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Hello everyone!!

Please read

Alright there are many requested notes asking me many questions. I will explain them all here as well!

Which brushes are the best to use?
No, there is no best brushes. It's all depending on the each person.
First of all, I want to suggest that brushes are not the most important part for painting, but your practicing and hard working will make you paint better! ( I mean yes they are helpful when we use for specific things, and we feel comfortable to use them, so we feel enjoy painting. ) However, the best brushes for you are the ones that make you want to continue painting with them.
As long as you try and you like them!

From the brushes that I've shared, I used them all in their own specific ways. [ Basic Painting Brushes ] are what I used mostly before, and [ Winter 2012 brushes ] I like to use them for sketches and painterly style more.

I also still try to create new ones to see if I will like them even more! and yes I have found that [ Wet edge option ] and [ Color dynamic option ] can be useful to improve the brushes.
You will find that the new brushes set that I've made are included some options. ( You can download and try them from "Download" >>> ^^ )

What you need to know

* From the image above, the names are just for fancy and separate them from others! lol Every brush can be used for anything and it depends on you!

* For Photoshop only! ( Recommend for CS 5 and above, but if you have older versions please try them and I think they work fine )

* I don't need credit for this. I love brushes! and like to try making new ones. Please feel free to use.

Finally, I love to collect brushes from other artists and tried them all. I learnt them to see the differences and I really enjoy using them. Their brushes are amazing and I recommend you to try them all. ^^= Of course, they are amazing artists and thank you so much for sharing them to us all!

Hannes , Joshua James Triangle Brushes , Zeoyn , Goro Fujita , 1 / 2 Mathias Verhasselt , Jan Ditlev Christensen, Min Yum , Maciej Kuciara , Yumedust , Dan LuVisi , Shaddy Safadi , Aditya777

:star: :twitter: :facebook: Site Blog Tumblr :star:
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Here's a free brush set that contains basic rendering brushes, as well as sci-fi alien-ish custom brushes I've made. Feel free to use them in any of your personal and professional work, and of course I highly encourage you to make your own;) 

Made in Photoshop CS3, they should work in previous versions and of course will work in CS5 & CS6.

For assistance on loading them, visit here:…

Get my Master Video Tutorial Collection for ONLY &19.99!…

Do you want to be a professional concept artist?

ConceptMonster Workshop

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My new set of handmade Photoshop brushes is finally here!!! I'm trying out DA's premium content option, but if you'd rather pay directly with a credit or debit card, these are also available to download on Gumroad. I've set the minimum price at $3 because I worked hard on these and I think they are worth it!

Each of these brush tip shapes was drawn with ink on paper and scanned, for brushes with a really traditional, organic feel. Each brush is intended to be used for shading and adding texture to larger areas of a painting, and is less suited to detail work (that’ll be my next set!). Each brush is also named after a type of pie, because I couldn’t think of a reason why they shouldn’t be.

~ Recommended for Photoshop CS5 or CS6. They’ll open in earlier versions of CS, and in GIMP, but some settings may not work properly.
~ Apple Dumpling is a smaller, more compact version of Apple Pie - GET IT?????? Well, anyway, it’s the most line-suited of the set, while Pie is better for filling in big areas.
~ Turn down the Flow setting for a softer, more textured brush.
~ If you use these brushes often, I very much appreciate credit and a link to this post, my Gumroad page, or my brushes page on tumblr. I also love seeing what people have done with my brushes, so feel free to link anything you've done here, or tag it on tumblr with #keckysbrushes.
~ Have fun!!!

Check out and download the rest of my custom brushes here!!!
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FAQ: Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai resourcesThis FAQ is intended to answer most frequent questions I get and tackle the common problems that users encounter. I no longer visit DA as often as I used to, so I'm going to put it forth from now on, so that you can get some help when I'm away. Here goes:
General FAQ
I'm getting .rar or zip file. Photoshop/Paint Tool Sai says that it can't open it.
The reason for this is that .rar or .zip files are not meant to be opened with any graphic editors. These are archive files, whose purpose is to compress file so that it takes less space and to facilitate downloading process. To get the contents of these files ("to extract"), you need to open them with corresponding software. For example WinRar, WinZip, 7Zip, PeaZip, etc. The extraction process is si

For blending with, creates smooth and rough various textures. These are smallish (100-150px) for detail blending but you can resize/adjust for blending larger areas.
How to use:

Option1. Drag and drop .tpl file into PS and voila, your smudge tool is set. Alternative way of loading .tpl is inside the .zip pack.
Option2. In case the above method doesn't work for you, load .abr file normally like any brush, and just select them for smudge tool. It will also work for mixer brush, dodge, burn, etc.

TIP: Smudge tool can be set for following sampling:
a) (default) current layer - will smudge and blend contents of currently active layer
b) (tick) all layers - will smudge and blend contents of active layer with all visible layers above and below

:bulletgreen: Credit is most appreciated (put : devzummerfish : without spaces in your description por favor!)
:bulletred: Do not sell, redistribute, claim as your own, etc.

 Zummerfish's Floral and Foliage brushes vol.1 by zummerfishZummerfish's Nature Brushes by zummerfish Zummerfish's Artistic N Texture Brushes Vol2 by zummerfish Zummerfish's dragon scales brushes by zummerfish Zummerfish's animal fur and print brushes by zummerfish
PaintTool SAI brushtex Sai brushtex pack II by zummerfish by zummerfish
Night Town Psd-Tutorial by zummerfish
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Some of my personal brushes that I tend to favor while drawing. The first one is not a hard round, but a triangle based brush.

