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A yawn was let loose as footsteps shuffled across the wooden floor. The movement was fast yet still not rushed. Summer was a time to be lazy after all. Well to some that was the idea. Keep in mind that the people here weren't exactly normal.
'…Who were these people?' you ask? Just wait. You'll find out.
"Oi, Natalia! How about we… I dunno, actually do something today? I wanna have some fun!" {Name} called, knocking on the door of her Belarusian friend.
Natalia opened the door slowly and stated, "How about we try to get Brother to marry me? That sounds fun."
"Let's do something that doesn't involve Ivan. I know! Let's go to the beach!" {Name} shouted, grinning and grabbing Natalia's hand. She pulled Natalia back into her room and shut the door.
"{Name}? Why the beach?" Natalia asked.
"Because, the beach is fun! And, and, I can probably convince Ivan to go. You see him in a swimsuit," {Name} answered, smiling.
"Brother in a swimsuit… Fine, I shall go, as long as Ivan is coming," Natalia said as she went and grabbed her swimsuit from her dresser.
"Alright! I'll be back in a minute then. Be sure to hurry up and pack, 'kay?" {Name} questioned as she opened and ran out the door.
The {h/c} girl ran down the hall in a flash, her hair bouncing against her neck. She skidded and turned the corner, only to run straight into the brown-haired Lithuanian Toris. They both fell, with {Name} landing atop the man.
"{N-Name}!" Toris yelled as {Name's} face came dangerously close to his own. He blushed but not as much as {Name} did.
"I-I'm so sorry, Toris! I should've been more careful!" {Name} stuttered, as she got off the green-eyed Lithuanian.  Her face was a deep embarrassed red.
"It's okay, {Name}! I know you didn't mean to. But what was you're hurry?" Toris asked.
"M-My hurry? Oh! I was going to go ask Ivan to come to the beach. Because you know… Beaches are fun," {Name} said, giggling a bit. Giggling was something she did when she was nervous. "Ah, but Toris! You can come too! And Ravis can come… And Eduard… And even Feliks!" And we can't forget Miss Sofia, if she can come…"
"Are you sure Mr. Ivan will let us come?" Toris questioned, giving a worried look right into the eyes of the {e/c} girl.
"Well! If he doesn't agree, I'll get Natalia to talk him into it!"
"That would work…" Toris nodded. Personally, he was happy that he got invited. And even happier that it was {Name} that invited him. Yes, he had a small crush on Natalia, but he started to realize he had an even bigger crush on {Name}. He loved her smile. He loved her laugh. He couldn't wait to go to the beach with her.
"Yeah! C'mon! You can help me tell Ivan and the others… Please?" {Name} plead.
Toris took one look at the begging girl and smiled a bit. "Sure," he couldn't help but say.  She was just so sweet. She reminded him of him, easy to take advantage of. He didn't want {Name} to end up as he did.
"Okay, thanks!" {Name} said, smiling as she grabbed Toris's hand. "This way…" She ran towards Ivan's room, passing Eduard and Ravis along the way.
"Now what could you two be up too?" Eduard asked, looking up from his computer while pushing his glasses up.
"N-N-Nothing bad, r-right?" Latvia asked, shaking. He was thinking about what would have happened to them if they had done something to offend Ivan.
"Of course we're not doing anything bad! In fact…" {Name} started pausing and looking at Toris.
Toris blinked and understood that he had to tell the other two Baltics. "We're planning a trip to the beach for everyone. You two can come too."
{Name} stared right at the two blondes and nodded, "Yup! You're more than welcome to come." She than let go of Toris's hand, skipping over to stand in front of them. "So, I hope you will come." She tilted her head, blinked, and then skipped back over to Toris. "Onwards to inform Ivan and Sofia!"
Toris gave a light shrug to Eduard and Ravis before {Name} dragged him off, leaving both the Estonian and the Latvian a bit confused. Yet, they both were more than ready for some kind of vacation, so they went to their rooms to prepare for the beach trip.
"Ivaaaaaan~!" {Name} sang while knocking on the Russian's door, "I have to talk to you!"
"I should go call Feliks, right?" Toris asked. {Name} nodded, and Toris rushed off to the phone to call his friend. The phone conversation went something like this:
"Feliks, are you there?" Toris asked.
"Of course I am, Liet. What do you, like, want?" Feliks answered.
"W-Well, {Name} and I were wondering if you wanted to go to the beach with us…" Toris said.
Feliks perked up and the mention of the beach. He exclaimed, "The beach! That sounds totally fun. I'm, like, so in!"
"Alright… We'll pick you up in a little then," Toris said. "Bye for now."
"Buh bye, Liet. See you soon," Feliks responded, hanging up the phone.
'Dear God, don't let him show up in something ridiculous…' Toris thought, putting the phone back on the receiver. He then went to his room to pack for the outing.
All the meanwhile, {Name} kept knocking on Ivan's door. One knock. Two knocks. Three knocks. Four. Five knocks. Six knocks. Seven knocks and even more. Still no answer. "I-Ivan Braginski, are you in there?"
{Name} continued to knock until finally, Ivan opened the door and said, "What is it you want to talk to me about?"
The thing is… {Name} didn't notice the door open, so she kept knocking, hitting his chest. "{Name}?" Ivan questioned, giving an almost childish look at the {h/c} girl.
"Huh?" {Name} said, stopping and looking up at the blonde-haired Russian right after she heard her name. "O-Oh, Ivan, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to hit you in the- You didn't really notice did you? …Anyways, what I was going to talk to you about… Oh! The beach! We're planning to go to the beach and we want you to come!"
"The beach? Sounds fun, da," Ivan said as he turned back into his room. He shut the door while saying, "We will be leaving soon. Be ready fast."
{Name} pouted about the fact Ivan had taken charge of when they left, but she shook it off. She had to prepare and make sure Sofia was coming. So she went and grabbed her cellphone and dialed the number of her Ukrainian friend.
"H-Hello, you've reached Sofia 'Irunya' Chernenko. W-Who is this?" Sofia asked.
"Irunya~!" {Name} chirped, her cellphone between her head and her shoulder. "It's me, {Name}! And I'm inviting you to come with me to the beach. And no refusing. Let yourself have fun! Your boss can't tell you that you can't go a little vacation.
"You want to invite me?" Sofia gaped as her blue eyes lit up with tears forming at the corners.
"Da. It wouldn't be the same without you, Irunya. I'll make Ivan go by and pick you up. I think we have to pick up Feliks too. Bye!" {Name} chimed.
"Good bye for now. Thank you for letting me come!" Sofia said, hanging up.
Little did {Name} know, Toris was outside her door, waiting for her. He was already packed and ready, and he would rather be around {Name} than wait in the foyer with Ivan and the rest of the house residents.
{Name}, all packed and ready, opened her door, "T-Toris! Hey…" She said shocked to see the Lithuanian standing right there. "We're picking up Feiks, right?"
"Yes…" Toris answered. Then, by the rushing of Ivan, they all went out to the car and set off to pick up Sofia and Feliks, and get the vacation started.
When they finally arrived at the beach, all eyes of the fellow beach goers were on them. Why? They stuck out like sore thumbs! Ivan was clad in his usual attire, which included his favorite scarf. Sofia had on her typical outfit, and her chest size did not help to keep attention away either. The Baltics and {Name} were cowering, because of just how the ride to their destination went. (Ivan was being Ivan and Natalia was being Natalia. Case and point.) Natalia was clinging to her brother, hissing at whoever came within throwing distance of the Russian male, not that anyone wanted to.
