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Consider yourself fanserved :D
Edit: Please Full view and thanks ^^

First of all, this is a Persona 3 fan art based on this [link].
So yeah, if you think about it, Venomania and Minato/Yuki share similar aspects story-wise, both bad and good ones, unfortunately. Well, it's not a carbon copy... I know, I know, it's

Which makes remember how angry I am when they decided to call him Yuki. We had years being used to Minato and they just put us in confusion again T_T and Minato sounds cooler.

This seemed like an endless work for me. It was layer after layer, after layer... D: just look at Mitsuru's hair, LOOK AT IT FOR THE LOVE OF IGOR, it pains me to do curls and waves like that because I'm not used to it (I'm looking at you too, Female Protagonist e_e). I also seem to have developed a feet fetish because of this haha.
I first thought of Yukari having Miku's place, but changed to GUMI's to match the song. Fuuka ain't sexy. No, I don't hate her, but she isn't sexy :/ And Mitsuru is smoking hot, she is the
sex :iconmegustaplz: But the female protagonist is mine, MINE I SAY!

I have to say, I admire Suzunosuke's work (the original illustrator). All your comments are welcome :)

And one last thing; the shadows are all from P3 but 3: One is a... easter egg, another is a character of mine and last one is... well, a random extra XD.
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A little something I finished a couple of days ago after a long time of nothing.
My character Sapphira with a little improvement, I like how she looks, specially the clothing :)

Un poco de algo que termine hace unos dias despues de tanto tiempo sin hacer nada.
My personaje Sapphira un poco mejorada, me gusta como me quedo, especialmente en la ropa :)

EDIT: Just a little description

Sapphira Ishiguro is a senior at high school and is the Volleyball team coach. She never turns down a challenge and her eternal rival is Miyuki, as they compete each other in volleyball. She is very popular and she teases constantly Miyuki and her friends. She usually has an evilish and daring smile on her face, and her friends are Nikki and Asami. Her favorite jewel is a single earring.

Hope you like it ^^

Older Sapphiras (From most recent to oldest): [link] [link] [link]
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So I finally got a tablet like a month ago and decided to practice with it. It's not big deal since is a Genius one, but still...

Well this is persona 3 meme, it was supposed to be quick so I didn't color it, maybe i will later. Oh and some info about the meme:

1. Shinjiro's the awesome
4. execution...
5. That always pissed me off like hell
6. Fuuka seems like the most hated always, not that I hater her but she's my least fav. And Takaya deserves that!
9. That's how you do him
10. Just to state I left him behind only on 2nd play
12. Lucifer/Helel was fail, and I tag anyone who wants to do it

Here's the [link] To the original one.
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Lexarus or Larxarus (I asummed is lexarus) and Mimi by :iconsalioka-chan: in my colored and linearted version. It's not the same as the sketch because I needed to lineart, the sketch was kinda messy ^^

I dunno if this cute couple are brother and sister or... well you know what :flirty:, better ask Salioka.

Original size was 1950x1650 pixels or something like that, but I resized to make it a 800x600 wallpaper with a simple bg.

About highlights: I never, never do the same shape or style of a highlight, not because I want, just because I CAN'T! But this one was simple and nice :)

OH! I forgot Lexarus' highlights!! XD
Lexarus and Mimi are (c) ~Salioka-chan
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¡AQUÍ ESTÁ! :dummy: Después de un tiempo con problemas en la PC pude volver a dibujar y terminar lo que me pidió :iconkagamine-ryuuji: por ser el 8,500.
Los personajes son los que están en esta imagen: [link]. Me tomé la libertad de alterar un poco los colores de ropa :D

HERE IT IS! :dummy: After some time with problems in my PC I finally got back to draw and finish what :iconkagamine-ryuuji: asked for by reaching 8,500.
The characters are these: [link]. I took the liberty to modify the clothes' color a little :D
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Because there exists force more demonic than the shadows-- and that is humanity.

