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"Roma~ Please I need your help, mi amigo!" Spain pleaded to the auburn haired hot head. Romano groaned and continued to read his paper. The Spainard had suddenly rushed into the Italy Brother's home, yelling and asking about how he should propose to you.

Romano took a deep breath and let it out slowly. He turned to Spain, a vain visible on his temple.

"Listen , Antonio. (Name) is your woman, not mine , so solve your own damn problem." Romano hissed at Spain. Spain whimpered and dropped his head in disappoinment. Romano was right , but there was no way he was just going to propose to you without it being original. You were special to him. You hmde his heart race like nobody's business and it hurt to be away from you. Hell it hurt to be away from you now.

"Hey fratello! Don't be so mean to big brother Spain!" Italy shouted while running down the steps.

Romano scoffed. " You can't tell me what to do , idiota. And wern't you taking a siesta! Mind your own damn business!"

Italy pouted , but shook it off quickly , used to his brother's foul mood. He rushed over to Spain and smacked him on the back.

"Don't worry Antonio! I Helped Francis with his proposel, I can help you get your ragazza!~"

Spain brightened up and turned a listening ear to the friendly Itallian.

~Time Skip~

You were in a very jolly mood. Spain had just invited you to his home for guitar lessons that you've been begging him to give you and you were shaking with exciment.

Once you reached his home you didn't  even knock, you used the spare key that he'd given you when you stared dating , and barged in.

"Toni! I'm here! We can start now!" you yelled while looking for your green eyed boyfriend. You two have been dating for years and knew each other longer than that. You were hopelessly in love with the Spainard. You've been wantig to start a family with him , but didn't know how to approch the matter.

Spain suddenly pulled you into a hug from behind. Smushing you against his chest.

"Hola mi chava~  I've been waiting for you." He smiled down at you , green eyes sparkling. You tilted your head up and a goofy grin spread across your face.

"Hey Toni. I'm ready for action!" You turned around in his arms and clapsed your hands together, still smiling like a madman.

Spain chuckled and pulled you toward the living room. Your eyes landed on an impressive looking Spanish guitar , but you noticed that there was only one guitar there. You tilted your head in confusion,

"Toni? Why is there only one guitar , don't you need two to do  a lesson."

Spain smiled and continued to lead you to the couach were the guitar was propped up. He sat down and pulled you onto his lap. He grabbed the guitar and placed it on your lap.

"I only have one guitar because I wanted to be close to you , ángel~"

You blushed and nodded , a litte grin on your face. This was one of the reasos why you love Antonio. He never missed an oppurtunity to hold you.

"Alright , chica. This is the g- chord." Spain said while moving your fingers to the g -chord. You strummed it but it came out sounding weird. Whenever Spain strummed it , it came out sounding heavenly , but know it sounded off.

You tilted your head up to give your lover a questioning looked , but he just grinned and continued to show you each chord , each sounding worst than the last.

You sighed. "Toni, I don't want to sound rude , but I think your guitar is broken."

Spain chuckled. "Well usually when a guitar sounds this bad there's something in the soundhole. Can you check for me , mi chava?"

You nodded and stuffed your hand into the 'soundhole' searching for th object that was causing the disturbance. Your fingers brushed against a circular object and you snatched it up and nearly yanked it out.

You gasped once you caught sight of the object. It was a beautiful wedding ring. You turned around in Spain's lap , now straddiling him. He flushed at the compromised position but smiled down warmly at you.

"T-Toni wha-" you were cut off by Spain softly placing his lips on yours. He pulled away and looked deep into your eyes.

"(Name) , I've known you for most of my life and I love you with everything I have." He placed your hands on his chest, his heart beating irratically.

"This is what my heart does when I'm with you. I want it to beat like this all day every day."
He kissed your nose , your cheeks  and your forehead.

"Mi chava , ángel ,(Name). Marry me~."

You were absoulutly speechless. Was your mind playing tricks on you or was this real. You reached up and gently placed your hand on Spain's cheeck. He leaned in to your touch. Yep. It was real.

You squealed in joy and wrapped your arms around his neck.

"Yes Toni! Yes!"

-Extended Ending-

The Italy Brother's  watched the scene through Spain's window. Italy was grinning from ear to ear while Romano even had a small smile on hi face.

"See fratello~ I told you it would work!" Italy whispered to Romano. Romano scoffed and thought for a moment. He started to slowly go red.

"I-Idota .... I need your help too." Romano grumbled , his face a tomato red.

Italy's grin couldn't have gotten more wider.
When you saw the title did you already know where it was gonna be ^w^? Anyway It's kinda obvious Romano is next >w>
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You rub your temples in a slow, circular motion. Having migraines while being pregnant was NOT fun. Though pregnancy was supposed to be a beautiful thing, but for the last nine months, you've felt like you've been placed into a living hell. Well, maybe you're exaggerating a little bit, but it hasn't exactly been easy. What with the food cravings, morning sickness, mood swings, swollen ankles and back pain, it certainly felt like a little slice of hell.

For a moment, you actually felt a bit sorry for the Spaniard, who had to go through your constant mood swings and frequent trips to the grocery store. But nonetheless, he was very understanding despite the fact he was a clueless airhead. It made you smile a bit and appreciate him just a bit more. Then the dull throbbing in your head finally made itself known once more, and you scowled slightly. Hauling yourself up from the couch with a groan, you waddled to kitchen to find coffee, hoping that the caffeine might dull the pain in your head. Besides, you hadn't tried coffee before this, so it may have a good effect. With that thought in mind, you made your way to the coffee machine.

All was quiet while you waited for the coffee pot to fill up, and your eyes closed slightly as you felt yourself relax.

"ˇHola, chica!" Boomed a voice behind you, making you stiffen.


Your moment of quiet was short lived as the Spaniard practically broke down the door and hugged you tightly. The previous appreciation you'd felt earlier evaporating, you gave an annoyed sigh. However, despite your annoyance, you turned your head and gave the Spaniard a quick peck on the cheek.

