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so i decided to take a full crew photo (despite 4 SDs away) since almost everyone have new clothes
and also i have a new SD so to welcome her,
here's a full photo :)

will updated with the full crew when all of them have arrived home :heart:

left to right for SDs
Ashton (switch rusi ) ; Fiona (volks Creamymami) ; Nathan (MD Jina) ; December( infinitidoll daffodil) ; Jae (Infinitidoll Louis) ; London ( Volks sd16 Kira ) ; Shinjiro ( Luts breakaway )

left to right for little ones
Chicory ( Volks tsugumi ) ; Precious ( Volks tanpopo ) ; Mitchel ( Soom beyla ) ; Bubbles (Latiyellow Bayer ) ; Memory (Soom Beyla)

and thank god for them being able to stand on their own ! good job guys~!
half the time i was afraid they would fall ; 3 ;

thanks for looking ;'D
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A short story i did a while back when i took some photos of Jae & Dec

so here's a little story of them and one of the children , Memory ~!
Little meme here have asthma since young as doctor had inform the couple that
she was weak due to the insufficient air that she was sharing with her twin brother.
which is why they look out even more for their princess.
Anything for her...

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L: " where shall we go babe? "
Z: " anywhere you like "


So there you go, London up with another guy ; o ;
a guy who don't belong to my crew and so muthafuckin' sexy

so yesterday I spent a total 3 hrs..taking a photostory..
quite a long one! but it's worth the sweat and doll joint clipping me :iconthatsokplz:

and so here is sexy Zak and London,
you can see how london is so smitten by him....
I mean well my two boys who are taller than her are taken....and she's so tall that she is the same height
or taller than the rest of the males ... ; 3

I do like the height difference of a iplehouse EID and volks sd16 !
so perfect ~ even though Zak is really heavy but somehow I can't wait to get my own EID...
but seriously my room is alrd so small....i dont even know how i will ...
how people with 30 over dolls can stuff them in their own room ; o ; /faints/

Zak belongs to :iconna7s:
and they are not in any love/physical relationship.. just for pictures ; o ; :heart:

thanks again darling ! Zak have been here for nearly a month..such honor! :tighthug:
though I didnt take much photo of this hunk To T

oksorryforthelongrant..haveacookie. :iconeheheplz:

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received my crobidoll orders today and I got Jae the headphones he been wanting ;v;
since he's a singer he likes listening to music ALOT and think it's a way to get out of reality
and into his wonderland - v -

so Jae's pretty much showing it off ( - o - )9

of course the headphones wasn't the main point of the order .
I got a surprised belated birthday present for my hunter boy ( just need him to come home to show him or you guys )

writing so much sometimes i wonder if people actually read what i write...... I got a nice ass.. HAHA kidding
thanks for looking ;v; /gives cookies/

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so...I asked Ashton to come for the photo taking of this


he usually find Humans a nuisance so don't see the point of showing himself to anyone..

two person he only shown his human form to them which is Hunter & Shinjiro.
so I'm glad he agreed with my this was what happened..
when Fiona tried to hit on a guy..or demon? *laughs*

more about ashton can be found here


& his red eyes..usually glow even more when he talks about something he likes... like collecting soul... Pttf
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just in case some might misunderstand the situation big time ^^;;

Fiona is 27 and Hunter is 22. and NO They're not lovers/married/anysexualrelationshipetc

so Fiona turner knew Hunter back when he was working as a bartender,
Fiona is like your female Casanova , she flirts around and play around .
She would often go to the bar to hang out and she knew Hunter from there &
they became good friends and she would complain to him how her dates turn out
or how they smell bad.. haha
After a few years , Fiona made a bad decision and got pregnant .
The guy just disappear and left her alone. Fiona is from a family with status so there
is no way she would let her family know what had happened.
She decide to keep the baby and had Hunter to help her babysit her daughter
when she goes off to work. Hence little August turner calls Hunter Papa
and when the three of them goes off shopping , Fiona would tease how Hunter
seems like her adorable stay-home husband.
but she just love teasing hunter because his reaction is different from all the guys she met ~!

well...this story. Aiden doesn't know till now ^^;;

so there you go! pheww .

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Melodia Gates..finally home :)

^ previous photo of her before she went off for faceup

so this lady.. you could say it's been awhile since I got really smitten by any of my dolls ;^;
i love all my resin baby but upon receiving Melodia back.. it felt like this overwhelmed happiness ;o;
and i love this feeling~ It's been a while i felt like this ;u;

so the title.. why? Well titanically she's isn't a planned character..but I had a WS female body
rolling around and not leaving the sale I decided to get a head for it ~
and make it Hunter's lost sister ~
many things happened... I got her as a little monica ryuhwa..
didn't worked out...had to wait till I could sell that head and bought a LM Sophia...
and sending her off for faceup.. which took almost 6-7 months but I must say it was worth the wait.
if faceup was long..but result was marvelous..why not right?
of course short time are preferred.
so hence i thought Melodia was just a beautiful mistake I made..but I guess
it's not.. because I found my new bias ;o;

and it's rare since I am VERY bias onto my boys....

Melodia ;; Little monica Sophia hybrid Dreamingdoll

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Memory&Mitchel :: "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!" ::

their mummy December being pampered with love!
haha jae called December mummy too...

it's mother'sday over here ! so this is to all mummies ;v; :heart:
a day where mothers all around are rewarded with a whole day of them being even more special than any other day!

Appreciating our mothers even more every single day because they are the one who took care of us
ever since we took the first breath in this world ! Not just mother's day means we are nice to them ~!

so here's mine! :)


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Hunter & Aiden...
totally opposite people

Hunter prefers sports outdoor adventures but never neglecting his studies when he was in school.
Aiden prefers to snuggle up on the couch with a book and some tea & biscuits

but in the end one thing they like the best , spending time together :tighthug:

now that they're home..they seem to be more closer than before...evenmoretouchy
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here's a photo of shinjiro in a flower wreathe a lovely friend made for us ;u;
it's really sweet of our friend to make it for Shinjiro TuT
though i've some other flower wreathes but this is my fav!! :heart: because it's made for him o/
yes he is a boy with those below.... :D

but i like him super girly and always mistaken as a girl... because they're you can let them
be anything anyone at anytime ;'D

and Shinjiro is also wearing the new set from Volks ;v;
it's a dress that reminds me of some pretty cake X'D .. or cupcake

hope you guys like it :iconiloveitplz:
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