS HEADSHOT (if won): $12 / 1200
AUTO-BUY $25 | 2500 (holy crap I can dream)


ONE | SOLD TO | Cuppa-Fluff

TWO | SOLD TO | Tama-goshi

FIVE | SOLD TO | easterly

SIX | SOLD TO | HarmonyDissonance

Art by me! Do not trace, redistribute, copy, or reference this artwork or design.
My bases | Some rules. Relatively important, I recommend reading.
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Had this design in my sketchbook for almost an year. It was about time to complete it! xD
I really like 1 and 2 and would like to keep them but....asdfghjklIneedthemoneyorz;;;
Anyways! Hope you like them! Knowing people like my designs means a loooot to me! <3333
Also, price has not been raised; it should be 10 EUR as always, but I'm factoring in Paypal fees as well as some suggested uvu;;;

(If you want a custom or this model, or of my previous model, Fluttering Flower… let me know! >3<)

On FA as well:…

Adoptable Rules:

#1-Classical Stripes: CLOSED ( LadyoftheSeireitei )
#2-Chocolate Cupcake: CLOSED ( Lance-C-Bones )
#3-Summer Day: OPEN ( 11 EUR / 14, 50 USD)
#4-Delicate Flower: CLOSED( Pearl-Jamais )

Thanks a lot in advance to those interested <3
(and sorry for lack of activity;;; )
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Boned vambraces (cuffs) and collar in red vinyl with reptile print (Forge Fashion). Practicing photo manipulation on myself.

MODEL:-Trinitynavar (AKA me)

To Purchase a Collar:-
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1 is based after my photography class
2 is based after my government class
3 is based after my human diseases class
4 is based after my science fiction class
5 is based after my modern china class
6 is based after my economics class

yes I am practically dry on imagination. I missed drawing.

Starting bid is 50 :points:
Autobuy is 500 :points:
Minimum increase is 20 :points:

Bid under the bidding comment.

Bidding links:



1-bought by :iconcinderpy:
2-bought by :icondylan-destiny:
3-bought by :iconchocoshrooms:
4-bought by :iconhakuyowaneforlife:
5-bought by :icontomboy-kei:
6-bought by :iconmimipanda723:

This is only open for 48 hours. This closes on 3/29/13, 10 pm EST.
Auction on #4 ends June 29th 2013 6 pm EST!

Once the adopt is yours, you can edit/trade/gift the adopt, but do not resell without my consent first. Winner gets the unwatermarked version.

Base by =sockjuice
Art by me
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