And last but not least, Feliks. He was dressed in a brightly colored shirt. The color? Take a guess… Ah, never mind, it was pink. And pink shirt accompanied by a matching skirt. They were an odd group. A truly odd group. But, they treated it like a normal day.
{Name} sighed, "Maybe w-we should've gone to a less crowded bea-" But she was cut off by Ivan, who had initiated his creepy aura and laugh.
"Kolkolkolkolkol…" Ivan snickered, glaring while smiling at everyone who was staring at them. The onlookers immediately fled the scene. Ivan turned and faced {Name}. "It is less crowded now, da."
"Thank you, Ivan!" {Name} chirped. She was glad that they now had an emptier beach. It was calmer… Sort of calmer that is.
"Everyone, like, has to go and change into their swimsuits!" Feliks said.
"R-R-Right!" Ravis quickly nodded and took off towards a changing room.
"Brother dear~ Why don't we change together~" Natalia asked, looking with dark hope at Ivan.
"NOOOOO! Go awaaaay!" Ivan screamed, running as fast as he could go to get away from his personal stalker of a sister.
{Name} giggled, "Ah, Natalia… That's so you." She looked over at Toris. "Well, we should go change, right? Eduard, Toris, Irunya, let's go!" {Name} said, grabbing Toris's hand and ran towards the chaging rooms. It was always Toris. Always. He would be the one she would pick first to go to, not even her close friend Sofia would be first. Toris… Could it be possible that {Name} had feelings for the Lithuanian? Maybe the answer would show itself soon.
"{N-Name}!" Toris shouts as the two skid to a halt in front of the dressing rooms.
"Yes Toris? Ah, hold on. Let's get into our swimsuits first, and then we can talk," {Name} said, walking though one of the doors while Toris walked through another.
The group put on their bathing suits and went back to the beach front, where {Name} automatically went into the water, Natalia beside her. "You were right, {Name}. Ivan is in a swimsuit. He's so handsome."
{Name} sweat-dropped at her friend's words. "He looks lonely. I thought you didn't want him being lon-" She stopped mid-sentence because the Belarusian had already started towards Ivan.
"Good luck, Ivan…" {Name} mumbled before she was pulled into a hug.
"{Name}! Thank you so much! You're the best friend ever!" Sofia said, as she hugged {Name} tightly.
"Y-You're welcome, Irunya," {Name} said, hugging the blonde-haired Ukrainian back.
Toris, Feliks, Eduard, and Ravis were all staying out of the water; worried Ivan might hurt them for going into the water when his sisters and {Name} were. Well, the Baltics were at least. Feliks was just waiting for Toris.
"Liet! Like, c'mon. I wanna go, like, swimming!" Feliks said standing up.
"B-But M-Mister Ivan might…!" Toris started, but was cut off.
Cut off by his Polish best friend saying, "Like, don't worry about silly ol' Ivan! I won't let him hurt you! …Anymore!" He noted the many scars on Toris's back and then wondered just who knew about them.  
"Alright… If you say so…" Toris said, standing up, only to be dragged over to the water by his dear friend.
{Name} looked over at Toris and Feliks after Sofia released her and went over to where her siblings were. "Hiya guys!" She said, swimming to where they were.
"'Sup {Name}. Liet was being, like, totally uncool. He didn't want to come over here because of Ivan. Don't these swim trunks look, like, so fab on me?" Feliks asked, grinning while pointing to what he was wearing. "They are designer."
The first thing both {Name} and Toris thought was 'Designer… swimming shorts?' Then {Name} shock the questioning thought away and answered, "Yeah sure. " She smirked. "Toris. I want you to put your hands in the water like this…" She put her hands in the water. "Now I want you to build up some power.  On the count of three, I want you rush your hands upward towards Feliks. Don't question. One. Two. THREE!"
Then, even if Toris was questioning what {Name} was doing, he followed what she had asked his to do. In mere seconds, the blonde-haired, green-eyed Polish man was soaked by a huge mash of water. …Which caused his two attackers to burst out in laughter.
"I'm soaked! This fight is something I shall, like, so beat you in!" Feliks said splashing {Name}.
"You're on, Feliks! Splash fight!" {Name} called, as she splashed him back. Three-way splash war… sort of. Toris wasn't trying that hard.
"C'mon Toris! Could you be more enthusiastic about this? Please? …Oh crap!" {Name} said diving under water as a huge wave came towards her.
"F-Feliks!" Toris shouted.
"What? We are, like, having a Splash War!" Feliks answered.
Toris waited for a few and {Name} didn't come back up. "{Name}! Are you okay?"
Then Toris felt someone lightly tracing the scars on his back, which caused shivers down his spine. He turned and saw {Name} wide eyed and confused. "W-What? W-Who? Who did that to you?" She asked.
Toris sighed, "The years of battling team up with Feliks and… Ivan."
"I-Ivan?!" {Name} gasped, glancing over at Ivan, pure shock on her face. "Is that why Ravis is always so nervous around Ivan or even at the mention of Ivan. And Eduard prefers not to talk about Ivan or even get close to him unless he's forced to?"
"Y-Yes…" Toris responded, looking down sadly.
"Toris… You… Ravis… Eduard… You all don't deserve it… T-That's just terrible… You don't… Just… No…" {Name} cried. Then she pulled Toris into a hug. "No… Never. I'm best friends with Irunya, good friends with Natalia, and okay friends with Ivan, and I never knew. I'm so sorry… So, so, sorry…"
Even through all the sadness, both {Name} and Toris had a blush on their faces because of the hug. And they were still in the water, of course.  The rest of their group was just staring at them, even Natalia stopped trying to get Ivan to be hers to look at her friend and the person she hated the most.
Eduard bothered looking up from his computer to look at the older Baltic and {Name}. Ravis was still as nervous as ever, thumbing his fingers nervously. Irunya smiled. She had always known {Name} liked the Lithuanian. When a girl constantly talked about a boy without realizing it, you can just tell.
"{Name}…" Toris whispered, looking at her with sad yet kind eyes.
"Toris… I'll make sure Ivan doesn't hurt you… Or the others. Toris… I love you," {Name} whispered back.
Toris blinked. 'She really does?' He thought.
"Lieeeeet! You should, like, get out of the water! Talk about it back ashore," Feliks said. It may not always seem like it, but Feliks cared about Toris a lot. They had always been best friends. Dear friends.
"Right," Toris nodded as {Name} released him.
"R-Race ya to the shore!"{Name} yelled, though you could hear the shakiness in her voice. She started swimming to the sandy beach, Toris following close behind.
After they were back on the beach, they were both lounging on towels side by side. Then {Name} moved her head over and rested it on Toris's chest and slowly fell asleep.
Toris smiled lightly and Feliks approached them and said to Toris, "Hm… {Name} Laurinaitis… Sounds totally great! We can be, like, the best trio ever! Mr. and Mrs. Laurinaitis, and the family's dear friend, me!"
Que Toris having a tomato red blush on his face as Feliks skipped off to Eduard and Ravis. '{Name} and I? Wow… Soon… That will happen soon.' Toris thought.
"Beaches are very magical places…"
Well then. This is a Lithuania One-Shot I wrote a while back. 2,722 words exactly. Reader-inserts are fun, si?
We all love Russia, His family, the Baltics, and Poland.
I hope you all enjoy and understand that human names are used. You all know who everyone is, right?
Hetalia and its characters belong to: :iconhimaruyaplz:
Story belongs to: :iconlizzyisearth: Me.
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„Alfred~" you purred into your boyfriend's ear "Do you have some plans for summer break?"
"Nope" he answered between bites of his hamburger
"Perfect" you smiled and sat next to him "I've got keys to my family summer house. What do you think?"
"Cool! When are we going?" he asked
"Tomorrow morning" you smiled again
"I will be at 8am"

