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Princess Serenity's Dress - Analysis
Princess Serenity's Dress - Analysis
Well, I wanted to show you guys what I had in mind with those "educational" journals. XD
Note: Neo Queen Serenity’s dress shall be analyzed at a later time. I am only talking about the Princess now.
Warning: all the links are external
General info:
Color: white with golden accents
Fabric: it is most often assumed to be made of chiffon (Info on chiffon: )
Style: empire (More info on empire style:
Inspiration: wedding dresses
Since manga version is the original version of the dress, let us start with that.
As mentioned in the general info, the dress is considered to be in empire
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Best deviations of the week 29
Best deviations of the week
AkaYona - The Light Between Us by stormyprinceDon't lose your way! by FenyachanBerserk : Griffith by GeshaPetrovichPrincess Mononoke by Hary-kynAion - Tower of Eternit. Priest. Chanter by VaishravanaDivine Strenght - Astrid Hofferson from HTTYD2 by DrosselTiraKuroko no Basket cosplay // TakaMido by DAIxSORANefeltari Vivi Smarphone outfit by MakicreazionMagi - Morgiana 3 by KiaraBerryBelle 2 by AmapolchenRozen Maiden - Suigintou Cosplay by AtunaCosplayxxxHolic - Living things are restrained by Chains by CherryMemoriesShura Kirigakure by dokutafuuMatsumoto y Gin cosplay by AlexielDeath10Bakemonogatari - Araragi Tsukihi by LucelvFISHEYE PLACEBO FREY COSPLAY on a sill 002 by KoujiAloneScissors Crown - let's go, Marchi! by ZoeVolfJoker - Kuroshitsuji by Faeryx13:thumb333625761:Evangelion 3.0 : Rei + Asuka by KhainsawSnow White: Cold by OscarC-PhotographyAn by Rei-DollAil by Ryoko-demon:thumb549956949:Infinite Startos - Houki Shinonono by Calssara
pictures chosen by :iconprisuicun:
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Show me a sign, and I'm gonna die for you
Join and submit any fan art you've uploaded
Thanks to LexiStaraze for creating it :thanks:
"Throw me around to stop all the stones.
And I would steal you the flesh to sew on your bones.
And if you show me a sign, then I'm gonna die for you." - Waymon Boone from the band Splender, on the song 'Maybe Someday'
Check out episode 9 of Porkchop 'n Flatscreen: "I'm Gonna Die For You"
My cartoons and animations:
My music:
My facebook:
My twitter:
My tumblr:
Download Porkchop 'n Flatscreen: THE GAME for FREE at
Stay tuned both on my youtube channel ( and here on deviantart for my future projects!
Check out my new music on iTunes!  Featuring "Ladybug", "Moron", "#softTACO", and more!
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Only few more days until contest end!
We know that Mamoru Chiba (aka Tuxedo Mask) is suppose to be the representative for Earth, but many fans of the series were unsatisfied without a sailor scout representing Earth. So for fun we've decided to hold a Sailor Earth OC contest. You can create a descendant, a sailor from another dimension, or a completely stand alone sailor. If you add a description of you OC you will get extra points. :D
DUE: BEFORE August 1 When I get on the computer on August 1 all entries will be posted, No Exceptions.
Entries go here:
Rules: Might be updated
:bulletyellow: No mature material please!
:bulletyellow: Art work must be 100% your own! No bases, stealing, or tracing!
:bulletyellow: Photos, Cosplay, Stories, and Crafts are allowed!
:bulletyellow: If you do a Photo Manipulation then credit ALL sources!
:bulletyellow: You must make and entry with a Sailor Earth!
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The Keepers Contest (10,000 point contest) Closed!
Hello all I'm EvilMadness, the Co-Founder here at the Keeper of the Heart group. We here are look to boost our membership and the best way I know how is to hold contests this will be the first of many to come as long as I'm Co-Founder of this group. Myself and :iconenchantedseekers: have been in discussion on this contest since my last contest ended. And I thought it would be nice to try and make a big thing out of this so I decided to be the one who offered the prizes... big prizes.  It will be along the lists of my last contest just not as many winners. So welcome the our contest. Please keep in mind this is for boosting membership so you must be a member to enter the contest :). To join simply send a request to the group on our main page than you may enter the contest once your a member. Now I will post the rules and Judges for the contest :w00t:!
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Messier Alliance Regulations and Etiquette
Star! Welcome to the Sisterhood
Welcome sisters to the Messier-Senshi group! This is a group of amazing artists who fell in love with an idea that SLMGregory had that grew into an amazing alliance with the help and imagination of Sir-Frog ! This group is not a place for hate or remorse, so please have a Moon Healing Escalation cookie before coming inside :3
:centered: The Peacekeepers :centered: 
Feel free to message them anytime you have a problem or issue in the group. Please note the group with group questions though as the peacekeepers are so busy being peaceful and awesome that they can't possibly answer all those questions too :3
:iconilantiis: :icongabistar: :iconunisamas: :iconaryiane: :iconhatterrose: :iconsinging-kiwi:
Star! Sisterhood Eti
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Welcome to Senshi of the World! *Raffle WINNER*
THE WINNER IS :iconsakkysa:!!!!
Congrats Sakky! <3
Proof of results:
You win a free bust request by SLMGregory!

