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Fighting at school is unacceptable at the Academy, but no one listens to anyone. Fighting is a usual thing that goes on at the school. This mostly happens between Yao, a Chinese student, and a young girl. Every time they see each other, it ends in screaming.

“You think you’re so big, huh?”

“Well as a matter of fact I am.”

“Ha! I don’t think so small di-”

“Flat chest!!” Yao was getting angry, listening to this insufferable girl talk.

“You look like a little girl, cut your hair!”

“Tomboy, grow some hair!”

“Coming from the guy who likes stuff animals!”

Yao growled, chucking his book that he was holding, at her. She dodged it and threw hers right back, sticking her tongue out. She walked up to him and balled her fingers into a fist, taking a swing at him.

“Guys, could you not fight in the hallway? No one wants to see that.” Arthur, Englishman called, annoyance in his voice.

Both of them turned and glared. “Shut the hell up, Arthur!”

Taking the chance he had, Yao pushed her out of the away and took off. He didn’t have time to fight. But he stopped hearing a loud voice yell at him.

“You Chinese prick!” He turned slightly to see the same girl standing there, hands on her hips, smirking.

God did that make his heart race. He loved the girl, everything about her, but he hated that she always wanted to fight. Not only were her looks amazing, at least to him, but her personality. She was funny and easy-going, but she had a tendency to snap. When she did, she was brave and strong, never letting someone win against her.

Yao sighed, just wanting her to stop. Then he smirked, and walked past the on lookers, straight up to her.

“Finally, you-” She was cut off when Yao slammed her up against the lockers, crushing his mouth to hers, wrapping his arm around her waist. His other hand gripped her thigh and pulled it up to his hip, pushing roughly against her.

She cried against his lips, which kissed back. “Mhnn~ Yao!” He chuckled, pulling her chin up and deepening the kiss, his tongue exploring. Suddenly, a locker opened and they were pushed in, the door closing. It was a rather large locker, but cramped for two people. Not like they needed the room.

He pressed both hands by her head against the locker’s side. She leaned against the back, wrapping her legs around his waist. He pushed against her more, making her mouth water inside his.

----Outside of Locker----

“Nnng~ Please…” A desperate lustful voice echoed inside, and there was a loud bang. The students standing outside in the hall and walking past gave each other a look of shock.

“Yao… I take back what I said.” The female voice giggled breathlessly, moaning at the end.

“I do too, ____.”
:iconhurrplz: Wow, so I'm posting this because I feel like it. Heh... should I rate it.. I mean it's not that bad is it?
Again, sorry for the language... it was just too fun Cx

The characters belong to Hidekaz Himaruya <3
You belong to you or...

---------Feedback is Welcome! I'd love to hear what you guys think!---------
For those who haven't read the songfic I posted, I would like it if you checked it out: [link] But you don't have to... :iconbegplz:

Watch me if you want more! Soon I'm going to stop putting them in groups because it's tedious -lazy-. It'd be awesome if you watched me!
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        “Come on China, can't you tell me what's going on already? I'm starving here, wasting away to absolutely nothing.” You were blindfolded, and had no idea where you might be going. China had even taken a cab, just to make sure you didn't try to peek.

“No, aru. We well be there very soon. Just be patient.” China hugged you from the side and rubbed his face in your neck. “You will like it, I promise.”

“Fine, but there had better be food wherever we're going. I'm dying over here, and it's your fault, telling me not to eat.” You rubbed your stomach to emphasize your hunger.

“There will be, I promise. I wouldn't let you die of hunger.” You could hear laughter in China's voice. “We're almost there anyway.” The car slowly came to a stop. You heard the the door across from you open and shut, then yours open. “Be careful, aru, I don't want you to hit your head.” He carefully helped you out of the cab and walked you into a building. The smell of food immediately hit you, intensifying your hunger. China quickly removed your blindfold. “Tada.”

“So, much food.” You looked around the large, elegantly decorated room. There were tables and tables full of different foods from different countries. All of them made your mouth water. “No wonder you told me not to eat.”

“I told you you wouldn't go hungry.” China hugged you from behind and kissed your cheek, “Now let's find our seats.” He quickly took your hand and found the seats with your names in front of them. “We can eat soon, we just have to wait for France to get here, he's always late.”

“I am sorry I'm late again everyone, I was being questioned by the police, again.” France strutted through the room and took his seat. “Oh ho, it looks like we have a new member, no?” France wiggled his eyebrows at you. “It's about time we got a female in the club.” China grabbed your hand protectively and glared at France.

“Calm down guys, now that everyone's here, why don't we eat already. I don't want my food getting all cold, you know what I'm saying?” Turkey stood from his chair and made his way towards the food.

You half dragged China towards the food. “Finally, food.” You were loading more food on your plate than you could ever eat, but as hungry as you felt right now it seemed like nothing.

“A-are you going to be able to eat all that aru?” China's eyes widened as he looked down at your  plate. “Make sure you save some room for dessert okay? It's the best part.” He blushed slightly and carried his almost empty plate back to the table.

“He seems a little nervous man. You must have him under your thumb or something, you know?” Turkey laughed and gently patted your back. “Nice going, if you can control China, you can control just about anyone.”

Now worried that you might have unknowingly done something to China, you rushed back to the table and sat down next to him. “Is everything okay? I didn't upset you with my whining earlier did I?” You gave him a concerned look.

China looked like he had just choked on his food. He shook his head as he swallowed. “No, no, of course not. I-I was just upset with France.” He nodded, happy with the obvious lie he had just told you. “He shouldn't treat you like that. He knows you're my girlfriend.” His face became a deeper red and he started shoveling the food into his mouth.

“Oh, I see.” You decided not to press the issue and to just enjoy your meal. You were already more than full when the desserts were brought to your table. The plate was an arrangement of different sweets, all bite sized so you could try them all without over stuffing yourself. “I should have listened to you, I don't think I could eat another bite.”

China one again looked shocked and worried. “Aiyaa! You have to try it aru, it's the best part. Just try a little bit.” He looked at you almost pleading.

“Fine, I guess this is really important to you.” Though confused by his display, you began sampling the treats. They were delicious, some butterscotch, others made of sugared fruit or rich chocolates. Some were flavors you couldn't even identify. You saved the most beautifully decorated dessert for last. It was so pretty you almost didn't want to eat it. You slowly pressed your fork into the sugared icing and heard a strange crinkly sound. “What, the... There's plastic in here.” You laughed. “Some one screwed up.” You pulled the clear plastic from the dessert. It was actually a pastry bag, and something was inside of it. China had started hyperventilating beside you. You opened the bag and dropped the item into your hand. It was a ring. “H-how did I not see this coming?” Your face burst into a blush. You slowly looked at China. “This was meant for me right?”

