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언데테이커찡 ㅜㅜ 헠헠 ㅜ ㅜㅠ ㅜ ㅠ 


undertaker from Kuroshitsuji ⓒ Yana Toboso 
I drew it for my desktop wallpaper ;v; 
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WOW Watch Kuroshtisuji the musical 2 (backstage!)

LOL Undertakers true face without the hair. IT's a beautiful sight of both him and the kiss xD
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Process video: [link]
Other drawings, random stuff and unfinished sketches - Facebook [link]

Second of the RE: series- wallpapers I made during my earlier years on anime wallpaper websites, crafted from scanned official art.
Others in the series:

This wallpaper is actually pretty old- it was made two years ago. I recorded part of the process- it's a pretty simple wallpaper, I just really liked that drawing of Toboso Yana's so I walled it. As for the 'Ushio' (cow) it came about because I asked Cy [link] and ~sakurab what they would like me to draw, Cy said 'a cow' and Saku said, 'a bird',

So there you have it, a cow, and a bird. Oh, and Ciel and Sebastian. And a fountain with some sort of statue on it. And.. red plant stuff!

As for RE: for the longest time, I didn't want to post these walls. I was wary of tracing, I didn't want anyone to make a stink that I was infringing copyright. But then I realized that in the end- it's not a trace. True, I did use someone else's art as part of the finished work- but I'm not claiming I drew it. I'm not making profit off of it. I simply appreciate Toboso Yana's work and wanted to pay homage to both the artist and the Kuroshitsuji franchise, and put my own spin on it.

If your opinion on this matter differs, feel free to discuss it here as long as matters are kept civil. Questions about the work process are also welcome- I might be slow to reply, however.

Corel Painter

Original artwork by Toboso Yana - [link] (Kuroshitsuji chapter 34)
Ciel and Sebastian belong to Kuroshitsuji (Toboso Yana)
Additional resolutions on - [link]
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I just watched the first episode of Black Butler, loved it, and decided to make this.
twice, in the first episode after Sebastian does something unusually impressive, he states "I am simply one hell of a butler."
I thought that was a little funny. especially considering some of the things he does in the first episode. but I wont spoil it for those who havent seen it.
the anime is presented by Funimation(yaaaay....)
the series is the property of Yana Toboso
EDIT: WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. FUCK??? How the hell is this my most fvorited deviation. SERIOUSLY. this is a screencap and what is probably the most used line in the series. I'm pretty sure that Sebby says it in EVER EPISODE. There was virtually NO EFFORT put into this shit. It should NOT be this popular. I have alot of motivationals WAY better than this. it's ridiculous. I'm seriosuly considering deleting this one. Go to my gallery and check out something I actually put EFFORT into. PLEASE.
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Working on COMMISSIONS D% please, patience ppl...
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The Undertaker from Kuroshituji (and my new icon :) )

The Undertaker is SOOOO crazy!
hes a retired Shinigami who is a mortician..... He drinks tea out of beakers, eats dog biscuits out of an earn, and is fascinated by rotting bodies :o

Sounds like MY kinda guy!

(icon from [link] )
I bolded the link above because it seems no one has been linking my source to the idea that I *didn't* make this GIF. Which I didn't.
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That Butler,New Mate
:blackrose:Kuroshitsuji Owned by Toboso Yana:blackrose:

I was hoping it would end like this~(the edit I MADE)
buutttt I guess not...

I wanted to see how awesome it would be if it did and it would be more interesting if did.
Together; Ciel(soul) as Sebastian's slave, something like that....

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Some time ago I was searching for a pretty wallpaper with Grell in my resolution, but I didn't find anything nice o.o So I decided to make my own. I thought, that maybe you will like this little work, soo... here it is~
Hope you like it ♥~
+ 1024x768 resolution: [link]
+ iPhone 3G resolution: [link]
- render: [link]
- textures: ~WingsOfAHero [link]
- brushes: ~Project-GimpBC [link]
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I'm taking wallpaper requests! >Click here!<

:icongrellhurrplz: Grell Sutcliff~

Yet again I must say this: He is such a pretty man!!!!:icononionloveplz:

I had a lot of fun making this wallpaper C: Expecially the blood blotches. Photoshop amuses me so. :iconiloveitplz:

Programs used: Photoshop CS2 and Picnik
Time: Around 35 minutes

Grell Sutcliff is (c) Yana Toboso
This wallpaper is (c) me.

If you re-post this ANYWHERE credit me and post a link to the original art.

If you don't respect my wishes, I WILL find you. :iconatnightplz:

73 favorites?! :icononionloveplz: thank you guys so much! :iconhappygrellplz:

Other Kuroshitsuji Wallpapers I've made:

[Ciel Phantomhive]

[Ciel Phantomhive 2]

[Sebastian Michaelis]

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