#4 brush was created by :iconvovix: (seestur)

The rest are paint-like brushes with different effects. You can create a totally new brush by editing each of these.

I don't use the bottom one much, but I'm sure it can be useful for sculpting out tree bark or some winding branches.

:bulletgreen:No credit is required if you use my brushes in any type of artwork, commercial or personal. Use them and abuse them! :bulletgreen:

EDIT: So there is less confusion. The images/samples above are brush STROKES, not what the brush tip looks like. When you combine the tips depending on spacing, then you get a stroke. When you load them, you may get a stroke, brush tip name, ectect depending on your brush palate settings. I use strokes since it's easier to see what the brush does, not just what the tip looks like (which can be deceiving.)

I created these in PS CS5. I am clueless as to what other programs aside from Photoshp .abr files are compatible with.

***How to load brushes into Photoshop: [link]
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new brushes!!!!!! please push the DOWNLOAD button ^^

Draco Malfoy by FeliceMelancholiePortrait_3 by FeliceMelancholieHappy New Year! :3 by FeliceMelancholie

step by stepPurple hair. Step by step + brown by FeliceMelancholieSemi-realism lips. step by step by FeliceMelancholieSemi-realism Eyes tutorial by FeliceMelancholieNose tutorial. Step by step by FeliceMelancholie
I'm sharing some of my favourite Photoshop brushes and other texture brushes
-all are made not me!!! (Algenpfleger, Dukal, k04sk, Marta Dahlig and other)
but many people ask me what brushes I use
on the picture you can see what I use for drawing 

This is FULL brushes pack for photoshop cs5 D:
*WARNING! on the picture not full pack*
oh...sorry for my english ^^
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Some people asked me about the brush i used in these. mainly i used a custom made brush that shouild feel like oil, but dont feel to digital.. here it is. i think - if i made no mistakes - you just need to hit the download button.

/////EDIT: OH GOD you crazy people where are you all coming??? Just woke up earlier to do some assignments for university and got about nearlly 6000 views on this in one night and about 30-40 comments. This will take some time until i can reply to every single one of you!


Facebook: [link]
Art Blog: [link]
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Chalk brush for all purposes that I've made it from scratch since awhile ago.
( Actually it's so easy lol. I just painted the brush shape and texture then after defined it I adjusted the setting )
I like this one because I love chalk/pastel effect.
So here I share it to you. ^_^

Download from >> "Download File"
It's supposed to work fine for any version of PS since all the settings are basic. I'm currently using PS CS6
transfer option = other dynamic option
= = = = =

As a brush - You can adjust opacity jitter / flow jitter option as you want or follow from my setting.
You can also play around with texture option and add more effect to it. ( From what you see above I don't add the texture option yet, but it has some texture effect because the brush itself that I painted.)

Make it to soft chalk - At the brush option > Brush Tip Shape > set Spacing lower from 4%-10% and take scattering option off. Then at the Transfer/other dynamic option > Opacity Jitter at the *minimum* % (below controls option ) set to 10-20% instead of 50% :)

- - - -

As a smudge brush - you can also use this one for smudge tool. Adjust scattering option like the setting from above is what I like the most. You are going to like it too I know! ;)

- - - -

As an eraser - I use as an eraser sometimes

Here are some sample work that I used this brush.
Orphan - practice by Feohria Hope by Feohria Snow Forest Guardian by Feohria The greater risk by Feohria 

:) Try it and tell me how do you like.
I hope you enjoy using it.

Basic brush set

My Brush Set 2014 by Feohria Basic Painting Brushes - Photoshop by Feohria

:damphyr: :facebook: :twitter: :blog: :tumblr:
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Hey guys, here is my brush pack people have been asking me about. I hope you enjoy them!

The top 8 are my staple brushes that I normally paint with!
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New Brush-Sets will be available here:

Info: (CS5 only, no previous version is supported for this set - should work with CS6 too)

Dave's Marker and Inkpen Brushes Version 1.0

- Marker and Inkpen brushes created with real markers and ink. Brush-shapes and the brushpattern were created with real markerstrokes.

Rules for this Brushset:

I allow everyone to use my brushes in this folder (Daves Marker and Inkpen Brushes v1) for commercial-projects and for personal-projects.

This ABR-file was created with Photoshop CS5 and contains my brand new marker and inkpen brushes for drawing or painting.

If you want to share my brush-set, just link to the original source. However:
I allow everyone to upload my brush-set to share it with other artists, but you have to mention my username:

"Brollonks" or my real name "David Schmelling". And please link to my Deviantart-Account/ or CGHUB account - depending on from which account you downloaded it.

Please don't remove this info-file if you share this brushes with others and don't claim them as your own. Just upload my zip-file if you want to share it.

The preview-image is showing the line-quality as good as possible, you may only upload it anywere together with my brush-set! Viewing the image in full size does show you the original line quality of each brush. Try to vary the strength and size of my own markerstroke-pattern I created with real markers to get more interesting strokes.

You will only see if you like the brushes, when you try them out. But whatever you do - practice a lot to improve.


If you have any questions or requests (maybe I do some) visit my deviantart-profile

If you're not a Deviantart-member you can also write an E-Mail to:

Many thanks and happy drawing!
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