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My entry for the Tomb Raider Reborn contest :)
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Once RedRobin had been gone for a while I was finally able to be with my thoughts. What had just happened? Did I really agree to go on tour with him in exchange for a scholarship to the best vet school in Equestria?

The Canterlot Academy of Veterinary care.

Dash was the only pony who knew I wanted to go there. I'm sure everypony else in our group knew as well, but I didn't go blathering on about my dreams. Not that it's a bad thing..but I was much more conservative about that kind of stuff...

My mind drifted back to the countless talks I'd have with Rainbow Dash about it. About my dream of being one of the best vets around.

"You can do it, Shy!"

"Listen, don't hold back for ANYPONY, got it?! Not for all of our friends, or your pets here, or even me! If you see something..just go for it!"

Nopony encouraged me like she did before. Sure RedRobin was offering to let me go to that school for free. But the cost was to travel with him and be on tour. You'd think this would be every mare's dream, right? Travelling alongside a popstar.

Well not if you're as shy as I am.

I sighed and closed my suitcase. What little clothing I owned was jammed in there. I'm sure I would get more along the way. I wanted so desperately to say goodbye to my animals but I knew that would be a bad idea. Same with my friends. I decided maybe I'd talk to Rarity about it. Surely she'd talk me out of this decision.


"Darling you are the luckiest pony in Equestria right now! You must go, you simply MUST!" squealed Rarity, hopping aroud her boutique like an excited school girl. I groaned. This was not the answer I expected from her.

I rubbed my foreleg with my hoof, glancing over at her. " don't think it's a bad idea?"

Rarity paused from her hopping and looked back at me, tilting her head. She looked at me like I just asked her what the meaning of life was: utterly confused. She let out a giggle like snort and cantered over to me, throwing her foreleg around me in an embrace.

"Well it certainly isn't going to happen again! You get a chance to go to the best Vet school in the land and the only price you have to pay is travel alongside one of the hippest pop stars around right now? Sounds like a sweet deal to me!" she said, pulling away. A confident smile on her face.

I opened my mouth to speak, but was cut out immediately by more Rarity ramblings.

"True I will miss you, but if he told you he'd take care of your animals for you then there isn't really much else to do except be whisked away by your prince charming!" she let out a whine now, flipping her gorgeous purple curls out of her eyes. "You are soooo lucky! You know I'd give up my entire boutique to be in your place! Well no, not really..maybe my secret stash of diamonds sure..." she walked back over to her sewing machine and continued working on another fantastic project of hers.

My eyes trailed down to my hooves. I knew Twilight would disagree, as would Applejack. Pinkie would probably have the same reaction as Rarity I'm sure. I should have gone to Twilight or why didn't I?

Was it because deep down I really did want this?

And accepting this offer in exchange for keeping This made me no better than a...a...

I was shaken from my thoughts when Rarity walked over to me, playing with my pink mane. "Would you like me to doll you up a bit before you go?" she asked, trying to fluff it up or something. She was obviously displeased with it.

I stepped back, shaking my head. "No no...if RedRobin wants me so bad, he will get the real me." I said, extending my wings.

Rarity smiled at me genuinely and I could see a few tears forming in her eyes. She trotted over to me, throwing me in a tight hug.

"You best get going soon then, right, Hon?" she asked, rubbing the back of my head.

I felt tears form in my eyes too as I shut them tightly, trying to fight them back. I had to be strong...this was my dream I was following now. "Of course, Rarity..." it was silent for a moment before I spoke again. "What about the others? I can't break the news to them-"

"I'll handle it." whispered Rarity before pulling away, however, her smile faded when she looked at my face.

My eyes were soaked by this point and I couldn't keep in the crying any longer. Rarity ran back over to me, throwing me in another tight hug. "I know, I know...I miss her too." she said. "We all do."

"It's my fault!" I cried into Rarity's shoulder. "She's gone and it's all my fault and you all hate me now!"

Rarity hugged me tighter, shaking her head. "No don't you dare blame yourself! None of us blame you, Darling..." she said, pulling away from me, keeping her hooves on my shoulders.