"Hey Toni."

Antonio looked down at you, frowning.

"You missed!" He pouted and pointed at his lips.

Rolling your eyes, you made a show of leaning over and giving him a small kiss, flushing slightly at the satisfied grin of the Spaniard. Then Antonio's expression shifted once more into a pout as he made a small whining noise.

"T-that's all you get!"

Antonio frowned for a moment, obviously a bit disappointed. However, his personality popped up again when he smiled and crouched down to wrap his arms around your distended stomach.

"And hello to you too, mi hija (1)!"

You sighed in defeat and began to run your fingers through his chocolate brown curls. He was too cute for his own good.

Antonio laughed as he heard your stomach grumble in hunger and vibrate on his cheek.

"Somebody's hungry, I see." He teased, standing up and poking your cheek. Flushing, you shooed his hand away.

"Shut up! I'm eating for two here!"

He chuckled. "Do you want me to get you something, querida?"

You thought for a second as he walked into the kitchen.


He nearly tripped and fell on his face.

"....... Huh?"

"I want scones." You stated bluntly.

"....... You're kidding, right?"



You winning the argument (if you could even call it that), you made him drive down to his old rival , Arthur, despite him saying that it would kill you. They actually weren't that bad.

Pregnancy was really something.

~Many scones later~

The Spaniard was staring at you again, this time more bemused and somewhat amazed, his mouth in a half-smile, half-smirk. Feeling a bit uncomfortable with it, you look away, taking another bite of the scone.

"Stop staring." You mumbled with a mouthful of scone.

"You're still alive... You must be Chuck Norris!"

You rolled your eyes.

I fail at fluff. It always ends up to be somewhat crack-ish. Oh well ^^; Also, I don't know what the deal is with scones. I think they're pretty good........... XD

(1) Mi hija- my little girl

EDIT- Urgh!!! I had to change the translation sooooo many times. Spanish! Why you so confusing!? :iconwhyyounoplz:

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
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Your son looked at you as you scrubbed the bar tables with a ragged piece of cloth. Luckily your tavern was closed now or you’d have a even larger headache. Your child was in that phase of childhood that everyone had been through; the phase when he questions everything.

And of course you had to give him a legitimate answer, or at least one that sounded legitimate otherwise he wouldn’t stop nagging you. “Mama, why is the sky blue?” He asked and you froze. It was a hard one this time, even you didn’t know the answer to that one off the top of your head.

I mean you were just a simple barmaid, how could you know something like that?!

“It’s magic.” You replied with a straight face, wringing out the cloth in the wooden bucket that stood to your side.

“Why do we have to drink and eat?” Your son swung his legs as he asked you the questions, gazing expectantly at you. You were his mother! You knew everything!

“Otherwise we’d die.” He nodded thoughtfully. “And that’s not nice is it?” He said, this time his question being aimed at the small stuffed toy he was clinging to.

Laughing at his antics, you took a good look at your son. His knee was bleeding, from where he’d tripped and fallen on it before; that was also the reason he was inside and asking questions, rather than being outside and running around with his friends.

He looked so much like his father when he did concentrated; that slight thinking-pout growing on his face as he racked his brain for another question.

“Why are we alive?”

You sighed and walked towards him. He craned his neck back to look at you, so you made it easier and leaned down to his height. “That’s something you have to find for yourself, I’m afraid I can’t answer that question for you.”

Smiling, you ruffled his hair and he squeaked in protest, hugging you tightly around the waist. Before he was born, that was when you believed you lived for Antonio. His cheerful smile and warm embrace were what kept you going, never tiring though your work wore you down each day.

He would always wait for you to get back from the tavern where he met you, even if he was exhausted from working on the fields. How he ever managed to become a pirate you didn’t know, but he left to chase his dreams and you didn't have the heart to stop him. Each day before his departure he swore he'd come back, tying himself to you in more ways than one, but that all didn't matter in the end.

He left and your son was born. Despite the disapproving looks you got, you had to keep going for someone else now. Your son had become the light in your life and you did everything you could for him.

Even if his mannerisms and looks reminded you of Antonio. You continued stroking through your son’s mass of curls when you heard the door creak open. “I’m sorry, but we’re closed.” You told the person, not even bothering to turn around.

“Even for me?” Your eyes widened at that voice and you were about to turn around when a pair of arms embraced both you and your son. “Mind if I join in?”


He stopped your words with a kiss, the feather in his hat tickling you ever so slightly. “ I came back like I promised chica.” He murmured, a look of wonder on his face as he gazed at you. Suddenly he winced.

“What the-“ His eyes were as round as saucers when he saw your son. “Wh- you had a child while I was gone?!” You smacked him on the head and he glanced up at you with a tear in his eye. “That hurt!”

Your son copied you, hitting his small fists on his head. Eventually Antonio picked him up and held him upside-down. “Hmmmm.” He thought as he examined your son’s face, holding him tightly and at arm’s length.

Your son’s gaze was the same as Antonio’s as he tried to make sense of the stranger. At the same time they seemed to realise. They pointed at each other and looked at you. “He’s my son/ papá, isn’t he?”

You nodded to their questions and wrapped your arms around them. He was back. And so, you thought, was your complete and utter happiness.

Your son’s last question was asked in bed, as he was snuggled between you and Antonio. “Is papá going to stay?” He whispered at you and before you could answer Antonio patted his head. “I am.”
Hmmm :D

I'm sure we've all gone through that phase ^^

(I'll do the Prussia one tomorrow (just realised then I'll have done the BTT in a row!) as that one is longer and will take some more time ^^)

This won second in the poll~

Please enjoy and tell me what you think, feedback is as always appreciated!

And if you want to have a hand in deciding which character and plot is used, please vote in the poll!
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“________-_________!  ¿Cómo estás ahì? Are you finished with your line?!?”

As your friend said that, you fell on your back on the watery soil. Not really caring about your state.

