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3D render of a Star Wars Sienar Fighter, featuring four traditional solar panels, two prototype panels and a single thrust engine.

The main idea behind this ship is to have a very capable fighter that could stand up against a number of enemy fighters, sporting a large amount of energy banks (used for shields and laser fire) and engine that makes it possible to keep up pace with every fighter. Large experimental wings collect electromagnetic energy and make the ship virtually limitless in terms of operating range and energy availability. 

[edit1] I changed the main file for a better one, hope it doesn't get compressed as much as it did before.

If you're interested in commissions, please visit this page: Sci-Fi 2D + 3D CommissionsHello, you arrived at my Commisions page :)
If you are interested in getting a CGI image created for you, please continue to the section you are interested in. There are three sections:
Section A for all kinds of 2D images
Section B for various 3D renders
Section C for blueprints and line art
I do all kinds of art and I'm opened to different styles (vector drawings of a Star Wars ship, 3D render of a Stargate vehicle, blueprint for a Dune tank and of course every kind  of original universe objects and scenes) so don't be afraid to ask for what you want.
You can also check examples of my commisioned work and private gallery works on the bottom of this entry.
I am looking forward to working with you and seeing a happy finish :thumbsup:
Please note that preferably I accept paypal payments. You can also contact me at my email address at
Here's a description of the process:
Here are the prices of commissions, divided into three cathegories.
Here are examples of my co
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