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The chocolate beauties presents the official
Cheerleader contest 2014

Don't hide show your pride, by entering our contest with your drawings of black cheerleaders!
Cheer leading isn't just about getting the crowd going, and making sure they bring the spirit.
Cheer-leading is a cutthroat sport that requires a lot of strength, agility, practice, patience, creativity, and spirit. We would like for you to show your pride by submitting works of your cheer squad, and cheerleaders.

Gold Trophy by mirzjilesThe prizesGold Trophy by mirzjiles
1st Place Trophy by mirzjiles1st place winner gets $200(USD via paypal)plus a month feature spot on our page.
2nd Place Trophy by mirzjiles2nd place winner gets a 1 year premium membership.

3rd Place Trophy by mirzjiles3rd place winner gets a 3 month premium membership.

How we will judge

We will be judging based on; Creativity, Uniqueness, Effort, based on the theme, and rules.

=The Rules=
.:Mini star bullet 01:. by Chipi-ChiuThis contest is PG13 please do not submit any nudity, sex, or any other adult content.

.:Mini star bullet 01:. by Chipi-Chiu Only users of Deviantart, and members of the ChocolateBeauties are allowed to enter this contest.

.:Mini star bullet 01:. by Chipi-Chiu Profanity, Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Transphobia and anything else promblematic is strictly prohibited from the contest and group. You will be disqualified and kicked out if you use any of the following

.:Mini star bullet 01:. by Chipi-Chiu Sorry no furry art work allowed in this contest

.:Mini star bullet 01:. by Chipi-Chiu One submission for each contestant. There can be multiple characters in your scene but only one submission per contestant.

.:Mini star bullet 01:. by Chipi-Chiu Please submit your own original works. If you are caught stealing you will be disqualified

.:Mini star bullet 01:. by Chipi-Chiu This contest is only for Digital artists and traditional artists.

.:Mini star bullet 01:. by Chipi-Chiu The theme is Cheerleaders please stay within the lines of the theme for this contest.

.:Mini star bullet 01:. by Chipi-Chiu No bashing other contestants. If there is fighting with in the group for this contest, all involved parties will be dropped from the contest and losses any chance at $200 or the other prizes.

.:Mini star bullet 01:. by Chipi-Chiu Also please submit artwork of black women thank you.

Submissions are open April 24, 2014

Submission will be closed May 24, 2014.

Judging will begin May 31st, 2014

and three winners will be announced June 2nd, 2014.

Please submit your submission into the contest folder at the chocolate beauties group.

Shiny Star Button by IridescentStardustJudgesShiny Star Button by IridescentStardust
:iconbabybutta: :iconbigboy2480:
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Tomb Raider Art Contest- CLOSED

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 2, 2014, 10:53 AM
Skin by pjuk

The contest is officially over and the voting process will begin shortly. Best of luck to everyone :heart:

Dear raiders! It's that exciting time of the year again –  time to show your art skills and win awesome prizes. We're inviting you to join our 2nd grand art contest !


As the name suggests, you are to design  cards into which you'll input time, effort, originality, skills, and most importantly, show us how you can utilize something simple and through your distinctive style turn it into something special and unique. It may sound super easy, but read further!

Your task is to design 5 cards! The theme and idea is up to you to choose, you can utilize ANYTHING that belongs to the Tomb Raider universe and turn it into card designs. There’s got to be both diversity and unity in your deck of cards. Each card should be different, yet you need to make sure that there’s a consistency in them and it’s not a collection of random TR objects - Make sure it is clear that all of the cards belong to one single deck. How do you do that? Via style, theme, story, etc. – it’s all entirely up to you!

As usual, you are allowed to use ANY VISUAL MEDIA of your choice (traditional, digital, 3D, photomanipulations, cosplay photomanipulations, etc.) – it is up to you to make the best of it to be able to compete with others – you know best how your tool of the trade works.