“O-of course.” China took your hands in his and smiled sweetly at you. “I just didn't know how to ask you.” You hugged him around the neck. “Is that a yes then?” He stiffened as he waited for your answer.

“Well that depends on what you're asking me. If you're asking me to marry you, then yes, it's definitely a yes.” You squeezed him tighter and kissed his cheek.

Turkey rudely interrupted your happy moment. “It's about time China. Japan got engaged months ago. You're little brother's beating you in the race of life. Better speed it up, you know what I'm saying?”

China quickly pulled a giant wok out of seemingly nowhere and started using it to threaten Turkey. “Shut up and go someplace. Can't you see I'm happy right now?”
Part one…
Part two…

If you would like to commission a story, please read the rules on my page and send me a note. Please do not leave any requests/commissions or suggestions for future stories in the comments. Thanks!

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Part one is linked in the description. This one was written for cheese0it.

Hope you all enjoy and please tell me what you think~

You sighed, dropping a golden autumn leaf into the stream beneath the red wooden bridge you were standing on. Watching it as it floated along you imagined yourself as it, the stream as the strange turn of events you had experienced in the past four months.

The leaf turned the corner in the water and you lost sight of it, only to drop another in its place. The silken sleeve on your right arm was folded up to your shoulder; you didn't want it to get dirty when you'd been plucking the leaves from the ground.

The leaf really is like my life, the water constantly changes course and all I can do is try to follow it, otherwise I sink, you thought to yourself, your head tilted to one side. You'd grown accustomed to the presents Yao showered you in.

Every time he came back from wherever he went during the day, he'd always have a piece of jewellery, a hairpin, some clothes with him for you. He covered you in affection as well, always hugging you when you weren't expecting it, kissing your hair and reveling in the smoothness of it.

You held a red-brown leaf in front of your eyes, sunlight streaming through a tear in it. He hadn't really done anything to you, save pecking your lips which he did a few times until you made it completely clear you didn't want that.

He backed off after that, but his occasional hugs morphed into daily ones, ones he expected every day to have. Actually when you didn't embrace him, he pouted and sulked until you did. He was quite adorable like that, you giggled to yourself, remembering his face scrunched up in frustration.

Yes, you were falling for the man, you knew that much. If he touched you, your heart skipped a beat and when his face was close to yours, all you could think about was how his lips would feel on yours.

Shaking your head you dropped the last golden blade into the water. You shook up, shaking your arm so the fabric came back down over your hand like it originally did. You made your way through the stunning garden, waving at the pandas that were chomping on some of the bamboo in which they concealed themselves.

After skipping down the path, you reached the large pond, the Koi swimming elegantly in circles. As you walked past it, you smiled. Yao simply adored them and took every chance he had to try to capture them on paper.

All of his efforts were rewarded when he finally stepped back to examine his work. Often he would give the very successful ones to you; you had a growing collection of them in your room. When you stepped inside the large room, you heard your bare feet patter against the shiny wood.

"Miss (l/n)." You spun around to see two gentlemen sitting behind the table, steaming cups of green tea in front of them. You still weren't completely used to the fact that many of the men here in China, were often a lot more beautiful than yourself. The flowing hair reached down to the small of their backs, tied up loosely.

"Y-Yes?" The maid was sitting next to them and shot you an apologetic glance before leaving the room, as if to say; I couldn't stop them.

You sat down, cross-legged and blinked your eyes. "Yes, what is it?" Your voice didn't tremble like before, a certain type of determination passing into it. "We've come for you, Miss (y/n). By order of our Royal Highness, the Emperor."

Your blood froze. Yao had told you not to mess with him and had kept you hidden. You were the only thing he bought back that he hadn't given to the Emperor. But now, he knew. And he wanted to know why you weren't offered to him, belly-up.

You fell over, scrambling away from the two men, horror written on your face.  They stood up menacingly and grabbed you. One of them go a cloth out of his sleeve and held it to your face. Bad. You squirmed, twisting and turning but their vice-like grip didn't let up. Eventually the mist of unconsciousness claimed you and you were taken.

Yao bounded home, jittery with excitement. He eagerly awaited your daily hug and the way you listened and talked about the day. A warm bag in his hands almost tipped, but he saved it epically. He tsked at himself for not paying more attention to it, they were the buns you so dearly enjoyed after all.  

Skipping inside, he kicked his shoes off. "(y/n)!! I'm home!" He waited for the breathless you to come skidding to the entrance, but. Nothing. He raised his eyebrow and started looking for you. Was it another one of those days...? he thought, looking through the different rooms and the garden.

He bit his lip. What if...? No, no! That couldn't happen, no one knew about you being here, so how on earth could something like that happen..... He'd done a full search of the garden when he came back, the maid in his line of vision.

She bowed low trembling. "(y/n)? Where is she?" His heart sank as he saw her shake her head, despair flashing across her eyes. He froze, suddenly running for his shoes and tugging them on. "Take care of these!" He told her, pressing the bag into her hands.
Then he took off at full speed.

Groggily, one of your eyelids cracked open, the semi-darkness in the room not hurting your eyes. You rubbed your forehead with the heel of your hand, looking around. "Where? What am I...." You'd noticed your clothes hanging more loosely than usual, wrapping them around you a bit more, searching for the sash that kept it all together.

"Need this?" A voice asked, coming from the darker part of the room. "Err, yeah, please-" Your words hitched in your voice as the owner of the voice stepped out of the gloom. There he was, the ruler of the Empire. Your silken red and white sash dangling dauntingly between his fingers.

"Sir?" you squeaked, keeping your eyes lowered. "Now, why would Yao try to hide you from me?" As he spoke, he came closer, one of his knees resting on the side of the bed.
"Is it because of those eyes of yours?" He lifted your chin up with one of his long, pale fingers. "Aah, it's true they really do shine brighter than the stars of the night sky."

You trembled under his touch, which just seemed to make him increasingly aroused.
"Yao cannot keep you from me, everything in this kingdom belongs to me after all. He thought he could keep you hidden, but now that I know I was deprived from you, that makes me want you even more." His seductive tone sent chills down your spine. "He really was a fool."

That last sentence made you snap. You tore away from the hand that was stroking your hair, grabbed the sash from him and made a dash for the half-closed window.

