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Well, since I'm making a visual novel it would be a waste not to enter such a wonderful contest for people who like games :la:

Btw. This is a screenshot from ACTUAL GAME that I'm creating. It's called "Mirage Noir" and it's a fantasy visual novel :)
You can see more info and stuff related to that project here -> :iconthe-black-mirage:

The girls name is "Navoika" and she's talking with Vesper. This scene will be included in the game demo, which I will release near June :)

Navoika is (c) to me
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I thought it would be fun to draw Ash and Pikachu in the opposite sex. 
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I... I made it in time! I'm so happy.
This is my entry to this contest:
The G.A.M.E Game Dev./Manga 'n Anime Contest!!That's right ladies and gentlemen :la: Game Development Art and Manga/Anime categories on Deviant Art are joining forces for a Feb to March long Contest! Hosted by :iconmaster-mune: :iconrydi1689: and :iconnyiana-sama: :love:
It is so appropriately labelled The G.A.M.E (The Gaming Anime Manga Experience) :eager: :eager:
The G.A.M.E Contest Information
Do you have what it takes to finally tell your friends you won "The Game?" :B
Your challenge if you choose to accept it, is to create a Game Screenshot experience! Can be traditional, digital, 3D: as long as it's Original!
that's right! Only original characters, and original settings of your own creation may be entered.
Game Development Art Category, and the Manga and Anime category on Deviant Art are not Fan-art Categories. They are not for your pictures of Zelda, or your pictures of Naruto: they are for your own original characters, your own original settings and any games/manga you collaborated on where

These characters are my original characters in the manga I'm working on.
It's called Doll Weapon. And well... the contest theme is making cutscene or screenshot by ourselves(meaning, it should be original).

I do plan on turning this manga of mine into game someday. So I hope I at least succeed with the manga project.
The group has only few members and I haven't added many details about the manga yet but if you want to check it out or are interested, please go here -> :icondoll-weapon:.

This is the first time!!! The first time I colored something using my tablet! Special thanks to this amazing person Tsundere-girl because she taught me many things about SAI and also tablet. I'm really grateful to her :icontearsofjoyplz:.

~ X ~ X ~ X ~

Anyway, onto details about the background of these characters and story.
[From left to right in the picture]
Orange/yellow head: Azumi - She's the most reliable among these characters. She cooks, she takes care of the things needed to be taken care of and she fights using a short knife, but she isn't really into physical battle. More like, she uses her brain when necessary and this is mostly how she wins against her enemies.

Red head: Vann - He's a guy who always wear a smile on his face. Nearly no one can ever read what he's thinking, and he doesn't like explaining matters that can drag for more than five minutes, so he tend to write them on paper instead but in actuality, he is smart and an observant.

Dark blue head: Raishin - The main female character in the story. She's originally a sculptured doll, but was given a life and since then, she is struggling to learn how things work in this world. She met Azumi the first, and they traveled together. Raishin learns to fight, barehanded and she is quite strong, whether this is from the mysterious life force given to her or not is unknown yet. From being emotionless in the beginning, she eventually learns the emotions of humans and develops one for herself.

Purple head: Teiji - The main male character in the story. Most people tends to think that he is a lazy guy, but to him, he just doesn't like wasting his energy on things that he thinks unworthy. But his character develops as the story progressed. If at first, he never opened up to anyone, later on in the story, he'll learn to trust and rely on certain people.

Brown head: Miko - A supporting character. She's a magic-user and she can almost do everything with her magic. But in return, her energy gets sucked along with the force so she usually can't run or fight physically. She has a sadist side to her.

The story takes place in a world where magics, sorcerers and anything almost impossible come into life. It is a mixed of historical, yet modern fantasy universe and it has science fiction elements on it too.

Genre: JRPG


This is a game where you can control the main character(default) or others(you choose) and then go in an adventure, with the group. A certain mission is what they have to complete, and while on their way, take requests or jobs from people to earn money for their daily living and for other things.

In this cutscene, they are inside of a dungeon as they found the item that they were looking for. That blue bottle glowing has a magic force inside it and only Miko, who is a full magic-user can touch it.

Copyrights all belong to me! :D

Doll Weapon [Azumi, Vann, Raishin, Teiji, Miko] (c) Kohaya7Kae-13

Thank you to everyone who views it! I did my best with the shading and background so I'm really satisfied with how it turned out. Even if I don't get chance to win the contest, I'm so proud of this work! I'm also grateful to this contest that gave me the chance to create something beyond the usual! I'm really happy! :D

(Finally I can at least shade properly) : )
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G.A.M.E. Contest

"Magicians are monsters of immeasurable strength. To humanity, we are nothing but monstrosities that masquerade with their faces. Humans are ants we can grind into the stonework; specks of dirt that we can erase with a mere breath. It is this capacity for utter destruction which has become our purpose in the eyes of men. Is it obvious now what our King wants with us during this critical time?" -Reziel

Magicians, though born human like any other, are the gods of the world: monstrously powerful in their gift, but extraordinarily few exist. They are feared or abused rather than revered or worshiped, so magicians tend to choose to live a life away from humans, either has hermits or as nomads. It is only recently that a significant growth in persons of magical ability has been observed, but a majority of the world still disputes their existence.

