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This one took a long time to make.

Portuguese comment:
Esta é a minha entrada para o Concurso Princesas Disney Anime Style, organizado pelo grupo :iconmangapt:.
Tinha em mente já algum tempo em fazer duas ilustrações com os contrastes dos elementos (água-fogo e terra-ar), mas apareceu esta oportunidade e só podia fazer um só fanart, assim que acabei fazendo um manga artdeco com algumas das minhas personagens preferidas dos filmes da Disney (eu nunca considerei a Mulan uma princesa, ela começa por pertencer a uma família que pouco tem a ver com a linhagem imperial e acaba casando-se com um general do exército...)
A que eu mais gostei de desenhar foi a Aurora, mas a que ficou melhor foi a Ariel (as cores ajudaram imenso). Foi a primeira vez que utilizei o truque de alterar a cor da pele conforme o país de origem. Espero que gostem.

English comment
This is the first time in more than ten years that I draw something from Disney.
I loved the way it got, though.
For all Disney fans

Aurora, Ariel, Jasmine, Mulan and Mushu (c) Disney

Time taken: don't know
Tools: MS4ex, Paint Tool Sai, Photoshop
Music: Kingdom Hearts Osts
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Gii - Hime-sama, she's transformed her Teddy into a monster!!!
Rachel - Don't talk nonsense, Gii! You can't defeat an Highschool girl that's already dead???

This is my entry for the :icongame-fanart: Crossover Contest.
I saw some images from crossover games (Cross Edge, Marvel vs Capcom, Trinity Universe, and so on) to discard any similarity. Then, I was playing both Blazblue and Trinity Universe and I noticed that in Rachel's entry, she "cuddles" Gii like a stuffed animal.
I'd really love an Atelier/Mana Khemia vs Blazblue/Guilty Gear fighting game, but it doesn't exist.
Made for fun

Rachel Alucard (c) Arc System Works
Pamela (c) Gust

Time: 10 hours
Bamboo + MS4EX AND sai
Music: Guity Gear and Blazblue osts
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A little practice on dynamical poses on SAI.
Used watercolor colours.
Miku is cosplaying as Saphire from Pokemon.

Portuguese only comment:
Esta é a minha última participação no Passatempo cosplay do grupo :iconmangapt:
Devo agradecer à :iconchikorita85: por ter disponibilizado os links para a personagem, sem os quais isto não teria tido o resultado que teve.
É também dedicado à primeira artista portuguesa que adicionei ao meu Deviantwatch: :iconzune-chan:. Os seus trabalhos inspiraram-me com este fanart.
Espero que gostem tanto como gostei de o fazer.

Hatsune Miku / Vocaloid (c) Yamaha [link]

Saphire /Pokemon (c) Nintendo [link] [link]
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This is a small tribute to the Kingdom Hearts 10th anniversary (It came out on 15th November 2002 in Europe).
I choosed a simple art for it, just Sora in my drawing style, Donald and Goofy.
You might not believe it but I think I don't draw a non-human Disney Character for almost 20 Years (last one was Simba and Zazoo, in the 90's), around the same time I began to draw my oldest OCs that weren't fan-characters.
It took a long time for me to realize how to draw both Donald and Goofy since I'm not used to it.
I was meant to add Mickey but din't come out as I expected and I had to quit on him. I still love Mickey as a Disney Character, so instead I finished adding it's symbol on the background.

Time taken: no Idea
Tools: Manga studio 4.0 Ex + Paint tool SAI
Music: Kingdom Hearts OST

KH (c) Square-Enix/ Disney
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For :iconclamp-pairings: Horitsuba Contest

Comes with a mini-fanfic:
"That day, Yuuko was attending to Fay class, after he and Kurogane got angry on teacher's class.
An half-hour later, Kurogane entered and said he would apologise him (?) about the misunderstanding.
Fay got so happy and kissed Kuro-chan's face.

The fact is:
All people got silent;
all the girls (and Syaoran) got as red as tomatoes;
Yuuko got red too, but can't tell it was from angry or ashamed.
The result was this:
both got grounded and had to stay arrested for the rest of the day in the classroom, and write 30 times "I will not kiss ____ on class again".
Fye got in the chalkboard and Kurogane with the paper (note that I did different writing for them).
The message Fay is telling is: Don't worry, six hours passes quikly and at least we are together... and alone!!!"