"Now don't want him to see you crying like this. You have got to put on your best face." chimed Rarity, wiping her eyes as if trying to erase the fact that she had been crying with me. Her eyeliner running down her cheeks.

I smiled at Rarity's futile attempt to wipe away her tears. "Okay, Rarity...thank you. For everything."

Rarity shook her head, smiling. "I mean, the rest of us in Ponyville found our little niche but you and Rainbow Dash. Applejack has her apple farm, Pinkie and Sugarcube corner, Twilight and her library and studies and me with..well.." she threw her forelegs in the air a bit at the boutique. "But you two had different places to be." her smile turned a bit sad now. "It's bittersweet that you both found love in each other, though. All it did was hold you both back.." she said in a sad voice.

I sighed. In a way, she was right. Her and I together. The familiarity of it all. I knew ending it was right. Maybe not now, maybe not in a few weeks. But in the long run it was the right thing to do.

I picked up my suitcase in my mouth and gave Rarity one last smile. She waved and lowered her head, keeping her blue eyes on me. "Remember! Write!"

I giggled between the suitcase handle and nodded before opening the door.

I only walked a few meters before I was blinded by multiple flashing lights.

Cameras shoved in my face and voices I couldn't even recognize shouting questions I couldn't understand at me. I tried to shield my face with my forelegs, but it was no good. The bright, almost cruel flashes broke through and blinded me instantly. I could see nothing but spots everywhere I turned until I felt RedRobin drop down next to me.

I thought he was going to take me away but instead he threw his arm around me, giving a big smile to the cameras. "Aha, yeah we will have to get you a pair of sunglasses to block these flashes." he seemed to say, almost laughing.

I couldn't believe it. He was having the time of his life while I was having the worst anxiety attack of MY life. I wanted to yell at him. I wanted to say something but each word was cut off by my throat closing up. I just wanted this nightmare to be over.

"So is this your new girlfriend?" called one of the reporters.

RedRobin let out a cocky chuckle and flashed a big smile.

"I'm not saying she isn't but uh..." he threw his wing around me and pulled me into his uncomfortable heavy half arm'd hug tighter. "What do you call this?"

Can these reporters register normal pony emotions like the rest of us can? I doubted it. Because there was no way they were able to ignore the sheer horror on my face so easily like this unless they were unfeeling vultures.
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My favorite character on league of legends, she has everything, minions, self guided attacks, range, attacks that don't consume mana, gap closers, even a snare, and to top all that does decent damage with few items and you can build her tank.

Everyone bow before the Spider Queen.

Download for better resolution.
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The gray light from outside poked through my window and slapped me in the face, reminding me that hiding in my dreams would only last so long. I tried to tune out the light but it was no use, even after throwing a pillow over my head.


I slowly sat up only to be hit by the worst migraine I had had in a long time. Between that and my sore, swollen eyes, this morning would be worse than waking up after a night of drinking the Apple family's cider.

I wanted to lay back down on the couch and will my headache away but I knew I had work to do. My animals needed feeding, despite how sick I felt at that moment.

I slowly pushed myself off the couch and while walking outside glanced at myself in the mirror, almost cringing at the sight.

My pink mane was tangled and sticking up in certain areas. I knew maybe I could ask Angel or something to brush my hair but not right now. He was probably starving.

Once outside, I grabbed the bag of feed and headed over to my chicken coop and backyard where all my little critters seemed to gather. Putting on my best fake smile and clearing my throat, I dusted the ground with the feed that everypony seemed to enjoy. Or at least tolerate. But there was one animal I knew wouldn't even tolerate this bland mixture.

"Oh Angel~" I called out to him. Of course, he didn't come so I fluttered in the air, flying over to his little house.

"Angel, who's a hungry baby?" I cooed in my best baby voice, hoping he'd hop out of his little hut happily.

Still nothing.

Panic set in at this point as I dashed over and peered into his hut. It seemed empty, but some chewed up apple cores made me suspect he was here recently. My breathing speed increased as I felt a panicked lump in my throat form.

