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    "Oh for the love of God...." (Y/n) groaned and shoved her face in her pillow. She had been laying in bed all day, having caught an aweful cold. She would get into coughing fits easily, had to blow her nose every five minutes, and, every now and then, felt extremely nauseous. This sucked, she had plans with her friend too! England, though she prefered to call by his human name, Arthur. She would have to call him and cancel, much to her disappointment.

    So, she popped a cough-drop in her mouth so she wouldn't get into a coughing fit while she spoke, and grabbed her phone. She sniffled and bit as she heard a soft click from the other end, followed by a sexy British voice on the other side answering with a "Ello?" "H-Hey, Arthur..." "(Y/n)! What's wrong, love? You don't sound very good..." Well he hit it on the nose with that one... "I-I'm s-sorry, Arthur... I c-can't come o-over.... I caught a cold..." Though Arthur felt saddened at the news that she couldn't come over, he was more so worried than anything else. "If you want, love, I can come over and take care of you?"

    "N-N-No... It's f-fine, Arthur." "No, I insist love, I should at least help you get better!" (Y/n)'s heart fluttered a little, a smile forming on her lips. She swallowed her pride and sighed. "O-Okay..." Arthur smiled and stood up from his chair, putting a bookmark inside the book he had been reading previously. "I'll be right over, love." Click.

    (Y/n) let her arm fall limp a bit, sighing. "T-This will be interesting..." She muttered under her breath. After a couple of minutes, she put her phone back on her nightstand and rubbed her eyes. 

~~~~~~~ Later, with England. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Arthur pulled up to (Y/n)'s home, feeling extremely worried. She hadn't been sick for so long, and the last time she had gotten sick, it was aweful. She couldn't even move out of bed, much! He thought it'd be nice to watch her for a while. Yes, he was aware that she isn't a child... but... he did truly care for her. Over the years of their friendship, he had developed what some might call it, a crush for the girl. He loved her (e/c) eyes, which seemed to sparkle with happiness every day. He thought her (h/c) hair, even when she had cut it short to see what it would have been like, he thought it was still adorable on her.

    His cheeks turned red at the thought. He just shook his head and got out of his car, pushing any extremely affectionate thoughts out of his head for the time being. He tried to open the door, but it was locked... "Dammit..." He mumbled. Wait. Wait. He remembered (Y/n) telling him about the key she left hidden by the front door, in case he needed her urgently. He began looking around, behind the small shrubs that were planted by the door, the flowers, beneat the porch... Then he thought of something simple, and look under the welcome mat. "There you are, you little bugger..." He mentally facepalmed himself for not thinking of it earlier, and grabbed the key. He unlocked the door, and walked inside her house, making sure to leave the key on the table that sat close by, and close the door.

~~~~~~~~Back to you! > w < ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    "Arthur....?" She mumbled quietly, only to start coughing soon after. Her last cough-drop had long since been dissolved, and she really didn't want to get out of bed to get more, so she stayed still and drank her water. A knock came from her bedroom door, and she weakly muttered a "Come i-in..". It opened to reveal her British friend, the same one with the shaggy light blonde hair and the thick, caterpillar eyebrows that she actually found attractive for him. "Love, are you okay? I came as quickly as I could..." "Y-Yeah, I'm fine Artie..." She smirked a bit, knowing how much he hated that nickname, and giggled watching him wince at it. "Please don't call me that..." He facepalmed a little, causing her to laugh more, which only resulted in a coughing fit. "Well, s-s-stop making me laugh..."

    He smiled and sat at the foot of the bed. "How long have you been sick for, love? You looked perfectly fine two days ago." "Oddly, almost t-three hours after we talked." "Hm.." He sighed a bit. "I told you that you should have worn a scarf and a thicker jacket..." (Y/n) rolled her eyes. "Okay, mom..." This caused a small chuckle to ring out from her friend. "I might as well be your mother, I've had to take care of you more than enough times." "Y-yeah, yeah, y-y-yeah.... you know y-you h-had fun..." "Whatever you say~" They both had goofy smiles on their faces now.

    (Y/n) smiled a little and grabbed a hair-tie from her nightstand, sitting up a bit. It was getting a little too warm, so she tied her hair up in a messy bun before laying back down, a few strands of her (h/c) hair hanging loosely from the bun itself, and simply laying in front of her face in general. Arthur thought she looked adorable, so he couldn't help but blush. "A-Are you okay, A-Arthur...?" "Hm? O-OH! Yes, I'm perfectly fine, love." He smiled nervously and rubbed the back of his head. "Are you sure you're not sick? Your face is pink.." She said almost jokingly, but their was worry laced in her small voice. "As I said, I'm alright love. Would you like me to make you tea?"

    She smiled and nodded. "T-That sounds g-great, t-thank you..." He smiled warmly and stood up, then walked to her kitchen. He looked around, but didn't see any tea leaves. "Hm.. she only has tea bags... Oh well, I suppose that will do for now." He mumbled and prepared the tea. It wouldn't taste as good as how he made it, but it was still tea, and it was good for you, right? As he walked back in, two cups of tea in his hands. "Here we are, love." She smiled up at him, her slightly blood-shot (e/c) eyes sparkled a little. "Thank you..." She mumbled quietly and took her cup, sipping it.

    They continued with friendly conversation for a little while, enjoying eachother's company. They continued like this until they both ran out of tea and Arthur would have to go get more for them both. She enjoyed him so much, he had always been such a gentleman to her, even if he did have his "tsundere" moments. Though, that only made her giggle, because it made him seem so adorable. Arthur eventually came back with their tea once again. (Y/n) had lied down a bit, yawning. "Are you tired, love...?" She simply nodded her head.

    Arthur smiled and set their tea down on the table. (Y/n)'s (h/c) hair had fallen in her face, out of her bun, and she was being too lazy to push it out of her face, she just looked too tired. He blushed a bit, gaining an idea. He leaned down a bit, putting his hand on her face. If her face wasn't already flushed from the cold, (Y/n) was pretty sure that her face would be blazing right now. He gently pushed her hair out of her face, a small, kind, and loving smile tugging at the corners of his lips. She looked up at him, sniffling a little, as he leaned down completely and gently kissed her forehead. "You really are burning up, love.." He quietly said. "I-I-I k-k-know..."    

    She looked up at him and smiled weakly. "A-Arthur...?" "Yes love?" "W.....Who do you like...?" Arthur's face turned bright red. "W-What-? Why would you randomly ask that, y-you git!" There goes his tsundere levels. She just giggled a little. "W-W-Well... I was just wondering b-because..." She wasn't sure if she was going crazy from her cold, or if she just felt a sudden burst of confidence, but she just continued. "I... think I like you..." Arthur's face turned an even brighter shade of red. "R-Really love...?" "Yes...." He just gulped, but smiled more. "I like you too love...." Well, she wasn't completely expecting that, but it made her happy none-the-less. "I'm glad...." "Me too...."

    He bent down once again, kissing her on the cheek. He let out a tiny chuckle. "I would kiss you love, but I'd rather not get your cold." (Y/n) looked up at him and pouted. "N-Now I hope you do, s-since y-you've been around m-me almost a-all day." "True point, and that's not nice to say, git!" Cue (Y/n) giggling cutely again. "I-I love you..." Arthur just crossed his arms and looked away a little, face cherry red by now. "I love you too..."

I got a REALLY bad cold over the weekend, so I got inspired. xD I know there are a lot like this, but whatever. xDDDDI hope you liked it, I tried. xD I failed, but oh well. *crawls into my fabulous tsundere corner* :iconimfabulousplz:
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You've known Arthur and Alfred ever since you were little. You guys would always play with each other till sun down, the step brothers were your best friends. You had promised each other that the three of you would always be best friends. You sealed the deal with a friendship ring for each of you.

You could still remember the day the Brit and American made to you. You still even kept the ring on a silver chain which you wore everyday. You missed the days when you were young. No care in the world, girls still had cooties and there was no such thing as heartbreak.

Thumbing the ring that hung on your neck, you've remember how things have changed between you and the boys. Once you hit high school Arthur became much more distant, much to your displeasure since you developed a crush on the Brit. Instead you became closer with Alfred, who seemed to have stuck to the promise.

"Hey babe." Alfred greeted kiss you square on the lips.

"Hey." You softly said looking away from your boyfriend.