Why did you? Simple, too tired. And it was not some time of the night, it was 7 o’clock in the morning.
How did you manage to end like this? Lack of sleep? Oh, no no. That night you slept soundly.
It was simply fault of that friend of yours, that cheery, life-is-beautiful, the-sun-is-high, tomato-lover Antonio.

All the junctures of your body were terribly screaming in pain, for standing up too much in one shot. Bringing a hand in your hair, you removed them from your face as the almost burning sun caressed your skin, and the sweat that covered your body.

Picking up tomatoes surely was funny, when you were with him. But hey, after some kilometers the body needs to rest! You were even wondering HOW he managed to do all of this all the mornings.

You closed your eyes, relaxing your face and taking a good breath. Well, he was used to this.

…after all he had that body….
…and under the swimsuit…
e-eh. Ahum.

Pushing away that (perverted) thought from your mind, you moaned a bit trying to take away that pain in your muscles.

“D-id she faint…?”

It was Antonio’s voice.

Lifting a little your eyelid, you saw Spain’s figure standing next to you. He was covered with sweat too, but unlike you he seemed like was used to this. His breath was normal, he had a little worried face.

“I’m ok…”

That came out a mumble, you were sure. Maybe he didn’t even hear you.
Closing your eyes again, you relaxed under the Spanish hot sun. It was like being on the beach.

Suddenly, a pair of arms sat you up and started to massage your back. You let out slow moans, as those hands massaged you right on the most sore muscles.

“Is that better, chica?”

All you could do was whisper a little “Yes…”, and once he was finished you finally opened your eyes.

He stood up, your back was a little cold without his touch.
You hugged your knees and placed your chin on them, closing your eyes. He was oddly calm, somehow.

“Mi tomate?”
“You have them all around here…”

How could he question about “his tomatoes”? You’re in a friggin’ TOMATO FIELD.

“I didn’t mean one of those tomatoes. I was calling you, you’re all red!”

You blushed even more, realizing that only his touch made you shiver in pleasure and blush so much to notice.
He kneeled in front of you, while you started (don’t know why) to act practically tsundere.

“W-What? B-But I, I mean, I don’t blush so easily! No no! I-I just- it’s hot today isn’t it?!? That’s why I seem to blush!!!A-And since when I-I am yours?”

In fact, it’s not like you really minded, being his. To say it all, you’d love to. (Admit it. ADMIT.)

You were now with legs crossed, arms crossed over your chest, a small and delicate pout on your mouth.
He seductively placed his hands on the ground on either side of you and leaned forward.

“But I wish you were, chica…”

You blushed even more, and moved your hands behind you trying to balance yourself and not falling behind.

“W-What do you mean…”
You chuckled a bit, could it mean…?

For your answer, he leaned more and placed his sweaty lips on yours. You jumped in surprise and made a little “Mmm!” that suddenly turned in a moan, to his happiness.

After some seconds he started to lick your lower lips, almost eagerly, you happily let him explore your mouth with his mastery.

Breaking the kiss, after a while, he whispered towards your lips:
“You’re mi tomate now…”
Did I get right on the Spanish part?
Just trying to figure out what I do know of Spanish. I see a lot XD

Ah, I forgot to write "Mi amor!" Whatever.

Please ENJOY!

Hetalia belongs to Himaruya
This story belongs to me
and the pic belongs to the internet.
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    I am what? I am me but not me. What am I? I am you but not you. I am what? What am I?
 Odeirrac zednanref oinotna

    That was what the note said. A note? Why would someone pass you a note? It had an origami rose with it that said I love you on the petals. You looked over to your partner, she had passed you the items.

    She shrugged as you mouthed the words, Who? You were horrible at riddles too... You quickly slid it into your pocket, class was ending anyways. Next was lunch so you'd have time to figure it out with your friends.

    Riiiiiiiiiiing the bell rang loudly making you jump unexpectedly. You shook yourself to clear the shakiness and grabbed your backpack as the teacher dismissed you.

-----------------------------------------(time skip)----------------------------------------------------------------------
    (At your lunch table) You gazed off into wall, lost in thought while eating your lunch. Who had sent you the note? No one had really looked suspicious after class. It could be Gilbert or Francis, they were always sending girls these kinds of things. But they usually said things straight out. Not in riddles, like in the note.

    You shook slightly, it better not be one of those guys. Besides, what did the last part mean!? What did Odeirrac zednanref oinotna mean? Was it German or something? You had seen Gilbert when he was writing in German to make the teacher mad, and it didn't seem like it. You didn't think it was Spanish, French, or even maybe even Swedish? No...

    Suddenly you were woken from your thoughts when something cold landed on your neck.

"The heck?" you tensed. You looked down in surprise at the piece of cold lettuce that now rested on your shirt. All heads turned to you and started to laugh. You started to laugh also when you began imagining your face when you had woken up.

    After the laughter died down you looked around, "Hey, um (nerdy friend)? Do you know what language this is?"

    You held up the note and pointed to the last line. (Nerdy friend) took it from you and looked hard at it, "What the heck? Who's this from?"

    "I got it in Math, I don't know who wrote it."

    "Well, I don't recognize any Latin or Greek roots," (nerdy friend) said giving it back to you across the table with a smile unnoticed smile. You frowned, what did it mean then? The ringing bell cut you off from further conversation.

    You sighed," Ughhhh, I don't wanna go to P.E." Besides, why P.E. right after lunch? That had to be the stupidest idea... At least a few of your friends were in the same class. Mostly guy friends, but hey whatever right?

    Walking to the locker rooms to dress out you were caught up to by Yao Wang, or China.

"Hey, ____, I heard you got a note from someone, aru," he nudged you with his elbow playfully.

    "Yeah," you smiled and looked at the ground blushing slightly.

    "Do you know who it is yet?"

    "No, it doesn't say, why? Do you know?" you looked at him seriously.

    "Yeah, aru," he smirked and began jogging towards the boy's locker room, his thick dark hair bouncing slightly in his ponytail. You thought about calling after him but decided against it. You would ask him in P.E. if you found the chance.