It is during this time that war erupts in the land.

While other countries chose to arm themselves with legions of steel-plated warriors or ingenious weaponry, the King of Delphine, an avid believer of magicians, decides to arm his land with magicians, promising not only fortunes and small miracles to participants of the war but also persecution towards deserters of the kingdom's call to arms. It is under these circumstances that Aleo, a magician fiercely shielded from society, takes her first steps into the world.

Main character; can be male or female depending on player's choice. Specialty is an affinity to all magic. Aleo is a cheerful, inquisitive youth bordering on 'wild child'. As a hermit with only her unfriendly mentor and a pet for company, Aleo is naive and somewhat detached to situations which would normally affect people, such as war, violence, and death.

Aleo's mentor and guardian. Specialty is Conjuration/Summoning magic (a roc, tiger, and sea serpent are his primary familiars). Reziel possesses an unparalleled ability to manipulate, absorb, and analyze a great deal of information. Unfortunately, his vast intelligence is tempered with a horrible personality. He's generally hated by people, as he is mean-spirited, prideful, possessive, and uncooperative around people he considers beneath him. Despite all his bad points, Reziel is very loyal towards people he trusts, and, despite his massive intellect, he's also very susceptible to baseless flattery.

This is a game I'm currently working on in Ren'Py and I took a screenshot of it. :''D I wanted to submit an entry of the interface and the gameplay mechanics, but I went ahead and just made a CG of one of the scenes I have written down. Working title is Magicians of Delphine, and it follows apprentice prodigy magician Aleo, whom the player can choose a gender for. It's an otome game so the routs are predominantly GxB and BxB (since most of the cast consists of males pfff) but there are also GxG and BxG routes. o/

The game is currently divided into two parts:
:bulletgreen: Part I works as a dating simulation, and consists of leveling relationships and magical stats. These stats are integral to the combat system where armies are pit against armies. Hopefully I can program this so the AI is intelligent enough so it'll be something of a challenge. :'''D

:bulletgreen: Part II is the VN, which comes after the main storyline of the army is completed. This is where the storylines branch out as the main character attempts to learn the stories behind the character they are pursuing.

This screenshot would be a CG specific for Reziel's route in Part II. BTW SORRY FOR MY GRAMMAR I'LL EDIT AS I GO ON aaahhh ;;;

In terms of progress:
Part I: 15k / 20-30k words
Part II: 0 / ~50k words ("""orz)

I'm completely finished with programming the daily activities system, though, and I'm currently programming the battle system and messing with aesthetic stuff like button effects and transitions.

I'm really inspired to work on my game now, so I'm going to apologize in advance because I'm probably going to disappear over the next few days. "orz I hope no one minds if I suddenly start posting up gameplay screenshots. ;;;; I didn't realize posting/sharing things related to my projects makes me inspired to work on them. ;;;
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Yes, just a doodle.. a sketch or whatever it is called TwT
As usual, I'm stressed. I wanted to draw something, so here it is.

I'm working on a SasuHina drawing that is a prize request for the winner of my SasuHina contest but I can't finish it soon I guess... Busy with stuffs... then exams...
I want to draw a lot :iconsadcryplz:

and I was also sick for 2 weeks now, with my cough and all. ._.
Not that I can't fight it, I know God gives me strength to go on. :love:

Take care everyone!

Doll Weapon [Raishin] (c) *Kohaya7Kae-13(me)
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Who thinks that titles are very important? Raise your hand!

me: *raises hand*

so yeah... I made the title be like that so people who sees this will immediately know that I drew it because I'm stressed.
It's just a quick doodle, just to let out my frustration with the overload works/assignments we're given. *sigh*

Anyway I don't think I can be active often here the next days too since an exam is upcoming. >.< (My prelim exam) I swear I will get high grades with that math just to prove something to our arrogant professor. -_- Grrr

I'll get with other artworks done when I get time... Sorry for now, this is all I can do.

Doll Weapon [Raishin] (c) *Kohaya7Kae-13
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Espero que les guste ! Si la descargan agrega a Favoritos !
+Watch ? Devuelvo :)) Si lo haces decime :3333
Tenés algún pedido ? Decime !
Espero que les guste eso es todo aasdfghasdfghjk
Comenta :)), es lindo cuando alguien valora tu trabajo
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If Antarctica had trees instead of ice
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My concept for this video game is through this animated music video:

There are many hidden cameos, especially in the crowd (watch video). Can you find...
Pokemon Trainer
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These are the PowerPunk Girls
Berserk(Blossom) Brat(Bubbles) Brute(Buttercup)

This is a collab I did with tesshoku15:icontesshoku15:
She drew these amazing pictures and they were so awesome I couldn't help but color them awesomely!!!
Here are her original pics [link] [link] [link]
And here is her version of them [link]
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