"What's wrong bro?" Alfred asked.

"Don't act so innocent and koi!" You shouted at him. "I know what you did."

"It was an accident-"

"How can kissing someone be an accident? It takes two to tango. I should've never went out with you." You scoffed in disgust.

"Where is the girl I met back when we were young? I want her back, not some stuck up girl, who is controlling." Alfred spat.

"I was never controlling! You never let me see Arthur ever again! You forbid it! I had to break the promise I made to him, because you didn't trust me." You argued.

"Whatever bro, I am going to find a girl that knows how to have fun. We are nothing anymore, here's the stupid ring back." Alfred spat before tossing the ring to you.

You held it in the palm of your hand. You took your necklace off and looped the third ring on there. This scene reminded you of the same thing Arthur had told you before he left for England, only a year ago.

Year Ago

"Hey Arthur." You softly said.

"Oh, _____. How are you love?" Arthur smiled patting the seat next to him. You caustiously sat next to the Brit.

"You know how I am dating Alfred right?" You asked.

"Of course." Arthur replied bitterly.

"Well, I can't be friends with you anymore." You said escaping the Brit's gaze.

"What? Why? Love-"

"I am sorry, we're no longer friends." You cried.

"Fine." Arthur spat. "Take your stupid ring back as well." With that Arthur grabbed the ring off his finger and threw it on the ground as he walked away from you.

I am sorry Arthur, Alfred made me, you thought to yourself. Tears poured down your eyes as you picked up the ring and looped it on your necklace.

You sat on a bench tears pouring down your face as you looked at the three rings on your necklace. You may not miss Alfred, for he would pick on you a lot. You were never as close with him as you were with Arthur. He was truely your best friend, and now you were sitting here in your heartache. Memories of your relationship with Alfred fogging your mind.

I wish I could meet a guy, who wouldn't hurt me. Do anything to protect me and love me to no end,you sighed to yourself.

"____? Is that you?" You heard a British voice ask. You looked up to see a bushy browed man, with blonde hair and dazzling jade eyes.

"A-Arthur?" You stuttered.

"Yes, love it's me." He smiled sitting next to you on the bench.

"What are you doing here?" You asked.

"I came back home, graduated high school already." He smiled.

"Oh, that's good." You drifted off.

"So how have you been?" Arthur asked.

"Why are you doing this?" You snapped. "I thought you hated me."

"Love, I-"

"That's why I thought you moved, because you hated me so much." You cried.

"Love, no. Sure I was angry at you, but I realized why you did it." Arthur stated, making you look at him. The air was cold as nightime hit your town, causing you to shiver. "Cold love?"

"Y-Yeah I should be heading back now-"

"Non-sense, why don't you come back to my loft?" Arthur asked as he shrugged his jacket off and hung it around your shoulders.

"I-I can't." You stuttered.

"Why not?" Arthur questioned.

"A-Alfred and I-I had a falling out. It's over, we aren't together anymore, not even friends." You cried as you held the necklace that displayed the three rings.

"Love, I'm sorry." Arthur said pulling you into a hug.

"I should be apologizing, I am sorry I told you we couldn't be friends." You apologized into his chest.

"Sh, I understand." Arthur cooed stroking your hair. "Just close your eyes and think of the happy times."

"I-I have done so much wrong, why are you even here with me?" You asked looking into his jade eyes.

"You can deep your feet in the devil's water everyonce in a little while. You don't need to drink right now." Arthur quoted.

"You remembered." You laughed through tears, referring to your favourite song ever since middle school.

"It's a good song love." He smiled.

"I want a guy, like Brandon desccribes in the song." You sighed. "And I think I already have."

"Who?" The Brit asked furrowing his  eyebrows.

"Well, you are a gentleman. You certainly don't look like Jesus, you remind me of the guy I fell in love with when I was young." You laughed.

"I remind you of Alfred?" He asked sadly.

"No, Arthur when we were kids I was in love with you." You confessed, causing the Brit to blush.

"T-Then why did you date Alfred?" He blushed.

"I gave up trying to get you." You replied. "I would never deserve a guy like you."

"No, love. If anything I don't deserve you." Arthur stated.

He looked at you with his intense gaze before slowly inching his face towards yours. He captured your lips in a innocent chaste kiss. Which caused a violent red blush to tint your cheeks.

"I love you." You sighed cuddling into his side. "Just like when I was young."

"I love you also." He smiled kissing the top of your head. "Just like when we were young. May have my ring back?"

"Of course." You smiled taking it off the chain and handing it to him. He placed it on his ring finger and planted another kiss on your lips.

"Forever." He mumbled as he nuzzled your forehead.
Based upon the song by The Killers (who are Gods that walk amongst us.) and I thought wow this song is so Iggy! I am taking requests so leave them in the comments!

I do not own Hetalia or the preview image. I do not own When You Were Young. I do own the plot.
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((A/N: Damn, I barely made the deadline on this one! DX I need to speed up my writing skills…))

~~~POV Arthur~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Arthur sighed as he watched you have fun with some of your friends. You were perfect in his eyes, with your (h/l)(h/c) hair that looked very soft, your (s/c) complexion which seemed to glow in the sun, and last but not least, your beautiful (e/c) eyes that always sparkled with happiness. Once again he sighed. He wished so badly to ask you out, but he just didn't have the guts to do so. You probably wouldn't like him that way anyway. You'd most likely go after someone like Alfred or Francis, heck, maybe even Ivan! The saddest part was, tomorrow was Valentines Day. If Arthur didn't ask you out now, you would most likely get asked out by someone else.

“Ohhonhonhon~ Who are you staring at, Arthur?” A French voice asked him, snapping him out of his thoughts.

Arthur turned to the annoying Frenchman, “I’m not staring at anybody, you bloody frog!”
Despite his answer, Francis knew he was hiding something.

He looked in the general direction that Arthur had just been staring and saw you with your buddies, “Oh,” he smirked, “Are you by any chance thinking of finding a amant (That’s lover in French I think) for Valentine’s Day?”

This caused the Brit to blush a bit before protesting, “N-No, unlike you I am not a pervert!”

His reaction caused Francis to chuckle a little bit. He looked back over to your group, ’Ohhonhonhon~ I know a way to worm the truth out of the black sheep.’ He thought mischievously to himself.

“Hmmm, that girl over there with the (h/l) (h/c) hair over there looks so beautiful, I just may have to take her all for myself~”

As soon as Francis mentioned you, Arthur’s face turned into rage, “You better not mess with her, you bloody jackass! I swear-“

The Frenchman interrupted his raging with laughter, “I knew you wanted someone! The King of Amour (love in French) can always tell~”

“W-Why you stupid git! L-Leave me alone, I’m tired of hearing your voice already.”

Instead of leaving, Francis sat down next to Arthur, “Oh come on, ami (French for friend…..maybe?), let me help you with your love life. Listen to me and you will have the women in no time!”

Arthur sighed, should he really trust Francis to help him ask (y/n) out, or should he just try to figure how to ask you by himself? ’Why is love so difficult?’ He thought to himself.

~~~POV Reader~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

You were just hanging out with your friends when you heard a bit if a commotion. You turned your head to see Francis and Arthur having some kind if argument. Truth be told, you had a crush on Arthur. You loved everything about him, from his untidy blonde hair, to his shining green eyes. Heck, you even liked his oversized eyebrows! Everything about him was perfect in your eyes.

You get snapped out of your daydreams of Arthur when you hear said Brit yelling at Francis, "You better not mess with her, you bloody jackass! I swear-" He got cut off by the Frenchman's laughter. No matter how hard you tried, you couldn't hear the rest of their conversation.

’Wait….is Arthur interested in some other girl?’ you think worriedly to yourself. It pained you just to think of that horrible possibility.

Sighing to yourself, you make your way to class, mumbling, “There’s no way someone like him would even glance my way…”

~~~~~le major time skip brought to you by me and some fellow Texans~~~~~

~~~POV Arthur~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

After school, Arthur had (stupidly) decided to meet the Frenchman so that he could teach him how to ask (y/n) out.

’I must be a bloody git for agreeing to this…’ he thought angrily to himself as he knocked on Francis’s door.

In a few seconds, the door was flung open, “Ah, you really did come Angleterre~ (England in French)” Francis said, smirking.

Arthur huffed and walked into his home, “This ‘lesson’ better be worth while, Frog.”