    After dressing out, you walked out onto the basketball court. No one was out yet because you dressed out pretty fast.

    "Hey, ____," a voice behind you said cheerily. You jumped but instantly recognized who it was.

   "God, Tino, are you trying to kill me?" you said placing a hand over your chest dramatically as you turned to face the nation.

    "Sorry," the Finnish teen smiled. You chuckled slightly and crossed your arms. "So... I heard someone likes you..." he smiled at you knowingly.

    "Jeez, how does everyone know about that? Besides, it doesn't say that he likes me," you rolled your eyes but thought about the rose. But it had someone else's handwriting...

    "Everyone knows, I mean he is pretty popular," he said matter-of-factly. His eyes widened when he realized the last part had slipped out.

    "So you know who it is?" you looked at him directly.

    "T'no. Wh't 're y'u do'ng?" you hadn't noticed Berwald creep up behind both of you.

    "U-Uh nothing Su-san," Tino said grabbing his Swedish friend's arm and dragging him off towards some other of the Nordics.

    You shivered slightly the Swedish man's brief presence. He was intimidating...

    Looking around you pondered on who to talk to. There was France flirting with a group of girls, Prussia laughing rather loudly at a random joke, Alfred fighting with Britain, the two Italian brothers doing the same, and Canada talking quietly with Russia. That left Antonio and Heracles, and the Greek appeared to be dozing.

    You blushed just at the sight of the Spaniard. He had been your crush since what was it... third grade?

    You thought about what to say to him... Okay. You will go... now... Now. Okay... now. There... that seemed to work.

    You smiled at the green eyed teen, "Hey Toni."

    "Oh hi ____," he turned around and you felt your cheeks grow slightly hotter just from talking to him.

    "So, do you think you'll be going to the dance on Friday?" you fidgeted with your hands behind your back.

     "I don't know... probably," your heart leaped. Maybe you would finally work up the courage to dance with him.

    "I heard you got a note from someone..." he raised his eyebrows. Man, not him too...

    "Yeah, everyone seems to know who it is," you tilted your head to the side.

    "You know?" he said.

    "No, they keep going away before they can say..." the Spaniard looked slightly relieved.

    "Are you going to try to find out who it is?"

    "I'm not sure I want to know actually... 'cause I like someone else..." you blushed a dark pink.

    Toni seemed slightly saddened by this news.

    " you know?"

    "Nope," he managed to say with a slight quiver in his voice.

-------------------------------------------------(Time Skip)------------------------------------------------------------
    (On the bus) You smiled as you listened to (favorite song) on your phone. Looking out the window you recognized the stop where you were going to get off. Through the dirty glass you could see Toni's house too and you felt a flutter.

    You two didn't live too far away from each other so you saw him often enough. You actually didn't really want to find out who it was. Then you would have to explain that you liked someone else. Nice. Well, if somehow you were to find out who it was then it would be over with though. Ugh, complication.

    Resting your head on the back of the seat in front of you, you groaned aloud.

-------------------------------------------------(Time Skip)------------------------------------------------------------
    (The next day at school) "So, ____, you find out who it is yet?" (friend 1) winked at you.

    "No," you were beginning to get sick of hearing that. Why wouldn't people just tell you!?

    "Here, this might help," they gave you a small slip of paper with another origami rose. You opened it,
Mirror mirror on the wall. What am I? I am what?
Odeirrac zednanref oinotna

    "Ugh!," you sighed. "I'll never figure out who it is..." You slipped the piece of paper inside your backpack where the other one was kept carefully.

    "It'll be okay, ____, it's not that hard to figure out who it is," (friend 1) smirked at you.  

    "Yeah but you know I like someone else!" you protested.

    (Friend 1) lowered their gaze while smiling a bit, "Oh yeah."

    You sighed, you gaze turned away, "I'll be right back. My hair's been acting weird today." You quickly made your way to the restroom and looked in the mirror. Ugh frizzy hair. Pulling out your hairbrush, you found the note was stuck to it. You stared at the note as you ran the brush through your messy hair. What did the last part mean!? It was giving you a headache. Then something caught your eye as you turned over the note to check the back for anything you might've missed.

    You stared at the mirror, brush now forgotten and your hand frozen in place. The bottom line reflected back three words, the letters backwards, but easy enough to recognize. When the mirror reflected it back the bottom line translated into:
antonio fernandez carriedO

    "Oh my God," you whispered grabbing your backpack and still holding your brush in your hand tightly. You didn't want to run and it seemed like it would be impossible not too.

    Suddenly it made sense. The 'mirror mirror' part was saying that you had to use a mirror to see his name. The 'I am what? What am I?' part meant that it was backwards and that you should reverse the name.

    You realized that you were almost to the Library. Why the Library?! You spotted Antonio through the window the next hallway over and you started to jog.

    "Toni!" you shouted his name and he turned around along with Gilbert and Francis. "Toni, I need to talk to you," you said slightly out of breath.

    "Go ahead," the Spaniard said shooing his friends away. You could hear their retreating laughs as they got father away though. They knew what was about to happen no doubt. It looked like Spain did too judging by his slightly panicked expression.

    You held up the note," You wrote this... didn't you?"

    He glanced around and grabbed your wrist, "Not here, ____."

    You remained where you were standing, "Didn't you?!"

    "Yes, now come on, I don't want to make a scene," he lead you to the side of the cafeteria, where several tall bushes blocked you and Toni from sight.

    "So you did write it!" you stared at him with a slight look of disbelief. Your crush!?

    "Yes, I wrote it mi amor," he blushed deeply.

    "B-But why?" you studdered.

    "Because ____. Te amo... Eres hermosa. Inside and out," he smiled at you, finally picking up his head to meet your gaze. His expression darkened," But that was before I found out you liked someone else..." You suddenly understood.

    You pulled him into a hug and he tensed slightly," Toni, you idiot. That someone is you." His eyes widened in realization. You smiled and pecked him lightly on the cheek. The Spaniard blushed a darker shade if that was possible.