"Did you hear that?" demon asked "They will have all house just for themselves. It will be hot!"
Angels blushed "No! It's not right! They are still kids"
"Don't overdo it. They had have their first time already, so, the worst it behind them~"
"No! I'm going to do something that they will have any chance for do it"

You came back to your flat as quick as possible. You were so excited about end of the school and your summer with Alfred. You throw your diploma on the kitchen table for your parents and ran to your room. You took few pair of trousers, shorts, tee shirts, dresses, shoes, swimsuit, cosmetic and lots of other important thinks and put them into your big travel bag.
"Sweetie, great like always" your dad said from kitchen "You have lot of luck. If your grades would be worst, I would take you the keys"
"Haha, Dad. It wasn't luck, it was in purpose" you said and walk into the kitchen with two of your dresses "Witch one should I take with me? Red one or orange one?"
"Red one, it's longer"
You laughed at your father's answer.
"_____, I've got news for you" your mom said when she entered "Your cousin is going with you"
"Bruno is going with you, I mean, he will be waiting for you in the place" she answered with a smile
"Aha, you're kidding me, right?" you asked. And now all your plains fly away with herd of Gilbirds. Your cousin was one of the most irritating human beings you've ever met.  He always walked behind you and he was jealous about everything and everyone. He and Alfred in one house wasn't the best idea, for sure.
"I don't want to be his babysitter" you hissed "he's just ten and I don't like children"
"Your aunt and uncle are going on the vacation for one week" your mother explained
"I have vacation too and I want to relax, not get stressed even more" you cried
"Bruno is going with you. End of the subject" your mom said with harsh voice
"Fine then, thank you mom" you turned around and walked away. You laid on your bad and called Alfred.
"But where is the problem?" he laughed "I like kids"
"You won't like this one" you murmured
"Don't overdo it"
"____, can we talk?" your father asked while entering the room
"Sure thing" you answered and backed to Alfred "Al, I have to go now, bye"
"Listen up… " father sat next to you "I know you don't like him but do it for me. Can you?"
"I can, but someone won't come back in one piece" you sighed. You dad just laughed and went out.
Next day you woke up early. You get ready yourself and once again cheeked your luggage. After that you walked to the kitchen and made some breakfast. Not a long time after it Alfred arrived.
"Ready?" he asked when he came inside
"Yep. I just need to take my stuffs" you answered walking to your bedroom, he walked behind you. You tried to take your bag from the floor but… failed. American without a word simply picked up your bag and went to his car. You said good-bye to your parents and ran to Alfred's car.
"Finally!" you grinned when you drove out of the city to the highway. "One full week without parents, school and those creepy Barbie-girls"
"Don't forget about your cousin" he said "What is his name?"
"Bruno" you hissed "We won't have time for each other because of him"
Alfred laughed and turned on a radio. "One kid can't mess up our summer"
"Maybe you're right" you smiled