“Ohhonhonhon~ Trust me, you’ll be catching girls’ eyes in no time at all!” he chirped as he led Arthur into his living room. “Now, we are going to start with practicing how you will flirt with someone.”

The Brit blushed a bit, “Err, t-that’s not r-really gentleman like…”

Francis ignored him, and continued with his instruction, “So, let’s say a belle fille (beautiful girl) came your way, what would you say to her?”

Arthur sweatdropped a bit, “Um, I suppose I would say hello. There’s not really anything I could say.”

The Frenchman facepalmed, “Mon Dieu, tu es totalement désemparés dans les relations d'amour...” (My God, you are totally clueless in the dealings of love…) Shaking his head, he replies in English, “No no no, try giving her a compliment. It’s a good way to charm women~”

“Erm…I-I like your hair today miss…?” he said uncertainty

“Non! Say something like…Your breasts look fabulous with that dress you’re wearing~”

Arthur glared at him, “I will not say something as perverted as that, you twit! Unlike you I actually have morals.”

Francis frowned, “Well, then why don’t you come up with something better to say then?”

“…Fine, just give me something less perverted to say….”

“How about…Your lips make me want to kiss you for all eternity~”

“T-That’s a b-bit forward, don’t you think?” Arthur stuttered

Sighing, Francis says, “You’re going to have to step out of our comfort zone if you want to get this (y/n) to be your Valentine!”

’Well…I love (y/n) enough to go through with this…’ Arthur thinks before replying, “A-Alright, tell me what to do.”

~~~~~Le time skip from the awesome Prussia!~~~~~

~~~POV Reader~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

You were just sitting at home, dreading the coming of tomorrow, as other “Forever Alones” were doing as well. Sighing, you ran your fingers through your (h/l)(h/c) hair, thinking to yourself, ’I really wish that Arthur had asked me to be his Valentine…but he’s probably off going to ask some other prettier girl. No one will ever want me, anyway.’ Right then you heard the doorbell ring. Curious to see who it was, you ran down the stairs and opened the door, revealing none other than the British gentleman you had fallen so hard for.

Blushing, you greet him nervously, “O-Oh, h-hello Arthur…” ’Damn me for stuttering so much!’

To your surprise, he seemed to be just as nervous as you, “Erm, g-good evening, (y-y/n)…”

You stood there, waiting for Arthur to tell you why he was there…


Since Arthur turned out to be one of the worst flirts of all time, Francis gave him an old ear radio (Y’know, those ones that you see in spy movies?) so he could feed him the lines he needed to say.

“Ok, now tell her, ‘Excuse me, if I go straight this way, will I be able to reach your heart?’”

Arthur sighs a bit, then says to you, “E-Excuse me, if I go s-straight this way, w-will I be able to reach y-your heart?”

He looks up to see you giving him an “are-you-fucking-crazy?” look with your gorgeous (e/c) eyes, and stutters, “Umm….err, t-that’s not what I meant….uh…”

“Merde (shit), try saying, ‘I must be in Heaven, because I’m looking at an angel!’”

The Brit nervously scratches the back of his head, “I-I must be in H-Heaven, because I’m looking at a-an angel…”

After an antagonizing moment of silence for Arthur, you finally reply, “Arthur…are you drunk?”

He blushes madly, “N-No! Of c-course not! I…”

“Try saying: ‘I’m not drunk, I’m just intoxicated by you’” By this time the Frenchman was worried that Arthur would mess up horribly.

