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‎"Are you okay?"
No. I'm dying. I have to push myself to wake up in the morning, and when I finally do, I want to go back to sleep. Even my best dreams are becoming nightmares. I can't taste food, I can't stand the things I used to love. I'm breaking. I'm fading. I'm dying.
"I'm fine."
something real quick i wrote...
Thanks for reading :)
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As I sit here cradling the blade in my hands
Treasuring the moments I wish that I had
I can't stop growing more lost and confused
I can't stop thinking... am I good enough for you?

As I sit here, wrapping the rope around my neck
No one will understand a meaning so complex
I simply can't stop thinking about it somehow
Thinking, am I good enough for you now?

As I sit here, pulling the trigger on the gun
I think, maybe I was never meant for "the one"...
And ...
goes the bullet.
For when I think it through...
I really won't ever be good enough for you.
<3 Just a thought, just some words.
Comments Critiques? :)
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I used to think make up
Made people ugly.
Now I think I'm ugly without it.

I used to think people
Always loved me.
Now I think everyone hates me.

I used to think everybody
Was my best friend.
Now I think no one truly is.

I used to think
Boys were icky!
Now I wish I had one.

What happened to being
I don't like the ending :iconblahplz:

NOOO. :iconomg--plz:

Okay please comment and stuff! <3
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I slid the blade across my wrist
Again and again.

Maybe I’m an emotional freak.

I cause fights and arguments
And over

Maybe I’m a troublemaker.

I use make up to make myself seem

Maybe I’m girly.

I complain about things
Even when sometimes
They’re not

Maybe I’m an attention seeker.

I fall under so many

So maybe I am a label.

Or maybe
I’m just me.

Comments please, and critiques :)
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Who are you?
Where are you?
What... are you?

The blinding white walls
Closing in on you
Trapping you
Drowning you.

Who are you?

Certainly not
Certainly not that
happy little girl
jumping through fairy tales
as a sunset paints the silver sky.

Where are you?
Certainly not
Definitely not where
you'd want to be.

What are you?
Certainly not
Obviously not

Blood, scars, wounds.

All you see are shadows
In a room of white walls...
inspired by [link]
mine is not exactly an original version of it, but it's something. :)

comments and critiques?
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They're listening.
Look behind you.
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
In again.
"Are you okay?"
I'm dying.
"I'm fine."

Shapes, forms, bodies, animals, plants
Shifting, moving, being
"What's wrong with you?"

You're a freak.
No one wants you.
You should kill yourself, let them out of their misery
Do it
Or we'll do the job for you.

"You're crazy."
I know.
"They're fake, you know."
No they're not.
"What are you doing?"
I'm shaking.
I'm dying.
This is how I live.

Save me
Save me, from the monsters, the shadows
Save me

"What can I do?"
You can stop.
You can stop being ignorant

<3 i'm so sorry if it's inaccurate.. I really do apologize...
please comment and critique! :)
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I have seen the beauty of a dove beneath the skies
I have told the harshest truths, and I have told some lies
I have seen a child cry into its mother's arms
I have been that weeping girl who held onto self-harm

I have heard the laughter of a man about to die
I have seen the anger resting deep within their eyes
I have been the victim of my own disgusting thoughts
I have seen the best of people slowly start to rot

I have felt the heartache; I have seen a love go blue…
So much time is left to spare, but so much less to do…
Yep :)
Comments? critiques?
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"Are you okay?"
That's all they say.
And I leave behind
These words in my mind.
I'm broken, I'm dying.
Inside, I'm crying.
There are wounds beneath my skin.
There are trials I face within.
There are things I just can't say.
There are people I must betray.
Beneath a smile, I feel pain.
Behind the sun, there's always a little rain.
And beneath these words I hold in my head...
There's always the thing I say instead.
I leave the truth behind..
So when they say, "are you okay?"
I always say, "I'm fine."
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Meet a girl named No One, with a heart of shattered stone
Staring at the other girl, the one that's not alone
Girl with skin that glistens, with the eyes of crystal seas
Grin of shining diamonds and a laugh like a disease
Flashes just a glance and soon, she's every trouble's cure
She has everything… and No One's off to be like her.

Eating turns into a crime, she'd rather be away
Thrusting fingers down her throat to make herself okay
Watching as her very bones are seen behind her flesh
There she drowns in tears, for she has not yet seen success.

Minutes turn to hours, and these hours turn to days
Every moment slipping, slowly fading into grey
Rapidly, her body turns to nothing but her bones
As she fights for beauty, as she battles for the throne.

Broken hearts must learn to beat, and this she came to know
Learning it the hard way when her heartbeat grew too slow
Yet, she somehow managed still to shine from what's within
Lying in her casket with her hidden, unseen sin.

Final thoughts inside her head scream through the broken skies
She had never reached her goal, the one that took her cries.
They never acknowledged how the torture was so rough
She was never beautiful… not beautiful enough…
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Daddy, please don't touch me.
It doesn't feel good.
It makes me feel..

Daddy, please don't hit me.
I didn't mean to disappoint you.
When you hit me, it makes me feel...

Daddy, please don't hurt her.
Mommy didn't do anything.
When you hit her, it makes me feel..

Daddy, please don't say you love me.
I know you're lying.
When you say you still want me, it makes me feel...

Daddy, please stop screaming at her.
You already killed her.
When you scream at her, it makes me feel..

Daddy, stay there.
Let me sink the knife into your throat.
When you bleed, it makes me feel..

Daddy, aren't you happy now?
As you lie there, lifeless.
I'm only following your footsteps.
This makes me feel...

Daddy, please listen.
I know you can't hear me, but...
I still love you.

The same way you always loved me.

And it makes me feel...

Good, Daddy.
It makes me feel..
I don't really like this one. But I decided to post it since it's one of my poems that ISN'T about labels or stereotypes =P
Comments and critiques?
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