After five hours you arrived. It was small, nice village near lake.
"On the end of the street turn in right" you ordered. Few minutes later you drove in front of your summer house. It was outside the village, really close to the lake. Alfred parked his car and you went out. On the stairs was sitting your cousin. When he saw you he ran to you and hugged you.
"____, I missed you so much"
"Yes, yes, I've missed you too" you mumbled
"And you are…?" the boy looked at Alfred
"Alfred F. Jones" American answered "The Hero!"
"Is he your friend?" Bruno asked
"Boyfriend" you said
Bruno looked at man again with his dark gaze and hugged you tighter.
"Okay, let me go" you growled
You opened the door. House was well maintained, everything was ready for new guests, like always. You walked into the kitchen and living room witch were connected with each other. Every corner was decorated with lots of pretty accessories and everything fit well.
"Alright. Bruno, you will take small bedroom" you ordered "I and Alfred take king size"
"I'll bring our bags" Alfred said and went out to his car
"Why did you take this strange guy here?" boy asked
"He's not a stranger. I've known him for years" you answered and looked down at the boy "You have to be nice for him, I don't want any wars here, understand?"
"I cannot promise anything. I don't like him"
"You don't have to…"
I didn't send it to my lovely beta readers so... lots of mistakes xD Excuse it :)
I don't know how it looks like in UK or US but in Poland we have diplomas for end of the school every year. Yeah, it's really cool, I still have my diplomas from primary school. I was so smart back then xD So... yea...
It will be 3 or 4 parts of this story, haha, I have a lot of inspiration because of my cousins and my best friends' siblings. I don't know why but my cousins are so annoying but Bernada's sister and Kamil's brother are so adorable o.O'

...And stay AWESOME xD
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As the man walked into the room that Lovino had been chucked in earlier, the Italian had pulled back on himself. Being no fool, he knew exactly what the pirate had just done to whatever captives, or crew, he'd had that no longer needed.

If the gunshot wasn't clear, then the splashes and yelling were a dead give away.

Before the Spaniard had waltzed into the room Lovino had been praying that whoever had been killed, would find forgiveness and peace, that was his job after all. But now the man – devilishly handsome, despite Lovino's better judgement – was talking directly to him, he couldn't escape.

It was only at the glint on the other man's chest that Lovino realised he might be saved after all.

A dedication to God was serious in their era, Pirate or no Pirate.

Standing from where he had been sat (not cowering) on the floor, Lovino had to bite his tongue from letting out a rude remark. Usually the Italian didn't care for people insulting him, and would retort back in second nature, but he was wary, now that he was hopeful his life would be spared, even for a while, he wasn't going to let his filthy Italian mouth ruin his chances.

Side stepping over to the table (he hadn't noticed it before, but was glad for that, taking food without being offered was alright when you were on the main land and one of the few priests around, but taking it on a pirate ship?), avoiding the Spaniard as best he could in the small room, Lovino picked up a tomato, looking over it's skin before taking a bit and keeping his eyes trained on the Pirate.

The sound that left his lips was embarrassing.

These were the best tomatoes he had ever tasted!

Blinking his eyes, Lovino finished off what was in his mouth, before giving the Pirate a somewhat sceptical look. If the tomatoes were this good, and not being shared around the higher members of the crew, but being given to him, then he was once again worried for his virginity. "... Then excuse me if I don't call you 'son'."

Okay so he just have to give one little remark.