"My treasure, where do you think you're going?"  You slammed the shutter away from the window and braved the ledge. "That's far enough!" He jumped to his feet. You turned your face, scanning the area beneath you, you were up quite high. Smirking when you saw a pond, well a large and hopefully deep pool of ink-black water, you turned to the Emperor and stuck your tongue out. Then you leapt, your clothes whipping up around you but you merely clung to them and kept most of you covered.

The water consumed your form, making the silk cling to your body. Your lungs screamed for air, so you broke the surface, tossing your hair behind you. "I belong to Yao and Yao alone!" You shouted up at the exasperated figure leaning on the window-sill.

You stumbled to get up when two hands clasped themselves around your waist and hoisted you out of the water. Another guard?! You bucked, squirming and hitting the assailant repeatedly.

"Ow! It's just me!" Yao told you angrily. He put you on the ground, drying his hands on the front of his shirt. "Yao?!" "Yeah, what is it-" You threw your arms around him, and the force was so hard, the two of you landed on the floor.  

"I was so scared!" You wailed, clutching at his front. Comfortingly he placed his hands on the small of your back and let you bawl your eyes out. He rocked you gently, pulling out all the tricks he had to soothe you.

When your wails transformed into hiccups, he sat up, gently massaging your shoulders. "You alright now?" You nodded at his question, wiping away some of the tears. A job that Yao quickly took over, rubbing his thumb on your cheek.

"Good." He picked you up, cradling you against his chest with the utmost care. " 'cuz I'm not going to let you out of my sight again." "Eh?" He smiled. "Don't worry. Oh," he said remembering," I've got some of those buns you really like! Let's eat them together okay?"

You spluttered. "Wait what did you saw before that?" "Oh, that I'm not going to let you out of my sight?" "Yeah," you demanded," what exactly did you mean by that?!"  

He grinned sheepishly. "Well you said so yourself right? You said that you belong to me and only me." You blushed, had he heard that?! Apparently so.

"So there. I'm going to make sure no one ever takes you away from me again. By making sure they know irrefutably who you belong to."
This one was requested by :iconcheese0it:

Part one: [link]

Hope you all enjoy and please tell me what you think about it.
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"Yao, stop it," you giggled as he placed light ghost like kisses along your neck and collar bone. You moaned as he sucked your soft spot. "Y-Yao…"
"Mmm, what is it?" he asked obviously preoccupied with the sound of your moans rather than the sound of your voice.
You placed a hand on his chest and moved him so that you could see his face, gently you kissed him. "I love you…"
"Wo ai ni," his whispered. (I love you)
"As I love you," you whispered.
The two of you were in your favorite place, the bed both of you shared. The two of you only slept there and nothing else, but there was the rare occasion like now where the two of you would just lay there in each other's arms and whisper sweet nothings in each other's ear.
It had been almost a year since Yao had kidnaped you, or as he rather said 'liberated' you from your home. He had fallen deeply in love with you first sight, he had vowed to make you his. But what he didn't understand was that it was harder to gain the heart than it was the body. So he spent most of his time wooing you and doing everything in his power to make you laugh.
You had defiantly caught Stockholm Syndrome.
Snarling he picked you up so you were straddling him, "Kiss me again…"
"As you wish," you smiled and kissed him with as much passion as your body could hold.
Then a hand was on your shoulder, "Stop _________, I-I can't…" Suddenly fangs grew out of his mouth and his eyes went red, he told you when this happened to get out of the way and wait for it to be over. You see it wasn't just some random man who had kidnaped you, but a demon.
You flew of your lover and tried to regain your breath as Yao tried to regain control.
"It's ok __________," he whispered, "I feel better now…"
Rolling into your side you snaked your arm around his waist, "I love you."
"I know," he said sill breathing heavily.
"I just want to know something…"
You took a deep breath, "Why is it that every time we umm, kiss too much you lose control? I mean I've seen you lose control when you're angry at someone…" then a horrible thought came to you, "a-are you angry at me? Have I done something to upset you???"
Yao shot up and tried to stop your babbling, "No! Meiyou (no)! No!" He kissed you successfully shutting you up. "I love you, and you could never do anything to make me angry at you…"
"Then why-."
"It's because I love you so much," he said, "whenever we…kiss…I feel an urge to make you mine in all ways."
You blushed, "You mean-?"
"To mark you," he fingered the skill between your neck and your shoulder, "if I were to do that there would be no going back for us."
"What if I don't want there to be?" you asked. "Yao I love you." Caressing his cheek you watched as he relished the feel of your skin on his.
Finally he said, "If it will make you happy I'll do it." Putting his hand on the small of your back he pulled your forward. "Wo ai ni shengguo wo de shengming (I love you more than life)," he whispered before biting you. You screamed as the pain hit you like a wall, but you knew now that nothing was ever going separate you two. And with that knowledge the pain seemed to dull.
Requested by :iconhetalia-animegirl:

