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Damn it, Brent... why's it gotta be so sad?

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New SYAC Up!
Hey guys, new strip for SYAC is up today and we've added a new character! Come check it out! There will likely be a couple new episodes going up in the next few days as we introduce this new character and what he's about.

CGI Zelda Movie Shut Down... 6 Years Ago

Imagi Animation Studios, the company responsible for the CGI Astro Boy and TMNT movies, made a 1 minute test reel to show to Nintendo trying to pitch for a Legend of Zelda movie. The pitch made in 2007 was ultimately turned down by Nintendo, likely due to Nintendo being extraordinarily squeamish about letting an American animation company handle one of their properties after the abysmal failure of the live action Super Mario Bros movie. And hopes that this project would ever be looked at again were rendered null and void when the american branch of the animation company was shut down back in 2010.

But the good news for everyone is that you can see this 1 minute pitch reel Imagi showed Nintendo now online after it got leaked recently. Keep in mind this was just a pitch, not actual movie footage and designs could've changed over the course of production (and it also looks like they were using assets from their TMNT movie to help). So enjoy the demo for what could've been The Legend of Zelda's first big budget movie.

The Omni

I want this... with Minecraft. I want to exercise while playing video games and avoiding creeper deaths. This is the closest thing to a holodeck that I've seen thus far. Now all they need to do is add Disney's aireal tactitle feedback system (… ) to it and we'd have a working prototype for one of the most immersive holodeck experiences EVER! The future is SOON!
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I have to admit, I am incredibly surprised by the overwhelming success and appreciation of the recent comic "A Yoshi Story"

A Yoshi Story by TomPreston

In less than 24 hours the comic has generated almost 200,000 views and been featured on a number of different outlooks including DA's tumblr, facebook, ICanHasCheezeburger, Memebase, and more.

As much as I would like to take credit for the comic, I want people to give proper credit due to DA user Commisar-Erdno for writing the story in the first place. All I did was draw it. Credit for the concept and execution goes to Erdno. So please be sure to check their DA page out and tell them how much you loved the comic.

It's also rather fun to see the comic being used as a Rorschach Test of people's optimism/pessimism. Either way, it's still fun to see everyone's interpretations of the story.

So thank you everyone for your support. I really did not expect a comic about a Yoshi sacrificing itself to save Mario to become so popular and loved by so many people! I really appreciate it!
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This is a LONG one so settle in!

I’ve been re-watching Sucker Punch a lot lately and have been humorously admiring how misunderstood it is. It’s almost comical how a movie that comes right out and says “I am about the negative connotations surrounding the constant sexual abuse and objectification that women endure,” gets reviewed and dismissed as “just another pandering male geek fantasy of objectified sexualized women.”

I could write a book on the various subtle metaphors and messages Sucker Punch visualizes, but I don’t wanna bore you all. But to demonstrate what I mean let’s just dissect a small piece of it.

Before we begin we need to understand two things. First, Director Zach Snyder made the film with the express intent of it being a feminist critique on geek culture. If you don’t believe me, hear it from his own words:… (we will be using a few quotes from that interview later anyway). Second, we’ll be talking specifically about the Extended version of the film because that’s much closer to Zach Snyder’s original vision. It’s no secret that the MPAA highly censored and altered Snyder’s original intent by forcing him to cut scenes out, resulting in one of the most key bits of dialogue to be cut. The Extended version puts that scene back in so that’s the version we’ll be talking about. There also might be spoilers so be warned!

Let’s begin.

Sucker Punch is a movie with multiple layers of reality. The film follows the exploits of Baby Doll, a girl who’s been hospitalized in a mental institution after an accident where she was trying to prevent her sister from being raped/assaulted/murdered by her greedy step father. To cover up the crime, her step father bribes the institution workers into lobotomizing Baby Doll.

To escape the hell of the institution Baby Doll regresses into a fantasy world set in a brothel, an illusion to allow her and the other inmates cope with the fact that they are being sexually abused and assaulted by the very people who are there to protect them. Baby Doll and her companions hatch a plan to escape by stealing items while Baby Doll distracts the workers with her sexy dancing.

Whenever Baby Doll dances, we regress further into an even more stylized fantasy world which comprises the movie’s elaborate special effects driven action set pieces. And this should be a huge tip off. We are told by the other characters that Baby Doll’s dancing is a very raw and sexy performance that literally stupefies the men around her. But in the film her dancing sequences are expressed as over budget special effect laden eye-candy utilizing geek culture iconography and references. That is literally the movie commentating on itself by tricking audience members into coming to watch a film to gawk at the sexily dressed women being “empowered” by comparing it to a strip tease.

