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A small gift for :iconsilena-chaos:
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A partial fursuit I'm commissioning to have make for me. This unicorn is based off a white doe, because I prefer deer-based unis to horse-based ones, like the photo-manip I did. The scanner ate the pastel tones, but her horn and hooves are ivory/bone-colored with a slight peach tint; her mane, tail and "feathering" are cream, her fur is white, and her eyes are brown (like my own eyes), but with blue-tinted, sideways pupils like deer have.

The collar is going to be something along the lines of this one. :) Anyways, for those of you who didn't know, there is a unicorn "otherkin" side to me, and this is basically what she would look like in anthro form, except that she would have a longer neck and digitigrade legs (I'm debating having the legs on this suit be digitigrade as well). So consider this as a sort-of char ref for her* (she also has a non-anthro form).

*Edit: After lengthy deliberation, I've decided to combine my luna moth fursuit and this deer-unicorn fursuit into one (a char which I've dubbed the "Lunacorn"), thus the suit you see above (if all goes according to plan) will have fully-articulated luna moth wings. :)

Edit #2: I've posted an updated pic of Luna's colors and markings here: [link]
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My first bjd-doll, made by me.
Flumo, make-up by me, painted Mr Super-Clear, pastel.
More photo and work in progress -
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Yeah, this one was taken on my phone. Poor quality abound!

Aaanyway. Knitted scurff-durf for my brosef. We both dig Zelda games, and the vidya in general, and I thought this would be simple enough of a design to fit his simple man-tastes. I assume he likes it, he hasn't really...specified. He's a quiet man.
So this thing took SO LONG. To have the duplicate stitch, and not make your work look like GARBAGE, the back side had to be hidden. So the scarf isn't a rectangle: it is a tube. I worked in the round, basically doubling the amount of work, for like 70-something inches. Then did the Triforce, four gd times >:{ But it was worth it, it looks RAD AS HELL.

Pattern gleaned from, of course.
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Oh yeah, I'm done.
Finally, it has happened, lazy assholes painted this sketch.
Without the loop, yes. Just loved it. So, I should not have done linenart.
Oh well. First Gift for :iconmetalpandora:. Soon or very soon will be one or more than one. It is not given to me to paint in photoshop, used to paint tool SAI.
I have nothing more to say, I hope enjoy.
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Character of Bloodoodles who is suffering from Hamsterophobia.

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Loneliness... something everyone faces sometime in their life.

I'd have to say this picture is very dear to my heart as I've experienced it about 80% of my adult life. From not fitting in, to not being understood, I grew to just stay to myself. Yet God always had me reaching out to help others, which I do gladly, but still, I adjourn to my home to myself.

Red, also experiences this after her mate for all time no longer cares and the weight of being head of the astrians takes its toll... she sits... alone...with her wings slowly falling apart...


#18 : Variation 5 in :icon100themeschallenge:

Red of Astria Legends Dawn of Unity copyright 2012 :iconangelicempyress:
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Though I have long since walked among you, so seldom have I seen the light of day.

So long has it been since I have been remembered.

So long has it been since I have been 'free'.

Though in but a moment, you have restored me to walk among you in the day.

An extremely vibrant, lively piece of the Argent Fatalis character, done by through the remarkable talents of the artist RogueLiger.

Artwork - RogueLiger 2015 ©
Character - Argent Fatalis 2015 ©
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After Nightmare Night things seemed to be settling down for a typical winter in Ponyville. Harvests were in for the most part. Now was a time that ponies generally spent reflecting on the accomplishments of the year, and what the new year had in store for them. And oh what year it had been. The Lord of Shadows, Discord, this would be a year that ponies would talking about for years to come, but things seemed to finally settling down again. However in one corner of Ponyville a seed of trouble planted in the Kingdom of Shadows had been germinating in the darkness, and now it was ready to come forth.

Ever since her abduction to the Kingdom of Shadows [link] , Applebloom has withdrawn from interacting with her family and friends [link] . Except for her initial emotional release upon being freed she has become very cold and silent. She seems to have very little interest in spending time with anyone and while her family and close friends know that she is suffering from horrible nightmares she has refused to open up and tell anyone what happened to her there in the land of the Lord of Shadows or what her recurring dreams are. She is does not like dark, unlit places and tries to avoid them. Her appetite has dropped off dramatically; enough so that the family has had to make a real effort to make certain she eats her meals at all. When she does Applebloom complains that everything tastes bitter now. As a result she has lost quite a bit of weight and often has dark bags under her eyes.