“I-I’m not drunk (y/n),” Arthur says, trying to calm his nerves, “I’m just intoxicated by you.”

~~~POV Reader~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

By this time, you were really starting to wonder what the hell was wrong with Arthur. ’It’s like he’s on drugs or something…’

“Look, Arthur,” you begin to say, “You should probably start heading home-“

Arthur then begins to mutter curses under his breath, saying something along the line of “that damn Frog”. He looks up at you with his emerald eyes and says, “Screw it, I’m just going to show you how I feel.” And with that, he kisses you, tangling one hand in your (h/c) hair, and putting the other at the small of your back. Even though you’ve never been kissed before, there was no way there could ever be kisses better than this one. Arthur’s lips were so soft and gentle, and faintly tasted of the tea he always drank.

After a while, the both of you had to break the kiss for air, “W-Wow…you really….like me?” you ask

He smiles, ‘Of course, love. I’ve liked you for a while now. I’ve just had trouble working up the bravery to say it to your face.”

You giggle a bit, “So what was up with all of those silly pick up lines?”

“…I asked Francis for advice…lets just leave it at that…”

Off in the bushes, you both hear a French accent cheer, “Onhonhonhonhon~ The King of Amour always prevails!”

“Shut up you damn frog!”
It was so much fun looking up pick up lines for this. XDDD So yeah this is for a contest, and I hope you all enjoy it. I'm not very confident about this one.....

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You were sitting in the quad of your boarding school. It was a beautiful spring day, very late in the afternoon to be precise, the birds in the surrounding trees chirped a merry tune. The sun was high in the sky and fluffy white clouds painted the light blue sky. The marching band was practicing in the distant, the woodwinds play their beautiful tunes. The strings played alongside them harmonically.

The choir had also taken up residence in the quad their precious medleys blurring together in pure elegance. You smiled to yourself as you sat in the shade under a large tree, contently reading your favourite book. School is over for the week and you had the weekend to enjoy yourself.

Little did you know not to far away in the crowded quad, a handsome young gentleman had been starring at you for the past five minutes.


"Arthur! Dude!" Alfred called snapping his fingers in front of his friend. He has been starring at a girl for the past five minutes. "Arthur!" Alfred decided to give up since it was no use, he sat beside the young Brit and groaned. As if he was in a cartoon a figurative light bulb shone brightly above his blonde locks.

"There you see that girl, sitting over there. You've never really talked to her, but there's just something about her dude am I right?" The American whispered into Arthur's ear, but the dashing young Brit still didn't move or even blink for the matter. "You've given me no choice bro!"

Alfred pushed himself up from his spot and began walking towards the girl under the tree.

"Hey! Dude sitting under the tree!" He called out causing the girl's head to snap up. "Yeah you! My friend over here is dying to try and kis-"

The loud American didn't get to finish his sentence, for in a matter of seconds after opening his mouth he had been tackled to the ground. The American looked up to see an ever so angry Arthur glaring daggers at him. The Brit's bushy eyebrows knitting together in frustration and rage. Alfred smiled sheepishly at Arthur before getting up from his spot and running away from the enraged man.


You were still peacefully reading under the shade, that was until you heard someone yelling. You snapped your head up to see what was going on and saw a rather tall man wearing a bomber jacket, his hair gleamed under the sunlight. He was walking straight towards you yelling but you couldn't make out what he was yelling. A few moment later another blonde fellow tackled him to the ground and then proceeded to chase said loud mouth around the quad.

You recognized the fellow who tackled the loud mouth as Arthur Kirkland. He was in your second period Drama class and fourth period History. Over the few projects you both had to do together you've developed a crush on the Brit. Of course you would never tell him that for fear of rejection.

Maybe he liked you back, maybe he didn't. Except you'd never know, you resorted to just thinking about him. Dreaming someday he would kiss you. Sighing you got up from your spot on the grass marking your book in the process. You squinted in the blinding sunlight as your eyes gazed over the quad, you noticed the fountain wasn't very busy so you decided to go over and sit on the edge to watch the sun set.

"You bloody wanker! What on Earth was going through your mind!" Arthur screamed as he hit the laughing American.

"Well it's obvious you like her bro! I was just trying to be the hero!" Alfred laughed.

"Well what if she doesn't like me! Did that thought ever run through your small brain!" Arthur yelled, but his attention was suddenly cut off from Alfred's and onto _____ who was walking past them. He admired her beauty a small smile spread across his face as he watched her sit on the fountain's edge and resume reading her book.

"Arthur dude! Your too shy! You're going to miss her! Some other guy will swoop in and get  her." Alfred pointed out.

"Yeah I guess your right." Arthur admitted.

"Of course I am right! I'm the hero! Anyway, go over and talk to her!" Alfred said pushing Arthur towards the fountain.

"What! No!" Arthur protested, but it was no use Alfred was much stronger.

"Now is your moment dude!" Alfred smiled.

"Alright fine! Just let go of me you wanker!" Arthur said dusting his green uniform off, he cleared his throat nervously and walked over towards the fountain.

"You can do it bro! She is shy remember that, she won't say a word! So just kiss her!" Alfred joked much to Arthur's annoyance.

"H-Hi _____." Arthur blushed.

"H-Hi _____." You heard a British voice stutter, you looked up to see the flustered busy browed man you had fallen for.

"O-Oh hi Arthur." You stuttered closing your book shut and gazing into his jade eyes.

"Do you mind if I sit here?" He asked.

"N-Not at all." You smiled your cheeks tainted with blush.

"S-So how are you?" Arthur questioned, you turned over to look at him.

"Very well and yourself?" You smiled.

"I am fine." He stated.

"I saw you tackled your friend to the ground and then proceeded to chase him like a scene right out of Tom and Jerry." You laughed recalling the sight.

"Oh yeah that. He was just being a wanker." Arthur grumbled.

"Bro! Arthur!" Arthur's friend loudly called out.

"Speak of the so called devil." You giggled as you watched the American run towards you and Arthur.

"Bloody hell! Alfred what are you doing!" Arthur yelled.

But before the angry Brit could yell at the American anymore you felt yourself being pushed and falling backwards into the water. You clothes now clung to your skin, you mentally thanked yourself for not wearing white. As you sat up from being dunked you spat water that had been in your mouth. You began to cough as more water fell on top of you from above. You looked to your right to see Arthur soaking wet as well.

"Love, are you alright?" Arthur asked with concern, you nodded as you coughed some more. "You bloody wanker! What was that for!"

"Bro! You weren't going to kiss her! So I decided to be a hero and push you into the water! I saw it in a movie once!" The American smiled proudly.

"If you referring to The Little Mermaid they were pushed in the water so they couldn't kiss each other! Wait, Arthur you were going to kiss me?" You asked confused.

"Well, I, uh." Arthur stuttered.

"Come on dude spit it out!" Alfred shouted.

"I've liked you for a long time love, I was hoping you'd go out with me?" Arthur blushed turning to face you.

"I'd love to." You smiled, both of you moved closer. Your lips brushed up against his, you wrapped your arms around Arthur's neck causing you to both fall back into the water, you on top of him. "As long as we don't have to fall in the fountain anymore." You laughed as you both pulled away.

"Deal, love." He smiled kissing your wet locks.

In the distance you could hear the marching band still playing and the choir still singing.

"Sha-la-la-la-la-la, music play. Do what the music says and kiss the girl." They sang in harmony.
Fifteenth in my Disney Hetalia series. Why do I always think that my stories suck? Blah! I feel everyone is really OOC!

I do not own Hetalia or it's characters. I do not own Disney or the videos, I do not own the preview image or you. I do however own the plot.

Kiss the Girl-

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“Arthur...?” you said as you opened the door to his room with a slow and loud creak.

You could hear loud thunder noises

“A-Arthur” you said, the light from the lightning flashed light through the window.

He could see your watering eyes.

“What is it,love?” he asked in his usual North London accent, which always seemed to calm your nerves.

The thunder crackled and on cue you whimpered,

“Love, are you scared of the thunder?” Arthur asked half asleep; sitting on his queen sized bed.

“ not that.” You said staring in to the dark room, the moonlight that shone through the window helped you see.

“Come inside and tell me.” He said rubbing his eyes sleepily; He looked like a child with not enough sleep.

“I had a really bad dream and this weather is not helping..” you said as you slowly walked over.

“Come here,” he patted the spot next to him on the bed.
You took a seat next to him and hugged him.
Now the gentleman or just man in this case was awake and blushing.

“W-would you like to sleep with me tonight” he said turning his head away to hide his blush.
‘Or maybe you just wanted to stay with him until the storm was over’ he thought to himself.

“Or-“he was about to say something as he looked at you but you had fallen asleep or at least he thought you were.
You shifted closer, closer to the warmth, unconsciously wrapping your arms around him.
He instantly tensed and blushed at your actions but then slowly moved into a comfortable sleeping position and pulled you even closer to him than you already were.

“_____...I-I love you” and with that he kissed your forehead and thought to himself that he will tell you that himself in the morning when you were awake.

It was your turn to tense up at his actions,

‘what? I never said you were asleep’

“I love you too” you soon replied.

“Y-you..! You’re a-awake!?” He asked shocked

‘Mmh’ you nodded sleepily; the memories of the terrible nightmare were gone.

“Y-you G-git!” He said pushing the spare pillow at your face,

“Go to sleep!”
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This is a Short reader insert(xreader), well what can i say...i wanted to write something sweet and i came up with this~!
Thank you For Reading!
Comments are appreciated!


NOTE!- I DON’T own Hetalia or Arthur/England, they belong to the rightful owner!
I OWN the story Plot.
You belong to England!(or Russia!.. okay okay you can always belong to yourself.)

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England:I-i am shocked, Do you guys l-love me that m-much? ////
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England X Reader: 'Make A Wish'

(A/N: My submission to The-Hetalia-Hangout’s contest.)


It was a late night. Stars were out, and the moon was shining brightly. Lighting up the hill full of poppies and daffodils. You and a certain Brit were lying on top of a picnic blanket that was simply sprawled on the floor. The night sky was filled with stars, a few fireflies were flying about. An old robin's nest abandoned, high up in a nearby tree.

It was a quiet night. The silence was bliss, away from all the noise you were so used to. The usual hustle and bustle of the city was stressful, so the calm and stillness of the night, in an empty field was relaxing. It was like a small haven in a world full of troubles, problems, worries, regrets and lies.

Snuggling closer to England, his scent of tea and vanilla is warm and inviting. You nuzzle his cheek inhaling more of his scent, the Brit’s cheeks heat up from the sudden affectionate gesture. This was normal, an affectionate gesture from you always embarrassed the Brit. But he truly did love it when you were around. Your presence made everything instantly better for him. To him, you were like a wish come true, or a dream made real. And if he woke up too soon, you’d be gone. He’d wake up alone in his bed.

Your sweet scent, captivating smile, bright and cheerful eyes, all that. Would all be gone and be simply part of his dream. But no, this wasn’t a dream even if it felt like one. It was true, it was reality and he wasn’t complaining.
He enjoyed every moment with you. Having you in his arms, sharing a discreet kiss or two here and then, and simply just sitting down and having a chat. It didn’t matter what you were doing, as long as you two were together he enjoyed every second, every minute, every hour and every day.

You two just lay there, talking about anything really. From talking about how your day to how annoying America was at the meeting today. These little things made you happy. You didn’t have to receive a gift from him, just him being able to spend time with you was the best gift you could ever get. But still, that didn’t stop him from spoiling you. Even when you kept telling him not to.

Pulling you closer to him, you look up to watch the stars. Twinkling ever so brightly whilst lighting up the night sky. The moon was out, lighting up the field perfectly. A few fireflies could be seen flying around. The wind blowing softly and carrying the sweet scent of the flowers.

To your utter shock and delight, you see a shooting star. Sitting up quickly, England speaks softly while holding your hands in his. “Make a wish, (Name).”

Cupping his face in your hands bringing him closer, you whisper ever so softly, “Why make a wish when I already have everything I could ever ask for?” Your soft lips pressed against his, suddenly fireworks fly. The bright shimmering lights brightening up the place.

England chuckles to himself, “I need to thank, America later..” Then looking back at you he plants a soft kiss on your forehead.

“Happy Anniversary, love..”


Hoped you enjoyed.~
Edit [4/20/13] UNFFF. I JUST. UNFFF. I found out I won.. And. I got first place.. And... Heart attack.. I just. Unf. Anyways glad you guys liked this story even with it's shortness. ^^


My contest entry to #The-Hetalia-Hangout's contest.

Hope you enjoy!

Cover image isn't mine it belongs to it's original owner/artist.

Story & Plot Idea © Me

England, America & Hetalia © :iconhimaruyaplz:

You © England :iconenglandplz:

I'm sorry it's short!!! T.T
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"...And that's the only way that you will get (y/n) to confess her love to you!" Alfred screamed into the phone.
"I-I don't know Alfred! That seems a little bit extreme..." Arthur said nervously, fingers tangling themselves in his hair.
"Dude, she won't confess otherwise! Come on, when have I ever been wrong?"
"Exactly. That's why IM THE HER-"
Arthur swiftly hung up and sighed. 
'is this really the only way?'
Only one way to find out.


You plopped down on your bed with a deep sigh. What a long day! You spent the day cleaning your house because your mom is so OCD with the way she wants things done. Your phone started ringing, loud and annoyingly. You groaned and rolled onto your stomach, stretching to reach your phone.
"Hello?" You said, annoyance obvious in your voice.
"*huff* *huff* (Y-Y/N)!!!" you heard an obnoxious American at the other end scream into the phone.
"What's up Alfred? You sound like you've been running a marathon."
"*huff* NO! *huff* its... It's Arthur! He's not answering his phone, and I found a strange note from him in my mailbox! Did you get one?!"
You paused and ran to your mailbox. Digging through it, you found a mint green envelope with your name scribbled on it.
"Yeah, Alfred I got one."
"OPEN IT!! I'm scared, mine says 'tell (y/n) I'm sorry' WHAT IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN?"
You froze hearing him say that. 
'sorry? For what?'
Quickly tearing open the letter, you read through it, smudging the still wet ink. It was a suicide note. You froze, ignoring the American's frantic ranting.
'Is he gonna...?'
"ALFRED. CALM DOWN. I have to go check up on him, hopefully he hasn't done anything stupid yet... I gotta go."
You slammed the phone shut and ran out of your house and towards Arthur's.
'Please don't let it be too late!'