Here are some examples  of wonderful card designs by other deviants:
(they’re outgoing links, so right-click to open in new tab for full size)

As already mentioned, you can revolve your card theme around anything that belongs to the Tomb Raider universe. It could be Lara's outfits, Lara's evolution, enemies, locations, sequels, smaller objects, the possibilities are endless. These are just examples, not strictly given themes, so  we encourage you to be creative and take time to think your concept through before jumping into the actual design process. Chances are - the first concept you think of is something everyone  else thought of as well!

:bulletgreen: You need to design 5 cards – no more, no less
:bulletgreen: 2 entries per participant allowed - if you want to, you can enter with 2 entries, meaning you have to design 2 different decks of 5 cards. They won't be judged as one deck of 10, but as 2 different entries.
:bulletgreen: Don’t reference or remake concepts of official promo material, the design needs to be made from scratch from your own idea. You are allowed to use valid stock for pose references given you properly credit them in the description!
:bulletgreen: No collaborations allowed, the work must be solely yours
:bulletgreen: No nudity, sexual themes, or display of unrealistically proportionate features – you can stylize and distort proportion, but keep a tasteful boundary
:bulletgreen: Your cards should be minimally 1500px in height - the shape is up to you, but all 5 cards must be the same shape and size. You may download an empty template from somewhere given you properly credit the author
:bulletgreen: You have to be a member of the group to be able to participate and submit

Since there are 5 cards, you won't be submitting them all separately. You will put your 5 cards in an archive and submit it to deviantArt. When you are uploading archives you have to choose a preview image so here's what to do:

(right-click and open in new tab for full size)

Your preview image should look something like this :

Your submission should have a note in the artist’s comment saying that this is the entry for the “TOMB RAIDER CARD DESIGN” Contest and have a link to/avatar of the group.

Your entries should be submitted to the Contest 2 folder.

Your pieces will be judged upon 3 criteria:

:bulletgreen:  Technical Skill (anatomy, rendering, lighting, etc.)
:bulletgreen:  Originality (what is your concept, how original and interesting your idea is)
:bulletgreen:  Overall Impact (how your piece feels overall, your style, design choices, etc)

You will be able to get up to 10 points for each criterion, meaning you can get 30 points max. The submitter with the highest score wins. As you can see, you don’t need to be an amazing painter with crazy technical skills to win. You know where your strengths and weaknesses lie, make sure you make the best of your strong sides. Be creative, be original, make your creative choices wisely and the victory in the contest will be yours!

:new: The final date for submission is January 1st 2015, 00:00 CET . To check how much time is left simply check the front page of the group where you’ll find the countdown ticking off the minutes to the deadline.

:star: 1st place
Golden Edition of Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris (Lara Croft mini figurine, the map of the Overworld, the Art Book, the game itself for the platform of your choice)

:star: 2nd place
The Tomb Raider: Ten Thousand Immortals novel, 6 months premium membership

:star: 3rd place
3 months premium membership, a  collaboration commission (up to 2 characters, complex background) from the founders Pencil-Stencil and Inna-Vjuzhanina

The first 3 places are chosen by us Admins via the already explained points system. There will also be a people’s choice 4th place where the members will do the voting – after the contest ends we’ll let you know how to vote.

:star: Raiders’ choice, 4th place

1 month premium membership, a collaboration commission (1 character, simple background) from the founders Pencil-Stencil and Inna-Vjuzhanina

ALL of the collab commissions will be Tomb Raider related!

THE CONTEST IS INTERNATIONAL  and we will send the prizes to any of our raiders' manor! Happy raiding and make your own luck!  

(if you have any questions, write a comment on this blog entry – if we get some questions frequently, we'll answer them here)

:bulletblack: If you are drawing traditionally but want to make a duplicated-flipped design, you don't have to draw both sides. You're allowed to scan, and duplicate/flip your image in a software
:bulletblack: If you are posing in XNA, make sure you don't just create 5 random poses and slap them on the card template. Be original, use lightning and post-editing to make the best of it
:bulletblack: Whatevever you choose to do, concentrate on overall card design. It can be something detailed and inctricate, like a Tarot card or it can be completely minimalistic. It's your style and utilization of idea which will make the strongest impact.

