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Photo by Bessa, costume by me)
The dress is the stylization of 16th century. The whole costume consists of: crinoline, fatin skirt, blue skirt, blue corset(steel and plastic bonning), black upper skirt, black overcorset, undervest and pantaloons =)
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I found the background here : [link]

Me as Ariel
Photo by :iconrapunzinette:
Editing by me

Other costumes:
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outfits for =Satans-Cactus for her oc melody ;w; hope you like them!!

do not give me female characters to design outfits for there is a 100% chance i will draw them in lingerie (it seems like ill be doing extra outfits for everyone now haha)
last upload for tonight as i have athletics day tomorrow !!

please do not reference my outfit designs or use them for your own characters thank you !! ; v ;

designs c) =sockjuice
character c) =Satans-Cactus
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These were totally random, there isn't really much to say about them.
I wanted to update them earlier but you know, Bioshock Infinite... hehe

1. 300 :points:/ 3 USD =SoukiAdopts
2. 300 :points:/ 3 USD =SoukiAdopts
3. 300 :points:/ 3 USD =SoukiAdopts
4. 300 :points:/ 3 USD =mint-muffin
5. 300 :points:/ 3 USD =Bonelo

These are minimum prices, you can make higher offers to outbid someone if you want to; these aren't an auction but they aren't first come first serve either BUT I'LL TAKE USD OVER POINTS, I highly prefer money

You guys know the rules so yep.
All designs belong to *NorthernFeathers till purchased.
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Wow I rly wanna keep them all u v u


Offer more than 75 :points:
7&8 - 9&10 must be sold as pairs!

I will check again sometime later, I'll be pulling another all-nighter, working on more adopts!

1. ~Biological-Solutions
2. *Moon--Rabbits
3. ~PudgyPlushie
4. ~Junchuu
5. ~CheikoHaru
6. ~PhyreDeiter
7 & 8. ~littlemoccasinboots
9 & 10. ~CheikoHaru

- Don’t resell (trading is fine)
- Stealing/reposting is not cool
- Credit would be nice
- You can change whatever you want on this including colors, appearance, and gender
- You must pay within 24 hours unless you specify you would like to hold the adopt.

Base =LinoleumItalics
Designs *Cactus-Curses / =Cactaceous
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She's called a sweetiedemon because that's just how I roll. OKAY so this is a little thing to go between collabs so I don't abandon you all forever while I'm working on them.

You can offer :points:, USD (PayPal) and MAYBE art for her, but I REALLY prefer points and/or USD. End your points offers with a 0 plz. <3
Do not offer any lower than 100 :points: or $1.50, regardless of whether or not you're offering other stuff with it!
You can change her design and change her gender/sex once you buy her but you gotta keep the details enough intact that you can tell it came from the initial design.

Best offer made by =Jazzicorn! Paid.

Click here to see some of my bases.
All lines/coloring/etc done by me. Do not take.

Important ordering info on my adoptables can be viewed right here. Don't
worry, it's not much of a read. If you want to order something real
quick just go straight to the paying info, and read the rest later.
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--- Read before adopting! ---

:star: If you want to pay through Paypal, let me know through your comment. After I accept your offer, send me a note, so I can privately give you my Paypal-address for the payment.
:star: If you want me to send you the unwatermarked version of the design you bought, just say so. I will link you to it!
:star: Yes, you are allowed to upload the individual character to your DeviantART (or any other site), as long as you credit me.
:star: Once you have bought a character you are allowed to make any alternations to them whatsoever (but I still own credits for the original design).
:star: Do not resell my art. Selling is only allowed if you re-draw the design yourself. Do not sell for more than the original price.


Price: 60 :points: each.

Chibi 1: ---
Chibi 2: ---
Chibi 3: :iconzigzangoon: mine!
Chibi 4: :iconotackoon:
Chibi 5: :iconfavoritequeen:
Chibi 6: :iconyuu-chans-adopts:


Lineart & designs (c) me
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One of my kheti girls! I was really intrigued by the idea of skin this color, and thought it looked ghostly. The design is in a style much different from my normal work but I'm really proud of it, I think it looks smooth and ghostly.
She qualifies as one of my Kheti but is also very different from them. I'll work out more of her subdivision later, but for now, enjoy.

MINIMUM OFFER @ 200 :points: | 2 USD
AUTO-WIN OFFER @ 1200 :points: | 12 USD

OWNER: *Yuki-Katseratsu

All lines/coloring/etc done by me. Do not take.
My bases | Some rules. Relatively important, I recommend reading.
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this is my first adoptable batch. like I already said in my profile I like more focusing on outfits rather than character designs.

 i really hope you'll like my first batch, I took a look at other deviants' works and I hope I haven't priced mine too high!

#1-Summer Flower (CLOSED) custom for Kyiyomi
#2-Nautical Hello Kitty (CLOSED) Hyri
#3-Pink Bunny (CLOSED) empt-minded
#4-Warm Embrace (CLOSED) mistressmaxwell

please credit me for the design the first time you use it.
cute base is a free one by Koru-ru
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I had a little trouble selling this design so i revamped it ^-^

~Offer USD / points / art / characters / etc~
Please don't offer customs.
Offer at least a min of 200pts / $2. You can only offer less than that if your offering art or something else.

• No stealing
• No complaining
• No re-selling. If you don't want it, give it back. I will give a FULL refund. ( On art offers i'll draw you the equivalent of what you drew me )
• Credit me in the first drawing and show me any pictures you draw <3 I love seeing them.
• Reply to the "offer here" posts. Any offers posted elsewhere will be ignored.

Owner: :iconxluciddreams:

Base by :iconprince-riku:
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