Hope you all like it! Please comment and tell me what you think.
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 You were done. Just done. You were giving up. "Whore. Worthless. Useless. Waste of space. Going nowhere with life. Stupid. Fat. Ugly." How could you possibly want to carry one with all this verbal abuse from your family and peers? What was the point of life?
 'Maybe it's true....' you thought as you sat on your bed, twirling the sharp blade in your hand. 'I wouldn't be such a burden on everyone if I just disappeared ...' You lightly ran the cool, smooth, sharpened steel blade across the main artery in your arm.
 You chuckled to yourself as you imagined everyone you knew just carrying on with their lives without you. Everyone wouldn't have to deal with you anymore... 'I won't be their burden to carry anymore...' You sighed. You wished you had the guts to just do it. tear a gash up your arm right there! But you couldn't.. 'I'm such a coward....'
 Suddenly, a knock came from your door. You didn't move. You sat there with your __e/c__ eyes glazed over, just staring at the knife on your wrist. The bell rang again, Followed by a voice. "__name__? You home, aru?" called the voice from the other side of the door. It was your best friend and roommate, Yao Wang.
 That's right. You hadn't really spoken to him in a few days. He had taken you in after your parents had kicked you out when you told them you weren't a Christian. When you told them, they freaked out, verbally abusing you and hitting you a few times. They literally threw you out of the house and told you to never come back. So you ended up staying with Yao. You had only left your room to use the bathroom and when you were dragged out by Yao only to have to force you to eat. You would just sit in your room, in the dark, and think about how much better things would be if you weren't around.
 "_-_name__?" he asked again, knocking on the door harder. Still no answer. "Aiyah.." he sighed. "__name__, come on out. I know you're hungry, aru. Let's have some lunch, okay?" he said as he tried to open the door. There was no answer. "__name__." he said sternly. "This is really immature, aru." he picked the lock with the paperclip he kept above the doors molding. "Just hiding in your room like a- __NAME__! WHAT ARE YOU DOING, ARU?!" he shrieked as he opened the door to find you sitting on the bed, knife in your hand and blade pressed against your delicate skin. You didn't acknowledge him. You just sat there and stared at the knife. Yao ran over to you, grabbed your wrists in each hand, spread your arms away from you, and pinned you on your back against the bed. "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING, ARU?!" he yelled. "I-I'm done, Yao..." you said with tears forming and running out of the corners of your eyes like little rivers. "What do you mean 'done', aru?" he asked concerned.
 This sight before him broke his heart. You were usually so strong and happy and full of life, but now, you looked pathetic and fragile, like you would break at any moment.
 "I'm done living, Yao.." you choked out. "I'm tired of being walked on and being a burden to everyone around me.. I want to die.. I don't want to burden you with my presence anymore... I'm worthless. Pathetic. A waste of space. Lower than dirt. I don't deserve to live.. It would just be better if I weren't around..." Yao couldn't believe what he was hearing coming from you. Surely this was all just a prank.. He slightly loosed his grip on your wrists. You smiled sadly and moved the blade to your throat. "Goodbye, Yao. I'll miss you..." You said as sweetly as you could.
 Suddenly, Yao grabbed your empty wrist and pinned it next to your head and took the other wrist, with the knife in it, and held the blade to his own throat. "NO. I refuse to let you kill yourself, __name__. Do you not realize how much I care about you, aru?! This is not how you deal with problems! If you do this, You're just running away from your problems, aru! You are stronger than this! So what if you got kicked out of your house?! So what if your parents hate you?! Even if everyone were to turn against you, I'll still be here for you, aru." "Yao...." you breathed. You couldn't say anything else. You were just so touched by his affection, saying that he cared about you. "I'm sorry, Yao.. But this is just something I need to do.." you said as you tried to move the knife closer to you, but Yao held it in an iron grip at his throat. "If you kill yourself, I will too, aru." he said in a serious voice. Your eyes widened. 'Yao... Kill himself over me?...' "Why would you do that?!" you cried. "Because I care about you so much. Please, just go back to being the happy __name__ I know and I'll be happy too." he said with kind eyes. For a minute, you just lied there with him still pinning you down. Then you relaxed your hand that was holding the knife and smiled weakly. "It's a deal" you whispered.
 Yao smiled at you and got off of you, taking the knife from you. "Good. I'd be so sad if you would have actually done it, aru." he chuckled slightly. "Sorry... I just couldn't think of another way out." you sighed. "Thanks for stopping me, Yao." You smiled, kissed his cheek and went into the kitchen. Yao just stood there blushing tomato red, with his hand on his cheek where you kissed him.
first fanfiction I've put on here! I am so sorry if you think its terrible! *bows* gomen ^^;
Hetalia: Hidekaz Himaruya
Idea: me ^^
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~Reader's POV~

You took your feather duster into one of the rooms to clean. The room looked a bit old, and you thought it might please your master if you cleaned it up for him.
You started by gathering the books and organizing them on the shelves. They contained mostly Chinese writing, and you weren't one to pry. That is, until a certain book caught your eye. It had a brown leather binding, and wasn't labeled. It struck your curiosity, and you decided to take a quick peek.
You were shocked. There were pictures of Master Wang's childhood!
You smiled softly at the chibi China holding a panda. He really was adorable...
You quickly broke out of your dream-like state and continued to clean. You slipped the book back in place before quickly dusting the outside.
After a few sweeps here and there, it looked presentable. You smiled at your handiwork.
"Oh! It's almost lunch time!" you realized as you hurried to place the duster in a safe place before hurrying to the kitchen.
While washing your hands thoroughly, you decided on some dishes to make. Maybe some dumplings? That would be too wanted to make your master proud...
Finally deciding on a bowl of wonton noodle soup, some small platters of vegetables, and a few rice cakes for desert.
Although you were hurrying, you tried to stay as quiet as possible, since your master was busy in his study. He's been in there an awful lot since those Western countries started bothering him...
Placing the bowl of soup on top of the table, you also included a pair of chopsticks. You then arranged the vegetable dishes around the bowl, and you covered the dessert under a lid. Seems like everything was alright...
You heard the sound of a door opening and footsteps coming your way. Hurrying to dry your hands, you caught sight of your master and bowed deeply.
"Good Afternoon Master. Lunch is ready."
He smiled and replied, "Thank you aru~ I'm sure it'll be tasty!"
You flushed slightly at the compliment and nodded, "Hope you enjoy!"
After a few minutes of eating while you stayed to the side of the table, you heard Master Wang ask, "Why aren't you eating [Name]?"
"M-Master...servants aren't allowed to eat with the master..." you reminded.
"Then for once pretend you are my friend. I want to eat with you," he replied.
"M-Master I cannot..."
"Call me Yao."
"Master that would be the highest level of offense-"
"Since you call me your master, I order you to call me Yao alright?" he replied. Something in his eyes made you reconsider.
He then ordered you to eat with him, which you did since you were a bit hungry from cleaning. The two of you talked for a bit as you ate with you small bowl of rice.
"[Name]...there's a small bit of rice on your cheek..." he smiles gently before rubbing the rice off.
The place his hand touched burned as you felt your heartbeat increase.
"I-I'm sorry!"
You stood up to place your bowl in the sink. And started cleaning up your master's dishes as well. Then it sunk in how rude that was...and you spun around to apologize.
He was gone.
Then you realized how rude it was to cut him off like that, just because you were uncomfortable. You set the dishes for another time and hurried to find apologize...
You searched around the house, everywhere. Only then did you check the study. It was absolutely empty.
Now you were more worried. Where could he be?
After a few minutes of searching, you stumbled upon a figure petting China's panda.
Master Wang!
"Aiyah...I don't know what to do aru...I'm inexperienced at dating in this century..."
You blinked, looking forward to catch more of what he was saying.
"You know [Name]? Yeah...she's the one who feeds you and cleans up after you, Panda. She a very nice and kind-hearted girl. I really do like her..."
Your face heated up. Did your master just say that he...he liked...YOU?!
"Master!" you ran out from your hiding place.
"I...I like you too! W-Wo Ai Ni!" you replied, flustered and hoping you didn't mess up on your Chinese.
Looking down at your feet, you didn't dare let him see the two tomatoes you had for cheeks.
You then felt someone lift your head, before placing a soft kiss on your forehead.
"[Name]...Wo Ai Ni..."