:star: SLMGregory will be giving away one free bust request - all you have to do is:
:bulletblue: Favourite this journal
:bulletblue: Be a member of this group
:bulletblue: And promote this group!*
*That can be in a poll, a journal, on your front page, etc. On dA, Twitter, or FB!
Just make sure you comment below with the link of the advertisement.
Winner will be chosen by a random number generator.
Deadline is March 8th 2013!

This is a group devoted to the senshi of the world!
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:heart:  UPDATE: Ends April 30th :heart:
Yup, Senshi trades AGAIN! (What can I say, they're just the most fun!) This time, there's a change. Instead of only choosing three fast people, I will being drawing a Senshi for each person who draws me one!
What does that mean? It means that in order to get a senshi of your drawn, I need to receive one from you first. I'm doing this because I worked hard and with love on each the ones I have done in the past, and while most people did one back, not everyone did. You can see how this lowers my motivation right? However, the ones I did get back were AMAZING! I love them all!
:star: Rules: :star:
1. Look at the list below and choose any of the characters listed, and draw them! Send me a link in the journal or note, so that I may fawn all over it and love it FOREVER!! Please don't use doll creators though, as I want to see your own art, and admire it!
2. In the comments or note, please let me know what Original Sailor character yo
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Video Plans for 2012
Hey guys!
Long time; no talk. How are you all doing?
Since this year is the year of the apocalypse you can expect more Left 4 Dead 2 videos. I'm definitely thinking about making some Keith and Ellis derp videos. The current winning idea is 'How to with Keith.'
Oh, yes. Chaos shall follow.
I'm ALMOST done with a second Blame it on the Cosplay video; THE REVENGE. Seriously, this is so so so so much better than the first one. I really can't wait. The only reason I haven't uploaded it yet is because the contacts for Lestat haven't arrived yet. Once his part is filmed then it shall be up for your pleasure!
You can definitely expect more Marauders. These guys will have plenty more episodes and silly shorts to come.
What else is worth mentioning?
We -might- be filming a final special Sora Show video. This is only a possible at the moment. So don't get your hopes up too much. It might happen. It might not, however it is being talked about.
I will get the Demyx Time 15 bloopers to you. I'm half
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Cosplay Friday: Frozen

Cosplay Friday: Let It Go!
By spotted
Queen Elsa Frozen by UchihaSayaka
Read More

