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Couldn't resist making fanart for Freedom Planet.
If you liked Sonic when you were a kid and are a fan of 2D platformers, definitely give Freedom Planet a go.

They even have a demo version for the skeptical if you aren't too sure about the $15 price tag.
One of the very few games that I was more than happy to purchase at full price for and didn't regret it once. :)

Also, big shoutout to my old friend, Sean Chiplock for doing a fantastic VA job of Spade.
Look forward to more of your roles! :meow:
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These lovely characters are for the game Freedom Planet~ The characters belong to =ZiyoLing It's worth your time to go and have a look because this game looks awesome~ ehehe.

Please check out their website!: [link]

Steam: [link]

It's pretty darn adorable!

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This is my entry to the Official Freedom Planet Fanart Contest. It did not win.

As the contest describtion states, Capture the spirit of Avalice by drawing or crafting something related to the game. It could be your favorite hero, villain, stage or scene. It became difficult for me to pick just one scene from the game and I have been pondering for a while now on what to draw for the contest.

Then I noticed a picture I made a while back, drawn on August 4th.
Freedom Planet - Friendship (SPOILERS) by TechNijui
I drew this picture, thinking about the morals this game taught me and then an idea struck me. I could sum up the morals I've learned through Freedom Planet and try to explain the energy crisis and impending war of Avalice through a picture. I began coloring it in and completed the picture, altering it and adding things to visually represent my feelings when I played through the game. As you can see, up front are Sash Lilac, Commander Torque, Milla Basset and Carol Tea. I couldn't possibly just choose one of these characters as my favourite and I made sure to capture their personality best to my ability. They're in the Final Dreadnaught stage, hence the yellow and red colors, paired with black. It's meant to symbolize hopelessness, especially with shadowy silhouettes of Lord Brevon (Left) and Serpentine (Right) looming over the rulers (Mayor Zao, King Dail, The Magister) of the three kingdoms as well as them. If you look closely, Brevon has little strings on his fingers, which reach down towards Dail. This symbolizes how much of a puppet Dail is to him. The strings are puppet strings and Brevon is "controlling" him. In the middle of the rulers is the Kingdom Stone.

Even at times as dark as this, with war close to breaking out, even after the group went through so much torment, Lilac and the others are smiling and Carol is even lightly patting Torque's shoulder, laughing. The strong bond of the friendship between these four people brings them determination to keep going and do the right thing, even at times as dark as this, where all hope seems lost. This is what I've learned through Freedom Planet. Together, Lilac, Carol, Milla and Torque fought for what's right, no matter how much Lord Brevon threw at them. Another lesson I learned from Freedom Planet is to never give up. I wish I shared Lilac's immense determination.

I poured my heart and soul into this drawing, worked until my arms hurt and then worked some more and I feel like the result is worth it. It's one of the biggest projects I've done and I am very, very proud of my hard work. I hope that the developing team of Freedom Planet will enjoy this picture, just like I enjoyed drawing it and playing Freedom Planet. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful game.

"Friends don't let friends get hurt."

~Sash Lilac

"Better be a traitor than a murderer."

~Carol Tea

"I'm sorry."

~Milla Basset

"Just gotta move forward with the mission, I guess. No use thinking about a past that can't be changed."

~Commander Torque

"The wind carries its eternal glow to the furthest reaches of our lands, and former enemies extend their hand to one another, acknowledging the errors of their ways."


Edit: Fixed Milla's pants, added lightning to Lord Brevon and Serpentine
Edit: Fixed Carol's ear to show the "scratch" from Relix Maze, Fixed Torque's goggles
Edit: Fixed Torque's hair

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Finally I'm done with this one, it took me nearly 2 weeks to actually finish this, not because the piece itself was hard to make ( It really wasn't, normally i'd finish something like this in 1-2 days ) but because I barely had any spare time these last weeks. But hey, I did it! Finally!
A really fun Sonic-like game that's kind of a mix between Sonic, Gunstar Heroes and Ristar, I initially dismissed it because of the Sonic OC do-not-steal kind of characters but later I decided to give it a try, and boy... I swear I never had so much fun in a fast-paced game before, if you're a fan of 2D Platformers give this a try, it's worth your money, it's actually better than most of what SEGA has been doing with their blue hedgehog in the last years, and this was made by mere fans ( It was originally a Sonic fan-game before they decided to make it their own "franchise" ), I gotta admit, I was really impressed with what Galaxy Trails made and I hope to see what they can come up with in the future, both the DLC for more playable characters and their next projects.
The trailer itself was what gave me the hype to play this game check it out, it gets especially good at 0:56 ( It was exactly that boss battle with the yellow mech that made my mind about getting this game )…