"By capturing me I assume you have some intention of keeping me, yes?" Lovino had questioned, his Italian accent thick. "Although you are older then me, I have had to earn my position as a priest, much like every other man in the world, I take my job seriously."

The noise that the Italian priest made as he took a bite of the tomato made a smile curl at the Spaniard's lips, his eyes glittering in delight. His amusement only grew when the Italian finally spoke and he barked out a laugh, rocking back on his chair slightly, reaching up and adjusting his hat. "Ah, you're quick on your feet with words," he chuckled as he peered out from beneath his bangs and at, emerald eyes glittering even in the shadows beneath his hat, his teeth white despite the fact that right now they were dirty, much like the rest of him.

One couldn't exactly bathe whilst out at sea and they would have to wait until they docked at the next town before he could consider stopping to clean himself. Even then it would take a few baths for the water to run clear with the filth he was covered in, but compared to the rest of his crew, he was rather clean himself.

His teeth were still white and all there for starters.

Humming, Antonio watched as Lovino ate the tomato and spoke, his eyes fixated on those lips and how they moved and devoured the red fruit. "Well, I hope you understand I can't exactly return you now," Antonio began, "I too take my job very seriously and my position is earned. Thankfully, it comes with lots of bonuses and rewards."

At this, the Spaniard's eyes glinted and a smirk twisted up his lips, his eyes trailing up and down the Italian's body, studying the pure white robe and the lithe body beneath it, drinking it in hungrily like Lovino was his next meal and he was a starved man who had been at sea for weeks and hadn't seen food in just as long a time.

"Tell me Lovino… I was hoping you could relieve me. I intended on coming to your town in peace, maybe loot some food and water for myself and my men. We are hungry, you see. I did intend on coming to your church, but rather, I wanted to use your confessional and cleanse myself of my sins a bit with some holy water- seek sanctuary for a while to let me and my men recover a rather rough time at sea," he spoke as he lifted his hand to twirl the necklace that hung around his neck, the cross warm on his fingers, "Instead, a few men reached the church before I and it seems they made a mess of things, raped a few women and children, broken some crosses, defiled the church and knocked you out cold to be raped."

Sighing heavily, as though it was just some bothersome question, Antonio looked at the other, a pitying gaze on his face. "I regret not coming sooner to stop them. My men know to leave churches untouched and that those who have claimed sanctuary within are to be unharmed. Needless to say, those who have harmed your church and brought you to my ship have been adequately dealt with. I would like to ask for forgiveness, though perhaps I shall wait until the next church before I can enter a proper confessional beneath God's eyes and repent."

Pirate or not, and knowing he had wilfully done dastardly things, Antonio always felt cleansed and relieved when he confessed and was told that God had forgiven him for sinning, and that God still loved him.

As Lovino heard about the women he had been trying to protect, he felt sick to his stomach. Not once had he thought of those left behind upon realizing he had been captured. Pale fingers tightened on the tomato in it's grasp before relaxing, realizing that the juice might squirt and get him in the eye, and although he was angry, he didn't want to blind himself.

The fingers that weren't occupied with holding the fruit went to his neck, fingering his rosary with a frown on his face.

At the mention of himself being captured so that he could be raped, Lovino's face flushed. Pirates were dirty beings, taking out their lust forcefully on women and children, and even men now! Well, on the plus side Lovino hadn't woken up in any pain, other than that of his head, so he must have been fine in that respect.

As the pirate laughed at him and continued, Lovino could feel himself glaring at the man.

The pirate wanted forgiveness?

Lovino didn't want to give it to him, but then he was a messenger of God, he had to do what God wanted. "Then confess to me. True this is no confession booth, but God is everywhere, and if you plan on keeping me I might as well provide a spiritual use amongst this damned vessel."

Bargaining with a pirate?

That's just how Lovino rolled.

Either be their body through which they confess, or be raped and killed. Didn't take a genius to know which Lovino had picked in a heart beat. Although he would need some instruments from the church to assist him.

The thought of this man.. this man who knew his name without Lovino telling him, raiding another church was unpleasant, but the needs of the many outweighed the needs of the few, and if Lovino could get all he needed from one more church, then the many after that would be spared from the pirate's grasp.

Seeing the young Italian's flush and scowl made a toothy grin spread across the Spaniard's face. How cute- that little flush just filled him with a very familiar feeling, mingled with something new. He liked this- what a curious feeling that Lovino made him feel.

"Muchos gracias, Lovi," he replied as he lifted his hand to his hat, gently grasping it before carefully removing it, his youthful and dirty face completely revealed, tan from the sun and chocolate brown locks of hair pulled back into the low ponytail.

"It is fine to confess now?" His ship was holy to him, at least, so even if this was not his preferred place of a church's confessional booth, he knew that God was everywhere and was with him now. Placing the hat down on the table gently, his fingers brushing it like a treasured son or valuable, moving his feet from the table to the floor, standing up once more, his large captain's pirate coat resting on his shoulders, the sleeves loose and empty.

Moving to the Italian, Antonio placed himself on his knees before the priest, reaching out and softly, almost tenderly, took one of Lovino's hands in his, bringing it to his lips and kissing the tips of his fingers softly before he lifted his cross pendant and kissed it as well, his head bowed as he remained on his knees before the priest.