"Angel..?! Angel...?!?" I called, panicking. I rushed over back to my tree house, practically running despite being in the air as I flew.

I heard a chuckle near my front door and it sounded familiar. I felt fear and anxiety sink in as I flew faster and faster. Finally arriving, I sighed in relief when I saw the white little fluff ball hopping up and down. However, my relief quickly escaped as I saw a dark stallion standing in front of the rabbit.

"Hey! Would you cut it out?!" he snapped in annoyance. I could see not a playful look in his eyes, more of an annoyed look. Once those green eyes settled on me, he seemed to adjust his facial expression almost instantly and grinned.

I felt myself shutter with both anticipation and fear.

"Oh hey there, Fluttershy." he said, placing his hoof on Angel's head. "Is this little guy yours?" he asked, releasing his hoof as Angel frantically hopped over to me and hid behind my foreleg.

I nodded nervously. "Y-yes. This is Angel." my eyes lowered a bit in suspicion as I tilted my head. "He's one of my closest companions." I could feel Angel flailing about behind me, obviously upset at what RedRobin had been doing. I really wasn't in the mood to fight, so I simply picked Angel up and placed him on my back. "He wasn't bothering you, was he?" I asked Red.

RedRobin adjusted himself and cleared his throat, puffing his chest out. "Huhn? Him? Nah. He's...quite the cutie pie." he said through his teeth. It didn't take a genius to see that he wasn't too thrilled by Angel, however not many ponies liked the bunny either.

"I was just going to feed him...would you maybe like to join me?" I didn't want to let either Angel or Red out of my sight. I didn't want them to fight, or Red to interact with my other animals.

RedRobin hesitated at first but shrugged. "Sure, I don't mind!" he said, trotting closely next to me. I could feel Angel grow restless behind me as I walked to where I kept all my vegetables. As we trotted along, I tried to fight sleep but it seemed despite how quickly I passed out last night, I was still tired. Probably this headache.

As I felt myself zone out, I heard a blood curdling scream and my back feel slightly lighter than before. I whisked around to see RedRobin bucking about angrily as Angel chewed relentlessly on his ear. My jaw dropped and I heard myself let out a squeak as I stood motionless for a few moments, unsure of what to do.

Angel normally had good judge of character, but to be this mean to RedRobin...this stallion couldn't be that bad, could he?

"Ah! Angel must be hungry!" I said, nervously giggling. This time, it didn't seem Red was too happy about the way things turned out.

"!!" he said, shaking his head about. This time I felt I needed to intervene. He was going to hurt both himself AND Angel at this point.

I ran over, grabbing Angel's food with my mouth and prying him off of Red. Tossing Angel on my back and wrapping him up in my wings, I turned to see blood dripping down Red's ear, and his once cool and flirtatious eyes take on a red hot fiery rage. His teeth were showing and he almost looked like an angry Timber Wolf.

Gritting his teeth, he shot daggers at Angel, who I assumed glared angrily back at the bleeding Pegasus. "Might..want to keep that thing on a leash, eh?" he hissed.

I turned back to face Angel who was still giving this guy dirty looks. Biting my bottom lip, I knelt down and slipped Angel off my back.

"'s time you go back to your hut, Angel. I'll feed you later." I said in a hushed voice. The tiny bunny folded his arms, but listened to me and darted back toward his hut. I trotted over to Red, examining his ear. "Let me...patch that up for you." I said with a shrug.

Red turned to me, the fire in his eyes cooling and he blinked a couple times before nodding. "Okay. That would be nice."


Once I wrapped the wound around his ear in gauze and bandages, he seemed to calm down almost instantly. Maybe his ego forgot he was attacked by a rabbit five times smaller than himself.

"I'm telling you, Fluttershy.." he went on. "...being on tour and seeing all of Equestria-no, all of the world is truly amazing! You see things beyond your wildest dreams." he fell backwards on my couch and smiled at me. "It'd be great if you accompanied me."