This is dedicated to :iconotakunekosan:
Grr...I'm not proud of this one at all. Sorry...if it sucks... :icongermanyemocornerplz:
Now I've learned my lesson not to write early in the mornings... :icongermanyfacepalmplz:
Anyway, hope you like it? A little? :iconawwwplz:
It would really mean a lot of you commented, faved, or watched! Or all!
I want to thank you all again for reading~ I'm happy that you gave your time to read something I worked on! Arigato! :iconcutiesmileplz:
"Wo Ai Ni" is Chinese for "I Love You"
Maybe I should make the countries confess in their native language. I'm sure y'all would like that... :iconyayprussiaplz: :iconyayitalyplz: :iconyayfranceplz: :iconyaygermanyplz:

I do not own ze picture~
China belongs to da awesome :iconhimaruyaplz:
You belong to :iconsexychinaplz:
And le story belongs to moi~ :iconcross-angel-chan:
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_____ skipped happily, singing a happy tune to herself. Today was going to be fun! She was going to visit her friend Yao's house! The two of you always had such a great time together after all.

But when she went to knock on the door, there was no response... When she rang the doorbell, the same thing.

I'm not early, am I? she wondered, checking her phone. Nope, she was right on time.

"Huh... Weird..." _____ said aloud. Though she knew it was stupid, she decided to just try opening the door. It worked.

She facepalmed. It wasn't like Yao to make such a silly mistake. What was he up to?

She walked into the house and made her way into the living room, where she heard noise

"Yao, what are you doing?" ______ asked, upon coming into his house.

"Oh, ______. Is today the day you were supposed to be coming over?"

"Um... Yeah." she deadpanned.

"Aiyah! I'm so sorry; I completely forgot!" he cried, scrambling to pick things up. "This place is so messy..."

Yao's place didn't look too bad, not to _____, at least. But he continued furiously cleaning the house.

"So uh... What distracted you so much?"

"I was watching too cute..."

".... Are you serious right now?"


_________ sighed. She knew of Yao's weakness for cute things, but this was too much.

"Yao, you're killing me with this cuteness obsession."

"You just don't understand ______."

"You got that right."

Suddenly a smile came on his face. "Wanna watch this with me? You might understand then..."

"Uh..." she muttered. It's not that she didn't like cute animals. She had heart after all. She just wasn't sure she was in the mood right now.

"Come on, ________. You might as well, since you're here."

Well… he had a point… She decided to watch it with him.

After an hour, only one episode, mind you, she thought she was going to die.

In a good way.

Because of the cuteness.

The animals were soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute! The baby kitties and puppies and, gah!

Without either of them realizing it, the two were cuddling with each other, dying of cuteness overload. And since this was a marathon, they stayed like this for a long time.

And they also didn't realize (well, maybe remember would be a better word) that they kind of, sort of… confessed their feelings for each other. They called each other cute and well… things kind of took off from there.

It's okay, it'd occur to them in the morning.
MORE CHINA LOVE! Because he's worth it :iconlorealplz:

I'm ashamed this took days to finish. But really, that was only because I didn't know how to end it... so I fudged it. I'm sorry.

Just consider this a small treat to thank you guys for being so patient. I promise better things to come.
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This was going on forever.

The sun had just peaked under the horizon as you launched into your 34rd game. Allies were in the lead, 17 to 16.

The two groups refused to let the other have victory, so any time the Allies were ahead, the Axis demanded another game, and anytime they were in the lead, Alfred would call for another round "FOR THE SAKE OF DEMOCRACY!!!!".

You half-heartedly trudged through the woods as the game began, too tired to be competitive.

"I don't even care if my team wins anymore," You though, stifling a yawn, "I think I'll just let the guys work this one out on their own."

You stopped walking and plopped down on the forest floor. A blueish hue had fallen on the woods, and, as you sat there, you were awed by the beauty this time of day brought to the timber.

"I love it here." You sighed into the stillness.

"So do I, aru." The stillness sighed back.

You whipped your head around to revel Yao, stepping out from the shadow of an elm.

It suddenly occurred to you that you had long since crossed into the Allies' territory when you decided sit down. You were an easy target, here: illuminated and still on the forest floor.

Oh well.

He came closer, and you said, quite matter-of-factly: "Go ahead and tag me. I'm not really much of a threat anyway."

He laughed and sat down. "I'm not going to tag you, aru. It gets less thrilling when you've already done it fifty times."

"I am curious." He leaned back on his arms with an interested expression on his face. "What do you like about this place?"

"Oh, all of it!" You smiled, eyes flickering over the forests. "The trees, the wild life! it's all so...poetic."

He hummed his agreement, shooting you an appreciative glance. "Not many people think that way. Especially..." he mumbled the last bit so low he was unintelligible.

"Especially what?"

"Nothing." he sat up.

"Just-" Your words were cut off by a flash of light by Yao's head.

"Look!" you gasped, "Fireflies!"

Little flashes of light darted all around you, blinking in and out of sight in the dim evening light. The gentle bugs danced around the forest, winking on and off like tiny electric lights. You reached out for them, giggling as they breezed by in the right air.

“Let’s catch them, Yao!” you beamed at the fairy trails they made through the air. The two of you caught the lightning bugs delicately in you hands and showed them off to each other. You went stalking after a particular firefly, eyes stuck to it as it landed among the grass. Your hand shot forward- at the exact same time that Yao’s did.  Somehow, the firefly wound up captured between both of your hands, enclosed in your clenched palms.

You laughed, hoping the dim light of the dusk would cover the blush the started creeping up your cheeks.

“For enemies, we have surprisingly good teamwork, aru.” Yao smiled at you.

“What should we do with it?” You breathed, figuring the tingly electric feeling in your fingers was not from the lightning bug crawling over them.

“We’ll have to let it go eventually…” his shoulder brushed against your.

“Yeah, but let’s look at it first.” You moved your thumb away from his palm, peering in at the little bug crawling over you skin. “Aw! He’s cute!”

Together you opened you hands and lifted the firefly up to the sky so he could be free as he flew off in the night, blinking happily as he swooped around the trees. You realized that thought the firefly was gone, Yao’s hand was not, and his fingers still clung to your palm.

You suddenly felt a cool hand under your chin-Yao lifted your face up to look at his.

“(Name),” his voice was soft; fond, “you wouldn’t be upset with me if I were to kiss you, aru?”

You didn’t need to answer-your upturned face was clue enough.

He sealed your lips with his own soft ones, squeezing your hand as he pushed his mouth against you.  You kissed back, tasting the full herbs of the mountain on him and his silky skin on your bear arms.

