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Thought I'd try something a lil different, digitally remastering a background from the old Sonic cartoons in 720p HD. Everything's all vectored in Flash (except for the sky, done in Photoshop to fit with the old style) so you can zoom in and stuff. Nearly identical, except for the patterns on the walls, which have a little arch on the top.
Who knows, if I find time to waste on painstaking non-profit stuff I may just digitally remaster the whole ending, giant weight and all. XD

Original BG (c) Sega/DiC
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Hi guys,

excruciating 10 hours to render 2500 frames. Hell I need a bigger computer if I want to do this right.

Any tips about reducing render time without quality loss are very very welcome.

Rendered in 3ds Max (64 bit version) with Final Render.

Wanted to render in HD 720p, but the output avi was not with the right aspect ratio. Again, tips about that are very very welcome.


P.S. I found out that the 64 bit version of Max works with only two codecs, is that right?

P.P.S. Lags in the animation are not intentional. Damn.

Edit: 10 hours later...

I changed some things, fixed some things and think it looks better now. It's a little bit smaller but now with the right aspect ratio, with antialiasing and some other fixes. :)

I have one more edit in mind, but that'll take some time. I'll be away from the 31st this month till the fifth next month, so I might not get this ready before I'm going.

Edit #2: Another 11 hours later...

I was able to put in some more work into this. I added some more details to the gas giant and slowed its rotation a bit down. I also added a simple background. I guess its almost done now.

I wish I had some music to add. Ambient, easy listening, something like that. That would really top this off. Anybody got some music lying around that is not copyrighted and about 1:20 minutes long?

Edit #3: Final update

I added some music.

Music is from [link] Composer: Todd Gautreau, ASCAP
Title: About De Souffle

(if I should not be allowed to use the music this way, let me know and I will take it down)
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Another Backdrop for Nightbanes. Check it out:…

Painted in Photoshop, animated in Flash. Hope you enjoy! 

Also check out other my animations and Backgrounds

graveyard by Der-Reiko              Nightbanes Forest by Der-Reiko              Silverlight lake (animation) by Der-Reiko
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maybe a teaser on the next episode.
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"The Frostiron Mountains delight in laboring travelers with weeks of near impassable crags and cliffs; but for the Frostiron Couriers whose feet play upon the ancient moored structures throughout you may expect only two days wasted, albeit a possibly abrupt passage into the afterlife."

The file is 7mb, so give it a minute to load :>
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Espero que les guste esta animacion, lo realice con los fondos que ya tenia y como eran iguales nada mas que con diferente estación del año se me ocurrio una gran idea y era el poder juntarlos y darles animacion, la verdad me gusto mucho como quedo los fondos los descargue de zerochan, pero para darles un poco de movimiento me costo trabajo hacerlo y sobretodo al aguardar el archivo que no lo queria en formato GIF.
Disfruten de esto por favor.

Gracias a Aquarius-Chan :iconaquarius-chan: por decirme quien es el autor original de estas imagenes y es Pinakes :iconpinakes:

I hope you like this animation, do it for you with the funds you already had and how they were equal with nothing more than different season of the year it occurred to me a great idea and it was to be able together and give them animation, the truth is that I very much liked how was the funds the download of zerochan, but to give you a little bit of movement cost me work to do and especially to the await the file it didn't want in GIF format. Enjoy this please.

With Aquarius-Chan :iconaquarius-chan: for telling me who the original author of these images and is Pinakes :iconpinakes:
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After a few hard weeks in school I finally got some time to draw! This is a combination of animation and concept some kind of animated concept art! Its quite hard to do this, because you have to think what will move and what will be in front of that so you have to draw those things on a different layer... but anyway: To see your concept/creature move is what makes is totally worth spending a few more extra hours to think! I guess I'll do more of this kind - haven't seen something like this before. ;)

Hope you like it!

:bulletblue: If you need something like this - for example as background for a Video Game or your website - What are you waiting for? Contact me! I'm looking forward to hear from you!

Comments and critique is always welcome!

Size: 4800x2000px
Time: 5h
Software: PS & Anime Studio (for the animation)

:star: EDIT: Thank you =shadowkiwi and ^nasaki for the DD! I feel honored! :star:

Visit my website:
Latest Painting: "Gnome"
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Move the cloud around the map of iceland to cast a magical shadow and reveal the hidden characters and creatures from various folk tales, ghost stories and traditional beliefs.

This is an interactive map of Icelandic folklore and mythology that I made for a map project for my illustration course. The elves and trolls that exist in Icelandic folk tales (that supposedly many still believe in today) are known as Huldufolk, or hidden people.

Make sure you find all the hidden stuff, especially the animated bits.
Hint: Stake out the cave below the ghost bull and you might see a ghost.

Nearly everything that's here is based on actual stories and placed either somewhere appropriate or where the story is meant to have taken place.

Links for the stories and information used:

The digger -… - Elves in Modern Day Iceland, including details of them disrupting construction work.

The four pink creatures -… - The Guardian Spirits of Iceland

Top church -… - The story of Loftur the Sorcerer

Dead troll top left -… - Deep are the Iceland Channels…… - The Yule Lads (top left) and Gryla (stirring monster)

Ghosts (including the naked one) -…

Ghost Bull -… - Þorgeirsboli

Elf city top right -… - Asbyrgi

Trolls -… - Troll Blog

Huldufolk wiki page (lots of good external links) -…
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Announcing that the big audio + visual collaboration + Charity auction is live now!

Watch the original video here also: [link]


Follow the link to the auction Here ~> [link]

Make your own story, your character, your dreams...come to life...

Have you ever dreamt of a storytelling picture of your character in a scene, accompanied by a dynamic and fitting soundtrack? This is your chance to be a part of the collection of the painterly and musical collaborations between Alectorfencer and Fox Amoore.

When colour and shape builds up a beautiful painting, music can add so much more impact and depth to the whole story and brings your character to life in a highly unique way. Starting with the first collaboration called "Myre", both Fox Amoore and AlectorFencer entered a new area of collaborative works and inspired each other by their visual and muscial ideas and released many more projects together. Become a part of that journey.

Something even more special about this collaboration auction is the increase of a percentage that will go to Charity!

The charity amount will go to the National Fox Welfare Society "NFWS" and helps foxes and other forest animals in the UK to survive and to get back on their feet. Their website:
So, you are not only getting a lovely collaboration between Fox Amoore and AlectorFencer, but you also contribute to the national welfare for foxes and wildlife in the UK and make happy foxes there! :)


:bulletgreen: Thank you to EZwolf, who created this awesome video for us! Go and look at his webpage NOW! [link]
:bulletgreen: He also has an own YouTube channel: [link]
:bulletgreen: Thank you to GreyShay for his amazing voice acting once again!

I have full permission to share this video and its content, including the music and the work. It is a collaborative project including my own work.


Please spread the word! :heart:


Here are the original images featured in the video (including links to the songs!)

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