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This is my entry for the event Ganbate Nippon! Help by the group :iconmangapt: The original print is 2 times bigger.

This was made also for all Japanese artists affected directly or not by the Earthquake.

There's a reason why I choosed Yuna.
I was ready to make an Oc, but the drawing became a spoiler from one of my stories... Well, Yuna was the last character to be added to Dissidia, one of the last Final Fantasy games that went to stores in Japan before the earthquake... Curiously she is from FFX, the same game that had a Japanese style story and environments (the attack from Sin in it's storyline looks a lot like a Tsunami personified...)
The Sending was the title I choosed. For those who didn't play the game, the sending is a cerimony held by Yuna after a disaster an consists in a cerimonial dance on the water at the same time a sea funeral is held in order to send the souls of the dead into heaven. I came into the idea of the end of a chapter and put some phrases like in those that are in the games from Tetsuya Nomura team.

15 hours
Msex4, SAI
Bamboo tablet

Yuna (c) Tetsuya Nomura Square-Enix
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It gets harder the more I like a character

Characters Left to Right (to those who aren't familiar with the game): Masqurin, Synbios, Isabella, Julian and Medion.

I made this artwork in my spare time.
I wanted to make a fanart for the 20th anniversary of the Shining Force Saga, but the other one got messed up.
So, I made this one a little bit too early.
First I wanted to make a Shining Force fanart with characters in their resting time. I unarmed them and made a calm scene (the calm before the storm) before the battle in the next day.

For those who played the game, 13 or 14 years ago:
As I was drawing this I discovered two things I couln't see in the original game about those characters:
Synbios hair was dark brown (just like Suzaku from Code Geass) in the game, but in his original artwork his hair was light brown to red (maybe he was supposed to be Red haired, just like Julian).
Isabella, for a half-sister looks too much like her brother: Looking at their bodies structure, they seem to look the same age. Isabella has the same look as her brother (despite of drawing her more at ease), the same hair colour and the same eye colour (in some artwork, Medion has blue eyes). I began thinking they were intended to be twins, but the Developers changed their minds in the last minute.

I liked the presentation, but I failed a little while making some perspective in Synbios and Masqurin's arms (I tried to make their hands 30 cm further, but it didn't result so well).

P.S. To those who were following my art since the begining, you must now have an idea were I got the names for 2 of the main characters of Orium Caspium stories. (Medion from The Seal and Julian, the Infinity from the sequel.)

Time taken: 10 hours+
Ms 4.0; Photoshop Cs4
Music: Force of Light and Shining the Holy ark OST

Characters (C) Sega
Artwork :iconstarlightmemories:
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This one got a little shonen-ai, forgive me boys.
This is for the :iconclamp-pairings: KuroFay in Outo contest organized by :iconkaoru-chan::iconinma: (Outo is my second favourite country, my first one is Tokyo).
I wanted to do some watercolor effect this time ^-^

almost 20 hours
manga studio (background) + Sai (characters)
Music: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Ost
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I have to get a better computer and a better tablet. I spent so much more time with the girl's lineart in Illust Studio than in manga studio.

Happy Easter Everyone!

Masqurin - Shining Force III (c) Sega

Time Taken: 6 hours
Ilust Studio
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I wanted to title it "Synbios Battalion", but ran out of space. ^-^; Oh well.
Shining Force 3 - Disk 1 fanart! XD Characters from
L-R: Grace, Dantares, Synbios, Masqurin.
Synbios is the hero of the first disk from the SF3 senario. =3

Wonder if anyone else knows of this Sega RPG?

COMMENT - Jan 2013: My brother was googling images for SF3 and came across my fan art. Looking back on this now, I can see flaws in this old fan pic of mines and things that could have been improved (The faces. Oh deary...). Perhaps, in future, I can make up for this by drawing a better piece of SF3 fan art.
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For Operation Moonfall Contest, held by:
:iconfreepm: :iconzelda-fan-club: :iconland-of-termina:

Sorry for the big size, I got too carried out...
I was intended to make a coloured lineart like my latest drawings, but fininshed leaving it black because it looked better.
About Link... It was the first time drawing him and I don't have much experience drawing children. I was intended to make him more like the original, but got more proporcional to a 10 or a 11 year-old kid.
I didn't play the game (I'm more a fan of the first game though) but I'm supporting the campaign, not for a 3ds game but for a decent console system, so you could watch it on a bigger screen.
I hope you love my own version of The adventures of Link Majora's Mask.

Link (C) Nintendo

Time taken: 10 hour+

Manga Studio
Paint tool Sai
Wacom Bamboo Pen
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Please, no spoilers in the comments (I'm in the chapter 6, before Valhalla)

This is a fanart I made for the 25 years of Final Fantasy.
I've been following the saga since 1997, and played every single game from the main saga.
I still can't understand why all the rant on FFXIII. The gameplay is much better than FFFXII and the characters are more humans than in any other game (they have completely different behaviours, personalities and make mistakes. Vanille looks like one of those Disney sitcom characters and Hope is just a teenager who saw his mother die if front of him). And about the sequel, it's a lot better than FFX-2.

I have a special rant on FFXI and FFXIV. After all things Sakaguchi told about the essence of the series they make 2 almost storyless games, escaping from it's mais goal (to tell a complete fantasy tale from a different style each game). And in about 25 years: who is still playing XI and XIV with the servers off and no story?

That's why I choose to make a fanart from the last real Final Fantasy game before it's 25th birthday.
I've choosed XIII-2 because until Noctis comes out this is for me my last real Final Fantasy Game.

I love the 2 sisters because they are the typical FF characters, unlike all the others in those 2 games.
I loved drawing them, even the moogle.

I gave the title "Separate" ways because this is how Lightning and Serah's Story is told. Serah looks happy but this is not her mood in the story. Maybe it's because she has a Wild Artifact on her hands.

Time: 10 hours +
Music: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Ost (Crystal Edition)
Manga Studio and Sai

Lightning, Serah's and Moogle from Final Fantasy XIII-2 (c) Tetsuya Nomura / Square-enix
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I loved to do this drawing. It's a Christmas gift to :iconinma: one of my favourite fanartists.

Spanish only comment
Yo también soy fan de Harry Potter, la casa de Ravenclaw es una de mis favoritas.
He intentado hacer la versión de Luna del libro "Harry Potter y la orden del Fénix".
Aun que he hecho un dibujillo simples, es que me ha encantado hacermela, ya que me gusta el personaje. Feliz Navidad.

Time: 5 Hours
Tools: MS ex 4, PSCs3, Paint tool SAI
Music: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Game OST
Luna (c) J. K. Rowling
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Merry Christmas!

My Postcard girl this Year is Maya (you can check out Maya's sister Lenne in my last year's postcard here: [link])
Maya is one of the characters of my story Valhalla Magic.
Since Lenne had a small entry in the Exodus part of Orium Caspium, I had to connect both stories.
Valhalla Magic is a story that takes place in the planet Valhalla, one of the Gates of Orium Caspium. They don't celebrate Christmas like we do, but they have a festivity called "The Holy Tree Day" which celebrates the Yggdrasil Valhalla Birthday.
It has presents and decorated trees that looks a lot like our Christmas Trees.
That's why this illustration mixes both.
It's kinda funny I finished drawing her in her angel form instead of human.

Time Taken: 6 Hours +/-
Tools: Manga Studio ex 4.0, Sai, Photoshop (the logo)
Music: X'mas Collections music from SQUARE ENIX
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On a snowy day, Fay and Kuro found something precious on their walk
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