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WIPs on my Tumblr-account! --> [link]

Music: Pachelbel's Canon in D Major (flute and harp) --> [link]


I was lucky to play Pachelbel's Canon with a flute player together, this was back in january. I love this combination, but I don't know anyone who can play flute... So, it was a pure pleasure.
After time this picture came into my mind. The style is inspired by the adorable `Hellobaby
Left one is Leilah, right one is Twyla, so it's a crossover. I wanted to draw them together, since they look really, really similar. And yeah, I know, the flute player is mirror-inverted, but [insert excuses here] orzzz.

This picture is dedicated to my harp teacher. She's going to have a baby, so she cannot teach for one year. But I'm really glad that she will come back, since she's a great teacher :heart:
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Thats a Picture I drew back in march, which was actually just a practise for my work Canon--> [link]

I never wanted to upload it because it's actually a picture inspired by this one [link] I really loved the way this picture is drawn and wanted to try it out.
However, I like my version and I wanted to share with you.
By the way, I really love Mermaids *w* They're so beautiful I always enjoy drawing them! This one is just a random, I don't have any mermaid-OC or something like that ^^

Hope you like it even though the idea behind this piece is copied c:
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Belated Birthday-Giftart for :iconsabakunoelli: Her super stylish OC Uschi :heart:
Her OC-Reference: [link]

She wears a typical dress of mine, since she's a model and I just can't handle with other fashion orz
I really enjoyed drawing her, even though I drew her totally ooc :D
Sorry for my laziness on background and for the late (Her Birthday was at the 11th September, lol.)
And for everyone who doesn't want to see my crappy writing: [link]

Background-Texture by `cloaks
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They're all the same, assimilated
And here am I born of a lost cause
The underdog, an alien in drag, dying
So who's to say there's any shame in
being alone when the dogs are outside
In packs of ten, their muzzles removed, biting
I tried to save my inner sanctum
While all around were still playing with fire
The fact remains
I've never been moved to sell myself
I don't want to be another face in a window
Seeing life through a screen, bathed in a warm glow
Fade like so ...

Antimatter - Another Face in a Window --> [link]


Haha, I think I have to explain this colorful bright picture with this sad song. The lyric just sounds like something Leilah may has spoken. Leilah is quite isolated from others, since she's shy and she always dreams. This picture just shows what she thinks it looks like (since she's blind). Inside her self-painted room everything is okay, bright colors and even flowers. Outside there is the cold colorless world full of despair and fraud. Everyone looks same there ("They're all the same, assimilated") and she doen't want to become same as well.

I had no much time to draw something, since my next exams are coming, so I just wanted to make something more simple. I hope you like it anyway =)
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I am here with all my love
and I will go from here in love.

My Children will come with all my love
and will carry the love I gave them further.

My thoughts are created with all my love
and carry my love to others.
My actions are done with all my love
and will help people feel love again."
- Twyla

MY GOD, Twyla and Lysander :love:

Never thought that I would draw them again, but so happy I've done it ;u; Together with my OC Luna [link] Lysander is my oldest OC. And they are the only OC couple of mine, that actually ARE a couple. Ahh, good old times, I miss them... really.

Twyla, by the way, is the OC of Lennard, my boyfriend. He died 2 month ago. I felt a bit better when I had drawn this, but I miss him so much...

the roses actually glitter a little bit, but scanner ate it...

Hope you like it!

Tools: Copic sketch + Ciao, golden glitter, red paint, white paint, color pencils

Twyla © by Lennard Rahm
Lysander & Art © by ~Aurorella
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School starts on monday, so I wanted to draw something before.
My OC Leilah in a peacock-inspired dress I have drawn for school...Our task was to design something inspired by animals or plants. Peacocks are one of my favorite birds, they are just too beautiful ;u; And the white ones are even more beautiful :heart:
I didn't had that much time to color it, since I have to prepare for school, so there are many little mistakes...
Oh, and sorry for the messy dress, the sketch looks quite better x_x...
I just forgot to color the right side, when I realized that it was already too late and I had painted it all red xD
and the anatomy of Leilah seems quite...interesting xD

Well then, I hope you like it anyway~
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Just something older, drawn back in August..
Never wanted to show on deviantArt because I was too insecure (and I'm still insecure about this pic ;;; )

I wanted to make something like this picture: [link]

There is a guy in my new school always wearing green clothes. He inspired me to use the color :D (Greetings to you :heart:)
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Outlines for my picture "Canon"

Music: [link]


Since it is a present to my harp teacher I don't allow to color it. I'm sorry and thank you for your understanding :heart:

Colored version: [link]
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Giftart for :iconnikedanny: :heart:

music I listened to: [link]

Ljósiđ is icelandic and means "the light", and yep, this title doesn't fit to that picture very well xD


Working on this piece, there was a voice in my head shouting: "adkfljsdkl, you should be studying!!" so it's a little bit messy, hehe. Lalala, stamping around with random stamps is so funny xD

In fact I just try to come over an artblockade again orz. It's a total remake of the picture I've drawn back in 2011: [link]

Before-After-Meme: [link]


Happy New Year, everyone :blowkiss:

Tools I used: Copic sketch + ciao, acrylic paint, white paint, stamps
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"Somehow I knew you would leave me this way
And somehow I knew you could never, never stay
And in the early morning light after a silent peaceful night
You took my heart away and I grieve
In my dreams I can see you
I can tell you how I feel
In my dreams I can hold you
And it feels so real
I still feel the pain
I still feel your love"

Anathema - One Last Goodbye: [link]


I'm having a hard time at the moment... There's something telling me that I have to leave my best friend. But it's killing me.

"Ich liebe dich :heart:"
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