"Forgive me, Father, God, I have committed more sins since I last confessed," he murmured softly, emerald eyes closing as he kept his head bowed, his hands holding onto the tips of Lovino's fingers. "I have murdered many more without shame- I counted two hundred and sixty two since a month I last confessed. The British have grown persistent in their chase, as have the navy. Everyone in my path, I have slaughtered. I have robbed and burned villages, but I have left your churches unharmed and not touched a soul who has made it into your church claiming sanctuary. Several of my men disobeyed my orders and defiled one of your churches. Forgive me God; I did not get there in time. Three women and seven children are dead in your church and their blood stains your ruined cross. Forgive me, God, for not arriving in time to stop my men from harming the innocence of those within sanctuary. Those men have been dealt with justly."

The eerie silence of the ocean and lack of agonised screams was enough signal that the men were no longer of this world- either devoured by the starved and provoked sharks, or drowned. They rested in Davy's Locker now.

"My lust has grown and I have forced myself upon twelve more since last confessional, but I made it enjoyable for them- they begged for more before I continued with them. Their bodies were easy for me, and though they cried, they begged for my body with their voice and their actions. I also plead for forgiveness for my future actions…" At this, Antonio trailed off. Calloused fingers stroked at the tips of the Italian's, emerald eyes opening slowly to kiss them once more before they slipped shut, his lips resting against the soft skin.

The skin was so soft and a gently milky olive colour.

So beautiful…

So cute…

"I beg forgiveness for any more touches I may commit… The touches I will commit… And I pray for those to feel my hands, lips and sex that they can move on, but that I may give them pleasure." There was no reason for him not to pray for his victims.

"But God… I pray you forgive me… I have your priest upon my ship- it is against his will that he is here… He is pure… So pure, God…" Groaning, Antonio pressed another kiss to Lovino's skin, trailing it up along those soft knuckles, to the back of his hand and then sighed to himself.

"Father, forgive me for my thoughts of your messenger and for my sin I shall commit- in my head or upon your son, forgive me. Of all the greatest temptations in the world for you to bestow upon me, he is the greatest." Carefully, Antonio eased his fingers up beneath the long sleeves of the robe, daring to touch the other's wrist, a shiver wracking his body before he retracted them.

"Forgive me Father for my sins, past and future. Please be with those who have suffered by my hand in the past, and shall again soon. Please forgive me."

One hand reached down to his rosary, kissing it once more, his lips lingering before he pressed a final kiss to the Italian as he finished his confessions, awaiting for his forgiveness to be granted, his head bowed before the Italian.

A loyal servant of God, he would not lift himself from kneeling until he was forgiven.

Ah… Yes… That soft, warm and terribly innocent and pure hand in his- how he wanted to corrupt that body desperately…
A big thanks to all of those that have just started to watch me - and to all of those that have been watching me from the very beginning.

I write because of you~

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Once again My Chemical Romano has inspired my titles.

This image has been taken from the wonderful :iconsekaisaionji: who had donated this fantastic picture to my new story.

The original can be found here: [link]

Please note that this is AU Hetalia Verse, and will involves scenes of a sexual nature, and of a gory nature. I do not have a Beta - I like to upload when I have time and cannot wait for a Beta to look through my shiz, unfortunately.

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I have my inner demons.
And they are tearing me apart.
Through my rib cage,
They are eating away my heart.

I have you,holding me tight.
You can feel the pulse of my soul
I am afraid,save me.
Make those evil creatures go.

I have monsters under my bed.
They whisper only bullshit in my ear.
Their voices are so quiet for others,
But so loud for me to hear.

I feel like losing my balance,
I will fall soon,
I wonder,did Lucifer
Have his inner demons,too.

I trust them,
And they say you'll leave.
I'm falling,
It's like they want to kill.

But you caught my body,
You're the one with my soul's key.
With the color of my artery's blood
on your body,you said to me:

"Don't talk to monsters under your bed,
Cause they don't like us at all.
Sleep,I am here,my love.
They don't know what we know."
I wanted to write something different...It made me think,we all have our inner demons and well,people who love us have to learn to either make them go away or start to love them too :D

“It isn't possible to love and part. You will wish that it was. You can transmute love, ignore it, muddle it, but you can never pull it out of you. I know by experience that the poets are right: love is eternal.”
― E.M. Forster, A Room with a View

“When love is not madness it is not love.”
― Pedro Calderón de la Barca

“My soul will find yours.”
― Jude Deveraux, A Knight in Shining Armor
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How do you know if someone is broken?
There are several signs.

(Name) held her head low and eyes cast at the ground as she sat in the head master's office of the prestigious Hetalia Academy. She had gotten in on a scholarship and she was glad, but if you looked at her, you wouldn't know it. Her face was neutral, if not downtrodden. The stern man sitting there looked over her transcripts to make sure it was all in order. He was silent and seemed stoic, though not un-friendly, the young woman didn't know what to make of this. But she wasn't complaining, it was better than the principal at her old school who was loud, boisterous and rude…particularly to her. She never knew why.

They always keep their eyes on the ground.
Their heads down.

"Well this all seems in order." The Headmaster said, "I am quite proud to welcome you to this academy."

"Thank you sir." She said in a grave and quiet voice.

He gave her a small smile and she forcefully returned it. She hated smiling, it wasn't her way. She hadn't smiled for real in years, she had nearly forgotten what it felt like to feel that happy. To be able to smile.

"You'll go and see Mrs. Roberts for your uniform fitting, we'll be giving you a couple so you can dress appropriately." He told her and handed her the right forms and dismissed her.

Their voices are grave and soft.
Their Faces are plain.