    "Wait, what did the first note mean? And what was with the roses too?" you pulled away.

    "The roses were Francis's idea," he said as you pulled the note out of your backpack. Well that explained the different handwriting.

    "What do you mean by 'I am me but not me. I am you but not you'?" you showed him the slightly wrinkled paper.

    He smiled broadly," Oh! I am me but not me. I am you but not you. I'm not me because I belong to you, but I'm not a part of you. Yo soy tuyo," Your head spun with all of the 'me's and 'you's but you eventually put it together. You hugged him closer and looked up into his sparkling emerald eyes, and him into your clear (e/c) ones.

    "I am yours," he whispered into your ear.

"Mi amor"- My love
"Te Amo"- I love you
"Eres hermosa"- You are beautiful
"Yo soy tuyo"- I am yours
A request for :iconmrvargas:. I'm sooooooo sorry it took so long!!!! I wasn't able to get it up last weekend due to complications so I made it longer than I would've normally. Again so sorry!!!! I'm so lazy *-* :iconsleepyspainplz: Spain kept me going though ^^ Hey guys! Tell me if you guessed what the last line said! If not tell me that you didn't guess anyways! So anyways, have a problem with the translations? Tell my assistant here --------> :iconbuisnesscatplz: Jk if you have a problem leave a comment!

NOTE: Thanks everyone so much! This is one of my most successful deviations! With 67 comments it's the most commented one! So many views and favs too :icongermanyomgwtfplz: Thnx guys!!!!
Sorry no extras today :iconepicnuuplz:

(Grah I forgot to put this for how long!?)Disclaimer: I DO NOT own Hetalia but this guy does---------------------->:iconhimaruyaplz:
I don't own the preview image either... just found it on Google...
You belong to :iconsexyspainplz: or :iconsexyspain2plz: or even :iconspaintomatoplz:

Being fangirly but fabulous! :iconfabulousplz:
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                   Spain x Reader

[y/n] had the best life at the moment. Her boyfriend of four years, Antonio, owned a restaurant of his own and they had a large amount of income coming from the place. Everyone in the area loved the Spanish cuisine made by him and his younger sibling Lovino. She worked as the main waitress / hostess there, and a lot of males were drawn in because of this.

It could have been her looks, her youth, her bright smile, or even the way she showered everyone around in kindness. That's what made Antonio start to fall for her, so why wouldn't other men be drawn in by the same aspects?

Today, she stayed at home. She had a rude awakening earlier, and proceeded to vomit until Toni was sure she was deathly ill. His panic only made her love him more, especially with the way he ran around the house frantically in a vain attempt to find something to cure her seemingly random illness. After assuring him that she would be fine staying home and getting rest today, he left for work.

You see, [y/n] had a sneaking suspicion of what the illness was. To her mixed emotions of happiness and depression, she had been right on the money. There was no mistaking four different tests that all read positive. As of right now, she was clutching the phone tightly as it rang and praying that it hurry and connect to the other line.

"Hola, Restaurante del-" Antonio started to say. She didn't listen past his hello, though.

"A-Ant.. T-Toni?" [y/n] stuttered.

"Mi amor! żEstas bien? Are you oka-"

Once again, she didn't listen. "C-Can you come home.. I.. I need you he-here." She said, the slight quiver in her voice known. She was on the verge of tears.

"Of course! I'll tell Lovino and I'll be right there, love!" He shouted as he hung up the phone.

[y/n] sat on the edge of the bathtub, looking at her phone with worry. A tear dropped off of her cheek and landed on it's screen as she closed her eyes. Sure, she was overly joyous with the news, but no matter how hard she tried convincing herself that he would be happy as well, her mind was too scared of him rejecting her.

~~~~~With Antonio~~~~~

"Lovino! Do you think you can hold the fort?" He shouted at the Italian behind the stove as he was almost ripping his apron in an attempt to get it off quickly.

"Why? Do you plan on leaving me here alone, you tomato-sucking bast-"

"Yes, I do. [y/n] just called. She sounded like she had been crying." Toni shot back in almost a venomous way.

Lovino, taken aback, simply blinked at his sibling's behavior. He only nodded in response, which made the Spaniard bolt for the door, almost forgetting to grab his keys as he went. The customers watched curiously as the head chef ran out of the doors, though no one dared to speak up.

"It's about-a time you tell him, ragazza."

~~~~~~Back At Home~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

After what seemed like an eternity, [y/n] heard tires screeching in the driveway. Just like her Antonio to race home for her without thinking twice about his own safety. A small, loving smile spread across her features as she heard him tumble against the stairs as he no doubtedly ran up them.

Without so much as a knock, he nearly bust the door down, prepared to deal with you throwing up or bleeding. What he wasn't prepared for was seeing her, holding a strong smile while crying her eyes dry. Even though his heart fell at the sight and nearly shattered, he couldn't help but love her more. Always so strong when everything was wrong.

Panting, Toni walked over to her and pulled her into his arms. "Shh.. It's all right, mi amor." He whispered into her ear soothingly. His arms kept a strong hold on her as he rubbed her back. Unknowingly, he began humming a small tune as her body shook violently from her harsh sobs.

[y/n] didn't know how she was going to tell him, and she felt as though she needed to tell him. Keeping a secret like this from Toni was cruel. Instead of thinking too much into it again, she decided to put her future into the hands of destiny and go with the flow. She gently took one of his hands from her back and placed it on her stomach.

Antonio looked down at her in question, but brushed it off. She woke up throwing up this morning, so he was sure that her tummy would be hurting. However, his eyes caught sight of two empty pregnancy test boxes in the trash can at the same time she managed to whisper; "Welcome home, papa."

His entire world crumbled around him and he froze in his actions. Two empty boxes, his hand on her stomach, her calling him papa.. It made him freeze in his tracks. Overwhelming happiness had paralyzed him. When he looked down to her with disbelief in his eyes, she only nodded at him with a faint smile.

