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Revamped my OC Kai before he was known as "new OC" lol
Now he dyed his hair black and blue and changed his tattoo~
And finally found a name for him, Kai. Kinda named him last year but never really said anything about it haha
Also he is a based off a blue tiger shrimp~ <3
He now has a girl friend uhuhuhu :iconuhuhuhuplz:

She belongs to my beautiful idol *rhodendron
Still planning her~ <3

I will be doing a valentine drawing of these two soon~ > u <
His hoodie was based off of [link]
Changed a few things from the original

Kai belongs to *silverblossoms
Please do not trace, copy, steal, or heavily ref.
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My app for :iconsparklesplz: :iconcirque-des-reves: :iconsparklesplz:
uhuuu I hope I get in Q A Q

Name: Chime Silverbell

Age: 19

Birthday: December 1

Species: Human

Fraction: Diamond

Job: Crepe seller


| Caring | Loving | Protective | Hardworking | A bit Tsundere |

Chime is a very caring and protective towards those who are close to her. She desires to be accepted by people and to be loved due to her past. Even with a nightmare past, she still would do anything to make people happy. She rather sees a smile than a frown on anyone. Childish at times, Chime has a little hard time warming up to others; especially when she is flustered. She prefers to be close to people because she has always been afraid to be alone. She has the worse sense of direction, and always tends to get lost, so wearing bells helps people keep track of where she is. Chime likes to sleep a lot and be lazy at times but when it comes to working she will do her best so that she wont be a burden to anyone. She wants to be a dependable person rather than have to always depend on others. When she meets new people, her shy side will show, but slowly she will open up. And when it comes to love, she is super dense about it... so be straight forward... or she won't know it. At times she may be a little bit clingy, but only to those that are close to her. Also she is a little clumsy. She loves the smell of sweets and tea; the smell calms her and remind her of her mother.


Chime lived in a small village with her single mother. She knows little of her father nor has she met him. But her mother provided the love that she needed. Chime's mother was a baker and her bake good were always very delicious. Her mother would take time out to teach Chime how to bake, cook, make crepes. Even though she had poor health, caused by all the stress of being a single mother. In the village, the people didn't accept Chime because of her different eye colour and because she didn't have a father. They always thought she was a monster, a freak, a demon, a bad omen. They treated her poorly, always bullying her, blaming her for the tragedy that happens in the village.

But Chime's mother protected her from them, as a result she would keep chime indoors most of the time. Soon the villagers forgot about Chime's existence. That is until her mother died of sickness. Chime was 14 then, and the thought of her mother gone clouded her mind. For a year and a half she survived oh the food she had left, until it ran out. She knew she had to go out to get more food, but she was afraid. However, she didn't have a choice cause now she was alone. When she went out the villagers saw her eyes and remembered Chime. Everything came back, the glares, the painful words, the memories it all came back. Now that her mother wasn't there, the villagers attacked her and threw her out of the village, forcing Chime to survive in the woods.

She wondered for days, without food or water. Not knowing where she should go; she was at the point where she was about to give up... she was tired... afraid... alone...

That's when she saw a small figure sitting up in a tree, it was a boy. The boy asked Chime "Are you lost?" She stared at him for a moment before saying "Uh..." but then she realized he can see her different coloured eyes, she turned and covered her face. She was afraid to show her eyes to anyone now. She wanted to hide... but than she heard "You have such pretty eyes" she quickly turned, flustered a bit but was surprised. No one, other than her mother, had said that to her. She didn't know what to say... the boy then introduced himself, "Hi, I'm Mana. What is your name?" Without knowing it Chime replied,
"Ah...Ch...ime- my name is Chime"

"What are you doing out here in the woods?"

"...I-I was thrown out of my village......"

" why don't you come to my place? Momma says it's bad to be out late." he said as he reaches his hand out.

Mana led her back to his home; his mother cleaned her Chime up and gave her some food. His family wasn't uncomfortable with her eyes; instead they were fascinated by it. Tears shed down her cheek; she wasn't sad but extremely happy. She burst into tears without realizing it. Mana's family was shocked and thought they did something wrong, but Chime explained to them that she wasn't sad but happy. And she told them her story.

She then on lived with Mana and his family; she would try to do her best to help out. Often she would bake for Mana's family, they loved her baking.

One night Chime went out for a walk, Mana told her not to stray off the path. But without knowing it she wandered off the path, she was lost. She panicked and started walking aimlessly, she cried for help, but no response. She was scared now, didn't know what to do. Tears flowed from her eyes, everything was so dark... then she heard, "--Ch... Chim... Chime..." it was Mana's voice, she ran over screaming his name, "Mana! Mana!" Closer and closer the voice got "Chime? Chime!" She rushed over to Mana and hugged him tightly, crying.

It was then after the accident, for Chime's birthday, Mana gave her a bell bracelet. The bell's sound was so clear; it was the most beautiful gift she had received. And it was the first birthday present, other than her mother, she has gotten. Mana told her, if she ever got lost, he will be able to find her.

Mana's father was a sword swallower. And so Mana always loved the circus. One day Mana and Chime went to Cirque Des Reves, they were both fascinated by everything in the circus. They both loved the performances and the foods there; it was like the place of their dreams. It felt so magical and mysterious. It was then both of them decided to try out for Circus Des Reves, together. This way the can both do what they both like and it could be a new beginning for Chime.