Best of luck, your Tomb-Raider-Empire team,
Happy raiding! :salute:

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Hello Chocolate Lovers

I'm starting a contest here on ChocolateBeauties for the Halloween season. Here are the rules for the contest, create a dark skin beauty in a sexy Halloween costume. Nudity is allowed only breast or butt visible only. There will be a folder set up in the group for all entries please submit all entries to that folder only. The contest will begin on October 1, 2012 and end November 7, 2012. Seeing that this is the first contest that I'm giving I going to start small with the prizes.

1st Place is $50 (Must have paypal to receive cash prize.)

2nd Place is a 1 year premium membership

3rd Place is a 3 month premium membership.

If anyone has any questions please send me a note. I will assist you the best way I can. Thank to all chocolate lovers for the 17K hits were almost to 20K.
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Hello everyone this is the new contest. Create a dark skin femme fatale. She can be from your favorite video game or movie or of your own creation. Nudity is allowed but please follow the deviartART rules. The folder will be setup for all contest entries.   The contest will begin immediately would love to see all your great artwork. The contest will end June 31, 2013. As for for prizes must have Paypal to receive cash prize.

1st Place $150

2nd Place $75

3rd Place $40
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Jan 13th:

:star::star::star:WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT!:star::star::star:

Tennin by digitalpastel

"Tennin" by digitalpastel has won the contest and prize of $50!

Yamata no Orochi by haliax

Making haliax our Honorable Mention with a prize of 3 months subscription!

New Canvas by Miisu

Thank you to every single artist that participated and made this contest a huuuuge success!
I loved seeing all the various entries!

I can't wait to host the next contest! :la:

Jan. 11th: VOTING OPEN!

Read further for instructions!

Please make sure you read the previous update before voting. This is about the art, not popularity.

To vote, please scroll below to the entry gallery in the journal and find which you like best!
Once you have, please visit the voting poll to cast your vote!

This time I ask no one vote for themselves since only the first 50 votes can be counted.

Here are the finalists!

   CE: So Hungry by Clue000    Tennin by digitalpastel    Yamata no Orochi by haliax    Bewitching by StrangeRaven

When the maximum of 50 votes is made the first poll to select finalists it will be closed. The top four will be voted on.
In the finalists poll, once the maximum of 50 votes is made, the winners will be chosen based on those results.

UPDATE/ Jan. 8th: This contest is officially CLOSED. No more submissions are allowed.
Soon as I can later today, I will open voting and will post the details and instructions.

Anyone participating in the contest is not allowed to post anything promoting themselves to gain votes from friends or watchers.
On the same note, having friends do the same for you is also against the rules.
This includes any other social media too, like tumbl, FB, ect.
If I see anyone doing this, they'll be immediately disqualified.
This is about the art alone, NOT a popularity contest. Everyone will be judged the same.

Please stay tuned today for voting instructions! :la:

UPDATE/ Jan. 5th: I just went through all the submissions in my inbox. PLEASE make sure yours is here and that I have it! If you do not see it, please resend it.
I noticed a few entries links no longer works or don't work, so please check on that.

Also make certain in your description on the entry that it is clearly marked for this contest, and the name of the Japanese myth it is expressing.
That way voters know what they are looking at.

The 6th of January is the last day for any last minute submissions. You can submit them at any time today or tomorrow.
When I close submissions I will announce it by journal and explain voting.

Draw a Japanese Mythological Figure, God/Goddess, or Supernatural Creature!


Pick a god, goddess, legendary creature, or mythological creature from Japanese lore! Do your research, because you want to make sure you do it well! There are plenty of places, especially wikipedia to find good information.


:heart: Try to be original! And go all out-- do your absolute BEST. Those pieces will stick out the most in voting.

:heart: No bases, traces, and any resources used must be credited properly.