~~~Ja another time skip, but France already got beat up like ze unawesome loser zat he is, so ze awesome me vill take you through it. Kesesesesesese~~~

Panting, you finally made it to Arthur's house. He didn't live too far away, but he didn't live too close either... You were about to start banging on his door when you heard a muffled gunshot coming from inside.
You burst through the door and fell to your knees at the sight of  Arthur laying on the ground in a pool of blood. Bloody razor blades and half empty pill bottles scattered around his limp body, eyes closed, face expression sad and lonely. In his right hand sat a gun, freshly fired.
With tears in your eyes, you crawled over to him. You gently caressed his face with the back of your palm before pulling it back and slapping his face as hard as you could.
"You idiot! How could you do this to yourself?!" you grabbed the pill bottles and razor blades and chucked them across the room. You reached for the gun, and quickly slid it away from Arthur's body, as if it would somehow help him now. You crawled on top of him and cried, your face buried in his chest.
"How could you leave me here alone Arthur? I loved you... I always have..." You cried even harder as you clutched his shirt tightly.
You felt two arms snake themselves around your waist and pull you closer towards Arthur.
"I knew I could get you to confess, love."
You froze. That voice, is it really? You looked up from Arthur's now moving chest and saw the handsome Brit looking down at you with sorrow filled eyes.
"Sorry I had to put you through that love, but it was the only way," he said, rubbing small circles onto your back.
You just sat there crying harder until he pulled your body up more so that your face was level with his. His emerald eyes pierced into your (e/c) ones. His eyes fluttered shut and he pushed his soft lips against yours. You froze, not sure what was happening, but quickly melted into the kiss. You felt his tongue streak across your lips, asking for permission. You opened your mouth, quickly biting his tongue hard when he tried to enter your mouth.
"OW! What was that for love?" he squealed, trying to nurse it out of pain.
"THAT was for faking your own death instead of just asking me out," you giggled.
With that said, you quickly got off of him and casually strolled out of his house, not looking back once.
"Call me later Artie~" you called as he sat there, dumbfounded, still holding his tongue.
THE END. Or is it? Fusososososososososo~
No but seriously, it's done...
I've been working on a story with Italy and Romano... But I have writers block Σ( ̄。 ̄ノ)
thus this story was born!
I don't own Iggy, nor do I own you. I'm pretty sure the bad friends trio will share you with iggy ^^
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"Excuse me, _______ -san, but what are you rooking at?” a quiet Asian voice whispered beside you. You jumped, surprised by the sudden voice. You quickly closed the window that you were searching on.

“Ah, Kiku! What are you doing here?” you laughed.

“I was searching for seh anime the schoor just got in,” he grinned, tilting his head so that his dark hair fell to one side. “So, pardon me for asking, but was sat the Red String of Faith myth that you were rooking at?”

Your face flushed a tad bit pinker. “Uhm, yes, it was.”

“I sought so. You know, sat is very popurar in my country. Do you berieve in it, ______?” Kiku asked, looking into your (e/c) eyes. You knew that look well. That was the one where he scrutinized every detail of your face, read the mood, and could tell when you were lying.

You looked down, gazing at the black keyboard in front of you. “Well, I think it’s interesting…” you said, your (h/c) hair falling into your face.

“Ah. Ret me guess, prease. You are searching this because you want to see if you wourd be connected to someone,” he stated plainly.

In a way, he was right. The thought of being connected to someone by Fate fascinated you. So the whole myth of a red string unseen by the naked eye attaching you to a special someone was something that you believed in. You wished that you could glimpse the thread to find who you would be paired up with, especially because of your major crush on Arthur Kirkland.

You glanced back up at him. His normally dull brown eyes had taken on an ungodly light to them.

“Kiku... Why do you care?” you said, studying him.

“If I am right… Arthur-san also knows of sis myth. I must go now. Excuse me, ______ -san.” The Japanese boy bowed to you and hurried off, shuffling through the stacks of shelves in the nearly-empty library. You sighed and logged off of the computer. Lunch was nearly over anyways.

You got up, stretched, and grabbed your bag. You began to get worried if Kiku had noticed your attraction to Arthur, the English man at school. You were good friends with the Brit, but were sure he did not think of you the way you thought of him. After all, he had declared once, “I could never love an American woman. They remind me too much of Alfred.”

Alfred was another American at this mixed countries school. He was a loud mouth, obnoxious guy, but he was sweet. Besides, Arthur shouldn’t stereotype people, you thought as you walked lazily out of the library and to your locker.

The bell went off as you reached your destination. You sighed again and shook off your worries. Kiku would never bother you like that.

You noticed Arthur down the hall as you took off. Waving at him, you quickly shot a glance at his figure. He waved back and turned away from you. Arthur had been doing that a lot lately. Acknowledging you when it was necessary and not at any other time. You missed the times when you and him could talk without anything be wrong. That honestly hurt your heart. Nobody else knew this, you were sure, but you absolutely loved Arthur. This ignorance killed you inside a little more each day. Things change, you thought dejectedly.

~.~.~.~ The Next Day ~.~.~.~.~

Alfred approached you during your fourth period class, History. “Dude, like, totally check this out!” he boomed as he had handed a folded piece of paper.

“Al-righty then,” you answered, taking the note. “Thanks Al! But what is this?”

“You’ll see, dude!” he smiled, skipping on off back to his desk. You grinned, shaking your head. “Oh, Al,” you muttered.

You unfolded the note. You were surprised at the basic information telling you to go to Kiku’s locker during lunch, which was your next class. You didn’t recognize the handwriting.

That’s a little weird, you thought. Nonetheless, your sense of curiosity was piqued. By the time the bell rang, you were practically jumping out of your seat with suspense.

You walked through the crowd, pushing yourself through the throngs of people to get to Kiku’s locker. By the time you finally reached it, the minute bell had rung off, leaving the majority of the hall empty as the others had already gone to their classes or lunch. You noticed Kiku rummaging through his locker.

“Hi Kiku!” you greeted him. He jumped and turned to face you.

“Ah, herro _____-san!” he said. Although his greeting was platonic, there was something jerky in his movements that made you suspicious.

“So why am I here? I got a note telling me to be by your locker,” you said.

“Hai. You wirr see soon. But prease crose your eyes now,” he responded, looking at you intently.

“Fine. I won’t get hurt or anything, will I?” you asked, smoothing out your uniform blouse.

“Of course not!” Kiku scoffed. You closed your eyes.

“No peeking!” the Japanese boy ordered. You rolled your eyes behind closed lids.

You could feel something being done to your hand, but true to your word you didn’t peek. You bopped back from one foot to another as Kiku did whatever he was doing. You must have had your eyes closed for at least a minute.

“Open!” he commanded, and you opened your eyes and peeked down at your hand. You gasped. There, tied on the little finger, was a red string.

“Kiku?” you asked, glancing at him. He shook his head slowly.

