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Recently I uploaded some tones to my website, but just a few of you are registered there, so I think a lot of people don't even know about it. Well... I allowed direct downloads for the effect tones without registration! So download to your heart content! I'm a lazy ass I don't upload every tones here, on dA! :>


If you want, you can donate me here:
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This stock belongs to my gallery.
for full view click "download"

Resources Usage Rules

:bulletblack: You are allowed to use it wherever you want. Commercial use allowed.
:bulletblack: You may not use my stock to create new stock
:bulletblack: You may not redistribute my stock or sell my stock
:bulletblack: Do not claim my stock as your own.

Resources made by .::Sed-rah::. 2008 - NOW.
Do not claim my resources as your own in any way or in any place.
[ Stocks I Pattern I Actions I Brushes I Custom Shapes I PSDs I Styles ]
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Compilation of 34 environment textures.

100% free, no restrictions, no credits needed. DOWNLOAD FROM THE RIGHT COLUMN AND ENJOY!

The compilation include 34 jpg standard pictures, you can use it on whatever you want.

Also, you can download my other resources:

see all here: [link]


More of my work:

Follow me on:

:facebook: Facebook | :twitter:Twitter | Instagram | Youtube
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These brushes are free for use in your personal or commercial artwork! Credit is no longer required. Read the README file before using or asking me a bunch of questions!

And please do not ask me if they'll work in this or that non-Photoshop program-- I honestly don't know, sorry!

Thanks for your suggestions and support, you guys are the best. Enjoy! :]

These brushes now have a GIMP download available; v2 download includes the GIMP files! BIG THANKYOU TO =HardLyUndead for putting them together!!

AND thankyou for the DD!!!

edit: 12/21/12 - You asked for it, the brush pack is back!
v2 updates:
+ demo video
+ step by step image
+ GIMP files
+ Terms of use updated

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Second Painted Textures pack.
(Pack I : [link])
Acrylic paint on paper.

Contains 4 high res images
This stock is unrestricted
You can use it offsite, for non commercial and commercial projects alike. You don't need to notify or credit me.

Only restrictions :
- These textures cannot be sold "as is" or lightly manipulated. They have to be part of a work.
- Don't claim as your own.

Appart from that enjoy freely and have fun!

/!\ You will need winrar to open the archive.

The next pack should be in colours and have more images and stronger texturing.
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Stocks - Scanned Floral Paper
A set with 15 different papers, scanned. Click on 'Download File' on the right for the zip file, unzip and enjoy using!

- You may use these stocks here and outside DA, click on download for the zip file.
- Credit my deviantart if you use one or more of these stocks.
- Not for commercial use.
- You are not allowed to use these stocks to create your own resources.

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My brush set, for those interested! It is mostly my preferred basic brushes, self-made brushes and two brushes from *Mr--Jack ("swoosh" and "splerdge")!

I highly recommend that you look up tutorials to make your own brushes because you really don't get the same familiarity with another's brush set as you would with your own. Having said that, it's fun to experiment and try out someone else's brushes so I'd say go crazy ;>. My set isn't very extensive (I hate huge brush sets) and I definitely need a few more of them, but it covers the basics I'd say.

If you've used them in some way and have the result online I'd love to see it! Please share ^^!
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My brush set. I only use a small selection of brushes 99% of the time. I have a ton more brushes, but they are specific custom brushes, rarely used. :)

Here are links to several excellent artists' brush sets.

Jonas DeRo : [link]
Leventep : [link] (doesn't seem to be working for me, but you guys can give it a try)
Algenpfleger : [link]
Ditlev : [link] and [link]

For the beginner artist, though brushes are not everything, they do in a way affect your style of painting. It's helpful to play around with a range of brushes and find what you like.
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EDIT: I made 2 brushsets, both are in the archive now. One for CS6 and one for all below. CS6 has 2 brushes more.

Another brushset I made, it is a mix of patterns/brocade structure and some textures of fabric - some of them I use mostly even for skin texture or whatever. XD

Those texture brushes are cool to use with the blender brushes (Mischpinsel) to give pics a traditional feeling. Enjoy!

Rules are on my frontpage! <3
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Some of my personal brushes that I tend to favor while drawing. The first one is not a hard round, but a triangle based brush.

#4 brush was created by :iconvovix: (seestur)

The rest are paint-like brushes with different effects. You can create a totally new brush by editing each of these.

I don't use the bottom one much, but I'm sure it can be useful for sculpting out tree bark or some winding branches.

:bulletgreen:No credit is required if you use my brushes in any type of artwork, commercial or personal. Use them and abuse them! :bulletgreen:

EDIT: So there is less confusion. The images/samples above are brush STROKES, not what the brush tip looks like. When you combine the tips depending on spacing, then you get a stroke. When you load them, you may get a stroke, brush tip name, ectect depending on your brush palate settings. I use strokes since it's easier to see what the brush does, not just what the tip looks like (which can be deceiving.)

I created these in PS CS5. I am clueless as to what other programs aside from Photoshp .abr files are compatible with.

***How to load brushes into Photoshop: [link]
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