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Similar Deviations
Sharpen your pencil
Dip your pen in the well
Show the world your vision
Through the story you tell

There's no right or wrong
So don't listen to critique
Your story alone is enough
So beautifully unique

And only you can tell it
Your version of events
Write it, sing it, paint it
Release, express and vent

Sharpen your pencil
Dip your pen in the well
And with your own wise words
Those ghosts you will repel

Please be true to yourself
No embellishment required
Every inferno was once
But a flicker of fire

So fan those fiery flames
And refuse to walk in line
As experience will grow
Through the passage of time
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The drama unfurling in my life
Feels like the shadow of my hand
That grows as it comes ever closer
To the light perched on my bed stand
In that I can feel the darkest cloud
Ever such a menacing sight
In time I can reverse the feeling
But only when I write

Seclusion left me with nothing
Apart from creativity
Loneliness it turns out, my friends
Is quite the aperitif
For the feast that is awaiting me
If I make it through the night
Tomorrow always brings me new hope
But only when I write

You approach me on a good day
And I will offer you a smile
The same expression on the worst days
Because my manners are so mild
But don’t take me for a toothless fool
When cornered I’ve been known to bite
Fear not, those demons remain at bay
But only when I write
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Recently I've been sinking
Like a stone into a pond
Having skimmed across the surface
Of life for far too long

Please may I have a new heart
Along with a new mind
I cannot reverse this feeling
No, I'm sorry, not this time

Recently I've been sinking
Into myself like quicksand
No one sees as it swallows me
Each grain a mislaid plan

Please may I crawl inside your love
Mingle hearts until the end
I cannot reverse this feeling
No, I'm sorry, not again

Recently I've been sinking
Such an overused metaphor
But one which is cathartic
When choosing to explore

That I could save you my love
And in time you could save me
As fear and loneliness will dissolve
Doused in our empathy
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Everywhere I go I see her face
I never got to touch her soft skin
Tell me how can I mourn the ending
When we were yet to even begin

And please don't you tell me to move on
You really think that I'm not trying?
In truth all that I want right now
Is to get through a day without crying
a short poem from along time ago.....
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We were ever so worried
When we found the knotted noose
And scribbled diary entries
With tales of self abuse

Teenage tears and tantrums
Can easily be explained
But what on earth would cause these
Freshly dripped blood stains

We were ever so worried
When you locked yourself in your room
Painted the walls pitch black
And ignorantly we assumed

That this was just a phase
That it would soon come to pass
And pass it indeed did do
Far too soon and far too fast

We were ever so worried
When you dyed black your hair
No longer did we recognise
The child that was once here

Our precious little angel
Where did your shaken bones go
And why did you leave us here
With no reason and no note

We were ever so worried
To find an empty bed
No more teenage tantrums
Just endless silence instead

If we could bring you home
Take care and start a new
We'd sit our precious girl down
And ask 'whatever is to do?''
just to avoid any confusion ''whatever is to do?'' means ''what is wrong?' in my part of the world lol xD
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When I was just a child
About twenty years back
I never would have thought
I would turn out like that
Or indeed like this
If I speak in the present tense
I guess I’m tense in the present
If that makes any sense

When I was at the mercy
Of the medical profession
They told me I was suffering
With clinical depression
And tapestries woven this tight
Into such an infant mind
Would be difficult to unspool
Unthread and leave behind

When I was just a boy
Around ten or so years back
I fell into a deep hole
But it felt more like a trap
I couldn’t get out of there
In fact I’m stuck here still
And all anyone can do
Is to prescribe another pill
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I've got ink throbbing through fissured veins,
poisoning every atom of my soul.

"Bite your tongue," they say.

How I'd love to chew the damn thing off
and suck down every filthy syllable
just like the rotten bone marrow it is.

They'd all watch as my body spontaneously combusts
and becomes nothing but convoluted karma.

And so I wrote,

"Dear poetry,
Teach me the ways of ripping out a human heart,
and stitching it onto ink-stained parchment."