Rudolf | Mana (very dear to her) | Sweets | White bunnies | The sky | Tea | Sleeping | Rain | Pillows | Bells | The sound of violins and pianos | Cold weather | Snow |


| Thunder | Storms | Being alone | Being lost | Bitter foods | Hot weather | Bugs|


-Mother (deceased)
-Mana (considers as a bother)
-Mana's family

Relationships: Rudolf Spritzinger

Misc/Other information:

-Wears a bell bracelet on her right hand
-Has two bells on her work outfit
-Always wears bells because she gets lost easily and it's easier for people to find her (most of the bells were given by Mana)
-Makes plushies when she has time ( mostly bunny plushies)
-She can fall asleep anywhere and tends to fall asleep easily
-The outfit she wears when working:

RP methods: Comments, notes, skype maybe?

Chime belongs to *silverblossoms
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I feel like I am stuck in a bottle... 
No way out, the enterance sealed tight 
The water rises up, covering me completely 
Slowly I run out of breath with each bubble floating to the surface
How can I get out? 
Who will save me? 
Will some one come to break this glass jar?
Before I run out of time

I have no idea what I am writing LOL //slapshard
Just wanted to draw water and a jar o u o
First time drawing water.. and bubbles kljsdfa //dies// hope it even looks like water ...
thank you *rhodendron for helping me with the water~ I lab you bby~ <3 > 3 <

Another drawing of Chime ~ <3 > u <
I love her so much o 3 o <3

I won't be able to draw as much, some personal problems came up > 3 <
But I will try to draw sometime ^ A ^

Chime and art belongs to *silverblossoms
Please do no trace, copy, steal, or heavily ref.
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My second attempt with animation o A o
Theres so much workfor animation //dies
I hope this looks alright :iconsobbplz:
uuuu and I hope my pixels improved as well :iconlazypoolplz:

My OC Chime~ <3 I keep changing her hairstyle and outfit..
I don't even think I needed to draw a character sheet for her - A -
Also shes sitting on pillows.. since its kinda hard to tell Q n Q

Also I want to thank those who were worried about me and wondering if I'm feeling better
well I just wanted to say I really appreciate everyones comments, it makes me feel a lot better (:
but I might not going to be 100% okay until March passes, though I will do my best to cheer up~ <3

Chime and art belongs to *silverblossoms
Please do not trace, copy, steal, or heavily ref.
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//crawls out of the darkness//
Haven't uploaded anything on this account for a while now//sobs

Have some drawings that aren't done.. have no motivation to finish it right now //dies 
But finally drew something 

Ever wanted to change your past? Want to see your future? To have a second chance?

These two are my time twin tsundere ocs~ Thinking about names right now...
The girl with the darker hair (with clovers) controls the future and the girl with lighter hair (with spades) controls the past. When they are together they can control the present. The clover girl's eyes can see the future and the spade girl's eyes can see the past. The darker hair girl has a clover pattern in her eyes and the lighter hair girl has a spade pattern in her eyes.

Will do a ref of them later.. and more info later  :iconlazypoolplz:

Twin ocs belongs to *silverblossoms
Please do not trace, copy, steal or heavily ref.
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This was suppose to be for halloween... 
but didnt get a chance to finish it for that day QQ

But.... decided to finish it either way ~
This creepy girl uses incense to manipulate people's mind and control them
You will become her mindless puppet 
Those who are sad, stress or angry attracts her more and are more easily to control 

Once she has control over you, there is no going back

weeeeelllllll thats all i can up with for noww ~
Not sure if I will even draw her again hahahaa
But had a lot of fun with this and also thank you *rhodendron for helping me with the BG :iconsupertighthugplz: 

Art and character belong to *silverblossoms
Please do not trace, steal, copy, or heavily ref.
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CDR Event: Horror Masquerade ball
Chime is Gretel while Mana is going to be Hansel~ 
uhuhuuuu~ I couldn't make Chime look super creepy.. since I'm not good with drawing those //sob// need more practice 

But I hope the outfit looks dark.. 
Tried to make Chime look like the innocent girl but is actually twisted daslkfj 
can't draw blood even if my life depended on it > A <

Anyone wants to play hide and seek tag with her?~ no guarentee you will survive though uhhuhuu~ Don't worry, its just strawberry jam on her uhuhuhu if you know what I mean ~

Chime: Let's play~ //licks lips


Chime and art belongs to *silverblossoms
please do not trace, copy, steal or heavily ref.
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My part of the AT with *Dayrili 

sdkajf/// I hope you like this! I had so much fun drawing Ribbon/// 
I had a hard time choosing between Ribbon or Mr.Whale skjfa 
When I have time I will draw Mr. Whale for fun ////

eeeee/// I'm not good at drawing guys.... so I hope this looks okay sdfkljsa 
I dont want to butcher your amazing Ribbon dkfa 
whutt is BG//// :iconmingplz:

Thank you for doing an AT with me Riri! <333
I cant wait to see your part! <3

Ribbon belongs to *Dayrili
Art belongs to *silverblossoms 
Please do not trace, copy, steal, or heavily ref. 
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A quick ref of her outfit
Since on her app it was only a side view of her.. o 3 o

I hope it looks alright u A u
dksajf uhhuuuu I hope I get in sdalfj //sobs

Chime and art belongs to *silverblossoms
Please do not trace, copy, steal, or heavily ref.
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HAPPY BELATED :iconshusical::iconshusical::iconshusical::iconshusical::iconshusical::iconshusical::iconshusical:


You are such a sweet and kind person! I've only recently chatted with you! And you are a extremely wonderful person//// so nice and easy to talk too klsdfa I'm glad I got a chance to chat with you! <333
eee/// I hope we will become better friends lkjfa honesty I've idolized you for a long time//hit// your art really inspires me//// It gives off a magical calm feeling~ I love looking at your art, it gives me so much motivation to draw and to kick those art blocks away//////////// Seriously/// shu you are a goddess////

eeee///// okiee well I hope you like this dksjfalfkjakljf

Julie belongs to *shusical
Art belongs to *silverblossoms
Please do not trace, copy, steal or heavil ref.
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