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I had less than a week to make my next project, it could be any game-style piece. Soooo after many hours of beating my head against flash, it's done! It's essentially a summary of how I feel rignt now, dead and crushed by all the crap I have going on. The weight of things I have to do, and things I want to do.

Heres the hoping the teacher likes it haha.
On a side note this is my room! Like exactly.

My Tumblr

Credit to FEAR for the ipod music. It's Alma's music box
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*testing .swf files again*

A tribute to Nujabes.

I've been listening to "Spiritual State" and other songs in similar style to Nujabes' a lot. I ended up wanting to try and make a song that was influenced by what I heard.

Music available on Bandcamp (click song title)
Nu State (3:35)
by CT

Camera: SONY DSC-R1
Edited in GIMP
Music made in FL Studio
2012 © CT

Another hobby of mine is taking photos of the sky and I've been using these photos for my original music. I have A LOT of pictures of the sky and clouds and sunsets, but I never post them anywhere so this is a way to get me to start sharing them.

Eventually I want to start making interactive flash files where you can actually press play or pause or select among multiple songs but I don't have Flash and on top of that I don't even know how to use it lol But when I do get it, I'll learn it and it will be fun :D

But yea, anyway, I think I'd like to start sharing a bit of photography accompanied by original music. Eventually it'll be original music accompanied by digital drawings or maybe even animations! I'm always looking for new ways to introduce my music to you guys! If you like what you hear, you can always purchase them on Bandcamp by clicking the song title or you can always share them with your friends with YouTube. Enjoy the photography and music!

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The storm did it. Like, totally.
Small and simple, but that was last flash in this chapter and probably for a while! Sorry, it's kind of huuuuge

БОЛТУН: Ночное небо сегодня было восхитительно. Хотя ураган немного испортил впечатление.
ДОЛЛИ: Эм…тут…так это был ураган?
БОЛТУН: Да, и довольно-таки сильный. Он ушел куда-то на север. Можете взглянуть.
*Нажимайте на стрелочки, чтобы повернуть чаескоп*

Прошу прощения, что так разнесло по экрану, не ожидала ._.'

:iconozleftarrowplz: :iconozrightarrowplz:
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Tumblr: [link]

YouTube version: [link]

Bruce and Tony start a new show... O: ! Original video: [link]
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Feedback & FAQ
Game works on Internet Explorer & Firefox.
If you are playing the game on Google Chrome, the start game button may not work, so try this method:
    Right click the game when you're on the main menu screen, and press play.

Fan made game for the RPG maker game Ib!
I made for a class project, I found it really fun haha~

The buttons are suppose to have sound in the original file, but since I'm new to Action Script 3 I had a bit of trouble trying to implement it..
I'll update it in this flash file when I figure it out in the future.
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 I'm done with all the commissions and I'm getting back to working on Far Beyond the World!
I'm sorry for the gif quality - it's really difficult to upload movies on deviantart haha. I had to convert nicely rendered mp4 to swf and so, the bad quality appeared. Somehow, tumblr didn't make a mess out of my video, while deviantart did. OTL'' Gotta figure that out somehow
This scene was done around 10 months ago, but still it's one of my favourites :heart:

Character animation done entirely in photoshop. Special effects done in After Effects. Some edits to this video are possible - I was thinking about fixing the clothes movement and make Barbara's hand move a little bit, hm.
From left: Barbara, Kordian, Canis Maior

thank you so much for all the comments and support!
Also, if you know for to fix high definition swf's for deviantart Q-Q
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EDIT: Got wrong file XDXDXD changed it now

hope u enjoy the tutorial n_n Took me very long but made it very well explained, here I will teach you how to make turn based battle rpg games in a few simple steps. Let me know what you think

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Totoro is so fluffy !

:icontisseur-de-reves: for :iconnewbee-work:
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Ok so For one of our recent Open Canvas sessions :silvermonki: Katsu and I were talking about Gangnam Style by PSY. I ended up making poor Chibi Al and Yellow rubber headed Edward dance to the song...

Check the song out here [link]

PSY is an amazing crazy singer from Korea. At the moment this song features on the Big brother TV show here which has just started so I know us Aussies are a bit behind but its all good. we are getting there ;D

I do not own this song.
Artwork all by me.
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Announcing that the big audio + visual collaboration + Charity auction is live now!

Watch the original video here also: [link]


Follow the link to the auction Here ~> [link]

Make your own story, your character, your dreams...come to life...

Have you ever dreamt of a storytelling picture of your character in a scene, accompanied by a dynamic and fitting soundtrack? This is your chance to be a part of the collection of the painterly and musical collaborations between Alectorfencer and Fox Amoore.

When colour and shape builds up a beautiful painting, music can add so much more impact and depth to the whole story and brings your character to life in a highly unique way. Starting with the first collaboration called "Myre", both Fox Amoore and AlectorFencer entered a new area of collaborative works and inspired each other by their visual and muscial ideas and released many more projects together. Become a part of that journey.

Something even more special about this collaboration auction is the increase of a percentage that will go to Charity!

The charity amount will go to the National Fox Welfare Society "NFWS" and helps foxes and other forest animals in the UK to survive and to get back on their feet. Their website:
So, you are not only getting a lovely collaboration between Fox Amoore and AlectorFencer, but you also contribute to the national welfare for foxes and wildlife in the UK and make happy foxes there! :)


:bulletgreen: Thank you to EZwolf, who created this awesome video for us! Go and look at his webpage NOW! [link]
:bulletgreen: He also has an own YouTube channel: [link]
:bulletgreen: Thank you to GreyShay for his amazing voice acting once again!

I have full permission to share this video and its content, including the music and the work. It is a collaborative project including my own work.


Please spread the word! :heart:


Here are the original images featured in the video (including links to the songs!)

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