I turned and washed the bloodied rags I used to dry his wound and closed my eyes. "I don't know, RedRobin.." I muttered. "I have a lot of responsibilities here-"

I heard a scoff. "What, you mean those flea ridden animals-Er I mean...your little friends?" he said, correcting himself. I heard his hoof steps approach me and he placed a wing on my shoulder. I flinched a bit, but turned my eyes up toward him.

"Aren't you ready to follow your dreams?" he asked in a soft voice. I shrugged and backed away a bit. "I..I dunno. This was always my dream, caring for animals."

He laughed. "In this house? In Ponyville? Don't you want to care for more than just goats and cows? And ...rabbits?" he backed away, lifting his hooves in the air for effect. "How about a dragon? Or a griffin? Or exotic animals and creatures you've only read about in story books?" he asked me. And immediately words like exotic, and dragons, and griffins...and animals began to buzz in my head like a million Parasprites. RedRobin trotted over to me again, that same cool grin on his face.

"All I'm saying is..why limit yourself to Ponyville?" he practically whispered in my ear, seducing me with ideas of being one of the greatest animal caretakers in all the land.

I remained silent, unsure of what excuse I could make. "But..if I do go with, who will care for my animals?" I asked, frowning at the idea of my lovelies starving.

"Already taken care of." he said almost instantly. "I will send over five ponies over everyday to check on them, feed them, clean their homes...even the little demon rabbit." he assured me, wrapping his foreleg around me. I cringed again at his touch, but tried to hide it better this time. He was doing me a huge favor.

RedRobin leaned in, whispering in my ear. "Come with me..and I will make sure you get into the finest vet school in Equestria."

I remained motionless until I pushed him off me and blinked my cyan eyes at him. "And...what is the catch?" I asked hesitantly.

He paused, before bursting into an uproar of laughter. "Catch?! Oh silly Fluttershy, there is no catch! Just keep me company whenever I'm not singing and dancing for my fans!"

Again, hesitation set in. When he said 'keep me company' did he mean just sit and talk..or something else...? I bit my bottom lip, knowing I couldn't turn an offer like this down. A free term at the best vet college in could I say no?

"Just..give me some time to get my things together, and I'll go.." I said, trying to hide the hesitation in my voice.

His mouth contorted into that same cool smile, except his eyes seemed to show a bit more of a crazed look. "Aw good, you made the right choice." he trotted over to the door, already awaiting a carriage to take him off. "I'll be back at around say...8 o'clock. I trust you'll make the necessary arrangements until then?" he asked. Before I could answer he disappeared into his carriage as it road down the path away from my house. I released a captive sigh and closed the door.

What would I say to all my Angel..and Rarity, and Twilight...and Pinkie and Applejack and...and...

I shut my eyes tightly. "Well..I'm following my dream..." I whispered, trying to fight back tears. "I hope you do the same. Or this was all for nothing." I picked myself up and began to trot upstairs, to pack my bags. Then I would go off to say goodbye to my friends.
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it is highly suggested you listen to ORDEN OGAN's song 'requiem' first, or else you lose the full effect of the picture. here:…

Okay... I've been working on this particular picture for about... a 1-2 weeks? I think in the end I had over... 35-36 different layers. I ended up using a new shading technique I haven't used before. and put a lot more attention into the hair details.

I'm proud of how it turned out...Though to be completely honest, I hated making this picture from start to finish. let me explain why...
first off me coming up with the concept of this picture was a horrible idea, I was on a 'mlp feels' thread when an amazing song decided to play... and I pictured this... sad song + sad emotions= depression picture

secondly, I'm an introverted person. I think... a lot... drawing this... I thought about it.... a lot... not exactly a great thing to experience for 2 weeks.

third, being an introvert and thinking about this... it was safe to say I was holding back tears at a lot of points, it was excruciating.

Fourth, just the thought of Fluttershy dying like this, or dying before her time, or dying at all. it just seems incredibly wrong.

