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Let’s play Dress Up

And I’ll play as someone Happy

Let’s dress Up

And let this all… wash down.


Let’s make it Halloween today!

Every day!

Let’s, you and me, switch roles.

Stop smiling like you know what I’m about to do,

You shouldn’t be happy you know.

It’s your job to stay inside and be sad,

I’ll play you, today.

Every day!


Don’t let anyone see you!

There can’t be two of us, of you, of me.

So remember,

While I’m you,

You have to make sure no one sees you.

Don’t peek out of the windows, okay?

If you accidentally show yourself, I won’t forgive you.

A game isn’t fun if you can’t follow the rules.

Life’s a game y’know?


Just stay inside and try to not make a sound,

I can still hear you,

Stop crying,

Don’t do that.


I’ll be back,

Just let me enjoy myself

Or at least pretend to.


Hey, what are you doing?

Hey! That’s not fair, get back where you belong.

Can’t you go away?

I don’t need you!

I like my costume!

I don’t want to play dress up anymore, I want to keep this!


Hey! Give that back!

Give it…


I know; it was never mine.


Can we play again tomorrow? 

Haha not very long...
I should spend more time on my writing..

Haha well I can't say I do this to perfect it I suppose to the extent I do with my art.

5-8 minutes

But then again I only write when I really have the inspiration to, and so I suppose some things I get out through writing have been kept in for far longer than the time it takes to put it into words..

Enjoy! Free interpretation, as always :) Even though I have my own~
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First Love

Rudolph shut his computer down and gathered his stuff. He was about middle height and nearly 56 years old. The hair on his head had started to thin out already.

Rudolph sighed. ‘Another boring day at work done. I hope it doesn’t take me too long to get home.’

Every morning and every evening Rudolph had to take a forty minutes train trip to get to work or back home again. And even though he actually hated those trips, he would never think about moving into the city closer to work.

The small village he, and his wife Martha, lived in was a heaven of peace and calmness, where he could relax from his work. That was worth more than saving some time on traveling to work.

When he arrived at the train station, he noticed that a large crowd had gathered on the platform. Rudolph walked to an information desk and asked the lady what was going on.

“I’m sorry sir, but the train had an accident further down the railway. Luckily no one was hurt, but I’m afraid the train services will be down for a while.” The lady explained.

Rudolph sighed. “Thank you for the information.” He turned around. “I guess I’ll have to take the bus then…” he muttered to himself.

Aside from using the train, Rudolph could use the bus service to get to his village, though he didn’t take a ride on the bus very often, because the streets were very, very bad. Also, the bus needed nearly one and a half hours to get to his destination.

Rudolph looked at his watch and cursed. “Damn! I’m going to miss the bus!”

He ran for the station, as fast as he could and nearly made it in time. Sadly the bus left the moment he came running around the corner.

Rudolph sighed and panted heavily. ‘Damn it… now I’ll have to wait half an hour for the next bus…’ he thought.

There was a small row of seats at the bus station. Rudolph sat down on one of the seats and sank into his thought. Just in that moment, he felt something hitting him on his neck. Something cold and wet…

He looked up into the sky and saw that it started to rain. “Great… Can this day get any worse?” He muttered.

Half an hour later the bus finally arrived and Rudolph was soaked completely. He had sought shelter beneath a small tree, but it hadn’t really served as a good protection.

He got onto the bus and paid for his ticket. Then he sat down on a seat in the far back, next to a window.

Ten minutes later the bus drove off. Beside Rudolph, there were two other people on the bus: A young man, who seemed to be about 25 years old. He had his laptop on his knees and was talking on the phone all the time.

The other person was an old Lady, who carried a bad of herbs with her and could easily be Rudolph’s grandmother.

After some time, Rudolph and the old Lady started a conversation.

Throughout the whole bus drive, Rudolph talked with the old Lady. Something about her made him trust her completely and eventually he told her about the relationship between him and his wife Martha, which was on the brink of breaking.

The old Lady listened to everything he told her. In the end, before she got off the bus, one stop earlier than Rudolph’s, she smiled at him and told him that everything would sort out right.

Rudolph thanked the old Lady for her kind words, but actually he didn’t believe her…

Ten minutes later he opened the door to his house.

“Honey, I’m home!” he called, knowing that Martha would be waiting for him in the kitchen. And so she was.

“WHERE THE FUCKING HELL HAVE YOU BEEN?!?” Martha screamed and stormed through the door.

“Calm down, honey.” Rudolph said. “The train had an accident further down the rail track and I had to take the bus. You know how long that takes.”


“Honey… you know I could never cheat on you…” Rudolph’s face twisted in sadness.

