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Final version of the star wars ship made for :iconshoguneagle: and it is something different compared to what I do normally. It was quite fun to work on this one and provided me another look into 'futuristic' designs for Star Wars.
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Armed with 2 small triple barrel ion cannons, 2 medium single ion cannon and 8 dual barrel turbolasers the Dagger class corvette sole purpose is to hunt and destroy fast ships like the blockade runner. Fast and agile it sees action against both pirates, smugglers and rebels alike.

Final version :) I hope everyone likes how it turned out. It is the best Star Wars design I made thusfar in my opinion.
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Finalised version with full colors and everything. I am quite happy how it turned out and I hope the person for whom I made this thinks the same
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The penitentiary shuttle (ARMADILLO Class) was used by the Imperials to move Wookies from Kazhyyk to various imperials facilities like the death Star construction site and also sold to - from various slavers. This special shuttle could hold 24 prisoners in individual cells, was well armored and armed despite the fact that it was generally escorted by tie fighters.

Still painted with the ex Republic colors patern but with the logo - emblem of the "new" Empire.

The detention block is a temporary concrete building build to hold the Wookies collected from bounty hunters (mainly Transdoshans) to larger slave's camp. This site is heavyly wheatered due to the "too close" poximity of the landing pad, from where land and take off the shuttles, and the high humidity of the region.
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A design created by a good friend of mine :icongalen82: It is basically a Renown Class Explorer that bears the name Enterprise. I consider it finished now :) pretty happy how it turned out.

Made a few changes perspective wise. I know it is not perfect but I do not have the aid of 3d models.
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So after building the Sith Fury Class Interceptor, I fell in love with the wing design of it, I decided to rebuild the TIE/q into the TIE/q Type II. It now has been updated to have a sleeker nose and cockpit as well as four new weapons added to it as well.

Unlike its predecessor, the TIE/q Type II has a beefier frame and hull, allowing it to hold the larger models of the Ion engines. Also with its wing designs from the older Sith Fury-class Interceptor, the TIE/q Type II can house deflector shields that allow it to fly faster in a planets atmosphere. Besides appearance changes, the entire Starfighter has had a major electronics, Avionics, Targeting, and guidance system overhaul. The earlier models of the TIE/q Type I had limited room in the data banks for star charts. Now with the added Astromech droid R2-Q2, the countless amount of data is mobile from ship to ship. This also means that the R2 unit can update the Empire with new star charts as needed.

As with most TIE pilots, the pilots trained for the TIE/q TYpe II have their own Identification code starting with TQ-01-x. The new cockpit incorporates crash webbing, a repulsorlift antigravity field, and a high-g shock seat that helps protect the pilot from harm. Unlike the TIE/q Type I, the TIE/q Type II is now capable of taking heavy blaster fire to the canopy.

Sienar Fleet Systems

Product line
TIE series

Twin Ion Engine/q Type II
Multi-role Starfighter

Technical specifications

9.8 meters

Maximum acceleration
16 MGLT per/sec


Maneuverability rating
150 DPF

Maximum speed (atmosphere)
1,200 km/h

Engine unit(s)
SFS P-s4 twin ion engines (rated 150 KTU)
SFS P-w401 ion maneuvering jets

Power plant
Novaldex SFS I-s3r plasmic ion generator
Secondary generator for cannons

Hyperdrive system
SFS ND9 hyperdrive motivator

Novaldex shields

Titanium alloy hull (20 RU)

Sensor systems
SFS S-c3.8 multi-range TAG

Targeting systems
SFS T-s9 targeting computer

Navigation system
SFS N-s6 Navcon

SFS F-3.2 flight avionics system

SFS L-s7r T-type laser cannons
2 Arakyd Huntmaster missiles
4 Arakyd Defender Drone Droids

Escape craft
Ejector seat

Astromech droid

2 Elite Imperial Troopers

Cargo capacity
65 kilograms

8 days

Life support
Integrated with secondary unit

Communication systems
AE-35 subspace transceiver
Distress beacon

Space superiority starfighter

Year introduced
Unknown, believed to been developed in 0 BBY

Rise of the Empire era
Rebellion era
New Republic era
New Jedi Order era
Legacy era

Galactic Empire
Imperial Remnant

All above material is from the owner and creator of the Star Wars franchise, George Lucas
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Conceptual ship for the Empire.