"Yes sir." She said and stood gathering her things to go and be fitted for her proper attire for this new school.

Mrs. Roberts was a kind woman with a warm smile and a measuring tape around her neck, her silver rimmed glasses slid to the end of her nose. She motioned the girl to the changing room and the girl stripped herself of her clothes. When Mrs. Roberts entered the room to take her measurements she was shocked and appalled.

"Child, where did you get those bruises and scratches?" she asked seeing the girls seemingly battered body.

(Name) looked down at herself, there were only five small bruises where she'd bumped into something without noticing and she had the habit of being rather klutzy at times; she shook her head and shrugged, "I don't know, I can be unsteady on my feet. They don't hurt." She said.

"Alright, dear, I'll take your word on that." The kind woman said and began to measure the girl.

They seem impervious to pain.
And don't care to notice when they are injured.

After the numbers were all taken Mrs. Roberts disappeared to gather up her uniform pieces, "I think this uniform may actually flatter a figure like yours." She said warmly.

"Uh-huh." (Name) said with a sigh.

The kindly woman stepped back out and handed her, her perfectly fitting uniform and the young girl forced a smile before being dismissed. She doubted she would look good in anything, not that it mattered.

They don't care anymore and...
It's obvious.
If you just care to look.

------------ --------------- ---------------

The following Monday (Name) smoothed out her uniform top in her dingy bathroom mirror. She sighed and gathered up her school things and left for her new school. Her new chance at life. Yeah, right. She thought bitterly as she ran to catch her cross town buss.

------------ ----------- --------

Walking through this gigantic school was difficult, especially since everyone just stared at the new girl, her uniform like theirs, but her bag and expression were poor to say the least. She sighed, this was not going to be easy on her. She had already made the mistake of asking someone who if she had emotions would frighten her with the way he glowered at her and threatened her to feed her to a Polar Bear or something if she ever made the mistake to speak to him unsolicited again.

She walked off, honestly internally just barely rattled, but she didn't let it show. She'd seen him glaring at her and watching her from a distance in a few classes, for some reason this dark soul intrigued her as well. She would never forget his long, dirty blond hair which was tied back, with an, honestly, absurd looking curl that hung right in his face. The golden framed glasses he wore that accentuated his dark violet eyes. He reminded her of a quiet boy she had seen as well, but he stuck in her mind, mainly because he wouldn't take his eyes away from her. It was creepy, but she didn't express it.

She had seen him talking to a boy with, she would kindly call it burgundy, but rudely call it bloody red hair with slightly lighter matching eyes. He had sunglasses on most of the day, though they looked prescribed to her. She fingered her own red frames as she walked. He had a bomber jacket and a wicked smile. She had seen him intimidate others just by looking at them and wondered what he did that was so terrible that had them all scared. Maybe he could make her feel that again. But she wouldn't push that issue.

Unfortunately for her, as she walked towards her locker, the red head was leaning against it with a sinister looking baseball bat in his hand and he was chewing on a tooth pick and obviously looking for some trouble. She sighed and approached him.

In her grave voice, "I believe you're leaning on my locker." She muttered, unafraid, but eyes not meeting his.

"So, what are you going to do about it?" he said brandishing his bat.

She looked at him unamused.

"What can I do?" she asked honestly, no emotion to her voice, "I'll just be late getting home, you have to move sometime."

He was shocked, she wasn't scared of him? She wasn't cowering or running at the mere thought of getting her brains beaten in with his trusty bat? Something was wrong with this chick.

"Hey Alfred!" came a voice she knew.

She turned her head and met eyes with the threatening violet ones from before. He glowered at her.

"What does she want?" he asked.

"Apparently she believes I'm leaning on her locker." The one with the bat, known as Alfred said mocking her.

"Oh really?" the one, who's accent was Canadian, (Name) thought asked and glowered at her, puffing out his chest and brandishing a hockey stick, "Maybe I should feed you to my Polar Bear."

"Even if you did, what would that accomplish?" she asked him with a neutral face and tone.

This shocked both of them and then they both seemed to prepare to attack her when another, British voice broke through their terrorizing moment.

"Come now, Alfred, Mathew, let the young lady alone. She's new here." The pale blond (nearly pink, honestly) haired male said.

Both guys backed down and glowered at the newcomer, angry that they had been caught in the act. The Canadian, set his hockey stick down and growled.

"You're such a kill joy Oliver!" the American exclaimed lowering his bat and
stepping away from the locker.

The trio went to walk off but the American turned back and mouthed a threat to her, that should have chilled her to the bone, 'You're dead chick!'

(Name) sighed, this year was getting off to a GREAT start.
This is my first time using 2P!America and 2P!Canada, so I hope I do well. I have had this idea in my head for a while. And I'm getting it onto DA at last. ^^ Yes it is multi chapter and the next will be up ASAP. I hope you all enjoy.

Let me know what you think.

I do not own Hetalia, 2P America, Canada and England or you.
I do own the story and ideas.
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  The stench of alcohol and the mixture of sea entangled together in the dreary cabin you were forced into. Your arms and legs were bound by scratchy and irritating rope tied up at the joints.

  The beautiful white embroidery and stictchings ont your custom-made dress had dirtied to a grimy brown coloring and torn slightly at the hem. You had lost both of your shoes while being dragged off that fateful day and your feet had gotten splinters from the moist and splintery wood below you.

