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Season Represented: Winter

(An entry to the DA calendar contest, my original submission's image size is too small for the contest, so I had to re-post these.)

Arches National Park, Utah.

To learn more about this image, check out the original post in my gallery:
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DA Shirt Design Entry 001
Concept: redvoltaire11
Artwork: redvoltaire11
Tools: Adobe Photoshop CS5
Technique: Vector? (+ Vector Resource)

My classmate (:iconggfied:) told me there's a new beats headphones by dr. dre Tron edition.
Check it out. => [link] [link]
Imagine if you wore this shirt AND that beats, yo! XD just advertisin'. Anyway, thanks for your support people!!! XD May we all win! :icondoctorcatplz: :iconstupidfox-plz:

When I put up the link above for the Tron headphones, I usually started getting comments on how "Tron style is amazing", but I DIDN'T base it on any Tron-alific ideas. Sorry, but I really didn't, because it was inspired by Phantasy Star shield-weaves! (not "based" on, sorry.) Shield weaves look like these ([link]) yes, they are the white glowing things. And, as you can see, my shirt and the shield-weave don't look very much the same. I thought it really looked like a new-gen fashion statement. :3
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Hello to everyone who is viewing this photo!
This is being entered into a contest called "beauty in everyday objects" you can enter the contest by going here [link] and it closes May 31st (entry date was extended). You can also view the rules there too and the prizes.

As for what I did to this photo. Not much to be honest. I used my new tripod with VERY low lighting on ISO 200. :D This was actually an experiment. The paper is yellow glitter scrapbook paper (you can see it in my stock), gold glitter on top, 2 gold charm skeleton keys, and a small scale tea cup with saucer. Most I did was crop it a bit at the bottom. I couldn't find the flaws in my camera so I didn't have to edit in GIMP.

Thanks for viewing!


(also, I did not add a water mark to this :D)

featured by :iconhappyjolush: here --> [link]

featured by :iconfaintsmile28: here --> [link]

featured by :iconyadiyada27: here --> [link]
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Listening to: "Isn't She Lovely"

*Sorry, re-uploaded a different view for the 2nd time. Happier with this one, although there are still problems.*

This... carving... was... so. much. fun!!!! Deinonychus hatchling, 8 hours.

My other carvings of 2011:

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What's your blood type? Me? Type dA!!!
Because only artists have rainbows flowing through their veins...^_^

Would you wear this??
Click "I'd Wear This" at the upper right part of the page!!!

Thanks a lot for the vote!!!

Tweaked the design.
Removed the text.
Cause a picture is worth a thousand words..^_^

Just re-read the tips and it says MAKE SURE NOT TO OVERLAP ANY SEAM!

Uh-oh, I'm in a tight fix.
I'm freakin' out!!!
But, if dA would give me this one, singular chance, I'd do everything to fix the design!!!

By the way, guys, why don't you check this deviant's design?? It's got a nice concept, but it's not getting much popularity...^_^
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Original Quotes Battle
Design #5

(Your support is massively appreciated - click to I'D WEAR THIS! Thanks!)
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I am the feminine.
I am the masculine.
I am one and I am both.
My darkness can be trying.
My lightness can be blinding.
But in balance there is harmony.
There is always a choice to make.
Which one will it be?
The path of surrender,
Or the one of resistance?
They both lead to the same goal.
The darkness is only the void
That you travel from time to time.
The lightness is the intuition that
Gently guides you from within.
The resistance is to fight the elements.
The surrender is to embrace the flow.
How many falls will you create before
You walk on steady ground?
Which is better for you?
Harmony and freedom,
Or chaos and turmoil?
What about balance and stability?
I am heaven and I am hell.
And I can be all that at once.
The choice is yours to make.

ok, this pic is for the wacom "bring your vision to life" contest, the theme of it is good vs evil, and free to interpret any way you life, rather easy subject if you ask me. so here is mine, of course, dragons, but i wanted to portray the balance between good and evil, sort of like the yin and yang thing. one can not live without the other, where there is light there also must be darkness and vice versa to maintain harmony and stability in the world.

this pic took me a while to do, i had to the dragons separately to get good detail on them. the background took a while too, but it actually came out good this time! usually my cloud background suck, but i look at few tutorials and got some ideas how to make better clouds. i really how this turned out, surely one of my better pics. i really hope i win the contest, i could really use the prizes right now.

critiques please!

oh, i didn't put a watermark on it because they don't allow it

artwork (C) to me.
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Hi everyone! :wave:

Here is one of entries into the "Fella Around the World" Contest :iconimhappyplz:

Looks like Fella and Super Llama are having a swinging good time at the park :)
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I sooo want this T-shirt.... I really love it!
It could have made into 2 t-shirts, but I wanted the fancy one on the back xD

Please vote for me!!!!! Or at least vote for the poor Llama! He need to be a Super Albino Llama to be able to fly... or something!

No seriously, This will probably one of the best I can come up with so please vote for me, then I'll love you for eternity <3 (or at least until I die!)

:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:Thank you!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
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