There’s a chill in the air as we travel to the kingdom of Arendelle for a Frozen cosplay treat.
Frozen was Disney’s tremendously successful third attempt at adapting the grimm Hans Christian Anderson tale The Snow Queen. As early as 1943, Walt Disney saw the potential in this the longest and most highly acclaimed of Andersen’s stories, but it to
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Good News Stories
Reading through the BBC yesterday and today, there's a lot of doom and gloom, despite being so close to Christmas, which is one of our most festive seasons!
So, I went on a search for GOOD news to share with you all. Here are my favourites (edited to be shorter, but you can search their titles on Google for more info!)
Once homeless Miami man earns a Masters degree
After several arrests, drug addiction and being homeless, a Miami man has overcome the odds to graduate from FIU with a Master's degree in social work.
Out of thousands of graduates, only one -- 50-year-old Aaron Alvin Sr. -- got a standing ovation at Tuesday night's graduation ceremony.
"I wanted to make sure I was in a position to help people and so I went ahead and got my Master's," Alvin said. "I just continued to pursue something that was bigger and better and ended up here."
Alvin was arrested several times for drugs, grand theft auto, and domestic violence. He was also homeless for a time.
He said he never,
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Here, have Stuck in Savannah Episode 9 to celebrate!
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Personal Library
Quite a few times I've been asked what books I like and could I suggest any good reads. Well, here is a journal with some of my top authors and books for you to consider.
I will start by saying that my two favourite genres are historical and gothic horror. I do deleve into fantasy, but generally I will only read a fantasy novel if it's not set in modern times.
I also tend towards first person and will not read a book if the protagonist is female. So brace yourselves!
SALAMANDER by Thomas Wharton.
This is my favourite book and for many good reasons. It is set in an alternative Victorian era, and follows the life of a book maker called Nicolas as he travels around the world trying to make an infinite book. (A book with no end and no start).
The narrative is overly colourful and the author takes full advantage of the readers senses, especially that of smell and sight. The short narratives play like a cinematic reel in the mind.
Overall, it's a book about books which contains some very hea
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If you'd like to pimp out some Parle Pride or show support for the shows, well you can now get some pretty professional looking shirts, bags and badges!
We have stuff from the Marauders, Some Assembly Required, Demyx Time, Sora Show and Stuck in Savannah, as well as some awesome Parlé stuff.
Please do check it out! I've ordered myself a load of stuff! Ha ha!
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Hey all!
For those who haven't seen our latest video on Youtube, or check the blog on our NEW WEBSITE (, we're doing a new fundraiser !
Jenn and I, together with several others from our group, will be attempting a "24+ Hours Of Gaming" fundraiser, starting 6th April 2012, in support of the charity SpecialEffect!
"SpecialEffect is a charity dedicated to helping ALL young people with disabilities to enjoy computer games. For these children, the majority of computer games are simply too quick or too difficult to play, and we can help them and their parents to find out which games they CAN play, and how to adapt those games that they can't."
To see an example of the work SpecialEffect do, watch this video, showing Ella and Chloe, able to enjoy games thanks to the help of the SpecialEffect team!
Starting on the 6th April 2012 Jenn and I, with the
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On The Subject of Labels
One of the recurring comments given in my previous journal was "Why do we need to label ourselves at all?", or words to that effect. There are many of you who believe NO-ONE needs a label.
I both agree and disagree.
I agree, because I think you're right that we don't need to define to ourselves what we are by putting a label on it. I shouldn't say to myself "I'm gay. Therefore, I only am attracted to women."  I think that if, in your head, you have a defined, labelled view of what you are, you start conforming yourself around that label. I'm sure many of you have heard stories of men and women who came out, then later admitted to feeling pressured into staying gay because they'd defined themselves as such to so many people. Conforming yourself around a social definition like that cannot be healthy.
But at the same time, I disagree against the idea that we don't need labels in this world at all. We do need them... we just don't need to place extensive mean
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Four Years Ago
Four years ago, something happened that completely changed the course of my life in a very real, very noticeable way.
On the 19th of January 2008, I hadn't really intended to do anything to make my life change so drastically. There was no plan, no preconception, nothing. Things just happened the way they happened, and I wouldn't change it for the world.
On the night of the 19th of January 2008, SirFlamboyantWreck and I started going out.
From that day on, my life was changed. I'd gone from a previously unhappy relationship to one I now was full of hope, excitement and expectation. My previous relationship had me feeling worn out, disillusioned and unhappy by three years or so into the relationship, yet with Jenn, I'm four years in, and still as crazily in love as the day I met her.
So, here's to you, Jenn, and the four fabulous years of life you have already gifted me with. I hope to continue them for as long as I live, and can only hope to bring you the same measure of happiness that you
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A is for American Horror Story
Sharing some American Horror Story fan art.