“No questions. Forrow seh string.” You followed his directions, butterflies growing in your stomach. “What’s going on?” you murmured to yourself. The string wound around lockers and corners. You were transfixed by the tiny path that it was forming, wondering what was on the other end.

Not paying any attention, you bumped abruptly into someone. You fell forward onto whoever you had just tripped over, landing squarely on their chest.

“Awh, jeez. I’m sorry,” you muttered, pulling yourself up into a push-up position. When you noticed who you were on top of, you felt your ears and cheeks heat up, probably turning a furious pink. “A-Arthur?”

The Brit looked up at you. His eyes were so brilliantly green… “No problem, love,” he replied, turning away from you. You thought you caught a hint of red dusting his cheeks.

You rolled off of him, lying beside him on the tiled floor. “I should have noticed where I was going,” you said, lifting up your hand and looking at the red string around your finger. “This thing distracted me.”

Arthur was quiet, and you turned to face him. He was still not acknowledging you, his blonde, shaggy hair covering his eyes and eyebrows. Great, you thought, now he won’t even talk to me.

You groaned and sat up, rubbing your face into your hands. This wasn’t going anywhere. “Well, I’m gonna go now,” you whispered. Standing up, you brushed yourself off and walked back in the direction that you were originally heading.

How embarrassing that he couldn’t even speak to you. You had known Arthur since you were eight, and now he couldn’t even talk about the memories you had made together. As you walked on, you felt something tugging you back. You looked at your hand and noticed that the string was being plucked on.

Confused, you back-tracked to where you had crashed into Arthur. As you rounded the corner, you saw the British boy was standing up now, brushing off his school uniform. He looked incredibly flustered. For the life of you, you couldn’t figure out why. Then you noticed his hand.

There was a string tied around the little finger.

Your face turned as red as the string. You had no idea what to do now. So you stood there and waited. Arthur seemed to notice this.

“C-could you come here, _____?” he asked, still not making eye contact. You approached him slowly. “Did you get a note as well?” You nodded, your (h/c) hair shaking into your face.

“Huh. That explains it,” Arthur grimaced. You looked up at him. You were getting tired of this game. You reached up and grabbed his chin, forcing him to look at you.

“Why haven’t you been talking to me?” you demanded. “What’s changed?” He looked away, swallowing hard. He may have been taller, but that didn’t deter you. You jerked his chin so that he had to look at you again. “Answer me! Everything was fine before! What’s different now?!” Tears were forming in your eyes.

“A-a lot has changed,” he whispered.

“So much that you have to act like a jerk every time I see you?” you yelled. Those tears were now threatening to spill.

“I don’t mean to hurt you, love,” he murmured, looking at you with those emerald eyes of his. The thick brows on top only added to his expression. A tear finally spilled out, trailing down your cheek. Arthur, finally seeming to care a little, raised his hand and gently wiped the tear away with his thumb. You dropped your hand from his chin. “Just tell me what’s different,” you cried.

“It’s just—I- I love you, ______. I never noticed how beautiful you were until now. It made me nervous, wanting to talk to you. I didn’t think you felt the same way… so I decided to put distance between us.” To his surprise, you began crying harder. “What’s wrong?” he asked, sounding concerned.

Through your blurry eyes, you answered, “That’s all I’ve wanted to hear from you, Arthur. I- I love you as well.”

The British man pulled you close, embracing you into his chest. He rubbed your back, gently telling you to stop crying, muttering sweet nothings. This made you extremely happy. You hugged him back, burying your face into the crook of his neck. You stopped crying.

You realized something, though. “A-Arthur?” You pulled away.

“Yes, love?” he asked.

“When you said you would never date an American girl…”
“Didn’t mean a word of that. You understand, right?”

Instead of answering, you grabbed the back of his neck and pulled his mouth to meet yours. At first, you could tell he was surprised. But he closed his eyes and kissed you back softly. That kiss was full of promises. It may have lasted longer, but a noise from around the corner distracted the both of you.

Kiku was standing there, holding a camera, snapping a picture. America was standing beside him, looking like a girl does at a puppy store.

“_______! You totally conquered Mr. Brows over here! It’s all because of the hero this worked out!” he yelled, flailing his arms and giving you a big thumbs- up. You grinned at him, while Arthur yelled, “What are you talking about, you bloody wanker?!”

“I berieve Alfred-san is telling seh truth. I have pictures,” Kiku piped up. Everyone looked at him for a moment, saying nothing.

Arthur pulled you closer to him once again. “Well, then, I’m going to have to agree with you blokes. She’s won me over.” He said, holding up his hand with the red string. “And, for once, Alfred, that was a good plan.” You nodded in agreement. You had suspected that Alfred and Kiku had set this up. “Thanks guys!”

You grinned up at Arthur as he looked down at you. You heard another camera snap. Both you and Arthur glared in Kiku’s direction.

“I aporogize. This is just too good,” Kiku responded, that ungodly gleam back in his eyes. Everybody laughed, the sound bouncing through the empty hall.
EDIT: Woah woah woah!!! 1,000+ views?! Over 130 Favorites?! Ohmigoodness thank you so much! :iconletmehugyouplz: *clears throat* Now carry on, dear reader! ^^

I've had the idea for this for a while. Wouldn't this be so cute to have happen to you in real life?! :iconblushplz:
Anyways, this took waaaaaay to long to upload. Without further ado, enjoy! ^^
You belong to :iconcuteenglandplz:
And I don't own Hetalia!
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You were sitting on the sofa looking through magazines trying to find a good Christmas gift for your husband; Arthur.  You were married for a few months now and this would be the first Christmas you would send together as a married couple.  You wanted to get your new husband the perfect gift.

"Dang, it I don't know what to get him." you said putting down the cooking magazine that had a list of popular cookware inside.  Arthur loved to cook for you.  However you honestly didn't like his cooking but you would never tell him that.

You decide to give up on your search of the perfect gift when you noticed it was twelve in the afternoon.  'Iggy won't be home for another five hours.  What am I suppose to do now?' you thought lying across the sofa.  You started watching your favorite TV show before drifting off to sleep.  

"Love, its time to wake up." you heard the British accent you loved so much.  

Your eyes opened when you felt your husband's soft lips press against your.  You smiled before kissing him back.  You could taste of his favorite tea on his lips.  His hands cupped your face before deepening the kiss.  He pulled away ending the kiss making you frown.

"Want to go to that new shopping center?" Arthur asked his emerald eyes looking down at you.  

'Maybe that will give me an idea for a gift.' you thought to yourself looking at you husband who was sitting onside of you with a charming smile on his face.

"Yeah, let me change first." you cheerful answered before running to your bedroom.

----Car Ride Time Skip----------

You got out of the car looking at the new mall that was covered with snow.  Arthur took your hand and led you around.  The two of you looked through window of different shops.

"Look there's a pet shop here, Love." Arthur said pulling you inside; he knew how much you loved animals.

You looked at the different animals in the store.  There were different breeds of puppies, cats, rabbits, birds and more.  But it was a white kitten with orange patches that caught your eye.  Arthur smiled while you cuddled the kitten in your arms.  

"Time to go Love, the shop is closing." Arthur called out to you with a slight smile on his face.  You had to leave the pet shop and the lovable kitten.

"Do you wanna look in another store?" you asked Arthur who glanced down at his watch.

"Not today, I have to wake up early for work in the morning."

"Oh, ok then." you mumbled looking at the ground.  Ever since you moved in with Arthur you sent most of your time at home alone since he worked all day and would fall asleep after eating dinner.

While walking to your car quietly you felt Arthur kiss your forehead.  His green eyes looked at you, he knew how you hated be alone in the house all day.  You looked up at him, the wind messed up his bright blond hair making him look even more attractive.

---------Days later-----------

You were lying across the sofa sick.  Arthur begged you to go to the doctor but you refused.  You didn't like doctor's offices or doctors.  You hated how they always smelt like medicine.  So you decided just to take medicine you had at home until you felt better.  You tried looking for a gift but you were too weak.

Knock knock knock

You sat up wondering who it could be; Arthur wasn't due home for another two hours.

"Who is it?" you asked from the behind the door.

"Amelia and Maddie hurry up its freezing out here!" you heard your cousin in law's cheerful voice.  

You opened the door to see the two sisters smiling at you.  Amelia quickly pulled you into a hug she was wearing a blue jacket over a white with blue jeans and black boots.  Madeline had on her favorite red sweater dress and white boots, her long blond hair tied in pigtails.