And speaking of that “gawking” the film teased at, it never lets you enjoy it. Yes, the women are dressed in stereotypically sexy outfits, but the film very purposefully never gives in to exploiting them. There are no gratuitous boobs and ass shots, no shots of the women’s cleavage in slow motion, no slow pans up the bodies of the women so that we can “enjoy” it the way the audience likely expected to. And that’s deliberate. It’s the film critiquing nerd culture’s love of seeing women dressed up in elaborate costumes and objectifying them while pretending they’re “empowered.”

Would you say the film is a critique on sexist geek culture?
Zach --- It is, absolutely. I find it interesting, in a lot of ways, that this movie – of all the movies I’ve made – has been universally hated by fanboys, which I find really interesting. It’s like a fanboy indictment, in some ways. They can’t have fun with the geek culture sexual hang ups. It’s funny because someone asked me about why I dressed the girls like that and I said, “Do you not get the metaphor there? The girls are in a brothel performing for men in the dark. In the fantasy sequences, the men in the dark are us. The men in the dark are basically me: dorky sci-fi kids.

So now let’s look at the first action sequence with all this in mind. At this point in the movie Baby Doll has been brutalized. She’s been institutionalized. She’s seen those around her that she loved die. She’s been helpless and at the mercy of a horrible man who has every intention of killing her and her spirit. Given that this movie has a feminist voice, let’s look at the first action scene as if she was a woman part of the first wave of feminism that happened in America.

Dance Fantasy: Samurai Showdown

Where is Babydoll? In an old established temple. A symbol of traditionalism. Standing alone in a world that is cold and harsh.
What does Babydoll first do when she arrives? Completely by accident, she nevertheless disrespects the tradition.
What does she want? Freedom. She is at her most vulnerable and powerless states right now. She wants to break free of these bonds that surround her, but she doesn’t know how. And she’s scared of what will happen when she tries.
What is she given? Two weapons. One symbolic and one superficial. Swords are usually (at least in stories) symbolically masculine. For Babydoll to take up the sword it’s rendering her symbolically male: IE she has to fight the traditionalism by pretending to be male. The gun is a bit more complicated as it’s superficially masculine. Guns are less manly in shape but they’re often rendered as a form of masculinity.
What happens next? Babydoll is confronted with 3 ginormous symbols of traditionalism (samurai) and told to “fight” with no guidance on how.
What’s the first thing that happens in the fight? She is knocked down by the traditionalism. Considering her name is Babydoll, and she’s the most child-like dressed of the group, is it really hard to understand what this is saying? The beast came up and kicked her before she even had a moment to defend herself.
What happens in the fight? She uses her symbolic male sword to take down the first foe. It takes her a bit but she finally does it. And what’s the first that happens as soon as she does? She comes under repeated fire by the second warrior. She has to dodge the barrage of bullets attacking her before using the superficial gun to take her foe down. And once she’s done that she’s more in control and the third samurai is shown to be less confident and powerful. She’s able to strike easily and take the foe down with little to no effort.

And do I even need to mention the symbolism of the temple being reduced to rubble as a direct result of Babydoll standing up for herself?

The whole fantasy is a visual representation of the earliest forms of feminism. When women were restricted by traditionalism, how they had to pretend to be masculine to make any headway, how they were forced into their “place” by the traditionalism, how standing up for themselves was dangerous, how it put them directly in the line of fire, and how scared and nervous a woman with power was seen by the men. The whole fantasy lines up perfectly with women wanting equality from the traditional patriarchy, how they had to fight to get anywhere, how they came under fire, and how they ultimately rose to have enough power to make progress.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at history and see what you get:

A very condensed explanation of First Wave Feminism (source Wikipedia)
The majority of first-wave feminists were more moderate and conservative than radical or revolutionary—like the members of the American Woman Suffrage Association (AWSA) they were willing to work within the political system and they understood the clout of joining with sympathetic men in power to promote the cause of suffrage. The first wave of feminists, in contrast to the second wave, focused very little on the subjects of abortion, birth control, and overall reproductive rights of women. The end of the first wave is often linked with the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution (1920), granting women the right to vote. This was the major victory of the movement, which also included reforms in higher education, in the workplace and professions, and in health care.

See what I mean?