  The sea tossed the ship, making you tumble to the side and falling on the floor. This has happened various times since being trapped below the deck. Above, you heard the captain barking orders, footsteps and other voices.

  Every now and then, a crew member would come down to feed you the slop they fed. Though they probably ate extravagantly, you were stuck eating what you believed were leftovers.

  The floorboards above you leaked salty water as you heard the familiar captain barking his orders. Oh how you loathed that man. Captain Kirkland. The man obviously had no class, stealing a woman off the streets while pillaging your home. And to treat her like dirt?

  There were cries of protest on the deck above suddenly before Kirkland spoke again in a snappy and hushing voice. Everyone fell silent as he waltzed across the deck and then, down the steps to where you lay.

  The man, unlike most of the others in his crew wore more extravagant clothing, though they seemed absent today. He wore a puffy white shirt which was usually under his red coat and a red piece of cloth was tied around his black pants instead of a belt. His captains hat was missing so you could clearly see the shaggy, blond hair that was usually hidden underneath. And those eyebrows! You had to bite your tongue to keep yourself from giggling at them.

  "'Ello love." He said with a devilish smile. "Enjoying your stay upon my ship? Lovely isn't she?" His hand grazed over the dirty and remaking wood as he approached you. "You're probably wondering why I'm down here instead of-"

  "Shut your trap." You snapped at him,"I'll have you know that there is a bounty on your head Captain. I demand off this ship so I can save you the trouble and turn you in myself!"

  He chuckled lightly before taking you by the rope that tied your wrists together and pulled you close to his face,"Love, you certainly are a feisty one." His breath reeked of rum. "What's your name love?"

  "My name is _________ __________, " You smirked,"And I'm sorry if you thought I was available, but I am betrothed to Mr. Roderich Edelstein." Smiling a bit contently, you were thrown back down to the cold, wet floor below.

  "I'll be back down in a little while. I hope you are on your best behavior now Miss ________ _________." Turning your head slightly, you watched him leave, cursing under his breath as he did so. Immediately, he started barking at everyone before slamming the door to his quarters.


  You were woken up several hours later by the ropes around your wrists being cut off. Turning your head over, you saw two pairs of emerald eyes looking back down at you. "Glad you're awake love."

  The one thing you wanted to do right now was strangle his throat. It was right there and your hands were finally freed and in a moment, so were your legs but you thought otherwise.

  He yanked you off the ground and you stumbled right into his arms,"If you wanted me to carry you, you could've just told me love." Within a second, you were being carried bridal-style up the stairs into the night.

  For the first time, you saw the ocean which seemed endless to you. It was so enticing in the darkness of the night. Then, millions of star came into view above you. "It's so beautiful..." You breathed without much thought.

  "I suppose it is..." Captain Kirkland chimed in suddenly as he placed you on the deck on your feet. He opened the door and yanked you in. The room was full of riche, extravagant and foreign treasures and such decorative things that perked your interest. All the furniture was hand-carved wood, the sheets on the bed looked like real Chinese silk, everything was just so beautiful.

  "Excuse me Captain Kirkland, what are you-"

  "Arthur, love." He sharply cut off before approaching you again. He seemed to be re-introducing himself to you,"My name is Arthur Kirkland love. You needn't add 'Captain'."

  Clearing your throat, you started again,"Excuse me, Arthur, but why exactly am I here?"

  "Love, I've found out that I've grown quite fond of you." Your face started glowing red and you knew this wasn't going to be good. "I just wanted some company tonight."

  "How long has your shirt been off?" You suddenly asked, noticing  his bare chest.

  He approached you suddenly, grabbing you painfully by your right wrist and the other on your back, slowly inching its way up towards the string that held the dress up.

  You pulled away from him quite unexpected by him,"No you disgusting, vulgar pirate." You spit at him in disgust,"I don't want anything to do with you!"

  He laughed viciously,"Come now _________. Let's not be rash."

  "I can be and I will be!" You snapped back.

  He stood a bit stunned for a moment in complete silence. "Fine. But I am not allowing you to leave me tonight. I promise not to do anything to you unless you say so."

  You crossed your arms impatiently,"Fine."

  In a few moments, you were settled under his bed's silk covers, feeling a bit nervous suddenly. "Hey Arthur?" He looked over at you curiously, hoping you would say something that you wouldn't,"Do you have any family?"

  You thought his face would fall, but quite the opposite. In fact, he seemed almost like a different person,"Yes, I have a little brother named Alfred." He dug around in his pocket and pulled out a red ribbon. "This was his and he gave it to me before I left. He's the sweetest thing..."

  You giggled a bit,"That's rather cute actually...seeing someone like yo get ecstatic over something as simple as that."

  "Aye." He said, putting it back in his pocket,"But it bests more than all the treasure I will ever gain."

  Feeling a bit better, you shut your eyes, moving closer to him slightly.


  "_-_________!?!? T-The bloody hell are you doing in my bed!?!?" England snapped suddenly, making you wake up to the golden rays of the sun. His face was red and he was angry.

  Smiling a bit sheepishly, you kissed his cheek,"I was lonely last night and wanted to sleep with my Iggy." You giggled.

  "T-that gives you no right to-"

  "Hey England...? Were you ever a pirate by chance?"

  He suddenly tensed up a bit. His emerald eyes looked at you a bit confused. "Y-yea, b-but how did you know love?"

  Clutching onto him, you sighed contently,"I just know..."

  "W-wait! Don't fall back asleep! G-get out of my room you git!"

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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