Over all making this picture was mental torture...

but, the picture turned out nice...
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I wanted to put this picture on T-shirts.
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wueno mi primer dibujo desde ase aņos :'D (?)
wueeno esplico:
como la cosa esta dura aqui en venezuela :'D pues me ispire aser un pony de venezuela! :dummy: por que bueno tan bien abia bisto una pony asi pero de Argentina entonses me dije "hay quiero aser uno yo tan bien!" y wueno salio ella xD la princesa venezuela uwu
y bueno las botas negras sinbolisan a las de Simon Bolivar nuestro libertador y tan bien tiene sus ombreras en las alas xD y esas cosas que tiene en las patas tan bien son de Bolivar x3 y bueno ella tiene la bandera de venezuela de melena y de cola si es la bandera pura x3Uu la cuty mark la saque de internet ya que no supe como aserlo :'D y que sea un corazon no significa que sea chavizta -3- es corazon ya que ama venezuela :'D hay dios!
y bueno ahorita aqui todos estan locos con las hoyas xD bueno dejo datitos de ella (que posiblemente la aga pony mia nose)

Nombre: Princess Venezuela
Edad: ???
pony: Alicorn
personalidad: amorosa con todos, muy tierna y amable,algo brusca *pesada* sin querer, si se meten con sus amigos ella les ara frente a los malos y luchara a muerte por defender a todos los que ella ama y quiere.


-volar libremente
-ayudar a sus amigos
-que todos tengas sus cosas por igual nadie mas ni menos
-estar con los turpiales (el ave nacional)
-plantar arboles en especial los araguanei (arbol nacional)


-las personas que acaparan bienes para ellos solos (enchufados! (??)
-gente egoista
-que solo aya un color politico
-que ignoren a los nesecitados
-la violencia

bueno creo que eso es todo xDUu
y sii!! soy Caprilista!!

lol creo que me pase algo con la politica xDUu
wueno bye

Art by :iconlinduritalinda:

Venezuela de todos!

fondo de google
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In my office, I moved pencils around with my hoof. Watching them roll down only to have me catch it. It didn't take me long to climb the ranks with the Wonderbolts. In a span of over a year I was in the same position as Soarin and Spitfire. I looked out my window, seeing her drilling the new recruits. Can't say we saw this many new faces before without Gilda's help

Despite our ranks, Gilda always held top command. She would say I was her right Talon Mare but that only made me feel like all my hard work went to nothing if she was more important than us. I sighed, tapping my hoof on the floor anxiously. She told me she had a surprise for me and my stomach was doing all sorts of flips as each passing second hit me with more intense waves of anticipation and anxiety.

If you're wondering why I'm nervous, yes it is because I am suspecting only my wildest fantasies. That Gilda has somehow brought...her to join us. Or something along the lines of Fluttershy. It had been a year and I have not heard from her at all. Not letters..nothing. Pinkie Pie and the girls wrote to me, and I would come to Ponyville to visit but there was no Fluttershy.

I didn't ask, and they didn't tell. It was a mutual thing. They didn't want to tell me, and I certainly did not want to know. Ignorance is bliss, right?

Finally, the door opened but it was only Cloudy, pretending to sweep. I rolled my eyes, with a slight smile.

"Yeesh, haven't you heard of knocking?" I asked, resting my head on my hooves. She looked up for only a second, raising an eyebrow.

"You look a bit uptight through the window, I figured it was because your office was a bit dusty." she said, laughing. "Thought I'd come by and clean it up." Cloudy continued to go about sweeping, taking extra special care and taking her sweet ass time. She knew how to take my mind off things, if only for a second.

I rolled my eyes. "Thanks. But you know why I'm like this." I said, biting my bottom lip. I got up from my chair and strolled over to the window, looking at the new ponies. Their faces contorted in pain, panting heavily. I could see Soarin and Spitfire urging them on, screaming at each passing pony to go go go. I shook my head and smiled. I remember when that was me. I knew the ponies with the determination on their faces would make it. I was lost in my thoughts of the past before Cloudy spoke up.

"Aye. I don't think it's fair of Gilda to tell you she has something for you, and completely brush off what it could be." she grumbled, taking out her duster now and began working on the book shelves. I turned to her, shrugging.