This was fun to draw *prays*
Kurofay belongs to Clamp
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It gets harder the more I like a character

Characters Left to Right (to those who aren't familiar with the game): Masqurin, Synbios, Isabella, Julian and Medion.

I made this artwork in my spare time.
I wanted to make a fanart for the 20th anniversary of the Shining Force Saga, but the other one got messed up.
So, I made this one a little bit too early.
First I wanted to make a Shining Force fanart with characters in their resting time. I unarmed them and made a calm scene (the calm before the storm) before the battle in the next day.

For those who played the game, 13 or 14 years ago:
As I was drawing this I discovered two things I couln't see in the original game about those characters:
Synbios hair was dark brown (just like Suzaku from Code Geass) in the game, but in his original artwork his hair was light brown to red (maybe he was supposed to be Red haired, just like Julian).
Isabella, for a half-sister looks too much like her brother: Looking at their bodies structure, they seem to look the same age. Isabella has the same look as her brother (despite of drawing her more at ease), the same hair colour and the same eye colour (in some artwork, Medion has blue eyes). I began thinking they were intended to be twins, but the Developers changed their minds in the last minute.

I liked the presentation, but I failed a little while making some perspective in Synbios and Masqurin's arms (I tried to make their hands 30 cm further, but it didn't result so well).

P.S. To those who were following my art since the begining, you must now have an idea were I got the names for 2 of the main characters of Orium Caspium stories. (Medion from The Seal and Julian, the Infinity from the sequel.)

Time taken: 10 hours+
Ms 4.0; Photoshop Cs4
Music: Force of Light and Shining the Holy ark OST

Characters (C) Sega
Artwork :iconstarlightmemories:
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This is my entry for the event Ganbate Nippon! Help by the group :iconmangapt: The original print is 2 times bigger.

This was made also for all Japanese artists affected directly or not by the Earthquake.

There's a reason why I choosed Yuna.
I was ready to make an Oc, but the drawing became a spoiler from one of my stories... Well, Yuna was the last character to be added to Dissidia, one of the last Final Fantasy games that went to stores in Japan before the earthquake... Curiously she is from FFX, the same game that had a Japanese style story and environments (the attack from Sin in it's storyline looks a lot like a Tsunami personified...)
The Sending was the title I choosed. For those who didn't play the game, the sending is a cerimony held by Yuna after a disaster an consists in a cerimonial dance on the water at the same time a sea funeral is held in order to send the souls of the dead into heaven. I came into the idea of the end of a chapter and put some phrases like in those that are in the games from Tetsuya Nomura team.

15 hours
Msex4, SAI
Bamboo tablet

Yuna (c) Tetsuya Nomura Square-Enix
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This is my entry for "Lights, Cameras, ACTION - Contest" held by the group :iconfinalfantasyinfinity:

Movie: Ghostbusters
Final Fantasy game crossover (from left to right: FFVIII, FVII and FFXIII, Bombs from several games).

I came out with this crazy idea after a conversation with my sister (I love so much movies that I came out with too many ideas...)
I choosed the 3 characters that would make the best cast (although there were 4...).
For the ghosts I choosed Bombs, because they can fly rapidly just like the ghosts in the movies. I also added ghost bombs.

FFVII, FFVIII and FFXIII (c) Square-Enix
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This was a special illustration I made for the Orium Caspium Saga.
Characters (from Left to Right):
Earth - Tiamat (dragon race Gaiares)
Water - Bruna (Holy Centaur)
Air - Kat Starchase (fairy-elf)
Fire - Suzy Ichigo (esper)
Time taken: 10 hours+
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This one got a little shonen-ai, forgive me boys.
This is for the :iconclamp-pairings: KuroFay in Outo contest organized by :iconkaoru-chan::iconinma: (Outo is my second favourite country, my first one is Tokyo).
I wanted to do some watercolor effect this time ^-^

almost 20 hours
manga studio (background) + Sai (characters)
Music: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Ost
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