And the rest of the movie is no different. Each action sequence can be read as a step for feminism as it grows and gets better, and the dialogue in the brothel fantasy world makes it pretty clear that they are talking about geek culture and sexism specifically. SPOILER: Later in the film Blue, the owner of the Asylum, comes in and kills all the other girls one by one before finally turning on Babydoll. Remember that the metaphor of the movie centers around geek culture. What does he say?

I try, To give you all a good life.. I try.. I do. And all I ask for in return is respect.. Honesty.. A give and take relation ship. But its come to my attention.. Its come to our attention, That a few bad eggs, Led by one egg in particular, Have spit in the face of that generously. And are plotting against me. Me.. Your protector.. Your friend.. Your employer! *Holding gun* Plotting to take away my most valuable possessions! You know what it feels like? Like Im this little boy, Sitting in the corner of the sandbox while everyone gets to play with my toys, but me. So Im going to take my toys and Im going to- *Shoves Baby Doll into a light*

Think about this for a second. The biggest complaint women have about geek culture is that men in particular treat the women like they own them. They hyper sexualize them in the magazines but then get angry at them for dressing up as those characters and trying to own them. The brothel and the Asylum are metaphors about what it’s like to be a woman living in the geek culture. They are abused. They are disposed of. They are demanded to entertain and perform for the guys who slobber all over them. To not show emotion when others around them are silenced. Threatened to never stand up for their rights. To never fight back.

In the extended cut, Baby Doll is seduced by the High Roller. Remember that throughout the film he’s been the constant threat. The one who will lobotomize Baby Doll in real life. He quietly and soothingly lulls Babydoll by tempting her with all the promises of things she desired most. Remember: The movie is about how geek culture tries to control it’s constant need to sexualize and objectify women.

“All I require from you is a slither of a moment. To have you not by force, but simply as a man and a women. To see in your eye, that simple truth, that you give yourself to me freely. Not because you have to, but because you want to. Now of course, for such a gem, I will give as well. I'm willing to give you freedom. Pure and total freedom. Freedom from the drudgery of everyday life. Freedom as abstract ideal. Freedom from pain. Freedom from responsibility. Freedom from guilt. From regret. Freedom from sadness. Freedom from loss. The freedom to be happy. Don't close your eyes; I need you to look at me. The freedom to love.”

And then we cut back to the Asylum as Babydoll is rendered a comatose vegetable. Babydoll might be in bliss, but she is not the same. No one looks at her the same way again. And Blue, the man in charge of the Asylum, tries to take this opportunity to have his way with her only to realize too late that he has taken away everything that made her unique.


I understand why this movie didn’t get a good reception when it came out. It was advertised and marketed as a male geek fantasy vehicle but the movie itself is the exact opposite. If you read any reviews about it and the reviews complain about the way the characters are dressed, then they clearly missed the point of the film. The more I watch Sucker Punch, the more and more symbolism and metaphors I see. And oddly enough, it’s aligning itself very closely to how I view geek culture and the whole sexism and objectification of women that I’ve been complaining about for months. I didn’t appreciate the film much when it was released, but I’ve been appreciating it much more now and I hope that you can see why.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the film is perfect. It has it’s flaws like any film does. And this review and dissection isn’t meant to change your mind or “prove” that it’s a good film. I know many people who did understand the message it was trying to say and still don’t like it. I just wanted to give you guys an insight into a film that has been, in my opinion, wrongly labeled and attacked for the very things it’s trying to denounce. It’s a gorgeously shot film with a very specific and polarizing message to say and I think it deserves a little more praise than it’s generally given.
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Year of Luigi
Nintendo announced recently that Luigi will be getting quite a bit of due attention this year, declaring 2013 to be "the year of Luigi." First he'll be staring in the Luigi's Mansion sequel for the 3DS, then he will be a big component of the next Mario and Luigi RPG on the 3DS. In the RPG game, Mario will enter Luigi's dreams where Luigi can be as awesome, if not better than, his overshadowing brother. Poking and prodding Luigi's face on the touch screen will also alter the dream world, allowing Mario to proceed through obstacles. And if that wasn't enough, there is a new DLC package planned for New Super Mario Bros U which basically adds an entire game's worth of new levels exclusively to be played by Luigi. Pretty solid stuff, Nintendo. Now say that 2014 is the year of the Peach!

