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from a sketchbook auction I held
(for =halthewarrior)
but also double purposes as a commission example :D

Sorry it's somewhat blurry xD My scanner opposes to scanning in books :'p
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Gift for =Tipzip for the generous tip you didn't have to give omg

here you goo
I still wish I'd kept her even after like almost a year but OH WELL
I'll never stop saying that fodskjh

but amg you're awesome k so um
here's tippy knowing she's looking gooodd yess
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(in order left to right)

=Aurorie =Sharkosaur and =Konveekou ^-^
individuals were noted~
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for ~Galaxia34 but couldn't submit today butttt I fixed the issue ;U;
so now !
yay :D


about 40 min in SAI
and that chimi flower over der heehee
I need to get my group back up gosh x___x #ChimiPets
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AT with =Cherry-queenX *^*

ah this took an hour at least which is far longer than I planned x___x
well hope u like it!
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Early but that's alright because

:party: :party:
omg sorry this is so sketchy and quick and what is anatomy
But amg to make up for it!
Here’s a note for you Katie :D

To the closest person I'll ever have to the older sister I've always wanted
Dear Katie,
First and foremost, I admire your ability to make everyone feel important and cared for. I wish I had that in me because I would love to be able to do the same, but you do and it makes you such a good friend too and I think everyone sees that. I've seen it too almost everywhere in the community you're a part of on dA and so I wanted to say that you're such an amazing person and it makes you so much more amazing that you're just so sincerely caring towards others and at the same time, sometimes without knowing it, you always know the best way to make everyone feel loved. :hug:

I also wanted to say how happy I am to be great friends with you! You're always going to be a best friend of mine and you've always been there for me and I want you to know if you need anything, I'll try and help too! Maybe I'm not as good as you are, but I'll always be here anyway if you need to talk or anything! ^~^

I have the most awkward case of amnesia but luckily I still remember all those silly and fun skype conversations way back when! :3 lolllllll From when we both found out our first pokemon was Pikachu :ohnoes: to 'wrestling' over skype. To conversations about Matt /oops/ and even to ones about what we dream of being one day! And even if you don't get to be a pilot for all the reasons in the world, I'll still support you in that dream of yours Katie! And maybe one day, even if you won't be a full time pilot, maybe you can still fly a small plane or be the co-pilot and see the view from up there! I guess that's why I figured it'd be neat if I included the sky in the drawing with the clouds trailing behind and oo! Lookie an airplane leaving a thing ofaldskfjh smoke or something and it spells out....... 20! You're 20 tomorrow! Wow :D I can't believe this will be the last day I know you being 19. I never figured I could really be friends with anyone more than a few years older than me because I didn't think I could be able to talk to them and really make a convo but like I said, I guess you just always know what to say and how to say it! Not to mention when too!

Well I drew your dinosona for you and have I mentioned you have the most incredible designs and stories. Maybe it's not apparent but everything has such a lovely and neat childlike quality. In the best way possible! From your art and style to the stories you weave out of the characters you make-- I love them all! You're amazingly talented Katie! Not just in the social aspect, but in making the most unlikely of stories come to life and make me feel like I'm only 5 and huddling in a blanket near a warm fireplace, reading your stories.
>~< It's a good feeling.

Well I suppose all notes have to end somewhere! But no matter what, I'm glad to have known you and to know you now! And I know that whatever you do with your life, amazing things will come out of it because you as a person are one of the most amazing people I know and everyone should see and will see, I believe, that! So here's so your 20th birthday! :'D May turning 20 be a speshulful event for youu~ *^*

:hug: :heart: As special as you are that is


I submitted this to my main account because....

Anyone who sees this, please go wish her a happy birthday tomorrow!!! ^-^ (and maybe check out her short stories and work k?? omg they're good trust me! :3)
Thank you!
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chibi prize from our 1 hour private livestream won by =Sharkosaur xDD

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Amgg first one goes to =Tipzip
and second one is ~tree-kangaroo

that's it~!
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Katieeeeeee :heart: Idk how to say this enough I love you so much omggg :heart:
and when you just came on skype I was like


:heart: panicccyy hyperventilation time

You need a complimenting icon with Matt because you two are sistterzzzzzzz

psssh yaaaaaa

I might make myself one to get with dis bandwagon I createddd

Live sugoi~~~~ use capu derpy iconsssss

Omg hyper?? :dummy:





//ahh I like this coloring style I might make it an option for some commissions and stuff most definiteelyyy
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Gift for ~Kiynala

it's like a bigger version of the icon~!! hahhaaa
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