"Yeah she likes keeping me on edge, I guess." I said with a small smile. "Besides, it can't be that bad, can it?"

My heart skipped a beat when I saw Gilda through my window as she had her wing over a pony. I began to panic. I knew those weren't her colors, but my mind likes to torture me and I assumed it was her. I rushed over near the door, then backed up a bit, adjusting myself and standing upright. Cloudy immediately ceased her dusting and walked out the door, before giving me one last glance. She despised Gilda and avoided her as much as possible. I wish I had the luxury to run away from her. As soon as I saw Gilda walk to the door, I stood upright, giving her a salute. Why I gave a salute to a Griffin with absolutely no rank was beyond me. But she commanded it.

"At ease." she said, waving her talon at me. My heart pounded in my chest and I could hear it through my ears, nevertheless, I never moved from my stance.

"What was the important surprise you had, Gilda?" I asked flatly, looking dead at her.

Gilda plopped down, still looking gigantic though and relaxed her wings. Out from behind her came a scrawny looking Pegasus with a red coat and a golden mane. He looked around my office, with an almost unimpressed, dull expression.

"This is Maroon Fly" she said, lowering her golden eyes to meet mine. I didn't try to hide the disappointment, yet relief in my tired eyes as I brought my hoof to my chin.

"Why'd you bring me him?" I asked in a monotone droll.

Gilda opened her beak to speak, but the Colt spoke up. "Uhm, do you even know who I am??" his tone condescending, as his green eyes narrowed at me. "I thought you were gonna teach this one some manners, Gilda." he said sarcastically.

Gilda cringed, but eased up and let out a smile. "Yeah she's a feisty one." and they both shared a mean laugh.

By this point I was steaming as I slammed my hoof down. "Pardon me, do you know who you are talking to??" I barked, marching right toward his face. My face, literally inches from his, stared down at the boy. "I don't know, and I don't care who you are. Anypony who talks like that to a commanding officer around here gets 500 laps around the track, do I make myself clear??"

Gilda began to instinctively put her wing between us, and slowly pushed me away. "Not this one, his brother paid us quite a pretty bit to get him in here, and he's already graduated and a Wonderbolt. You can talk to him like you talk to Spitfire, or Soarin." she said, looking down at the now smug looking Pegasus.

My jaw dropped. "You mean I had to work my flank off to get to where I am, and he just passes through basic training and already has a rank among us, just like that?!" I gasped. Gilda nodded.

"I know it's a lot for you to wrap your head around but my brother is an important pony. And what he wants, he gets. He wanted his precious brother to finally earn his cutie mark so I came here for some hard work and discipline." Maroon Fly strolled about my office, as if he owned it, then turned to me, shrugging. " know, hard work and all that isn't really my thing. You understand, don't you?" he said with a smile.

I stormed in front of him, slamming my hooves on the ground. "At least in this office, you will be treated as you are. Somepony who cheated their way through the Academy just because their brother is someone important. And Gilda, we need to talk. now." I hissed, pointing my hoof at her. I have yelled at her before but this time I was livid.

Maroon stood there casually, before I turned my head to him, slapping him on the rear. "Alone! Get out of my site, Parasprite!" I hissed. The pony merely narrowed his eyes and trotted out.

"Just wait until my brother hears about how I've been treated. This is ridiculous!" he walked over by Gilda. "I'll be outside, but I do hope you teach this one some manners." and with that he was out. It was just me and the Griffin.

I let the air cool down for a few seconds before letting out a sigh, beginning to speak. "Gilda, that is wrong on all levels. And when Spitfire and Soarin find out you let a pony bribe you-"

"Spitfire and Soarin know." she said flatly, preening her feathers. I paused, my ears lowering.

"What?" I choked out.

"They know. But unlike you, they respect their manager and know that they could get their rank ripped right from their shirt of they spoke up against me." she slowly walked over to me, looking down at my badges and pins.