Slavery Abolished!
Mississippi has finally ratified their 13th amendment, a motion to abolish slavery written back in 1865. The discovery that the amendment hadn't been passed came about when 2 academics decided to look into the status of the amendment after watching Stephen Spielberg's Lincoln. When it was discovered that the amendment had never been ratified, they contacted Mississippi's secretary of state, who arranged the passage of the bill on Feb 7th. Better late than never, right Mississippi?

Equestria Daily
My picture of Flutteryshy as a Crystal Kingdom Knight was featured on Equestria Daily yesterday. Thanks to whomever submitted it there, I was quite surprised to hear it was featured at all.

Adventure Time Progress Movie!
Sorry it took so long to complete, but here you go! You can see the progress of the Adventure Time illustration from start to finish now. Yay! Obviously to not bore anyone to death with the 8+ hours of drawing that I livestreamed, I flipped the video upside down (to be right side up for the viewer), sped it up, adjusted the clarity, and edited it much much shorter so you at least get an idea of what it was like. If you're masochistic enough to want to watch the full unaltered 8 hours you can do so on my Ustream account here:…

In the meantime, enjoy the edited for time and entertainment youtube video!

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The promise of the Internet was that unlimited information and experiences would draw us together. But instead it seems to have driven us apart.

For years I've observed this behavior but haven't been able to vocalize it correctly. Originally I called the behavior of collective opinions as "the hive mentality" of the Internet. But that wasn't exactly right and I often got called out on it. The most prominent example was when I made a comic about a guy disagreeing with opinions and being shouted at till he remained quiet, eventually fading into the background with everyone else. The consensus of that comic was that if you disagree with someone you aren't bullied into not speaking, but instead are free to go someplace else where people who do agree with you exist. And you know what? That wasn't what i was trying to convey, but is sadly true. The Internet is not a hive mind. It's many tiny pocket echo chambers of mutual agreements.

And this is becoming a growing problem, I think, because no one wants to ever compromise or try to come to an agreement on anything anymore. Want to bitch about a movie? Find a group of people who hate it and join in. Conversely did you enjoy something but see everyone hating it? Find others who enjoyed it and bask in their mutual appraisals for things you like.

I feel like this is where a lot of the internet's smugness and snarky attitude comes from. Because the only time "drama" appears is when these widely different groups butt heads with each other, usually to the point of completely ignoring the other side simply for being ON the other side.

I can't help but feel that when people cozy up to other like-minded individuals and use that as their justification of their actions, that we are taking a sever step backwards. I think it's very important for us to learn how to deal with and come to terms with issues without constantly flying off the handle.

Disagreeing doesn't mean there has to be a fight. You can disagree while also being respectful and inoffensive. And just because someone might disagree with you doesn't make them automatically wrong or their attempts to explain why they disagree as a personal attack upon you.

I've been ruminating about this for a while, but it wasn't until the reviews for Star Trek: Into Darkness and Iron Man 3 came out that I've been able to make sense of it. Both films have been widely polarizing and it seems like no one is trying to come to see from the other side. Rather its become opposing sides fighting back with one another, with no room for serious discussions.

I don't like this echo chamber the Internet has. I don't like that If you disagree with someone you can just hide behind others who agree with you. It's cowardly. It prevents us from having to deal with other people's opinions while heightening our own. It's a tremendous ego boost, but a terrible social hindrance.

And just so we are clear, I'm entirely guilty of this as well. We all are. And to be honest... I don't know how we fix it. It's reached a point where I don't know if its possible TO fix.

The world is not black and white. I really wish we could stop trying to compartmentalize everything into yay or nay categories. And the worse part is that I think a lot of it is done subconsciously.

What do you think? Have you experienced the irrational one sidedness I've spoken about? Agree disagree? If so, why and how? Lets discuss this openly as I feel it's a very important issue we need to address.
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Have any of you been watching these? Animator Paul Rudish (famous for Dexter's Laboratory and Samurai Jack) has been hired to do 19 animated shorts featuring Mickey Mouse and company. The cartoons are, naturally, very graphic and reminiscent of the 1930's "rubber limb" style, but with a modern twist. Here's a sample:

Sorry fans from other countries, but apparently this is only for American viewership :( Although I am told that if you install something called ProxMate in your browser you can unblock them for your region...

As of this journal there are 4 of the 19 shorts currently available on YouTube under the names New York Weenie, Yodelberg, Croissant de Triomphe, and No Service.

You know Disney, I don't get you sometimes. After gutting the 2-D animation department back in April (laying off 9 long-standing top artists), and after continuously turning down 2-D animated feature after feature... you're still capable of producing work like this with such imaginative style, color, pacing, and animation quality. Why can't you apply this level of commitment to a feature film?

