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Quick tutorial I made on how I color eyes these days. People seemed to like my page of eyes, and I liked drawing 'em, so I thought why not make a tutorial. The result is a bit different than the method I used for those eyes, but the method is generally the same, just different tools and layer order. All of the layers on this, except the first color layer, are on top of the layer stack. This makes an interesting balance between the lineart and the color, I think. As well as stylized and realistic.
Mainly for SAI, but can be used in Photoshop as well, just exchange the Luminosity layer for Screen or Color Dodge.
Someday I may go back and put text in place of my shitty handwriting....
Feel free to let me know if it's helpful, or if you have questions.
And I'm kinda working on other tutorials, so if you have a request for that lemme know. :3

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A response to all the somebodies who've asked for a coloring tutorial. My last Process guide is no longer the method I use, so I thought I'd make a new one.

Hopefully that wasn't super confusing *-*

The main software is Paint Tool SAI. Total time was about 2.5 hours.
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This is how I color hair in my anime styled drawings. :iconadachimurdersplz:
I dunno if this'll help anyone but imma upload it anyway.

Coloring Tutorial Part 1:

Paint Tool SAI basics tutorial:

tutorial,art, my OCs Ev & GiiİMe
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What you will need for this tutorial:
• Access to an art program of some sort
• A drawing tablet ((not really needed, but recommended))
• Full color vision, sorry color blind people... haven't finished my optical implants for you yet.

Trick to art, make everything look like barf colors!! Muhahaha xD

Weh too much guys OTL ahah
It's wordy I know, I'm sorry xD

I'll try and get part 2 up by tomorrow, and part 3 on sat and part 4 on sunday!
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Fairly big file, sorry! D:
I'm not great at this kind of thing, but I wanted to try anyway. It's kinda basic, but I think it's a decent method for something quick and fun.

Some things I wanted to point out...
The pencil, watercolor, marker, and sometimes airbrush are the tools I use the most in SAI. They're just the ones I like best. The pencil tool at full opacity is great for filling in flat color. Watercolor and airbrush are good for blending and smoothing, as well as filling in areas where you want soft color and shade variation. And great for quick yet interesting backgrounds.
In terms of composition, when cropping it's a good idea to crop more than just one side. For example just cropping at the feet tends to be a bit awkward, adding at least one more cropped edge to that usually makes for a better picture overall. Also you want to avoid cropping at joints.
And this isn't an ideal example of color. I was a little spontaneous with my palette choices. If you want help with color theory I'd suggest looking up a tutorial on that.

I hope someone finds this at least a little helpful! :D

Finished drawing:
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I noticed I haven't uploaded anything since January, so here is a quick guide to how I colour my eyes.

Also posted on my tumblr [link]

[edit] Forgot to mention, this guide is for Photoshop.

[editedit] Over 1000 favourites in a day?! What the actual hell?! ;A;
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Other works,

:iconpainttoolsai: tutorial about blood effect techniques, I hope it helps you painting blood c: Any questions, let me know.
Blood is one of the things I draw most often and I like to draw ~ >ㅁ<
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Reblog from my Tumblr? :blush:

Please read my commentary before asking any more questions~! thanks :D

Finished Work:

Edit: I've had a few repeated question of how I work my lineart into the drawing.
I'd like to clarify that i don't really actually have a clean line-art. I have clean-sketches that I work under, but they're not what I personally call lineart. If you zoom in, they are very messy. I do merge the layers together at some point in step 5, and I continue to literally work the colours of the lineart into the skin (which is why i turned the sketch layer into overlay so the colours become very similar and nice to work with). That way I can get an almost none-lineart quality.

also, if you're wondering about canvas sizes, check out my journal about them: [link]

The program I used was Painttool SAI, but I think you can achieve similar effects via photoshop with a low-opacity textured brushes.

I hope this helped : ) Sorry it's so darn long. I kept it as short as I could but it's still a pretty long process.
Please keep in mind this is more of a guide to my painting process and how I technically go about doing this; It's not going to automatically teach you how to render or understand structure or anatomy (which I hope I will cover in more tutorials in the future.), which is very important, of course, to the painting itself. That's why I'll be slowly going through and doing more tutorials on anatomy and structure in the next few months, hopefully :D.

A good practice for rendering is actually to do still life and human sketches. preferably with a pencil, and not digitally (yet) :). If you have any questions feel free to ask me :D

Step-by-step animation:

In the mean time, have some of my other anatomy tutorials:
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Ok well here you go. People have been asking me for something or other. Honestly though I don't know how to explain my progress and a lot of the time I'm changing everytime I do start something new...

Featured here is Fennel, ~bunnily's OC -

If there's anything in particular you want to know you'll just have to ask me specifically about it heh;;


edit: People have asked about the overlay step. Overlay brightens and darkens the colours as well as make the piece knit together more fluently??? its hard to explain. it sorta gives an overall atmosphere to the piece to make it look like everything belongs together =~=;; //shotdown

for sketching and lining i like to use the first marker tool presented in step 7!

i wish i could have gone to anime north or a con this year weh
i want to cosplay snk =^=

edit: rebloggable on tumblrrr [link]
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AHAHAH man I have no idea how to make a pretty looking tutorial sorry //cries

But anyways yeah... this is my most recent method used to colour the last several pieces I've submitted. The 2012 PP SS, Reve's Sheet and MS : re:clay stg 02 are the ones that use this method. The other times maybe led to it, like the outfit meme. Everything else used a slightly different colouring method, not the "select area and colour" method I'm showing over here AHAHA

Uhm, if you have any questions feel free to ask :iconjunesplz:

Done on several people's request for a colouring tutorial. When asked... most referred to my current style and not painty style so haha here you go.

Tools: PaintTool SAI. (airbrush, brush, pencil, layer modes)
I basically used 22 layers (2 sketch layers included)
Usually for coloured sketches though I only use like 3 as a whole AHAHAH //CRIES


ENJOY . . .

The character I drew was chosen via random by a certain Zia who was mingling in chat even though she was sick HFF HFF HOPE YOU GET BETTER YO. This is Yen Yang, the offline ver of Zishuu : [link]

( c ) f a l u l i a i
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