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A partial fursuit I'm commissioning to have make for me. This unicorn is based off a white doe, because I prefer deer-based unis to horse-based ones, like the photo-manip I did. The scanner ate the pastel tones, but her horn and hooves are ivory/bone-colored with a slight peach tint; her mane, tail and "feathering" are cream, her fur is white, and her eyes are brown (like my own eyes), but with blue-tinted, sideways pupils like deer have.

The collar is going to be something along the lines of this one. :) Anyways, for those of you who didn't know, there is a unicorn "otherkin" side to me, and this is basically what she would look like in anthro form, except that she would have a longer neck and digitigrade legs (I'm debating having the legs on this suit be digitigrade as well). So consider this as a sort-of char ref for her* (she also has a non-anthro form).

*Edit: After lengthy deliberation, I've decided to combine my luna moth fursuit and this deer-unicorn fursuit into one (a char which I've dubbed the "Lunacorn"), thus the suit you see above (if all goes according to plan) will have fully-articulated luna moth wings. :)

Edit #2: I've posted an updated pic of Luna's colors and markings here: [link]
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Yeah, this one was taken on my phone. Poor quality abound!

Aaanyway. Knitted scurff-durf for my brosef. We both dig Zelda games, and the vidya in general, and I thought this would be simple enough of a design to fit his simple man-tastes. I assume he likes it, he hasn't really...specified. He's a quiet man.
So this thing took SO LONG. To have the duplicate stitch, and not make your work look like GARBAGE, the back side had to be hidden. So the scarf isn't a rectangle: it is a tube. I worked in the round, basically doubling the amount of work, for like 70-something inches. Then did the Triforce, four gd times >:{ But it was worth it, it looks RAD AS HELL.

Pattern gleaned from, of course.
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Oh yeah, I'm done.
Finally, it has happened, lazy assholes painted this sketch.
Without the loop, yes. Just loved it. So, I should not have done linenart.
Oh well. First Gift for :iconmetalpandora:. Soon or very soon will be one or more than one. It is not given to me to paint in photoshop, used to paint tool SAI.
I have nothing more to say, I hope enjoy.
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Done for school. We needed to do a series of poses with a character (in this case, I had two). So this is what we've got.

characters copyright to me.
[Photoshop 7]
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Ascend into the sky under the stars behold
a dragon that summons great spirits of old
may they dance and sing and heed his call
before the great dark can reclaim them all.

The trails of the spirits guide the traveller on their green and lively path they create.
This is a collaboration with the amazing Fox Amoore who described the story and idea with his composition just beautifully.

:bulletgreen: Please listen to the wonderful music piece that goes with the image here: [link]

For tekuryuu tekuryuu

Watch me HERE for more WIPs, unreleased sketches and photos! :D

Thank you so much for looking! <3 :blowkiss:
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The slayer couldnt even blink before his visior was up and two green eyes watching right at him....

Talked with strifey on AIM and the subject went to dragon slayers... so I sayd what dark's first slayer encounter would be hence the pic cause it was funny XD. She's about 8 or 9 years old here and never seen a slayer, much less a fully armored knight :P.... poor guy....

(c) me ^^
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Charlotte and Bojack's future daughter in the episode, "Downer Ending" after Bojack goes through a drugged-up trip to help write his own story, along with Todd and Sarah Lynn.
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Little update to my Honeybee character. x3
Boosted her outfit colors
made her shirt cover her belly
took away her socks
added hearts to her antennas
toned down the blue in her wings
took away her gloves

Not much has changed except her outfit colors
Shes over a year old buh
She needed some changing lol.
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Full Name: Meresti Malayan
Gender: Female
Species: Sun Bear
Age: 19
Birthday: March 6th
Sign: Pisces
Height: 110 cm or 3'6"
Weight: 38 kg or 85 lb.

Likes: Daydreaming, collecting things, and freedom to drift along
Dislikes: Being rushed, thieves, bright, noisy, crowded places
Fears/phobias: Falling from large heights
-- Gentle and kind
-- Air-headed and naive
-- Tends to be very slow; Can lose touch with reality
-- Trusting, hospitable, and will help all in distress
-- Has poor eyesight, but good hearing
Favorite food(s): Fruit, cheese, and honey
Favorite drink(s): Orange Juice
Hobbies: Collecting things and selling them, and wandering
Abilities/Power(s): Super strength and a very strong sense of smell and hearing

History/Background: (work in progress)
Meresti was born in a small mountainous village far from any type of city or urban area. She was raised to be a hunter gatherer and value the small fruits of life. She would often accompany her father who was a merchant, to nearby towns for trading the goods from their village. Learning that every little thing has value, but the ones that took the longest to obtain would contain the most value. To help her village become more prosperous, Meresti set out to find valuable treasures that would bring more money for her village.

Reference sheet used can be found here:
Meresti is © to me
Sonic is © to SEGA


I hope you like Meresti's new design~!! >w< :heart: :heart: She needed to be updated really badly! D:

I am going to put all my characters in this reference sheet, Meresti being the first one~
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Entrada para el concurso de :iconrusembell: para su concurso "Anti-bullying"

Dibujo original: [link] ??/??/2006 (no se la fecha exacta del dibujo, pero si se que fue en el 2006 ya que es la personaje de un comic que intente hacer en ese año)

Dibujo Actualizado: [link] 09/01/2013 (dejo la fecha de todos modos xD)

Bien señoras Les dejo aqui esta comparacion, El dibujo actualizado me esforze bastante (de hecho tres dias de trabajo fue demasiado hasta para mi)

Quiero agradecer a los que estuvieron conmigo en, osea a :iconlnsanewolf: quien fue la que me envio el link del journal tambien. [te quero mucho lobuna, hay que me pongo sentimental(?)] y a :iconfirionbifrost: por ser tan... Tu [sabes que tambien te quiero, no debo decirlo xD]

Fuera de eso. Es increible lo que he avanzado aunque el dibujo apesar del esfuerzo no es uno de mis mejores trabajos o almenos no he quedado lo suficientemente conforme. Puede que lo actualize y alli veremos en el tiempo que me queda (y en lo que la practica me deja -3-).

Y creo que eso es todo

Artwork and Alice (c) :icondraconeko: (costumbre... maldita costumbre)
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