And I can't really talk about this without mentioning the amazing soundtrack, it's great and if you're a fan of videogame music, you should consider giving it a try, the boss theme itself is by far my favorite song, and it goes REALLY well when you're low on health taking on a difficult boss, that part at 0:34 still gives me goosebumps.…

Of course it has it's flaws, a story that bites more than it can chew by constantly mentioning organizations, kingdoms, exposition, etc that are never fully explained, voice acting with varying levels of quality, XxXSpadeXxX The Hedgehog Do Not Steal, an ocean of glitches with Milla ( one of the playable characters ) and questionable physics at certain points of the game, but it was still a great experience for me, I definitely recommend it.

Here are the main characters, Lilac ( Purple dragon ), Carol ( Green wildcat riding the motorcycle ) and Milla ( White dog/rabbit thing at the plane ), the sort-of useless sidekick Commander Torque ( Green alien guy piloting the plane ), Neera ( Panda girl in the center, there was a lot of missing space in the middle so I slapped her in there, she's not that relevant to the plot ), and the villains Lord Brevon ( Eyebrow Lord ) and Serpentine ( You don't really need a description do you? At this point you probably already know who I'm talking about... )

Yeah, the characters are pretty Sonic-like but I don’t care, they look cute and the gameplay is solid, I don’t usually let fandoms or idiots obscure my vision when all that matters is gameplay in a game like this.
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Cyclone! *twirl intensive*

My favorite character for the upcoming indie game, Freedom Planet.
a nice sprite-style 2D platforming game where Sonic meet with Zero (megaman) gameplay!
unfortunately the game isn't out yet but there's a demo for the game!!

I had A LOT of fun playing the demo over and over!
give that nostalgia feel back when 2D sprite game was a thing.
there's only 2 playable character,Lilac and Carol, both of them play differently..
Here's a quick sum for her gameplay style...she's the Sonic in this game..

Play it for yourself and you'll see what I mean..

Here's the Website

Here's the Steam Website…
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Print Available at my store!

"May the winds of time carry you for eternity."

Process Video:…;


My contest entry for the Freedom Planet fanart contest and at the same time one of the prints I will be selling in the con I'm attenting in Oktober!
I've been playing so much of this game lately, and I'm just completely mesmerized by it and I just love it so much. I definitely recommend it, especially if you like 2D classic-vibe platformer games such as Megaman and Sonic!

I haven't worked on big pieces like this ever since the Megaman Tribute artbook around 2011, so this was quite a challenge to myself.
I kind of overworked myself (my arms are suffering for it ;A; ), but I'm really happy with the result and I hope it can express how much I love this game !

Freedom Planet (c) Galaxytrail


//EDIT (26.08.14) - Done a few minor tweaks.
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If you haven't heard about this game by now, you DEFINETLY need to check it out! Freedom Planet is an Action Platformer that plays rather similar to a 2d Sonic game, in fact it even started out as a sonic fan game!
This was until the developers decided to redesign the main characters up above ( Lilac the purple dragon girl, Carol Tea the daredevil cat on the motorbike, and Milla the adorable flying hound)  to look more original!

In the game, these three heroines must stop the evil Lord Brevon from ruling the galaxy, while battling, and being helped by, a ton of characters while traversing through gorgeous environments, like the one I've drawn up here, Dragon Valley!

Learn more about the game here!:
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I've been hearing about this game a lot lately, and I want to get it now. :D It looks so fun, I've just decided to draw one of the characters! owo

Sash Lilac (c) GalaxyTrail Games
Art (c) :iconneoncelestia20: Me
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Very rough sketch of Lilac from Freedom Planet (which is currently on Kickstarter! [link] )
It pretty much takes elements from Sonic, Megaman and Gunstar Heroes and throws them all together, you should check it out!

Anyway, would love to draw more of her in the future, or even finish this off once I have time.
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So the other night, the missus was trying to draw Lilac as a fun doodle practice, but ended up confused on where to start because she had no idea in regards to Lilac's structure.

And I came to realize that Lilac (and even the rest of the cast) don't have a lot to go on in terms of reference.
Fast forward to now, and here we are.

I might make reference sheets for the rest of the cast, but that might not come around for some time. (But knowing me, I might have to do that because I'm personally getting stumped on a couple of animation scenes as of late.)

That said, hope my drawing helps some FP fans out there. :)

Made with Manga Studio 5 EX

Update: Fixed Lilac's ear and glove color scheme.
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