He reluctantly pulled away from her, his hands moving to her shoulders to get a better view at his lovely girlfriend. In his eyes, his love for her bounded and exploded into something much more warming and heartfelt. She wasn't just his lover any more, but the mother of his unborn child.

Still paralyzed from the news, he picked her phone up from the counter and dialed a number. The shocked and appalled look on his face made [y/n] think that he was definitely going to dump her. At least, until she heard his next statement.

"Lovino?" He said softly into the phone. His face then broke out into a huge smile and he gently pulled her off of him as he literally bounced out of the room screaming "I'M GOING TO BE A FATHER!" into the poor Italian's ear.

[y/n] sat on the bathtub again, with her real smile adorning her face. A large, bright, caring smile that Toni loved to see the most. A small "Woo-hoo!" was heard from elsewhere in the house before she giggled and all of her worry washed away.

"I shouldn't have doubted him."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Time Skip; Seven Months~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

An applause was heard throughout the restaurant as [y/n] stepped in. Being well into your eighth month of pregnancy, she were showing her lovely belly. The regular customers were still sitting in the spots they had claimed as theirs. She hadn't shown up to the place since that day, because Antonio made her stay at home to not over exert herself on a task, and now they knew why their favorite waitress has yet to make an appearance.

"Vell vell! Toni vasn't lying!" Gilbert shouted from across the room, which caused another round of applause and rowdy laughter to pick up.

"What are you talking about amigo?" Antonio said as he stepped out of the kitchen. When he looked to the doorway to see her standing there, he was quick to her side and to offer a seat to her. "Mi amo, what are you doing here?"

"I wanted out of the house. I figured I would pay you a visit." She answered with a warm smile.

"Gracias." He mumbled against her lips as he pulled her in for a tender kiss.

Still yet, more applause was heard, along with several cat-calls from the regulars. She couldn't help but smile and giggle into his kiss.

"Our little hija is almost here, si?" He asked, rubbing her stomach lovingly.

"Due in two weeks." [y/n] responded with a smile. Lovino soon joined the crowd and made his way up to her. It seemed everyone was happy and ready for their daughter to be born.


"Mama, are you okay?" A little girl's voice echoed through the still room.

"Si, mama's all right, hija. Your little hermano is on his way!" Antonio said happily before cringing at the sound of [y/n] grunting loudly in pain a few rooms away.

"I can't wait for my brother!" The little girl shouted, squirming happily in her father's lap. Now seven years old, she contently awaited the doctor.

While she was patient about the ordeal, Toni wasn't. He kept fiddling with the ring on his left hand that [y/n] had placed on him four years ago. Yes, she was the one to propose.

"Papa! Look!" The small female shouted, her [e/c] eyes glimmering in the light.

Sure enough, the doctor was walking down the hall only moments later, carrying a bundle of blue blankets. "Amelia, look. He's holding your brother."
So, I got my first request and all. c: It makes me happy.This Fic goes to :iconhetalian-tigerlilly:
I never thought about doing a Espana fic before this one, so I apologize if its choppy and overall crappy. I'm slightly disappointed in it.
Either way. I hope you like it ;o ;

Spain, Hetalia, France and Prussia - :iconhimaruyaplz:
You - :iconsexyspainplz:
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You squelched up to Antonio’s front door. Should I...? You thought numbly, your fist already raised. You barely had time to shake your head and turn away when suddenly the door swung open. Antonio frowned, worried as to why you were so soaked.

“Hi!” You said, trying to sound cheerful, but the hoarseness of your voice told him more than enough.  “Come in, I’ll get you some towels.”

He left you dripping in his hallway for a moment, bending down to free your wet feet. “Thanks.” You murmured as Antonio wrapped several towels around you.

He took your hand and led you into his warm living where you sat gratefully on his sofa. “What happened?” He demanded, sitting down next to you and gazing at you with those concerned green eyes of his.

“You know my boyfriend had quite the reputation of a player right?” He nodded, not liking where this was going. You laughed hollowly, snuggling into the warmth of the towels.

“I thought he’d changed. Heh, more fool me. He was getting it off with someone in the shower. I could hear them.” You growled, a lump in your throat as you remembered what it’d sounded like. “They were so busy with each other they didn’t even notice me taking all of their clothes and towels from inside.”

He raised his eyebrow in surprise at that. “I took everything they could use to cover themselves with and then locked them in. The key I threw away and I took away the key from under the pot on the porch. Which means....”

“That they have to ask someone with a key or they have to climb out of the window and break down the front door....”

“Completely naked.” You smirked in revenge and Antonio blinked his eyes in disbelief, then broke down laughing. His laughing was contagious and no matter how crap you were feeling you joined in with him.

Tears flowed down his cheeks and he held his stomach, a stitch having formed there from his hysterics. “Good one chica!” He grinned in admiration at you, truly proud of you.

You smiled back weakly at him and he hugged you tightly. “I’m sorry to hear it though. But you know I’m always here for you right?” He whispered, rubbing circles on your back soothingly.
“Yeah, I know that Toni. But right now, I just need to tie up the loose ends and figure my feelings out.” You replied, resting your head on his shoulder.

Why was it that he was always there for you? Always prepared to help you pick yourself back up? Why was he so warm?

“I’ll always be here for you.” He murmured again, pressing his lips against your hair. You gulped and pulled back to look at him. Your thumb lightly stroked the lips that had kissed your hair, wanting to feel just how soft they were.

Antonio smiled and kissed your finger before he leaned over to you and brushed his lips gently against yours. He knew the risk of the action but he knew that he’d earned the right to claim your heart after sticking with you for so many years.

After all, you’d claimed his a very long time ago, he couldn’t even remember what it was that made him first fall in love with you, he liked everything about you. And he’d protect everything about you.

“So what now?” He murmured against your lips, eyes locked on yours. “I need to find a place to stay and-“

“Here. Stay here with me.” He nuzzled his lips against yours again, his arms tightening around your waist. “Thank you...... Could you help me with my stuff? I don’t really want to see his cheating arse ever again.”