She's attending school again but that has done little to improve her personal interaction with her friends and classmates. Even Diamond Tiara's and Silver Spoon's taunts seem to have very little effect on her, and she ignores Scootaloo and Sweet Belle's attempts to cheer her up. She would just sit quietly in class and stares at the chalkboard while Cheerilee gave the lessons. What has surprised many though is that Applebloom's test scores and homework had improved dramatically since her return; although a recent piece of creative writing turned in by her bothered Cheerilee enough that she read it to both Applejack and Twilight when Applebloom was not there. The topic was to suppose to have been describing a day in your life. What Applebloom turned in was a dark, surreal piece of writing that left everypony who heard it chilled the same way hearing a good ghost/ horror story will. It was obviously Applebloom hand/ mouth writing but the writing voice and vocabulary were alien. Also the style of writing were much more sophisticated than anything she had ever written. Of particular concern to Twilight were several chants/ incantations in a language that she had never seen but she had no desire to attempt without doing lots of research first. Cheerilee attempted to recite several of them but Celestia's protege asked her to stop. It was almost as if another pony had written it. But Applebloom had written the piece while in class and had no books with her at the time.

Applebloom had resumed her chores around Sweet Apple Acres, but she does them without any the charm and spark that she is known for. Instead she goes about them with the same bored, distracted look in her eyes. That is until recently.

One evening Applejack asked Applebloom if she would go into the pantry and get a bag of flour for her. Taking a lantern with her the little filly went to retrieve the flour. She had just set the lantern down and was pulling the sack off the shelf when she heard someone whisper her name. "Applebloom". Confused she looked around and then she saw it. The shadow on wall from herself and shelf had morphed into this gigantic leering face. Then it spoke again. " There you are." It whispered. "We need to talk."

Applejack and Big Mac were standing in the kitchen when a horrifying scream burst from the pantry. Racing into the room they found Applebloom lying curled up on the floor shaking uncontrollably. Her eyes were dilated to tiny specks and she was sweating profusely. The poor filly was biting her bottom lip so hard it was bleeding. Her pulse was racing and she was breathing as if she'd just ran nonstop for an hour. She was delirious and was unable to speak. She just kept staring without blinking at the shadow on the wall which looked normal to Applejack and Big Mac.

After moving her to couch in parlor, Big Mac galloped into town and brought the doctor back with a cart. Applebloom was dropping in and out of consciousness and was running a high fever. She kept rambling on about things moving around the room. Shrieking at things that apparently only she could see. Unable to do much at the farmhouse, the doctor administered a sedative to the distraught filly to prepare her for transport to the local hospital. As they were carrying her to the cart Applebloom suddenly screamed out in a strange guttural voice. At first Applejack thought it was just another fit of feverish rambling, but as Applebloom continued to repeat the incoherent chant over and over she began to realize that it sounded sort of familiar. Like the chants in the paper Applebloom had written.

It was late evening when the doctor pulling the cart arrived at the Ponyville Hospital with Applebloom. Granny Smith had ridden in the cart with the sick filly with Applejack and Big Mac as escorts. Once Applebloom had been admitted to the hospital, Applejack left Big Mac and Granny Smith to keep watch at the hospital and made a beeline to the town library. Twilight was surprised to hear the farm pony voice and hooves hammering on her door this late in the evening. She was even more surprised and alarmed when AJ told her what had occurred at the farmhouse. Twilight had been trying to research the nature of the incantations from Applebloom's paper but had been unable to make any progress. She had made several inquiries to the Royal Canterlot Library for reference material, but had received no useful information back. Also the two Royal Sisters were not in Canterlot but were in Fillyadelphia dealing with some matter of politics. Still she agreed to send a letter immediately to them. After that all AJ could do was head back to the hospital and wait to see what happened. It was going to be a long night. To be continued.
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New Sonic OC, because
A. Quetzals rule
B. I felt bad that my only female Sonic OC was Coral (read: evil).

Meet Calypso the Quetzal.

Name: Calypso Crown
Nicknames: Cal, Calli
Species: Resplendent Quetzal
Age: 19
Date of Birth: July 19th
Birthplace: Westside Island
Height: 95 cm
Weight: 21 kg
Ability Type: Balance/Flight
Top Speed: 45 mph

Abilities and Aptitudes:
1. Capable of controlled, powered flight.
2. Overall good body strength-- while not superpowered, she's fit and athletic.
3. Able to breakdance with incredible skill, and incorporates it into a fighting style that keeps her close to the ground and lashing out with all her limbs. For this, she's also got good endurance, and is acrobatic.

Hobbies and Talents:
1. Uncanny sense of beat and rhythm make her a great dancer, even when it's not of the "break" variety.
2. Calypso has a nose for finding trouble-- and she's just as good at avoiding it. (She just chooses not to, she swears up and down.)
3. While by no means a great one, she roller-blades to a degree of capability, and can adapt to skate-type extreme gear accordingly.