:heart: You may submit your entry at any time from opening to the deadline. But I will NOT take anything after the deadline.

:heart: Only illustrations will be accepted as this is a visual contest. (Meaning, drawn by you traditonally or digitally.) No literature or photmanips please.

:heart: No collaborations. It must be your work only.

:heart: Your submission must be NEW and made specifically for the contest. Nothing previously submitted to your gallery or made for something else is admissible. The character must be your original design, and not one from an existing work/anime manga/fandom, either.

:heart: One entry per person.

:heart: Japanese mythology only! Here is an article of Divinities and Figures:…
and a list of Legendary Creatures:… .
You are however not limited to these but must be based off actual lore.

:heart: Please make sure in the title or description that the name of the mythical figure, god or goddess, or or type of legendary creature is stated so we know what we're looking at.

:heart: Be respectful to other artists whom enter the contest.

:heart: Voting will be done by public poll for fairness! So please do not make journals, polls asking four your friends to vote for you. If I see this, you will be DISQUALIFIED.

Deadline is January 6th, 2014

To Submit!

Send me by note your submission with the subject title, "Contest Submission". Your submission must not be an existing work and must be new, made for the contest.


:star: $50 for the winner! :star:

May be received by either paypal or deviantART points.

*3 month Premium Membership for Honorable Mention.

Contest Entry: Iyoka, Yokai girl by MrVoiceMan Amaterasu [CONTEST ENTRY] by JunkoTrunko Kuchisake-onna by MujonaShitsuji :thumb408474433: The Snow Woman by Whisper-of-a-phoenix Tamomo-no-Mae - Japanese Myth Contest. by Amatelaseu japanese hanya by misterbandit Kuda-gitsune by Angelic-Painter Namazu by Baleineau Contest: Amefurikozo by MagikBanana God of Foxes by jacksonso :thumb412752766: Nure-onna (Contest Submission) by InsaneAngelArt Komainu Contest entry by runt-wolf Sui-Riu Contest Entry by Empress-of-Dark Ame-Onna by MoonChoco1995 Izanami-no-Mikoto by owlkatz 003 by Oheyitsliz Yamata no Orochi by haliax Mask of Hannya by ChikoiToriChan Yuki-Onna by Suyi-chan ametarasu by koushirogames Inugami by Pumpkin-Queen-Ildi Kitsune by Jaylighte Contest Entry -Uke Mochi by Soragami Okuri-inu by MiraiOkami Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu - [Japanese Myth Contest] by Naahchan Teke Teke by Miranduless Amaterasu-omikami [the Goddess of the Sun] by keanove karura vs dragon by nameless50 Kitsune by xXNejiten4everXx kyubi by Potato-K :thumb424878506: Raijin For SALE 15 USD!!! [SOLD] by DizzyT Komainu by Mo-Regis Neko by skie-balloon :thumb424959567: mythological creatures by makqoi OC: Komainu by Trexia Benzaiten by Marie8D Yuki-onna by Neimeys :thumb424976135: Iyaya by HarajukuMaiden Yuki-onna by xilveroxas Tennin by digitalpastel CE: So Hungry by Clue000 Tengu by Fluffsterzz Tanuki: Travel in the Darkness by Uluri Crane Wife (Contest Entry) by TheSoaringStaraptor yatagarasu. by purenai Mizuchi Of The Great Waves by HallowGazer Serenity by El-Thorvaldo Bewitching by StrangeRaven Contest japanese mythology: The 3 Brothers by KanaKuroDaiya

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1st to 3rd places

Color this! Female Berserker! by ravenousdarkhartCowgirl by Zwiezda Color this! Contest Entry - Raijin by wzb25

11 other ways of awesome!

warrior by adelruna  color me blood red by alykazam  Colouring Competition by PKLdesigner  :thumb335538672:  Coloring Contest Entry: Female Warrior by thedandmom  Lamia by Ronin-ink by carol-colors  Color This! contest Entry by Kuroigato Colored the Hot rod geisha by lica-june20 Coloring Contest: Lamia by Rozen-Guarde  121202 - Lifebeltbuddies by Aurixa   Fencer by Ivory-Aria

thank you again for everyone who entered, new contest will start soon, stay tuned 8D
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  • Reading: nothing
  • Watching: nothing
  • Playing: dragon's dogma ps3
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: tea
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Current Available Jobs

Journal Entry: Wed May 9, 2012, 8:05 PM
News & Updates / Instructions / Current Available Jobs

The Request Board is OPEN now!