The answer that came was rasped from a cauterized throat:

"Read your future in the collapsed palm of the stars;
find the abandoned pulse of your lionhearted muse;
steal their conformed scalpel and make it your own."
This is a bit different than what I normally write.

I just want to say that it is dedicated to someone I admire very much here on dA for her always morbid, raw, fascinating, and completely inspiring poetry: *DearPoetry. If you've not come across her works yet, I highly suggest you check them out. They are absolutely worth it.

Kayla has taught me many a lesson when it comes to writing--and not just with poetry. Just write what's in your heart and never give up, no matter what may happen along the way. Screw what others tell you. Writing is literally one of the best therapies I have ever encountered. It's like open heart surgery, to me: it can do some very powerful things, be it positive or negative. However, there's a damn good percentage it will be for the better.

I just wanted to give her a little something to thank her for everything she's done for me, even if she doesn't know me at all and doesn't realize how much she inspires me to keep writing.

Edit: *flails* This made the front page. Why? The only reason it did was because I spammed groups with it, isn't it? I'm grateful for everyone's support, but I never understand when unworthy works like mine occasionally get the honor of making the front page...
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When I was lost you found me
So now you’re lost let me find you
Fall into my arms sweetheart
No questions, it’s what lovers do

Cradled in my arms tonight
Till the morning after ensues
Maybe then you can see things
From a different point of view

We can sit here all night babe
I’m no saint to offer guidance
Just some whispered words of love
I’ll be here when you break your silence

There is no doctrine of life
But only second hand wisdom
Each person is their own jailor
And inmate begging for freedom

Some of those are there by choice
Others will just misplace the key
You are indeed the latter
But please know you can rely on me

May this torrid time tick away
This is no requiem to our love
As I refuse to mourn the end
Of you, of me and of us
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As a child I was kicked by a horse
While approaching from behind
It knocked me clean across the stable
This fragile framed boy of nine
I tried so hard to be strong and brave
And as Mother wiped my tears away
All I could think was I must return
To the stable the very next day

I barely slept a wink that night
For thinking about the steed
And how the doctor said I‘d be dead
If hoof had hit below my knee
Running my hand over the horseshoe
That was bruised onto my thigh
I felt a very real connection
Between the animal and I

Mother woke me as dawn broke
Asked if I still wanted to go
To visit the scene of the crime
To visit my equus foe
I nodded bravely and forced a smile
And with that we were on our way
I recognised the farmers son
I recognised the bales of hay

And there he was right in front of me
He seemed bigger than before
But there was no fear in my heart
Just a sense of wonder and awe
The farmers son took me by the hand
And as he tended to its mane
He fed the horse a sugar cube
And encouraged me to do the same

So I held my hand to its lips
And despite the size of its teeth
It took the treat with gentle ease
Never once hurting me
My heart was beating fast but steady
While my bones quivered like a leaf
Yet I knew the moral of the story
Was not going to be lost on me

We may have great power within us
Whether physical or of mind
We may be a lover or a fighter
Or just a little boy of nine
And though we can't escape our nature
No matter how we try to live
As beautifully flawed wild animals
We atleast have the power to forgive
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I am too sterile and static
I can feel you walking away
Into the arms of the man who burns
But then again why would you stay

He is so young and beautiful
He lives life while I rehearse
Acting upon his desires
While I write about mine in verse

Our love was Russian roulette
Without bullets in the chamber
Passing the gun back and forth
Without any sense of danger

The fire in your heart has gone now
This cliché is not lost on me
Metaphorically I'm the water
That dampened our destiny

You said you would never leave me
But this contract was never binding
I want you to find your freedom
If there's a freedom worth finding

Beyond the love that we have
The excitement you used to feel
Believing that I was special
I was your sword, not your shield

In that I'd not only defend you
But I would fight for your love
But repetition led to tedium
I can see you have had enough

Your bruises have faded quicker
Than the cuts that sliced your skin
But beware that burns scar deeper
If you let that malign man in
i usually turn poems into songs but this time i did it the other way round. I wrote this song in 2010 and just adapted it into a poem :)

useless information, but it gives you something to read.

hi! by the way :) thank you for reading this :D
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