You looked up at him as you pulled away, the firefly’s reflection glowing in his eyes.
“Hmm…” you murmured, wrapping your arms around his neck.

Yao shifted his head, hand at your waist. “What is it?”

“I believe I just tagged you, Mr. Wang.” Your eyes glittered.

He grinned, “But you’re in Ally territory, aru. Have you forgotten?”

You shook your head, humming. “We past back into my side while we were chasing fireflies.”

“Did not, aru.”

“Did too! That’s the boarder right behind us.”

“But you’re looking at it from the Ally side, aru.”

You rolled your eyes. “Be quiet you.” And the presence of your lips against his made sure he was. It didn’t really matter who lost, after all. You were both winners tonight.
Other countries:
America: [link]
England: [link]
France: [link]
Russia: [link]
Germany: [link]
Italy: [link]
Japan: [link]
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"(N)-(name) stop it!!" poor Yao Wang shouted to his devoius friend (your name), as she began to braid is medium-long dark brown hair.
"But your hair is so long!" she cried, finishing up the braid, but suddenly realizing she didn't like it. So she redid it.
"My hair isn't that long!" Yao cried, getting into a standing position, the halfway done braid still in place.
"Don't move Yao!" (your name) cried, pulling him back down the ground. The chinese man sighed, as she finished up the braid and tied it.
"There. You can move now."
The chinese man finally stood and began to grumble to himself.
"This isn't funny.."
He felt something touching his adam's apple. He looked down to see (your name) looking at it.
"What are you doing aru?!" he cried, stepping back, and ended up falling onto a soft cusion. (Your name) took her chance, and sat quickly on his lap, casing heat to come the Yao's face.
"Your voice is so soft. Do you even have an adam's apple?" (your name) asked, touch all over the front of his neck.
"Y-yes I do! Leave me alone!"
"I don't see it."
Of course, at that moment, England walked in and was about to request something to eat, however seeing (your name) sitting on top of him, feeling up his neck, made his cheeks turn pink. He just took a few steps back to avoid any trouble.
Yao finally sighed.
"My voice is NOT girly."
"Don't lie Yao!" (your name) laughed.
Yao smirked, an idea coming to his head. He'd never done it before, but why not.
He lightly pressed his hand on her thigh, waiting for her to notice. She was to busy laughing. He moved his hand up, still nothing. Once he pressed his hand fully on her thigh her eyes darted right at him.
"What are you doing?!"
"Getting you back.."
With that, Yao grabbed the back of her neck and brought her into a kiss.
(Your name) just went with it, and slowly kissed back, wrapped her arms around his neck, letting him grab her hips.
Of course, while they were making out, England waltzed back into the room thinking Yao and (your name) were both done, to find them sucking eachothers faces. He quietly grumbed to himself, while stepping back into the other room. He wanted food.
Once the kiss was broke, Yao smiled.
"Was that alright (your name)?" he asked, only to get a large amount of laughs from the girl still sitting on him.
Yao began to turn red again.
"Aiyah?! What is it now?!"
(Your name) finally looked up to her chinese man and smiled.
"Your voice still sounds girly~"

Request done for :iconfizzycoke: ~sorry it's so short love

BLARRRGHAARGALLAHH I don't know what to write for these requests??! I'm ashamed...:iconcrycryplz:
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I woke up to the sound of my phone vibrating. "Ugh…aru..." I groaned and then slowly got up and reached for the phone and looked at the caller ID. It was Alfred. Why in the world was he calling me so early?

"Hello, aru?"

"Come quickly, to the hospital, dude, it's totally important!" I was suddenly awake, chills going down my spine.

"What's wrong, aru? Is it about _________?" I said as I scrambled to get some decent clothes on.

"Yes it's---bzzzt-" I lost connection with him. I stared at the phone for a minute and then shook my head to get my bearings back together. After all, it was about __________.

I had to see her! Who knows what might happen… I thought with dread.

At that, I got my clothes on and tied up my hair into a messy ponytail. No time to look good, I had to get to ____________ before it was… was… I didn't even want to think of the possibilities. I tried to keep my emotions under check as I ran out to my car and started to drive to the hospital.

*********************************flash back**********************

The day I first met her was about 14 years ago. Our moms were meeting up for our play date. I remember being really nervous about meeting her, or anyone for that matter. I had found meeting other people not that very pleasant. The other kids at my school would always make fun of my hair, my love for cute things, and my habit of putting "-aru" at the end of the sentences. They would always saw it made me too girly and I was shunned by most of my classmates. I did not find school to be very pleasant.

"Now, Yao, I think you will like ________, a lot. Her mom and I have been good friends for a long time, and I heard that ________ is a real sweetie. I think you guys will get along really well," my mom said as she looked through the rear view mirror to glance at me every once in a while. "And she is going to start going to your school, so make her feel welcome."

I nodded silently, hugging my panda stuffed animal even closer to me, with my slightly chubby arms. Her mentioning school made my heart sink. Maybe _________ would be like all the other kids at school.

We soon arrived at ________'s house. My mom unbuckled me and __________'s mom came out to greet us.

"Welcome, Yao! It is so nice to see you… you look so much like your parents!" she gushed as she gave me a tight squeeze and pecked me on the cheek.

I just nodded slightly back and smiled a tiny bit, and she led us into her house, which was big, but very neat. Her mother then smiled at me and ushered me towards the
hall. "That room with the door open is ___________'s, she's been waiting for you since this morning, and she's very excited!" she smiled and I walked cautiously to her room.

I was greeted by a giant, stuffed Totoro. "Hello, Yao- ara!" it said in a cheery voice, grinning its giant smile.

"Oh- oh oh… hi, Totoro -aru!" I replied shyly.

"Totoro? I'm not Totoro, you silly boy," Totoro said, still with that giant grin. "My name is _______, and I am a girl, not a forest spirit- ara!"

Then to my surprise, a girl appeared from behind the giant stuffed animal. She had (y/c) eyes, with short (y/c) hair tied up into tiny pigtails, and she had some of her teeth missing. She gave me a cute and goofy grin and took my hand. "Hiya, Yao-ara! It's nice to finally meet you! You are really cute-ara!"

Completely surprised, I just stared back at her. She thought I was cute! And she had something she'd say at the end of her sentences as well! I could feel a little blush burning on my cheeks. She was perfect, and I knew that even when I was just a little kid. Then I felt her put something on my finger. I looked down and saw that she put a Hello Kitty ring on my finger.