old meets newish

Copic Marker + Micron
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This is a commissioned Star Wars piece: Player Characters...and yes...that's a Klingon. Cool crossover!
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My personal ACEO sketch card stock. Copics, tech pen, white pen, airbrushed acrylics on 130# stock.
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PMSC-MD144 Phalanx-Class
so i was in the process of designing a scaled up version of the broadsword frigate to turn into a destroyer when an ideal popped into my head about making a missile ship too. Since the Broadside was based around the hull of my missile frigate i figured no problem... scale it up toss on more pods and its all good. Of course i was thinking 12 pods. the frigate carried 112 per pod, so 1200+ missiles... Nope. forgot about the fact that the destroyer would carry much larger pods... after filling the one open pod with the same scale missile that the frigate carries, the numbers come in around 500 per pod... thats 6000 missiles it can launch in one volley... figure in 4 reloads for combat and its thirty thousand missiles that this thing carries into battle. plus a complement of fighters, lost count of the point defense turrets and 4 large offensive turrets and two ball APPC turrets... its insane, the cost of arming this thing could bankrupt a small country...
Note: talked to Breandan, whose
Dark Nova" world this ship lives in, the missiles, Anti-ship type cost 4.5 million credits each... 27billion for a basic load of missiles, 135 billion for a full load... geez i over did it...
Love this design... was thinking of drawing it with all the hatches open, but after the first one...i think not...

Official fluff:

Sometimes a military planner comes up with an idea so insane, so outside of the box, and so extreme that it seems laughable… until it is put into practice and is proven frighteningly effective. This sums up the evolution of the Phalanx-class missile destroyer developed in 2317 by the mercenary firm Professional Military Solutions Corporation.

The adaptable-frame PMSC shipyards in the Audland system can produce vessels ranging from fighters to battlecruisers, and it was a simple thing to develop a destroyer-class vessel based on the Longbow missile frigate. Adapting the nanites programming matrix was a simple matter of scaling-up the Longbow blueprint, adding a few extra clamshell missile bays and turrets, and adding more engine modules. Thus, the production cost of the vessel was only 20% greater than that of the Longbow, making it quite cost effective to produce the hull design.
Unfortunately, that which makes the Phalanx so unique and deadly also makes it prohibitively expensive to field. Sporting modular missile bays that can carry variable payloads- either single volleys of 500 SSMs (ship-to-ship missiles) totaling at 6,000 missile, or a four-volley loadout of LRMs (long-range missiles) totaling at 24,000 missiles. This makes a single Phalanx a veritable fleet-killer, but also means that it costs as much as a resort planet to reload.
The Phalanx-class destroyer carries substantial firepower even without the “Macross Missile Massacre” pods, as they are colloquially known amongst the mercs at PMSC. It mounts two spinal-mount heavy AP lancers, two spinal-mount MAC guns and two spinal mount heavy APPCs in the bow, two spinal-mount APPCs aft, eight heavy APPC turrets, four heavy AP lancer turrets, ten medium PPC turrets, twenty-eight light APPC turrets, and 48 point-defense turrets. In addition, the vessel has four shuttle bays able to carry a total of eight dropships or twelve standard shuttles, and fighter launch bays underneath them that carry four squadrons of fighters each, for a total of forty fighters.
Currently, only two Phalanx-class vessels have been produced, the Fellhammer and the Eye of Ra, both deployed in undisclosed locations by the mercenary corporation. Intelligence reports give an 82% probability that one of the two is part of the Audland defense fleet, remaining cloaked at a strategic location protecting either the shipyards or the primary colony of Midgard. The virtual keel of a third Phalanx-class vessel- the Bahamut- has been laid, a variant that only has eight clamshell missile bays, eight additional APPC and AP lancer turrets, 30% thicker armour plating, and quarters for 12,000 troops. The Bahamut variant is designed as a garrison ship, able to defend a system alone or with minimal escort against substantial enemy fleets.

Copyright 2009-2011 Dark Nova Games
This artwork and any image based off of it is the exclusive property of Dark Nova Games. All rights reserved. Any other use of these artwork images, without the expressed written consent of Dark Nova Games, is strictly prohibited. This image is copyright protected by United States and International Law.
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