2 hours Painttool SAI

Hidetoshi Aoki/Arisato Minato/P3 HERO
PERSONA 3 (c) ATLUS / Index Corporation?
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Full view plz! you won't be sorry :D

I finally did a "thanks for X hits" yay :w00t:!!! This is [the anime] Dante from Devil May Cry [Anime]. You should definitively watch the anime and play the games!

Well 3k hits should hurt alot but Dante's almost immortal so anyways he's gonna return all those hits to you! :D

Enjoy :aww:
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Well, since I'm making a visual novel it would be a waste not to enter such a wonderful contest for people who like games :la:

Btw. This is a screenshot from ACTUAL GAME that I'm creating. It's called "Mirage Noir" and it's a fantasy visual novel :)
You can see more info and stuff related to that project here -> :iconthe-black-mirage:

The girls name is "Navoika" and she's talking with Vesper. This scene will be included in the game demo, which I will release near June :)

Navoika is (c) to me
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Finalmente pude darle una probada al Sai para terminar de experimentar fuera del Photoshop. Aquí está el resultado de práctica y experimento :D Este Oc al que llamo Saki ha sido prácticamente la primera y una de las más duraderas en lo que a mis proyectos se refiere; irónicamente es una a quien muy poco he coloreado XD. Es un GRAN cambio desde la última vez que la coloree e_e.
Y bueno pues, utilizar el Sai fue bastante cómodo y sorprendente por su simplicidad y manejo, pero tuve que hacer trampa y usar Photoshop para algunos efectos porque no los conseguía en Sai, o no existen XD
Y ya con Ladies Blue y Red (tal como Pokémon! :dummy:) me lanzo a completar una más de mi lista de proyectos :D

I finally got to try Sai to finish experimenting out of the photoshop frame. This is the result of a little practice and experiment :D This Oc which I call Saki has been practically the first and one of the most lasting in which to my project it means; ironically is someone I barely colored XD. This is a BIG change since last time I colored her e_e
Anyways, using Sai was pretty comfy and surprising for its simplicity and handling, but I had to cheat and use Photoshop for some effects I didn't find in Sai, or they don't exist XD
And now with Ladies Blue & Red (Just like Pokémon! :dummy:) I'm on my way to make one more of my projects list :D
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Yay, i actually finished this! It took a long time, because all drawings are done by hand... Thats why they all arent that pretty, I did them quickly XD
Spoilers, btw.

1. Yeah, my fav character is Shinjiro. I just love that tortured soul thing... I also tend to love characters who end up dying...

2. Mitsuru just so cool (coolness may have something to do whit her ice skilss XD).

3. yeah... I drew those cards this morning at school... XD
I cant remember witch one I used the most...
The question would be easier if it asked fav social link. That would be sun, Akinari is just soooo cute (and dead...)

4. Fav pairings...
Chidori and Junpei had this cool romeo and juliet thing, Minato is so canon whit anyone (and by anyone, I mean anyone, any party member/social link),
The npc stalkers where funny,
Mitsuru-fangirl were fun too,
jesus and nerd--- I mean Takaya and Jin, are so canon,
and my absolute favorite pairing is AkiShinji (yeah, in my dirty mind Aki is the seme...).

5. Is there some rule that says my fav characters have to die? I mean, that happens just way too often to me...

6. Yeah, I really, really do HATE Ken!!!
And Fuuka is really annoying, because she cant really do anything usefull (in my opion at least) and imagine that you have just gone trough difficult battle (party members keep dying...) and after she's like "that was too easy"...
Maybe i dont hate Fuuka, its just her voice...

7. The reaper! Im not sure if it counts as boss shadow, but thats just the creepiest thing ever...

8. Yeah... I have no idea how the axe is suppossed to be carried... Exept that Shinji carries it whit just one hand...

9. serously, only thing thats crackier than minato x tanaka, is my drawing XD

10. I like Junpei, but i wanted to try other characters, and frogot him.
Also, I can imagine the conversation in the pic happening XD

11. Do i need to say anything?

12. I look like that, but i dont sparkle. Also, all friends of mine are tagged, when i first borrow the game to you ^^
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