Hats off to you Paul Rudish. These shorts are amazing and I wish that during my time in college I had something this artistically inspirational in animation to look forward to.
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I've been playing through Harvest Moon: A Tale of Two Towns and it quickly became apparent that the Harvest Goddess needs some sort of medication to keep her emotions in check.

Shortly after starting the game I got the cut scene explaining the situation: There exists a place with two towns separated by a mountain connected by a tunnel that goes through said mountain. One day two travelers bumped into each other in the tunnel and raised their voices slightly. The Harvest Goddess promptly stepped in, chastised them for being inconsiderate enough to accidentally bump into each other, then proceeded to bring the whole tunnel down effectively dividing the two towns just to teach them a lesson (stop me if this sounds like Omashu's origin from The Last Airbender).

Having separated the two towns over an insignificantly stupid quarrel, the Harvest Goddess then gets really depressed and decides she can't be bothered to remove the roadblock she put there herself, whereby she turns to you, my dear player, to remove it for her by growing crops and winning cooking tournaments.

Winning those cooking tournaments is a lot harder than it seems. Most of the shops in town are closed on the exact day you need to get an ingredient, they randomly have different ingredients every day (making it hard to pre-plan a dish), and no matter how good your dish turns out, you'll still lose every damn time. I went into a competition with a dish that was 5 stars and the judge said it was like the Harvest Goddess herself had cooked the meal, only to loose to the team who had two failed dishes. Since the progress of the game rests on how well you do during these competitions it's both frustrating and annoying to struggle so hard and to get so little in return.

At prearranged times set while playing, the Harvest Goddess bestows her mighty power on the local carpenter, giving the carpenter's lazy ass the drive to dig through the tunnel. This begs the question of why on earth the Harvest Goddess has to resort to such tactics. If she can infuse anyone with her powers to remove the obstacle, why can't she just do it herself?

She regularly demands offerings for which she never gives anything back in return, making you sacrifice your hard earned crops and money so she can chastise you some more for not completing tasks fast enough.

She's also a bit of a creepy stalkerish voyeur in that she methodically tracks your every movement and counts how many times you do EVERYTHING. Whenever you've reached an arbitrary number, like picking 50 potatoes, she interrupts your daily life to tell you how you're doing, how there's plenty more for you to do, and to get back to work.

Oddly enough she interrupts you by quoting the Zelda item-got theme "Dun-Da-Da-DAAAH!" which makes me think the real reason she's being a lazy jerk is because she's too busy playing through Skyward Sword. I wish I could get back to playing Skyward Sword, but no, I gotta go harvest these crops and make the two townsfolk like each other because the Harvest Goddess is a lazy b**** who wants everyone else to take care of her mistakes and demands free food and praise.


Ok ranting aside this is a fun game. Here are my nitpicks: The 3D effect is lackluster and pointless (often even incorrect as your character seems to descend into the background) so I recommend turning it off. At times the game will get sluggish if played for too long without quitting. Sometimes it even freezes up entirely, forcing you to restart a whole day. The repetitive nature of some of the tasks quickly gets boring. And finally the "rivalry" between the two towns is so good-natured to begin with it's really hard to genuinely believe that there is a "fight" going on between them at all. This is the type of game where someone saying "we're better than you" in a joking manner equals "F**K YOU YOU ARROGANT A**HOLE I HOPE YOU DIE IN A FIRE AND YOUR MOTHER GETS BURNED AT THE STAKE."

Those nitpicks aside, it's still a very good entry into the Harvest Moon franchise. The graphics are lush and gorgeous, and the controls are solid and intuitive. The backpack is ample and provides you with lots to pick up and play. The livestock management is more efficient and streamlined. And the mountain separating the two towns is a joy to run and jump through discovering every little nook and cranny. Harvest Moon is a game entirely built around the idea of grinding so you can grind some more, so if you're turned off by that mechanic this is probably not a game for you. But if you like cute graphics, idealized homey towns with wacky citizens and growing crops, or if you've enjoyed any other Harvest Moon franchise before, this is definitely a good entry and should be picked up and played.

My favorite aspects are probably the ability to run and jump through the mountain range, the ease of taking care of animals, the streamlined features (such as being able to put down multiple packs of food for animals to graze upon and not requiring you to feed each individual animal one by one every day), and the gorgeous graphics.
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Just for fun I thought I'd do a rundown of the most common forms of humor, their definitions, and examples. This is not a complete list by any means, but they are a list of many forms of humor and literature discourse which often get confused of mixed up.