“Anytime chica. Just as long as you promise me one thing (y/n).” You cocked your head at him, smiling curiously.


“Never lock me up in the bathroom with no means to cover myself.”
'Cuz I've always wanted to do that to someone ^^

Please enjoy and tell me what you think, I love reading comments :D
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Four hours. You were breathing so hard it felt like a mallet in the back with each exhale. You had come over to Spain's house, as you often did, to practice dancing and hang with one of your best friends, him.
  He looked over at you, and grinned. Bastard. His breathing was hard, but he obviously wasn't nearly as tired out from the exhausting dance the both of you had been working on for the last 240 minutes.  
  "Here." Spain said cheekily, offering you a water bottle. "Have a drink".You caught your breath. The light caught his hair making it shine. His cheeks were flushed, and his long, drool worthy body stretched out elegantly. You'd seen that same body dance, and shivered at the thought.
   Reminding yourself to come back down to earth, you snatched it, and drank the entire thing down in one gulp. Spain looked impressed.
   "Wow, your freaky good at swallowing things." he said. You didn't know whether to faint or face palm. Was he trying to be dirty, or were you just reading it wrong?
Checking your watch, you hissed. "Damn." you muttered,"I gotta go.", because it was already twelve at night. Spain frowned at you.
  "Amiga, it's cold and dark, and there are bad people out there. You can't walk home especially when" he added when you staggered a bit "You could collapse at any moment."
  You opened your mouth to protest, but then shrieked when he lifted you bridal style, and marched towards the door, and into the hall.
  "Put me down Spain!" You shrieked, struggling weakly. He tsked.
   "Querida" the words flowed like silk from his lips, caressing your mind. " I've told you, and told you call me by my name. But do you listen? No."
  You were silent for once, thinking this over. When you’d met him, you'd called him Spain naturally, to be formal, but he'd commanded you to call him by his name many times. You had refused. Even after becoming best friends,your pure stubbornness kept you from using his human name.
   He then reached a huge oak door, lifted his foot, then kicked it open, then nudged it shut with his foot. You could almost see him, in the moonlight, as he carried her over to a bed, his bed you realized.
   " Spa-ain" you stuttered, " I can't sleep in your bed."
   "Sure you can" he said simply. "It's the most comfortable bed I have (y-n) ."
  "Where are you going to sleep?", you asked darkly.
   " Here of course. It is my bed. And it's quite big." he smirked, and you cheeks flamed.
  He shifted you, and laid you down slowly. You were on your back, his knee wedged between your legs, and his face inches from yours.
  Leaning in, so his lips brushed your ear, he whispered "Di mi nombre Querida." You squirmed as he pressed even closer.
  "N-no" you stuttered, then squealed, as he trailed his lips down you neck. Slowly kissing you collar bone.
    "Then I'll just have to make you say it." He whispered, voice like dark velvet. Then his lips crashed into yours.  Suffice to say, Antonio made you scream out his name numerous times that night.
Your stubborn, and Spain is delectable.
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You started, dumping the washing up in the sink when you heard a crash and a loud wail. “Toni?” You shouted through the bathroom door, worried about what your flatmate had gotten up to this time.

“Chicaaaaaa!!!” He yelled over the splash of water and after finding the door was unlocked, you burst in. Antonio’s hand was bleeding badly and you immediately grasped his hand in yours. Wincing, he bit his lip as you examined his knuckles.

It wasn’t a pretty sight; it actually looked as though his skin had some holes in it. Doing your best not to gag, you pushed his hand back under the tap. “What the hell did you do?!” You cried as you flung useless item after useless item out of the cupboard.

He sniffed loudly, tears rolling over his cheeks. “I-I just, I don’t know, I was just so angry and-“

You glanced up to see him and caught sight of the state of the mirror. Several drips of blood were falling from the jagged shards of what was left of your mirror. “ANTONIO!!” He winced again and smiled apologetically at you.

“What the hell made you do something as stupid as that?!” He sighed, jumping slightly when you tightened the bandage around his hand. “I-I....”

You glared at him, pressing down on one of his knuckles. He wasn’t going to fess up. Francis had said something on the phone about you whilst he was calling him and brushing his teeth. What his friend was something he wouldn’t, no couldn’t let it slide.

By the time he’d processed his fury, his fist was buried in the mirror. You growled at him, not taking any pressure off his injuries. “Chica!” He complained, his face pained. A tear appeared at the corner of his eye, which made you feel a little guilty.

“Sorry....” you muttered, leaning up to kiss it away. “That was mean of me, I apologise.” He turned red, the smile appearing back on his face as he shook his head. “It’s okay!”

Gazing happily at you made you feel compelled to look away, uncertain as to why he was suddenly so cheerful again.

“Say chica~”


"My hand hurts."

You frowned at him, cocking your head. “Could you make it feel better like before?” His hopeful expression brightened his face as he grinned at you, his bandaged hand held up.

Carefully you held his hand and kissed each of his knuckles softly. “Better?” You mumbled, blushing. He nodded and kissed your nose, then quickly brushed his lips against yours, turning it into a more passionate kiss when he tilted his head.

Turning your head, you broke the kiss. He whined quietly, wondering if that was out of line. “I....’m sorry.” He murmured, leaning back from you and rubbing the bridge of his nose.

“It’s not that.” His gaze snapped up and at you as you tried to explain. “Well,” you mumbled, looking for a way of explaning,” I....”

Suddenly it hit you and you smiled sweetly at him, a smile which went straight to his heart. “My curing charm only works on things that need healing!”

He paused for a moment, then bit his lip so hard it started bleeding. “Antonio, what are you-“

His lips pressed against yours and you tasted the coppery taste of his blood. His tongue slid over your bottom lip and when you opened your mouth slightly he pulled away again. You watched as his teeth started on his tongue and you quickly reclaimed his mouth, not wanting him to hurt himself.


You blushed, looking from his lips to his green eyes. “Although my charm only works on injured things.....”