If you want to make a request to do the jobs on the
board, please send a note to the group.
Comments on this journal or on the group's front page
regarding the requests will be ignored.


If you don't know how to submit or take a job,
don't worry! Just click the icon below!

Please note that you may not take more than
one job at a time!
When you are finished with one job, please let us
know. Then you may sign up for more jobs.

The Request Board will be updated with NEW JOBS
once a week.
So please be patient when you make a request to put
the jobs on the board. And when the job is done,
please let us know so we can take your jobs off
the board.

When you ask to take a job, please be aware that
you are not guaranteed that job! There are a lot of
people asking to take these jobs, so until you receive
confirmation stating that you got the job,
you have not been hired!
Also, when you ask for a job, we also ask the
employer for approval. Once we have approval from
the employer, we will send you confirmation stating
whether or not you got the job.
If you don't get a job the first time though,
don't worry. Try again!

Click on the jobs' flyers for more information

*New jobs*

None at the time. We are waiting for more requests from you members! ;P


If a request is in this section, this means that we are
waiting for approval from the employer.
Once approval is given, the job will then be moved to
the "TAKEN JOBS" section.

None at the time.


Sting, Rogue and OC job
Job: Digital drawing
Info: The employer wants a digital drawing of Rogue, Sting and their Oc. More info will be given once the job is taken.
Prohibitions: No hentai, nudity or gore. Shirtless is fine.
Reward: 120 points

:star::star::star:Please remember to send a note to
Fairy-Tail-FC if you would like to take one of the
jobs on the board!

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After thinking about it for awhile, I think instead of doing a NaruTen Week, I'd decide this... How about doing a 15 Days Naruto Birthday Bash? A half-month will be plenty of time for people to submit art and fics in celebration of our favorite Knucklehead Ninja's birthday! It will be a great way to celebrate, and yes, it will be Naruto/Tenten or Naruto & Tenten centric. :)


:bulletred: NaruTen 15 Days Naruto Birthday Bash Information

- Dates: October 1st to October 15th

- Who Can Submit: Anyone! Not just members/watchers of the NaruTen Club. :)

- Media: Art - Can be simple clean sketch to nicely colored finished art with background, etc.
             Fics - Story must be minimum 2000 words, for one is telling a story here, not a short 500 or less quickie

- Theme: Naruto's Birthday! You can make it NaruTen or Naruto & Tenten centric. For Naruto & Tenten option, you can draw them paired with other characters, but art must be center around the action of Tenten and Naruto. Also one is free to have more than one girl with Naruto besides Tenten, so, for example, one wants to draw Naruto with Hinata and Tenten, go for it! :)

- Line Challenge (optional): Feel free to use the following line as inspiration to draw your art or write your fic.  Tenten - "Sorry I couldn't think of something better to give you." Take the line and feel free to run that imagination wild! :D

- Number of Submissions: 1 to 3. One is free to submit up to three submissions if you have more than one idea for art or fic. :)

- Place to Submit: In the 'NaruTen Narto Birthday Bash' folder of the NaruTen Club's gallery

- Thank You Gift: 100 points for each Deviant who submit. Yes, if you submit more than one submission, you will only get 100 points total.


