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I had less than a week to make my next project, it could be any game-style piece. Soooo after many hours of beating my head against flash, it's done! It's essentially a summary of how I feel rignt now, dead and crushed by all the crap I have going on. The weight of things I have to do, and things I want to do.

Heres the hoping the teacher likes it haha.
On a side note this is my room! Like exactly.

My Tumblr

Credit to FEAR for the ipod music. It's Alma's music box
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180 frames (6 sec) @ 512x720 pixels
total render time: 6 hours 3 min 53 sec

program used:
3ds max

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Too short? Sorry, this is my first flash game :3
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EDIT: Got wrong file XDXDXD changed it now

hope u enjoy the tutorial n_n Took me very long but made it very well explained, here I will teach you how to make turn based battle rpg games in a few simple steps. Let me know what you think

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Sakura Bowl Round 2! Run by *CaptRosko

:iconshikakusuika: Inks, Lettering and flash formatting, Colors (21-24)
:iconmanic-pixie: Scripting, Pencils (11-20)
:iconrocker-artist: Pencils (1-10, 21-24)
:icontotenveloren: Colors (1-20)

Our opponents:

I know there was an extension, but we had a complete product finished and everyone has lives to return to. Also, Can I be up on my soapbox for sec?
I'm really tired of people requesting extensions in the last day or two before the deadline. I know capt had some reasons to delay also, but come on. If you can't tell you need an extension until the deadline has arrived, you weren't really paying any goddamn attention. And you know what that turns into? Still not turning in something even after the extension. There's an extension basically every single time a tournament round ends ever, and maybe 5% of the time there's true extenuating circumstances.
I am so sick of that. Please.. please stop. I'm begging you.

As for the product itself, I lav you teammates! Always makin super happy funtimes. I think this comic is very... G-Gish XD In the sense of its themes, plot, and style

I might ad some extras/step-by-steps later. But now back to KB for me! >3>
...sorry Kyran
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*testing .swf files again*

A tribute to Nujabes.

I've been listening to "Spiritual State" and other songs in similar style to Nujabes' a lot. I ended up wanting to try and make a song that was influenced by what I heard.

Music available on Bandcamp (click song title)
Nu State (3:35)
by CT

Camera: SONY DSC-R1
Edited in GIMP
Music made in FL Studio
2012 © CT

Another hobby of mine is taking photos of the sky and I've been using these photos for my original music. I have A LOT of pictures of the sky and clouds and sunsets, but I never post them anywhere so this is a way to get me to start sharing them.

Eventually I want to start making interactive flash files where you can actually press play or pause or select among multiple songs but I don't have Flash and on top of that I don't even know how to use it lol But when I do get it, I'll learn it and it will be fun :D

But yea, anyway, I think I'd like to start sharing a bit of photography accompanied by original music. Eventually it'll be original music accompanied by digital drawings or maybe even animations! I'm always looking for new ways to introduce my music to you guys! If you like what you hear, you can always purchase them on Bandcamp by clicking the song title or you can always share them with your friends with YouTube. Enjoy the photography and music!

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It's been roughly a year and a half since I made the last one and good golly gosh I forgot how tedious it is! At least I implemented a lot of new aspects to make it more fluid.

There's also a showcase just for the literary pieces that you can find...HERE…

In total, there's 140 people, and while that might sound like a lot, It's a wide rage of styles and mediums so there's something for everyone! If you like the pieces, watch/comment/fave the artists and maybe think about featuring this showcase to spread the love of artists!

It doesn't need to be said but I don't claim any rights or ownership over the pieces features, they belong to the artists and I'm only using them to showcase the work.

With all that being said, enjoy, find new artists, check out my work as well want to be nice?
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Size fixed, sorry to her the music please click on the music button

My first game & Work with flash :iconblushplz:
It was pretty much fun to draw all the clothes & thinking of how to make everything work (especially the buttons get me in for 2 days :iconlazycryplz:)

about the game:

-You have the choice between my original oc outfits (Kyori's,Koeda's & Yumi's) & some outfits of other figures Like Miku, IA, Mirai , IB , Inaban (from Kokoro connect), Flandre, Cirno etc.
-You can move everything like you want, so you can combinate as many outfits you want :happybounce:
-You can turn the music on by clicking the music button (the song is Usotsuki うそつき byHatsune Miku off Vocal (not mine)
belongs to [link]
-You can change hair,BG,eyes & mouth by clicking the buttons~
-This game is for fun not making money etc.

:bulletgreen: You are free to play it & making screenshots but please with credits!
:bulletred: Please do not claim (the result) as your own, also please don't copy the outfits of my Oc's (the cosplay outfits belong to their respective owners)

Please have fun~ :iconsatoshiwaveplz:

Used: Flash Cs3
Need: 50 hours (a week)
Art & game (c) me
(I was able to do this thanks to this Tutorial [link])
(I was able to do this thanks to this tutorial
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The storm did it. Like, totally.
Small and simple, but that was last flash in this chapter and probably for a while! Sorry, it's kind of huuuuge

БОЛТУН: Ночное небо сегодня было восхитительно. Хотя ураган немного испортил впечатление.
ДОЛЛИ: Эм…тут…так это был ураган?
БОЛТУН: Да, и довольно-таки сильный. Он ушел куда-то на север. Можете взглянуть.
*Нажимайте на стрелочки, чтобы повернуть чаескоп*

Прошу прощения, что так разнесло по экрану, не ожидала ._.'

:iconozleftarrowplz: :iconozrightarrowplz:
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