She held up her hand to show her that she also had one as well. "Yao, I love you already-ara! I feel like we'll be best friends, so these will be our friendship rings-ara!" she gave me a big smile and then pulled me into her room.

Yes, she was indeed perfect. She loved cute things, but most of all, she accepted and loved everything about me with all my heart. She never laughed at me, but instead remained my truest friend. And friends we stayed… until we were in high school.

Anywhere you are, I am near,
Anywhere you go, I'll be there,
And I'm gonna be there forever more,

Every single promise I'll keep,
'Cuz what kind of guy would I be,
If I was to leave when you need me most

***********************Present Time*****************

"Dammit- aru!" I yelled as I hit the steering wheel in frustration. I was stuck in traffic. As I tried my hardest to keep my emotions under check, I tried calling Alfred again. No answer.

I wondered if __________ was okay. *I should have stayed with her!* I scolded myself. I had been by her side every day for the past week, but she convinced me that she was fine and told me to rest at home for a day. I was planning on visiting her later today… but… then this happened.

As I waited in the long lines of traffic, I felt in my jacket pocket and took out the faded and long out worn Hello Kitty ring. It made me smile a bit, with tears forming in my eyes. Even after all these years… we still managed to keep them. She always kept it looped onto her necklace… which reminds me… I reached up and grabbed the necklace that always hung around my neck. It was my part of the necklace… the yin. She had the white part, the yang with her. I smiled as I remembered when I gave it to her… it was when things began to change in our relationship… that one fateful day…

*******************Flashy's Back! ************************

We were still friends… from elementary school, to middle school, all the way up to high school. "Just friends..." that was a statement that bothered me more than anything. Not that I didn't want to be friends with her… it was just that I wanted to tell her how I really felt…

That I loved her.

I fiddled with the necklace I had on. Its partner was in the bag I was keeping well hidden in my jacket pocket.

"Oh, that's so cute- ara!" she said as she came walking out of her house. We walked to school together every day.

"…." I blushed as she got up really close to my face to get a closer look at the necklace.

"Oh! It's the "yin" part of the yin and yang symbol… I wonder who's the "yang" part-ara," _______ said as she smiled and winked at me.

I was immediately "very interested" in the cracks in the sidewalk, so she could not see the blush that was dominating my face.

But she was not done yet. As we neared the school entrance, she gently yanked on my ponytail (her favorite thing to do to me) and teased, "Is that part by any chance for me…?"

At that my heart began to pound and I gulped. I then looked at her straight in the eyes and was about to confess everything when suddenly-

"-_________!" Alfred suddenly ran up and glomped her, nearly causing her to fall.
___________ laughed and then proceeded to "punch" him back. I sighed. I had missed my chance. When would I ever pick up the courage to ask her again?!

Arthur and Kiku then came over, to greet us. Arthur then took one look at my gloomy face and then understood. He walked over to Alfred, grabbed his brother by the ear and took him away from ____________ and began to scold him.

"Herro, __________-chan," Kiku bowed to her after he had greeted me. Even though Kiku was my younger brother, he always came early because he had a zero period.

"Konichiwa, Kiku-kun- ara!" ______ smiled and bowed back. She then turned curiously to me and looked at me with those big, cute, (y/c) eyes of hers. "What were you going to tell me, Yao- ara?"

I opened my mouth to talk when suddenly the bell rang. She then smiled and said, "Well, you can tell me during lunch, I gotta go to class," she said as she went to retrieve Alfred (of whom she had class with) and waved goodbye to me before leaving.

I waved back weakly, attempting to smile even though I felt defeated and a little depressed. Arthur came by and clapped me on the shoulder sympathetically. "I'm sorry chap," he looked at me apologetically. "But, do not despair, I'm making that git make up for it… we'll help you tell __________ what's been in your heart," he smiled warmly.

Kiku smiled and nodded as well. I almost teared up in gratitude and I smiled back. "Thank you so much-aru!"

During lunchtime, I was the last to leave the classroom. To my surprise, _________ was there waiting for me outside my class. I had always picked her up from her classes, so to see her here so early was surprised. I suddenly began to feel very nervous and my hands began to feel clammy.

"Oh, hi- aru! Why did you come here?" I asked her curiously.

"Alfie told me that you really wanted to tell me what you were going to tell me this morning as soon as possible, so I came here," she replied simply. Oh! So that was the plan those two came up with. I began to fiddle nervously with the package in my pocket.

"Let's go somewhere quieter," I told her, looking outside suggestively. She smiled and then we began to walk outside. I suddenly felt a presence(s) staring at me, and I turned around to see my friends. Arthur smiled and gave me a thumbs up, Alfred was mouthing "GO FOR IT, YAO!" and Kiku gave me an encouraging smile. I nodded, and then followed ______ out to our favorite eating spot, under the cherry trees.

What are words
If you really don't mean them when you say them,
What are words,
If they're only for good times then they're done,
When it's love, yeah, you say them...

I took out the lunch I made for the both of us. "Yao! This looks soo yummy! I love you soo much!" she yelled enthusiastically.

I just smiled and took in her beauty. She was really quite the angel, and I loved her so much.

"Yao is there something on my face -ara?" she broke through my thoughts.

"Oh, no no no, aru!" I stuttered, blushing. I then took a deep breath. This was it; this was the moment I was going to confess. I took out the package I had wrapped for her earlier this morning and put it into her hands.

"Oh, what is this -ara?" _______ replied, clearly please. She then opened it and gasped when she opened it. "This is... this is?!" she almost squealed and she turned to look at me.

"Wo ai ni –aru," I told her, blushing. She looked at me, and then looked away.

"Oh... do you not like it?" I asked her, my heart sinking.

"Stupid…" she said, still looking away still… my heart started to sink even lower. Then I suddenly felt her hug me. "I love you, Yao. I love you soo much, so of course I'd love it.

Anywhere you are, I am near,
Anywhere you go, I'll be there,
Anytime you whisper my name,
You'll see,
Every single promise I'll keep,
'Cuz what kind of guy would I be,
If I was to leave when you need me most,

**********************Yet another time skip! *************************

"___________, so are you ready yet? I'm heading over now to pick you up- aru," I told her over the phone as I put on my suit. I was taking _________ out as a celebration for our 5 year anniversary of us going out together. I made reservations at a high class Chinese restraint and she was really excited about it. I knew it because she told me every day we met at college that she felt that way.

"Yes, Yao, I'm almost ready -ara," she said, but she sounded a little short of breath.

"______, are you alright -aru?" I asked her, concerned. She had, a few years ago, strangely developed asthma and got breathless easily.

