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Here's a load of sketches i've done working from the family of wild boar that are currently live on this webcam (i think it's in Estonia) [link]

It's just like working from live animals at the zoo! The gesture is more important than the details as you have only seconds to capture an animal.
For anyone wanting to practise animal drawing and can't get to a zoo for live studies, go onto this webcam and sketch the animals that come along :)

It's very fun watching their behaviour too. x)

AND i wish you all a very merry christmas! :rudolph:
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Just some deer studies :la:

I hope you like them! :dummy:

Painted from scratch in Adobe Photoshop CS5 with a Wacom Tablet. References for these:… by ~Sassy-Stock… by ~AmandaDrage… by ~Caserta-Stock
limited-vision-stock.deviantar… by =Limited-Vision-Stock… by *Colourize-Stock… by ~ma8201
Art copyright *CobraVenom

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"Bambi/Deer sketches"

I have still been in drawing mode since finishing my last piece,
but tired from how complicated and long the last one was so
i wanted to do something simple.
:iconwhitew3r3wolf: suggested something cartoony.

And i immediately thought "Bambi". :) :heart:
I used to draw him alot back when the two disc special edition came out, cuz i was SO inspired by the concept art.
And i have loved Bambi for a VERY long time.
Actually, thats one of the first movies i actually sat down
in my moms lap and watched all the way through when i was like 3-4yrs old. ^u^

She used to talk about real deer while watching the movie,
and i would just sit there asking questions and spacing out
in wonder. Especially when Bambi's father first appears.
I was all -> O.O
Haha, i have always been in awe animals.

I think my connection with my mom and that movie is one of the main reasons why i always draw my mom as a doe in my sketchbooks. C:

Deer are very relaxing for me to draw because they are very elegant and flowy. And now you all see my sketch lines. XD
Im "light handed" i dont normally push very hard with my pencil at all when doodling/sketching. I usually only use dark lines over the initial sketch for finished serious pieces.
Thats why the lines here are so light. XD In my old sketchbooks its hard to see some of my sketches because of this.
I push harder in area's i have to concentrate on a bit more on,
like antlers. XD

NO references used whatsoever. (as i said before i used to draw Bambi alot XD he is memorized.)

I love how adult deer are very alert but the babies, are just like all babies and totally carefree and playful. ^^

I miss seeing deer. :C
I used to see them atleast every other week back home,
now where i live in the city there are people here who havent seen a wild deer their entire lives. O.o;

"Bambi" is (c) to Disney, and i in no way claim or own "Bambi".

Artwork is (c) to me.
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Another study, trying to work on improving my art as I feel like it's not improving lately. Hope to do a few more of these practise pieces before getting back into commissions with a fresh perspective c:

Next up will be bears I think, and after that, american buffalo. If you have any suggestions of rarely drawn animals then please comment!

Reffed from Google images.
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top left legs are horse hooves
rest is deer study
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Just some practise sketches I've been doing, trying to improve my horse anatomy and dynamic-ness.
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I have to study this animal for mi compare anatomy class. It is like a deer, just that this have spots all his life.
Tengo que estudiar a este animal para mi clase de anatomía comparada. Es como un ciervo, salvo que este no pierde las manchitas en su adultés, vive en la india.
Para hacer estos estudios mire vídeos en youtube y fui poniendo pausa en las poses que me interesaban.


Comissions open!!!!…

Animal anatomy studies:

I can teach you how to draw the animal you want.

I will create a structure using reference photos and I will make a 
tutorial so you can draw it.

The price is for a general structure of the whole body, If you want also 
a detailed study of head, legs or anything $ 3 will be added to each.

FREE: After I have done the tutorial I can correct 4 of your drawings of 
that animal to help you understand your anatomy better.

if you want more corrections after that 4th, it will be $ 3 more for 

for this commission I need to see some of your drawings to see what is 
the best way to help you.

payment method: paypal
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:) Refs used

Other studies: 
Wolf Sketches by Maquenda    Lions by Maquenda
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Thought I should do the same thing for Deer that I did for Bears
No sketches this time though, as I've got to get back to animating!

Most of the photos I referenced were my own, but a couple aren't (The ones with the mouths open)

Did you know there are some deer that have tusks? TUSKS! That's crazy to me! I think they're called Chinese Water Deer, but don't quote me on that
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