An imitative work created to mock, comment on or trivialize an original work, its subject, author, style, or some other target, by means of satiric or ironic imitation.

Example: The movie "Airplane" is a parody of 1970's disaster movies. Many of Weird Al's music videos are parodies of other more famous music videos.

A work of visual art, literature, or music that imitates the style or character of the work of one or more other artists. Unlike parody, pastiche celebrates, rather than mocks, the work it imitates.

Example: The movie "Super 8" is a pastiche of 1980's adventure films, specifically imitating the style of Stephen Spielberg's early career, because it celebrates and embraces the style unironically.

Pastiche and Parody are often confused because they both involve imitation, but the easiest way to distinguish the two is this: Pastiche embraces the imitation through general affection for the source material, whereas Parody is meant to mock and make fun of the source material.

Satire is a genre of literature, and sometimes graphic and performing arts, in which vices, follies, abuses, and shortcomings are held up to ridicule, ideally with the intent of shaming individuals, corporations, and society itself, into improvement. Although satire is usually meant to be funny, its greater purpose is often constructive social criticism, using wit as a weapon and as a tool to draw attention to both particular and wider issues in society.

Example: The movie "Starship Troopers" is a satire of fascism and fascist war propaganda. Likewise the movie "Sucker Punch" is a satire of the supposedly empowered female sex symbol in geek culture. Both address specific ideas and attempt to say something about them in a rather critical fashion.

Poe's law (named after its author Nathan Poe), says that an Internet adage reflecting an idea without a clear indication of the author's intent, makes it difficult or impossible to tell the difference between an expression of sincere extremism and a parody of extremism. I believe this is why satire is so difficult for people on the internet to grasp, because a lot of satire revolves around being seeped in a specific mindset that, while designed to mock or say something more about the given subject, is often seen at face value and the broader subtext is ignored.

The expression of one's meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect.

Example:The Titanic was promoted as being unsinkable, but the ship sank on its maiden voyage.

An inclination to believe that people are motivated purely by self-interest; skepticism. An attitude of scornful or jaded negativity, especially a general distrust of the integrity or professed motives of others

Example: You can be cynical about the successfulness of the US Congress to actually achieve a goal.

The use of language which, on the surface appear to be appropriate to the situation, but are meant to be taken as meaning the opposite in terms of face management. The distinctive quality of sarcasm is present in the spoken word and manifested chiefly by vocal inflections.

Example: Do I REALLY need to give you an example?
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It seems that the gaming world is finally waking up to the fact that women DO actually play video games. They (the gaming industry) are not being mature about it, but the fact that a female perspective and voice is being heard more and more is a very good thing in my books.

The latest controversy to break out in the video game world has been over niche gaming studio Vanillaware's recent title "Dragon's Crown," and the absurdly sexualized female character of "The Sorceress"…

Some people are, naturally, offended that such a ludicrous character design with no sense of reality or function even exists, while the other side keeps saying "why are we even talking about this?" Both sides are being vocal, but they also seem to be talking past one another. One side seems to want to rid gaming entirely of sexy character designs, while the other seems to think this is some sort of "feminist agenda" and are being sexist in response because they fear having a discussion about it will take away these sorts of games that they enjoy.

With both sides arguing passionately for and against her design, I just wanted to throw my two cents into the ring...

I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with having a sexy character in any medium. I also think that attempts to rid them entirely from games/books/whatever "just because" is kinda silly. A character being sexy does not automatically objectify them. Making a character "sexy" for no other reason than to gawk at them, does.

I think that the variety of what is known as "sexy" needs to be expanded upon. The stereotypical skinny, skimpily clad, big boob/butt ,"attractive," female character design needs to be just one of MANY sexy design options. Women don't have to be underdressed or have an hourglass figure to be considered sexy. Women can be completely clothed and still be attractive. They can be various shapes and sizes and still be "hot." (And this goes for men as well, though it's far less of an issue for them.)

The Vanillaware game is an interesting discussion, but I feel that it's getting in the way of a much bigger problem in the industry that we're not addressing. Sexy female characters are not inherently bad. The lack of variety and the industry's insistence that only one type of design choice for "sexy" women IS.


What are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree? What sort of characters (male or female) do you find sexy but not sexist? Do such characters even exist in your mind? Do you think this is a worthwhile discussion or do you think we should just ignore it?
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