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Let's Rock!
from my recent faves...

Greg Lake by Cynthia-Blair
Keith Richards #2 by BLB55Public Image LTD by ScummyVladDrac
Skeleton dance by HorrorRudey
BOC by kaspired
I'm in this crowd... somewheres...
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So, judging by the poll results, we've got a LOT of RPers here!
I figured this'd be a good time to all advertise one another. I'm currently working on a high-fantasy board that I'll share with y'all when I'm happy with it, but I'm interested in seeing where you guys (the ones who don't do it privately or via PM) roleplay.
So, reply in comments about where you RP, and what it's like!
Incidentally, how many of you would potentially be interested in joining an intermediate/advanced (i.e. 400word minimum posts) high-fantasy RP forum?
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Sailor Moon: New Anime in 2013 (now w/video)
This is not a rumor!
It was officially announced that there will be a BRAND NEW Sailormoon Anime in Summer 2013!  The original Japanese VAs for Moon and Tuxy seem to be reprising their roles (based on the conversation in the event). We don't have much more detail, a letter from Naoko said she hopes we like the new series and she's happy to be making it. She said she's overwhelmed at the support the series still has and it makes her happy. She didn't think she could do something new but now she's happy she can bring them back!
They said the audience is intended to be the original fans of the show. It will be like a "powered up" of the original story, aimed at the good girls (and boys!) who grew up with the show. TOEI is doing it.
There was something in the announcement about it being released worldwide but we don't know the details. We do not know what this means as far as a possible English dub/sub. We don't yet know when/how this will reach a US market.
The new theme song is bein
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One character pencil drawing
(full or half size body) 

PRIZE: 17,00€ / 22,21$
One colored character without background
(full or half size body)  DIN A4 (210mm x  297mm )

PRIZE: 28,00€ / 36,57$
+simple background: 9,00€ / 11,76$

+ more complex background: 20,00€ - 30,00€ / 26,12$ -  39,19$ (depends on the complexity of the background)
Sensey by EkatiCAT
Every second character
+20,00 € / 26,11 $
C: Cristal Tokyo Warriors by EkatiCATSpring-Feelings by EkatiCATThe Warrior of Earth by EkatiCATSailor Team United by EkatiCAT
- Paypal only!!
Send me a private note with your order :)
*Please note that I use expensive materials. and traditional art always demands a lot o
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beautiful Autumn


There is a harmony in autumn, and a luster in it's sky,which through the summer is not heard or seen, as if it could not be, as if it had not been!  ~  P. B. Shelley
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Crazy Colours Makeup Contest

Lit Cosmetics glitter in Go Golf (a super awesome green) with a glitter glue, a brush and a glitter remover.
4  of Makeup Geek's amazing pigments in Liquid Gold, Paparazzi, Prince Charming and New Year's Eve.
Dolluxe Eyelashes: 
My choice winner: 2 pairs of top lashes, 1 bottom
Fan choice winner: 1 pair of top lashes, 1 bottom
Random sharer: 1 pair of top lashes
Create an original makeup design full of colour! This can be eyes, lips, nails, full face or even body! Submit your entries to or through messages on one of my fan pages. Your work will be featured on my Facebook page and the winners will be featured on my cover photo. If you have a Facebook fanpage, be sure to send it to me so I can link your picture to it! 
3 Winners will be chosen. 
Winner #1
Viewers Choice. The look that ge
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