1. She can give hits, but she can't take them. Being a bird, she's not exactly a heavyweight.
2. Impatient and impulsive, and her judgment (and wallet) suffer for it.
3. Visually, sticks out like a sore thumb in almost all situations-- being stealthy is not an option.

Physical Appearance:
-Emerald-green feathered body
-Not exactly pronouncedly feminine build... fairly small chest, and absolutely negligible hips.
-Seven "spikes" of feathers on the back of her head, with two more, one on either side of her face, like bangs. Each has a bold black stripe, and from the stripe to the tip is ruby-red.
-Both her legs and her arms have one black stripe at the (elbows/knees) and from there to the (hands/feet) are ruby-red
-Bright red patch of feathers on her chest (hidden by shirt)
-A cluster of long feathers, which contour down before turning upwards at the ends, serve as a tail; the topmost feathers are green, and the under-side feathers are white with three broad black width-wise stripes.
-Smoothly-curved mostly-black beak, yellow near the cheeks, with two nostril pits.

Usual Attire:
-Grey bandana tied around her head
-Black belly-length tank top with a yellow hood; similarly-yellow knot appears to "fasten" the hood, but it's purely ornamental.
-Grey fingerless gloves with open backs; have leather snap-fasten cuffs with gold fasteners.
-Baggy, dark-grey pants with yellow "cuffs" at the bottoms; can unzip at knees to be shorts, usually done when she's particularly active (or dancing).
-Simple black shoes with grey soles

-Occasionally carries a red and black duffel bag with assorted armaments and gadgets of varying practical use (generally whatever she's picked up or obtained since she started carrying the bag-- we're talking anything between a crowbar to an MP3 player).
-Black roller blades

-Paradise: Black, red, and green skate-type Extreme Gear. A "jack of all trades, master of none" sort of gear.

Personality Details:
Calypso is a bird who lives her life and does all things with purpose-- it's just that her purpose changes as often as one changes pairs of socks.

Hailing from Westside Island, Calypso is used to less-than-ideal conditions. Even after leaving her home, she's got a nose for trouble. Luckily, she also has enough street-smarts and enough ability to kick some ass that she can find her way back out of it after she shoves her beak in where she doesn't belong. She's got pluck, to be certain-- she's rarely, if ever, afraid, and she may or may not understand what "can't" means. The only thing that can discourage her or turn her away from her mission is her own short impulsive personality. She left Westside looking for new things and fresh experiences, and she seems to find something every other week... and she really, really doesn't like to talk about her past, so don't ask.

Always on the search for adventure and something new, she can be impulsive and fail to think ahead, always chasing whatever her "shiny" (or "current preoccupation", in non-Calypso terms) happens to be at the moment. She has a bit of trouble taking things seriously and seeing them through to the end, and is a notoriously impulsive customer. She always seems to have the most bizarre things or go on the weirdest excursions, all seemingly funded by selling off whatever she's gotten tired with.
While impulsive, Calypso is friendly and extroverted, and makes friends easily-- but she's wise enough not to let her guard down. She just knows that allies who'll have your back in a fight is an invaluable resource, so you have to weed out the ones who'd flake out. She'll always have your back in return, and if you stick by something, she'll even forgo her chronic changing her mind to have you on it.

It can be hard to keep up with Calypso at times, and she may even act a bit -- yes -- birdbrained when she's taken up with a new thing. But even so, never forget where she's from. If pushed too far, she can be a feathered demon ready to kick your teeth down your esophagus-- and she's a bit on the short-tempered side. Not comically so, of course, but she definitely suffers complete idiots poorly, or people who go out of their way to be irritating, or people who are trying too hard... Her emotions aren't out of control, but she'll speak her mind if she doesn't think it'll get her lights punched out... and she'll use violence to reinforce it if she needs to.
She's comfortable in combat, and enjoys friendly sparring with anyone who'll have her. She doesn't believe violence is always the answer, but definitely believes in its uses in reaching an end, and she rarely has the patience to work things out any other way.

Calypso makes her mind up quickly, and changes it just as fast. She's always on her toes and on her guard, and on the lookout for adventure, danger, or something new to do. She's a bit headstrong, to be sure, but she's really a pretty good person. Just one who isn't so good at subtlety or moderation.

Friends: ?
Enemies: She says she's made some... less than good... interpersonal relationships back on Westside.
Favorite Food: She's not picky.
Favorite Drink: Cola
Favorite Colour: Green, yellow

Theme Songs:
Sister Hazel - 'We'll Find It'
Relient K - 'Here I Go'
Cyndi Lauper - 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun'

Calypso the Quetzal, art - :iconspikykitsune:
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