So that's the information regarding the Club's Naruto Birthday Bash! If anyone is an administrator of one or more groups, I deeply appreciate you placing the information about the Birthday Bash in your group(s) in order to tell many people as possible. You can place a link back to this journal to provide information. :)

Well, I hope to see many submissions in celebration of Naruto's birthday! I'm looking forward to the upcoming event! :)

Club's Galleries - NaruTen / Naruto / Tenten / NaruTen & More / NaruTen Fics / Stamps, Icon, Wallpapers, Etc / Cosplay Photos
Club's Collections - NaruTen / Naruto / Tenten / NaruTen and More / Tenten and other Kunoichi / Entire Naruto Gang / Mature Content
Outside Galleries /Affiliates and Members / Affiliates' Contests and Events / Blogs / Video Vault


Naruto/Tenten fanfics - Fire & Wind Square Fanfiction Community
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Contest will end soon... and awesome features

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 10, 2012, 5:57 AM

Contest information

And our contest Paint my OC will end soon. The deadline is on 21 October which is on Sunday next week. So, if you wanted to post your entries you can speed up everything ;P Like I already told many times, there will be many cool prizes, from commissions, points... and much, much more. You can check the article (link above) for more details. Good luck to all participants. :heart: And here are some cool features... I'm using for first time, so I'm playing around a bit :giggle: I hope you like them and enjoy :squee:

06-10-12 by Sanchiko
Dragon_Poster by ivany86Gate of Babylon by najtkrissRuled by juliedillonArion 4/4 (C) CyberAgent - 'Tenku no Crystalia' by muddymelly
Lost World by memod
Snowfall by ReluinJungles Prey by ToolKittenLOC Monster1 - advanced by alexnegreaentertaining the empty sky , by megatruh
Old kingdome by GreenViggen
Widow by CushartMonter Cover by m-o-th<da:thumb id="330677958"/>Eligos the Merciless by Junedays
Repose by Wildweasel339
Efiride by SaraForlenza<da:thumb id="330627087"/>Underworld by whatzitoyaEnd of the Falling Flowers by ChaoyuanXuSolaris cover: Asimov by gregmks
Alm-Atias Refuge by andreasrocha

Yeah... another free journal skin for you (note: only premium members can use journal skins). I did another collaboration with awesome weida34 (I did design and she did coding... again). Well, new skin is this which I use right now... MetalliC_V2 (you can click here to install it). Our other collaborations were Sketchbook and Nature

Exchange wishlist

And here is list for awesome person who will stuck with me and make an exchange. :tighthug: This is project by New-Year-Exchange group... soooooooooo, you can draw character which you prefer and if you wish you can draw them more together, or just one. That's completely your decision :la: And if the character doesn't have set outfit, you can made it up by yourself. :dummy:

D U A L I T Y by tincek-marincek
FIRST EXAMPLE... His name is Kyle and he have dual personality. When he gets angry, then he changes in evil, awful person... he gets black hair and his eyes changes to red. He would hurt even people who knows, because when he transforms, he don't remember what he did. But normally he's a nice guy (more about him you can read under the image...artist's comments).

Angela Eanor by tincek-marincek
Angela Eanor design by tincek-marincek     Keith Loren design by tincek-marincek     Faith Loren design by tincek-marincek     Breaker Loren design by tincek-marincek     Ren Shiar design by tincek-marincek
SECOND EXAMPLE... well, you can choose one (or more) character(s) from Cryptic series. Featured character (above and first on the left) is Angela Eanor, then second one is Keith Loren, then Faith Loren, Breaker Loren and Ren Shiar. Something little about each character you can read under each deviation. Story and more about them you can read on our website here

you're safe with me by tincek-marincek
THIRD EXAMPLE... His name is Kai and he is Desiree's brother. Like you probably know, she talked with crows (that's why he have a crow in his hands). Well, everyone thought that she's insane, but Kai believed her and he always protected her from people who want to hurt her. He's very protective, but he have very nice personality. Well, everyone would protect own family...

The Way I Feel by tincek-marincek
FORTH EXAMPLE... a little more "anthro" if you prefer that ;P  His name is Seth and like you see he's a little different than others. He have horns, so when he was little, his schoolmates used to laugh at him and make silly songs about him. But he's a nice guy, so that kind of things really hurt him. He lost trust for people and he normally stayed whole day in his home, just because he wanted to avoid people. 