"Yes, I'm fine," I could tell she was smiling. "It's just from the excitement of this evening… now hurry and pick me up! I want to see you now!"

"Okay," I smiled and hung up. I looked in the mirror briefly to make sure I looked my best, and then took a box out of the pocket inside my suit. I opened it up and looked at it. It was a diamond ring, with the diamond cut to look like the shape of a heart. I then sighed happily and put it away. I could not wait to see the look on her face when I surprised her with the question. Today was the day that I was waiting for a long time.
At the restaurant, we were seated at a private table which allowed a scenic and gorgeous view of the city skyline. _________ was very impressed with everything, and she told me so quite often. However… there was something that seemed a little… off about her.

When we finished dinner and there was a very awkward pause, she smiled and leaned over to entwine her fingers lovingly into mine and smile at me. I blushed… she was still able to make me blush even after all these years. She was just so beautiful, so radiant, and so angelic. "Yao, are you okay? You've been staring at me for a while now- ara" she told me quietly with a slight pout.

I then smiled shyly and let go of her hand to take the box out of my suit… when suddenly, she fell out of her chair and began to cough. A deep, horrible, racking cough. "_____________!" I yelled as I scrambled to her. "_____________, what's wrong? What's wrong-aru!" I cried, worried.

She kept trying to smile and wave me away, but that cough kept coming back and racked her body. She began to cover her face with her hands. "Yao… I'm fine… I'm fine…" she said wearily as she coughed.

"No, you aren't" I said and then as I looked at her face, my heart stopped. There was blood leaking out of her fingers. "Somebody, please call an ambulance-aruuu!" I cried to the spectators in the restaurant. I looked back and saw that _________ was crying. I fell down onto my knees and began to cradle her in my arms.

"I'm sorry… Yao… I ruined today for the both of us… and I kept this sickness… a secret… I'm so selfish –ara," she cried weakly once more, stopping every once in a while to cough.

I gently moved her hands out of the way and used my sleeve to wipe the blood and the tears off her face. I then brushed the bangs out of her face and kissed her tenderly on the forehead. "Don't say anything else, aru. You need to keep your strength," I said as I took the box out and slipped the ring onto her finger. "You are the only one for me, and no sickness will ever keep us apart," I said as I held her close and began to rock her gently. "_____________, when you get better, will you marry me -aru?"

"…Yes, ara" she sighed into my chest. Then the ambulance came and they loaded her into the car with and oxygen mask and an IV. I held her hand all the way to the hospital, and she gripped it back tightly. We looked at each other with tears in our eye

To be where I am and I'm gonna be,
Standin' right beside her tonight,
And I'm gonna be by your side,
I would never leave when she needs me most…

******************back to the present*******************

I ran to the waiting room in the hospital to see that Alfred, Arthur, and Kiku were sitting outside. Arthur took one look at my face and then immediately briefed me on the situation.

_____________ received news that there was a surgical method that they found would save
her, even though there was a small risk involved. She wanted to wait to see me, but due to my delay, she was forced to go into surgery, because the sooner it was finished the higher the chances of her survival became. Arthur then put some items into my hand.

"You better keep these safe…" he said with a smile on his face.

I looked down to see the hello kitty ring that matched mine, the yang necklace that I gave her, and the diamond ring that I gave her no more than a week ago.

All of those words,
They never go away,
They live on,
Even when we're gone,

The doctor came out of the surgery with a smile on his face as he looked at us. "She pushed through at the last moment… it was really quite a miracle," he said as he looked at our astonished faces. "This is the first time that we have ever tried this medical procedure, but it seems as if she is going to live. "

At that, I whooped and hugged all three of my friends who had stayed with me. They all looked happy as well… not even Kiku shrank from my embrace. "She's going to live… she's going to live –aru!!" All the stress that had burdened me for the past week flew off at that statement. I felt so light and so free!

"Can I go see her -aru?" I asked the doctor eagerly.

The doctor shook his head. "__________ needs to rest now, but you can see her tonight," he told me with a smile.

I couldn't wait for tonight.

*********************************One last time skip***********************

I opened to see __________ lying down in her bed. I walked quietly over, setting the bouquet of roses on the table next to her bed. She was still sleeping, so I gently stroked her hair and smiled, looking at her… engraving her face into my memory forever. I then bent over and kissed her on the lips, gently. "Wake up... my sleeping beauty…" I whispered with a smile on my face as I watched her slowly stir and wake up.

"….Yao…?" she told me sleepily.

"Yes, _________, it's me," I replied fondly.

"Yao, am I going to live -ara?" she asked suddenly.

"Yes you are, my love… yes you are –aru" I told her as I squeezed her hand. She smiled back with tears in her eyes.

"I'm sorry that I went in surgery without seeing you first-"I cut her off by putting my finger gently over her lips.

"Don't say sorry… you did what you could -aru," I smiled and then I knelt down on one knee, holding her ring. "I feel like I should ask you this again, but will you marry me, ____________?"

"Yes… Yao, yes of course… ara" she said with a big smile. She held out her hand and I put the ring on her finger.

"Wo ai ni…" she whispered to me and I smiled and kissed her on the lips again.

"I love you too, my beautiful angel… aru"

All of those words,
They never go away,
They live on,
Even when we're gone,
And I know an angel will say
Just for me and I know I'm meant,

I'm forever keeping my angel

:iconsexychinaplz: yayyyy i'm done~~ this is a request that I made especially for~~~ :iconreynwalker: YAYYYYY!!!

She wanted a fatal disease story.... but is it okay that i kept reader-chan alive? I hope it's okay!!! I just don't really like writing sad stories... :icondesperateplz: goshhhh... I hope you like it ~~~ my friend!!!

This story was insired by the song "What are Words" by Chris Medina. But the song that I was listening to while writing this was a cover done by the amazing~ Alex Thao! check it out! [link] The lyrics are spread out throughout the story!

I'm going to start working on the kissing booth stories... I've got..

:rose: Kiku
:rose: Francis
:rose: Gilbert

(in no particular order, although i'm eager to do Kiku's... hehe :iconplanningplz:)

Thank you guys sooo much for the overshowering of fave's and view on my last story ~ Gentlemen don't kiss and tell! ( [link]) Arigato! thanks very very much!!!

thanks for reading~~ please comment! especially, you, :iconreynwalker: !!!

I really really really hope you enjoy this story! :iconreynwalker:

story belong to me
you belong to you and :iconsexychinaplz:
hetalia and all its awesomeness belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:

********picture no belongs to me, if you know who it belongs to tell, me so I can credit them! Thank you!**********
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