"And you know if we weren't together, you'd be down to a basic recruit like the rest of them, if not expelled from the Academy." she said in a menacing tone. I narrowed my eyes at her, trying to fight back tears.

"Who in Equestria is his brother anyway?!" I barked, demanding an answer. "Who is he where he has enough money to pay this Maroon Fly character's way through flight school!?" just saying that out loud filled me with rage.

Gilda scratched her talon on the floor. "If you don't know Maroon Fly, you'll certainly know his brother. Ever hear of RedRobin?"

My ears lowered. "Ugh, yeah." I said, with bile in my voice. "We went to Flight School together. He was a bigger show off and egomaniac than me. And now just because he can sing and fly at the same time he's famous. So what?" it took me a minute but then my eyes widened. I slowly turned to her.

"Are you saying that his brother is...?"

Gilda nodded slowly. "Yes, we are in the midst of a celebrity. So be on your best behavior." she said, running her cold talon through my mane. I slowly cringed away, turning away from her.

"But Gilda... bribery...? We are so above that. So so SO above that." I said weakly. Although I shouldn't be surprised. This is Gilda we're talking about.

She let out a crow as she flapped her feathers a bit in an aggravated fashion. "I did it for the bolts! I did it for us! Do you know how much bits we got out of this? We have enough to recruit just as many ponies!" she said. "Not only can we be the best damn performers in Equestria, we can be the best defenders in the world!" she raised her talon, scratching her chest. "Don't you want that for this? Or is your selfish childhood rivalry really going to cloud your judgement?"

Angrily, I turned to her, narrowing my purple eyes. I stared into her gold ones. I swear as my eyes got duller, her eyes got more bright with ambition. Their flames burned through my icy wall quickly. I didn't want to argue with her right now. I was just fed up with the corruption.

"If you keep letting ponies buy their way in, we won't have a fighting force. We will have a band of rich snotty brats who think they can do whatever they want."

Gilda's face relaxed, and nodded. "You're right, Dash." she said.

My ears perked up, and I felt myself smile. "You think so...?"

Gilda nodded. "Yeah. Only the really rich should join the Wonderbolts, think of the money we could make!" then she through her head back and let out that scary bird laugh she does. It was mixed in with squawks and throaty chuckles. She leaned down and kissed me on the cheek, which sent a shiver down my spine.

"Ahhh you're a funny one, Dash. I'm only teasin'..." she walked over to the door, letting herself out. "Orrrr am I?" she gave me a jack-o-lantern smile and waved goodbye before walking out, shutting the door behind her.

I stood in the silence of my office and allowed the dim light to comfort me. I slowly walked back over to my desk and slid down into my chair, sighing. That bird brought so much stress on me. Every time I talked to her, it was as if my body was in fight or flight mode. And as much as I wanted to just fly, my pride made it in fight mode. I looked in my drawer and dropped two seltzer tablets in a glass of water and watched them sizzle to calm my stomach. I'd go out and join Soarin and Spitfire in a minute and have a talk with them. There was no way they were okay with this. At least not Spitfire! She was such a powerful mare and it's as if Gilda is trying to strip everypony here of their self confidence. I still held onto mine. Barely, but it was there...

I took a small sip of my seltzer water when I knew I'd be at peace for a few minutes and let myself relax. My wings fell at my sides and I rested my head on my desk. Among all my files, all my "inspirational" pictures in frames, and all the other nick knacks on my desk I had but one hidden. I lifted pages of my large Calender and lifted away month, after month, after month until I got to last year. This time last year, I was still crying every night over that mare from Ponyville. Now, I don't even cry at all unless it's something Gilda does.

I can already tell this Maroon Fly Colt and I won't get along...but I didn't want to think about that right now. I'll worry tomorrow.
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This is something I whipped up right after I made the Wallpaper for HUMANS ONLY!
Took me about 2 hours. Which I was surprised because I thought it would have been a hassle doing line art. Well hope you guys like it.

This is The Avatar: The Last Air Bender. Name: Aang.

If anybody has any ideas for my next project please don't hesitate to tell me.
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