And that's it :squee: Hahaha...I don't have too much female characters ;P And thaaaaaaaaaaaank you. :heart: I'll look forward to what will you create... whoever you are :giggle: :glomp:

Paint my OC contest extended

And our contest Paint my OC has been extended. So the deadline is not anymore 23 September... the new deadline is 21 October, so now you'll have enough time to finish your entries (eh, I still need to fix the date on my button below :dummy:). Good luck :hug:

Our contest Paint my OC has started. At the end we'll select 6 winners (twice 1st, 2nd and 3rd place) and they'll get more than 10.000 :points: and ton of other prizes. Just click on the button above to see all the rules and other stuff.

Official website

Clubs and Groups
ThePencilClub | RealismClub | Digital-Art-Club | falloutboygroup | Balkans | mixedmediumportraits | CrimsonDaggers | Originality-Club | ForeverArtGroup | DD-Catalogue | T-A-3k | digitalillustration | High-Class-Art | DigitallyCreated | AroundTheEarth | Action-Portraits | GetWatchers | digital-artists | Divine-Tutorials | PaintingDigital | TheDeviantARTGallery | TutorialsClub | Ocart | Creative-digitalArt |Realm-of-Fantasy | EliteArtists | Moment-of-Beauty | Digital-Beauty | GetDailyDeviations | DailyDeviationWhores | Subscription-Center | Through-Emilys-Eyes | Digital-Gems | Digital-Intrigue | Supernatural-art | ArtisticAnimanga | TheDigitalPainter | PromoteArt | AnimeLoverClub | animedeviants | TheFavouriteShowcase | teen-art | anime-artists | DrawAnime | RealismAnimeArtists | Hand-Painted | fighting-laziness | elite-illustration | SilentMoe | PassionzFORFashionz | Art-of-Originality | Pretty-Art-Creations | beaute-lamour | DMCfemme-fatal | 21st-Century-Artist | ART-PORTRAITS | FinalFantasyHeaven | Digital-Art-Fantasy | Royal-artists | DD-Factory | Cosmic-Spectrum | Secret-Forest | COImagination | printscommunity | I-feel-sLOVEnia | SloPeopleDeviantArt | AnotherContestGroup | Arts-Galaxy | ParadiseOfArtists | Anime-Can-Be-ART-To | Warrior-Spirit-Group | Moleskine-Art | Doctrinaire | New-Year-Exchange | Our-Artbook

:bulletorange: Our photo account qoex

Our contest Paint my OC will end soon (deadline is 21 October) and we're featuring some amazing artwork.
PS...I'm playing with updates, cuz my dA still doesn't work fine. Sorry if I spam you ^^; I make screen shots. :D
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This is it UDON fans, we're celebrating the golden age of of fighting games and beat em ups with our biggest Tribute project ever - Capcom Fighting Tribute! And we want your best artwork for inclusion in this ultimate community collaboration! We''ll be choosing around 300 of the best pieces from pros and fans alike - single character pieces, group shots, multi-game crossovers, action, comedy, every art style, we're looking for it all!

The winning entries will be gathered into a spectacular hardcover art book premiering at San Deigo Comic-Con in July 2015.

The full list of franchises eligible for inclusion in Capcom Fighting Tribute are:
- Street Fighter
Rival Schools*
Red Earth
Star Gladiator
Power Stone
Capcom Fighting Evolution
Puzzle Fighter
Pocket Fighter
Final Fight
Battle Circuit
Captain Commando
Armored Warriors
Knights of the Round
The King of Dragons
Avengers (Hissatsu no Buraiken)
- Capcom original characters Ruby Heart, Son-Son, and Amingo
*Note, for copyright reasons, Rival Schools character Hayato Nekketsu may not be included.

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The submission deadline is January 31st, 2015. Dont' miss out!

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