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I am an avid collector of PS brushes (you could call me a brush geek!) but I have always wanted to give something back, so this is my gift to all of my followers and friends. Most of these I have made myself and there are only a couple of standard ones - whats the point of downloading brushes that you have already? Enjoy them I don't ask for any credits - share share away! Tone.
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Personal brush set that i use .
Compatible with CS.5 ,CS6. I believe will work with older versions too.
Feel free to use them as you please.
Enjoy and good luck!
Spread the ♥
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EDIT: I made 2 brushsets, both are in the archive now. One for CS6 and one for all below. CS6 has 2 brushes more.

Another brushset I made, it is a mix of patterns/brocade structure and some textures of fabric - some of them I use mostly even for skin texture or whatever. XD

Those texture brushes are cool to use with the blender brushes (Mischpinsel) to give pics a traditional feeling. Enjoy!

Rules are on my frontpage! <3
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Here's a brush set that contains basic rendering brushes, as well as custom brushes I've made. Feel free to use them in any of your personal and professional work, and of course I highly encourage you to make your own;)

Made in Photoshop CS3, they should work in previous versions and of course will work in CS5 & CS6.

***** GET THEM HERE!: [link] **********

Thanks and enjoy!

Again, these are COMPLETELY FREE! Just enter $0!!!! You don't have to donate NOTHIN if you don't want:)
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My brush set. I only use a small selection of brushes 99% of the time. I have a ton more brushes, but they are specific custom brushes, rarely used. :)

Here are links to several excellent artists' brush sets.

Jonas DeRo : [link]
Leventep : [link] (doesn't seem to be working for me, but you guys can give it a try)
Algenpfleger : [link]
Ditlev : [link] and [link]

For the beginner artist, though brushes are not everything, they do in a way affect your style of painting. It's helpful to play around with a range of brushes and find what you like.
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*20 Photoshop preset for smudge
*300 DPI
*I made them with PS 7 but compatible CS5,CS6 and following with more information with cs version soon an compatible with Element
**Gimp user read the important note below.

Original Size in PCX
From left to right and from up to down.
01- 435 PCX 11- 742 PCX
02- 416 PCX 12- 419 PCX
03- 744 PCX 13- 783 PCX
04- 944 PCX 14- 302 PCX
05- 808 PCX 15- 92 PCX
06- 629 PCX 16- 184 PCX
07- 482 PCX 17- 198 PCX
08- 394 PCX 18- 431 PCX
09- 465 PCX 19- 1000 PCX
10- 829 PCX 20- 984 PCX

This template show 92% Strength and 100 PCX Test.
Preset use :
-Pen pressure
-Shape Dyn.
-Color Dyn.
-Other Dyn.

You can use them as normale brushes and this set include my last test smoke effect.But they are preset for smudge.
And they are really multipurpose for cloud,smoke,skin,fur, and hair by smudge.
*Hair and fur, drop the strength to 70% and less and turn the brushes with the proper angle for your work.
Fade preset is a good one for small detail hair or fur, but dynamic can do the job.

I assume you understand all the brushes you can find in my account are exclusive and all are my own work without modification and duplication, this is needed to be clarify for everyone.

I made them in PS 7 but compatible with CS5,CS6 and more information will follow for PS version soon, also compatible with Element.
More question feel free.

How to install brushes in Photoshop
EDIT>PRESET MANAGER>LOAD and find where you download these brushes and click ok

GIMP Important Note
Unfortunately Gimp users will not be able to use them with the powerful original preset.And may crash the software gimp, i will not be responsible of this situation, so i suggest you to wait until a proper set will be release in the future.They can be stable i have no idea, so gimp user use them at your own risk.

Rules(spanish will follow)

*Derivative redistribution,data base collection and online redistribution are prohibited,following Directive 2009/24/EC,Directive 2009/24/EC ,Directive 91/250/EEC of the convention.Include the convention itself in all part.(easy , do not redistribute my resources)

*No credit is necessary,feel free to do it

*Fav it if you feel free to do it, our inspiration are coming from the appreciation, and faving is our way to recognize if they are appreciated or not, but its even not necessary, in fact a real artist will do it.

*Commercial, use it if you need, print, sell share your own work, i agree.


Deviantart, its owners etc DO NOT OWN THE COPYRIGHT TO MY resources OR ARTWORK. As stated in this submission policy. If you have agreed to this policy, but have not read it or do not understand it, you NEED to go back and MAKE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND IT!
For more information please read Deviant Art's FAQ.


* QUEDAN PROHIBIDAS: Cualquier redistribución y derivados de mis recursos, compilaciones en bases de datos, y redistribución en línea. PROHIBIDO re empaquetar, redistribuir en cualquier forma, total o parcialmente, o reclamar como tuyo CUALQUIERA de mis recursos, en cualquier forma, aplicación y derivados. (Esto no incluye, tus diseños personales hechos con mis recursos)

Me reservo la posibilidad de la búsqueda de cualquiera que no respete las reglas, en cualquier país con las autoridades y leyes correspondientes.

DeviantArt, sus propietarios, etc. NO POSEEN LOS DERECHOS DE AUTOR DE MI TRABAJO O RECURSOS. Como se indica en la política de sumisión.
Para obtener más información, puedes leer la sección de Preguntas Frecuentes en DeviantArt.
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Like these? You might like

Wanted to throw together some brushes for you guys. Mostly this is for sketching, concept and speed paints. They're simple, and there aren't a lot, but hey. Photoshop's real media brushes SUCK In my own opinion. If you like them, what ever?

Anyway, these were inspired by some of the ones from MyPaint.

Theres pencils, charcoal, some paint, inks, a shitty copic marker, and a texture brush.

Hope you like!

:bulletblue: Free to use both commercially and non commercially. You don't have to credit me here or anywhere else. If someone asks, please tell them where you got them.
:bulletblue: If you post this brush pack on another site, ASK me first, and you MUST link back!
:bulletblue: You may not take credit for these brushes or sell them.
:bulletblue: I'd like to see a link of where you use them :) but you don't have to ^^'
:bulletblue: It would be nice if you faved when you downloaded ^^'
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A cloud brush set I created while working on The Dreamcatcher

For best effect use low Opacity and Flow (between 30-40%ish) and use a combination of 2 or more from the set

As with my last set a graphics tablet is required to get full effect out of these brushes.
Created with Photoshop CS3

Edit: Again thank you all for the favorites. Once again after uploading to #MasterPhotoshop I have been overwelmed by over 100 favs on my resources.
So from now on I wont be able to thank you all individually for your favs on my stock and recources but I will do my best to repond to all your comments and questions.

Shameless self promotion- I now take commissions [link] :)
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I just wanted to share some of the brushes i have made C: ~ (i make lots of them, i think its really fun xD)

The smudgy smudge brushes in this is used under the smudge setting at 100% (you can change it, i wont eat you, its just the setting showed on the picture)

Haha well, i hope some of you find them usefull xD !

:bulletred: - You can use these however you want, as long as you dont redistribute them and claim them as your own C:
AND FEEL FREE to show me your pictures, if some of you have been playing around with these brushes!
I wont force you, i would just looove to see what all you amazing peps do with them c: !
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This is a set of 22 brushes for adding foliage texture to a Photoshop painting. The brushes were made from photos of trees, bushes, and grass (except number 8, which is painted). Made in Photoshop CS2.

You can download the images used to make them here:


:bulletblue: Use as you please, wherever you please.
:bulletblue: You don't need to credit me, link back to me, or fave this dev to use.

More resources:…

Other custom Photoshop brushes:

Other work:
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