At your next sentence you flushed bright red and hid your face in your hands. “.....You can ask for a kiss any day!”
..... Err yeah, so inspired by my sister smashing the mirror. My mirror I might add. *sigh* Oh well......

Please enjoy and tell me what you think, I love reading comments~
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[Spain x Reader]

~Reader's POV~
You weren't one to pay much attention in you Spanish class, since you either spent your time doodling or looking out the window at the occasional sight outside.
But you did catch it when your teacher announced your final Spanish exam that you would be having tomorrow.
When class ended, you literally ran to the library. Time to hurry up on some studying time. Slamming a Spanish textbook on one of the desks near the window, you hurriedly flipped to the first lesson and started reading.
By the end of the could hopelessly were going to fail the exam so bad.
Literally pulling your hair out in frustration, you went through a list of ideas that could help you out on your Spanish test...
Well there is Antonio...he has the best grades in that class...
Should you?
Deciding it was all or nothing, you gathered up your courage and found him walking down the hallway.
"Hey! Um...Antonio!"
When he turns around to look at you, he smiles and replied, "Hello chica~"
"Uh...yeah hi. So you know about the test tomorrow right? Well uh...I was kinda wondering if you were available after school so you could me study or something?" you said, talking a bit slowly to make sure you didn't trip on your words too bad.
He grins and replies, "A study date?"
You would believe how fast your face heat up.
"N-No! Just wondering if you could tutor me and stuff..." then you regain your composure and shoot back coldly, "If your busy then whatever. I can always ask someone else."
Trying to make him jealous seemed to work, since he quickly replied, "Alright alright...when?"
You glowed happily and handed him a strip of paper. "This is my address. You can come over at around 3!"
Flashing you another one of his smiles, he nods before leaving with your paper strip in hand...

~Time Skip...because I know you want to get to the good part~
"Hola [Name]!"
"Yeah hello to you too Antonio," you replied letting him in and leading him to your living room.
"Okay," you said, patting the Spanish textbook next to you, "I just need you to help me ace this test mi amigo."
He shifts the book away. "We won't be needing this."
Your eyes widened, your brain not comprehending. "W-Wha? We need the textbook obviously! It has all the terms and-"
"Trust me chica. I'll teach you my own way alright?" he asked.
Frowning slightly, you finally agreed and pouted, "Alright. This better work."
He explained to you what he was going to do. First, he would say a word or a phrase in Spanish while you translated it into English. Then he would say a word or phrase in English that you had to translate.
"Okay. Come at me."
Thinking for a while, he started with "cielo".
"Psh. Easy peasy. It's sky."
You continued the same thing, ranging from thing like "pájaro" to "helado".
"Alright. This time I'll be saying the English okay?" he finally asked.
After being silent for a while, he smiled and said, "I'm doing good."
You looked at him cluelessly.
"You know when someone asks you how are you doing? You have to reply right?"
You nodded hastily. "Y-Yes of course...I-I seem to have forgotten..." you replied embarrassedly.
Maybe it was just your imagination, but Antonio seemed to be getting a little closer.
"It's 'Te Amo Antonio' that means 'I'm doing good Antonio' in Spanish..." he smiled crookedly.
For some reason, you didn't trust him. Maybe it was the way he was looking at you. But he was the native should listen to him right?
"I'm doing good Antonio," he started again, this time more eagerly awaiting your answer. For reasons unknown, you sputtered nervously, "T-Te Amo Antonio..."
You thought you saw him shudder slightly, and his eyes losing their shine and going dark for a moment, but when you looked he was back to normal with that Spaniard smile.
"Alright [Name]~ I think you've gotten the hang of it now!"
Scratching your cheek nervously you replied, "R-Really?"

~Time Skip...the long awaited test results~
"I'm going to be passing out the tests now."
You nervously played with your pencil, rolling in back and forth across the wooden desk. Your palms were sweating and you nervously wiped them against your jeans hoping that it would help. It didn't.
Before you knew it your Spanish teacher had finished passing out the tests. You looked around, everyone had a their test except you. Your desk was empty.
"Miss [LastName], would you please see me after class?" you teacher asked.
For the entire class period while you were working on your Spanish workbook, you wondered what went wrong. Was your grade so horrible that she wanted to talk to you about it? Did she want to kick you out of her class?
As soon as the bell rang to signal the end of class, one of the first people to leave was Antonio. You found that a bit weird, but decided to worry about it later. Right now, all that mattered was your test.
"You wanted to talk to me Ma'am?" you walked up to your teacher's desk nervously.
"Ah yes [Name]. You did very good on this test. You got everything correct..."
You let out a sigh of relief. Yes...!
"...except one. That is what my concern was."
You looked at her with confusion. Was something wrong with your answer...?
"I'm doing good in Spanish is not Te fact, Te Amo actually means...well..." she struggled for the right words.
"...for?" you heard yourself ask.
"Te Amo means I love you in Spanish [Name]..."
Then it hit you.
That idiotic Spaniard.
"I was a bit worried about your answer..." she started.
"It's no problem Ma'am. I'll be sure to fix the problem..." you growled menacingly, dark waves literally surrounding your body.
She gulped noticeably and laughed nervously. "I see...well uh...have a good day!"
Then you headed off to murder a certain Spaniard that had fooled you into confessing to him.
There was going to be some bloodshed.

This is dedicated to :iconhetalia-spain:
Ack. My computer is acting up again so I don't know if I'm posting the right thing or not... :icono-oplz:
Anywho, meh. Not so sure if this one turned out good or not. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below~ :iconhappyskipplz:
Oh Spain you bad bad're about to be murdered by Reader-chan~ I pity you :iconnervouslaughplz:
I'm almost done with my requests... :iconcryforeverplz:

I do not own the picture...even though I wish I did... :iconikissitplz:
Spain belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:
You belong to a certain Spaniard... :iconsexyspain4plz:
And the story and overall plot belongs to this author, only second to Prussia. :iconcross-angel-chan:
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