"Ame, I think you should let ________ go.  She looks sick." Madeline said tugging on her big sister.

"Sup, _________ you feeling okay?" Amelia asked following you into the living room.  

"I been a little sick that all."

"Really, what's wrong?" Maddie quietly asked playing with her long blond hair.

"My stomach been bothering me and I've been throwing up a lot.  I can't even look for a gift for Iggy without throwing up.  And Christmas is only a few days away." you gave the two sisters details on your illness.

"How long you been sick like that?" Maddie asked quietly sitting besides you rubbing your back.  While Amelia sat on the other side of you.

"I guess about a week." you gave her a weak smile.

Amelia's bright blue eyes looked at you with worry.  She suddenly stood up from her seat onside of her little sister.  Amelia grabbed your arm pulling you up from the sofa.  

"You're going to the doctor and I don't care if you like it or not." Amelia said with a serious frown on her face which was extremely rare.

---------Doctor Office---------------

You sat quiet in the room as the docter looked at the chart.  He made you use a cup in the bathroom to try and find out why you were so sick.  He finally looked up at you with a smile on his face.

"Mrs. Kirkland… your pregnant." he said cheerfully.  You looked up at the man shocked; being pregnant was the last thing on your mind.  

"No way I can't be pregnant!" you said loudly was staring at the man in shock.  

The doctor looked at you with his dark brown eyes.  He removed a paper from the stack in his hand and gave it to you.  You read through the list of test he ran on your sample.  'Pregnancy test… results… POSSITIVE!' you said to yourself looking at the paper in disbelief.

"I'm having a baby?" you said placing your hand on your stomach.

The doctor finished your checkup before leaving.  You got dressed and walked into the waiting room where Amelia was talking to the secretary and Madeline was reading a book.  Amelia looked at you with her bright blues.  She and Madeline walked over you to while you looked at the card of an OBGYN (Obstetrician/Gynecologist).

"So what did the doctor say?" Amelia asked with curiosity in her eyes.

You could tell she and Madeline were still worried about your health.  You gave them a little smile.  'I guess I can tell them.' you thought to yourself playing with the card in your hand.

"I'll you when we get back to my house."

The two sisters looked at each other then back at you.  You could easily see they were having an uneasy feeling.  

--------Back Home--------------

"Well, I'm pregnant.  I have to make an appointment to find out how far I am." you blurted out while sitting at the kitchen table.  

"Awesome, I thought something with really wrong with you for a while there." Amelia laughed happily.

"Aww, a baby.  __________ that's the perfect gift for Artie." Madeline said placing a mug of warm tea in front of you.

You're looked up at her when she said 'perfect gift'.  You smiled you knew that Arthur always wanted children.  'This is the perfect gift!' you thought rubbing your stomach.  You were glad, you finally had something special for Arthur and you knew he would adore it.

"So when you going to tell him?" Amelia asked leaning across the kitchen table.

"Probably on Christmas, I just got the perfect idea." you smiled at Amelia.

"Do you need help?" she asked while Madeline sat watching the two of you talk.

You pushed your hair behind your ear.  A slight smirk came across your face.

"Actually, yeah."


You woke up looking at the clock on side your bed; it was three in the morning.  You smiled knowing today was the day you would give Arthur a gift so wonderful money couldn't buy it.  You looked at the sleeping man onside of you.  His arms wrapped around you while he snored slightly.

"Iggy, wake up." You shook him.

There was nothing respond.

"Iggy wake up!"

"Fly bunny." he mumbled in his sleep.  You couldn't help but laugh, when he was really tired he would dream of a flying mint bunny.

"Arthur come its Christmas." you said louder shaking him harder.

"Five more minutes, Love." he muttered.

"Arthur, Alfred throwing away all your scones!" you yelled.

Suddenly Arthur shot up in bed.  His emerald green eyes were angry and frowned looking around the room.  You laughed loudly.  'Oh, my goodness it works every time.' you thought to yourself as Arthur looked at you.

"You bloody wanker.  You promised not to do that again!" he groaned at you with a frown across his handsome face.

"I'm sorry I just want us to open gifts now." you said softly moving closer to him.  

"Fine, lets go." he said climbing out of bed following you to the Christmas tree.

You sat quietly by the Christmas tree as Arthur went get something from another room.  You were holding a beautifully wrapped red and gold box.  You looked up when you heard footsteps from behind you.  You turned and your eyes widen.  Arthur was holding the kitten from the pet shop.  You smiled happily as Arthur handed you the adorable kitten.

"Merry Christmas, Love." he said leaning down to kiss you.  You happily kissed him back.

"Merry Christmas, Arthur." you said handing him the box.  

He sat onside of you before opening to box.  He pulled out a baby bottle, a pack of diapers and an apron.  

"World best daddy." he read the apron out loud while lifting it up looking at it.

Arthur stared at the apron then back at the bottle and diapers.  His green eyes looked back at the apron then you.  Arthur's eyes suddenly widen when he put the hints together.

"A baby?  Love, you're pregnant?!" he said dropping the box looking at you.  

All you could do was smile happily.  Suddenly Arthur wrapped his arms around you kissing your forehead.

"We're going to parents.  Finally, our own little one."

"I hope you don't mind waiting for your gift to arrive, Iggy." you said as he continued to hold close to his chest.

You looked up at him as he finally released you from his hold.  His green eyes were filled with pure happiness and joy.  He smiled charmingly at you before giving you a quick kiss.  You felt him place his hand on your stomach.

"This is the perfect Christmas gift.  I'd wait forever it."
Just another short Christmas story. I love the FLUFF!!!!!!!

I hope you enjoy reading this.

Also I don't own Hetalia or its characters they belong to Hidekaz Himaruya

England: Arthur (Iggy & Artie)
America: Alfred
Fem!America: Amelia (Ame)
Fem!Canada: Madeline (Maddie)
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England x Reader

"Aaaaaaannnnnnnnd TOUCHDOWN!!"

The sandy blonde American rose up from his seat, the bowl filled with popcorn which was resting on his lap a few seconds earlier came flying in the air, showering a certain [Name] with its content.

"WOOT!!" he screamed "Did ya see that, [Name]? Second touch down today!! AWESOME!!"

"Yeah, Alfie." you replied in an annoyed tone, picking the popcorn from your [hair colour] hair. "Can you be careful, next time?" you added, popping some of the buttery goodness in your mouth and crushing it with a solid "crunch".  

"I was: that's why you don't have chicken wings instead."

You sighed, but you let out a small laugh, while the green-eyed blonde next to you grumbled some insults to the American under his breath; he had been the victim of that one the year before.

"Chillax, bro! We're watching football here!" said Alfred, amicably punching his older brother's shoulder since you were leaning your elbows on your thighs, your back arched a little, while you were giggling.

"No we are not. This is a-- You know what, forget it." declared the Brit.

And with that, he stood up and walked out of the living room; your living room.

You were the one from your friends hosting the Super Bowl this year, and, at Alfred's request, you offered them a panoply of snack choices, from barbecued chicken wings to poutine. That last one was actually Matthew's request.

You glared at the American, while he simply shrugged and sat back on the couch. You never noticed that you always took the Brit's side. Alfred had, but he strangely kept it to himself. He didn't care, as long as you spent some time with him.

You found it weird that Arthur got mad that quick. I mean, it gradually turns into an augment, well, at least usually. ...... And why did he come, if he's not a fan of football.....? Well, American football.

You looked at where the Brit disappeared to, and you stood up, heading in that same direction.

"Hey, where are ya goin'? You'll miss the commercials!!"

"I'll watch them later, Alfie~" you sang, as you turned to look at his cute little pout. You smiled, laughed and turned your back again at them, so you could find Arthur.

"Oh Artie, where art thou~?" you mockingly thought.

You looked around, trying to find somewhere where he could be hiding. Then it hit you: the kitchen! He probably went and made himself a cup of tea to calm down.... You sure hoped he didn't see your decaf, Lipton herbal tea. You'd be a little embarrassed, since you knew he only cared for Earl Grey. Luckily, you had some too.

You cautiously walked over to your kitchen, not wanting him to know of you endeavour to find him. You peeked you head in the doorway, but he wasn't there. You walked in the room, and you poured some water in a kettle and turned it on; you were going to give him a cup of tea.

You opened one of the cupboards, the one where you kept all your different teas. You had maybe two dozens of them! You decided on a mint and citrus flavoured one for you, while you put tea spoon of Earl Grey in the cute little stainless steel tea bag filter. You got two cups out, and you attached the bags in them from the handle.

Once the water started boiling, you poured it in the cups, and you unplugged the kettle, planning on letting the remaining water cool off on its own.

You grabbed a cup in each of your hands and you were about to head out of the kitchen, before something caught you eye from the other side of the window; Arthur was sitting on a chair in your backyard, his face hidden in his hands, and his elbows were resting on his thighs.

You put one of the cups on the counter, and you opened one of the sliding glass doors. You went back to get the hot tea, and you walked over to a sulking Arthur. You were still wondering as to why he lost his temper that fast, but he might just be having a bad day....

"Hey, you alright?" you asked, which made him raise his head. You smiled, but his face wasn't as cheerful.

His response was just a grunt, but his gaze did trail down to your hands. Yours did too, and once you finally snapped out of that small trance you said "Earl Grey?" while you raised the cup a little higher. He sighed, but he still gave you a small smile, accepting the tea.

You sat in the empty spot next to him, sipping on your minty goodness. Wait... That doesn't taste like mint.....

"Is that..... Mint?" you heard from beside you.

Your eyes widen: you gave him the wrong tea. You quickly looked inside the cup, not only cursing yourself to have given him the wrong one, but also, you didn't get the bag out of them. He's going to think that you're an idiot....

"It's actually really good! What might this be?"

Your head jerked in his direction. Was he serious? He had a smile on his face....

"Hm.... Citrus and mint tea...."

"Alright. Why didn't you tell me you had some?"

"I thought you only liked Earl Grey......" you replied instead.

He chuckled, but he still took another sip of his tea. You felt your cheeks getting warmer as you heard that angelic sound; you didn't hear it often. You did the same, and you smiled to yourself, keeping your gaze on your own cup.

You though about how you had been feeling around Arthur. You always felt better when he was around, and you came to the conclusion a few months back that you had a small crush on him. But as time passed, it became stronger, and tougher and tougher to hide.

"Atchoo" you cutely sneezed in the crook of your elbow.

"Bless you" replied the Brit, and you smiled at him afterwards. "Did anyone ever tell you you sneeze like a cat?" You shook your head, eyes closed as you took a small sip of tea. "Well, you do... And it's cute"

You almost choked on it, as your eyes flew open. Did he basically said that something about you was "cute"? You started blushing a little again.

"T-Thanks" you weakly replied, trying to catch your breath.

There was an uncomfortable silence between the both of you. Not because of your coughing spree, but because you were alone, with him outside, with nothing to talk about. To make matters worse, he was the guy you had been crushing on for awhile, and you had tried to forget about I that too. That wasn't helping it.

"Heya, dudes, you're missing the game. C'mon!"

You looked up to the house, where you left the door opened. You nodded at Alfred, even though a part of you didn't want to go back in there: you wanted to stay outside with Arthur. But, to not arouse any suspicions, you nodded, stood up, and you asked Arthur to tag along, which he did. You smiled at him again. Alfred had already gone inside.

You walked back in the house, followed by your crush, and closed the door behind you. You took his empty cup and put it with yours on the counter. You gaze locked with Arthur's, and you smiled at him. It looked like he wanted to tell you something, but he just sighed and smiled back, and you led the way to the living room.

"TOUCHDOWN!!" you heard from it. You gave it a chuckle, before you stepped back into that room and was received with a tight bear hug. Arthur just watched by the doorframe, a small scowl on his face.

"DUDE, DID YOU SEE THAT, [NAME]!! That was the best damn thing in Super Bowl history!! The guy ran the whole terrain, watch the replay!!"

You smiled, but you did what he asked you to do. It was really amazing. You never were a big fan of football, but that Super Bowl thing was something you wouldn't miss for the world. You popped a piece popcorn in your mouth, as Arthur finally came back into the room, and sat next to you like he did earlier.

"Hey, who's at half time?" you asked, as you took a fry from your plate filled with cold poutine with you fingers.

"Eh.... Beyoncé"

"Can't wait for that." you sarcastically replied, with a mocking smile.

"Really? I thought you didn't like her songs!"

You started to laugh, and Alfred's confused look made you laugh even harder.

"It's called "sarcasm", idiot" broke Arthur.

"Aww, chill--" started the American, just to be cut off by your narrowed gaze. According to the data you had collected a few moments earlier,  you didn't want Arthur to lose it again.

You watched as the game continued, and when the half-time show came along, you asked the guys, Arthur, Alfred, Matthew, and Mathias, if they wanted anything. All of them, except Arthur, wanted something to eat since the loud-mouth practically ate everything when you were gone with the gentleman.

"Okay, won't be long~!" you sang as you stood up to go make something sweet for your guests.

You walked in the kitchen, and thought of what you could make, that would be easy and fast to do.....

"You have to buy us all more booze if you don--"

"Shut up Mathias, you wanker!!" you heard Arthur shout. You giggled, thinking of his cute face when he was trying to hide something. Although you wondered what it could be....

You shrugged and went back to thinking about your conundrum. What to do, what to do... ICE CREAM! No, Arthur doesn't like that... CHOCOLATE SCONES!! Nah, Alfred would rather eat apples than those.... Ah, a plate of maple leaf-shaped sand cookies with a maple syrup cream sugar! They never tried it before~! Except for Mattie, but he'll be grateful; it's soooo good.

You opened you pantry door, so you could find the nice box of cookies. You also got a plate out. You opened the box and started putting its content on--

"Need help, love?"

You were startled a little, but you smiled and turned around, just to find Arthur right behind you. "No thanks, I'm fine. It's just cookies."

You took the plate in your hands, and you flashed him another small smile before you walked past him, trying your best to suppress the faint blush on your cheeks. You put the cookies on the coffee table, and you took your seat, followed by the gentleman. You smiled to yourself, thinking that he was so sweet to make sure that you were alright.

"Yo, [Name]!" you heard Mathias say. You turned your head to him. "Why are ya smiling? Did something happen back there" he added, giving you a wink.

Your cheeks got a bit redder as you understood what he meant. He knew....."You--"

Everything went black.

"Hey, dude, what the hell just happened just now? What kind of crack comedy is this!?"

"Alfie, bro, calm down" you said.

"But dude--"

"Shut up, wanker."

You laughed, which lighten the atmosphere around and managed to shut up Alfred. Everything was still dark, and your eyes weren't accustomed to it either. You then felt something on your right hand; another hand. Your heart started beating faster as you realized it was on Arthur's side. You cheeks got redder too, but that was nothing the surrounding darkness couldn't cover. On the spur of the moment, you turned your hand around and held his. You couldn't see his surprised, but elated face either.

Then, your eyes grew slightly accustomed to that blackout, and you could see some light reflecting on his emerald green eyes. You blushed more, and you looked down at your connecting hands. You had a huge smile on your face: does that mean......?

Then, his hand let go of yours, and your smile was replaced by a slight frown. Maybe not...... That's when you felt two fingers right under your chin, forcing you to look at their owner's eyes. You forced yourself not to gulp, while you could feel your cheeks burning. Then, your two faces were only inches apart, and you could only hear your heart resonating in your head.

Your brain couldn't process anything else as the next thing you knew was his lips crashing into your sweetly. It was so soft..... So perfect. You immediately started kissing back, and you could feel his smile against your own. Unfortunately, you had to part for air, but your foreheads were still touching. You wanted more.

Then, you felt his hand snaking to the opposite side of your waist, pulling you towards him. He just held you there, your head resting on his chest, patiently waiting for the blackout to end, stealing a kiss or two during the wait, not a single word uttered.
I know, I'm REALLY late for a Super Bowl fanfic, but I got caught up in stuff.... and I babysitted today, and I remembered that I had started this that day.... So I finished it~! XD

Yeah.... Blackout, hehe~ //shot
And the name's really cheesy... oh well~ XP

If you see any mistakes, tell me, or have any questions, ask away~!

Soooo...... Whadda you think? Is it good? Bad? In between? Undecided?
------->I'd love to know~ :heart: <-------

I didn't add a picture this time... I couldn't find a fitting one.... ^^"

~XxViidGamexX <3
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