“Don’t give me that! I know it! You’re not THIS late for nothing!” Martha continued shouting.

Rudolph sighed. ‘There’s no way I can convince her otherwise at the moment… she talked herself into this and god knows when I’ll be able to reason with her again…’

For the next few hours he tried to explain what had happened and why he was so late, but his wife wouldn’t listen to him.

At three o’clock in the morning, after she had denied him sleep, because she wanted to ‘talk this through’, he left the house and wandered aimlessly through the village.

Martha’s ‘talking’ had actually been a bombardment with questions, which he could only answer in one way. In the end she had come to the conclusion that he had been lying to her for years and had told him that she’d file for divorce the next morning.

Rudolph was filled with sadness and he had no idea what to do. He loved Martha with everything he had, but apparently it wasn’t enough…

’Why can’t she just trust me…’ he asked himself all the time.

Eventually he settled down at the beach of the small lake next to the village. He gazed into the water, staring at the reflection of the moon and, after some time, his eyes closed and he fell asleep.

In his dreams he relived his memories about his and Martha’s relationship:

How he had first met her on exactly the same spot he was sitting now… She and her family were moving into the village and Martha had wanted to escape all the fuss around bringing the furniture into the house and the like.

She had been sitting on a small grasfield next to the water. He had watched her for quite some time and eventually he had found the courage to go to her and start a conversation.

He had been the first person of her age that she met at the village and of course this led to friendship between the two of them, which eventually evolved into love…

He relived their first kiss, at the very same beach where they first met, on a sunny valentine’s day…

After finishing school they moved into a small house at the village edge…

Later they had been traveling around the world for a year…

With a sigh Rudolph awoke from his dreaming.

“It’s hard to let everything go, isn’t it?”

Rudolph flinched. When he looked up, he saw the lady from the bus sitting next to him. “Yes it is…”

He sighed and slowly tears formed in his eyes. “I still love her… why can’t she see that?” the tears were flowing freely now.

The lady patted his back. “I understand your feelings. You never did her wrong, in fact everything you did in life aimed at making her happy. You are a special person, Rudolph. You deserve a second chance.”

Rudolph looked up through his tears. “Second chance?”

Smiling the lady said: “Yes. Though your life might be a little different.”

“That doesn’t matter for me. As long as I can be together with Martha…”

“Of course you can.” The lady rummaged around in her bag and pulled out some kind of powder. She put a little bit of the powder on her hand and gently blew it at Rudolph.

The powder floated in the air, surrounding Rudolph.

At first he was a little scared, but soon a warm feeling spread through his body. Age got washed away from him. His skin straightened and all wrinkles were removed. Also it bleached a little and all his body hair fell out, making it very smooth and soft.

Next his hair began to grow very fast. It stopped when it reached his waistline and it also changed color from slightly gray to a brilliant white.

His body began to shrink and he went from 5’10 to about 4’1. His arms and legs slimmed down, as did his waist, removing the fat he had built up over the years.

Some of it traveled downwards, expanding his hips and butt just a little bit, giving his body a more feminine look.

For a split second he felt a sharp pain in his crotch area, but it soon faded and turned into waves of heat, radiating through her body.

Her face restructured, everything getting less prominent and a bit rounder. Her nose shrank a little, while her eyes grew a little. They also changed color to a deep azure blue, like the water of a tropical lagoon.

Her chest heated up and two small bumps formed, transforming into small A-cups.

In the last step her clothes disintegrated and the powder settled on her skin, forming a small bra and panties and a knee long, sleeveless, white dress, which matched her hair. At the very end, a small blue ribbon of the same color as her eyes formed around the top of the dress and a few flowers formed in her hair.

During the transformation the lady had taken some more powder and had blown it into the sky.

Now the powder flew through the first rays of the sun, searching the house Rudolph and Martha were living in.

It entered the house through an open window and settled on Martha.

Instantly she began shrinking, going from 5’7 to 4’3. Her skin straightened removing all signs of oldness, just as it had happened to Rudolph. Her eyes changed color to a deep Hazel and the hair on her head fell out.

The old hair disintegrated and quickly new hair began to grow, this time not gray, but of a deep black color.

With a small sting something began creeping out of her hole, making ‘her’ a ‘him’. The rest of his feminine figure quickly dissolved into nothingness and gave him the looks of a 12 year old boy.

In the last step, the nightshirt he had been wearing vanished and instead of it the powder formed a white shirt, with a red jacket around his chest and black pants around his legs.

On the beach the old lady smiled at the newly formed, but still unconscious girl. “I wish you a good life. May it work out better than your old one.”

With those words she turned around and walked off into the forest.

Sometime later the girl awoke on the beach. “W-where am I?” she asked herself.

She looked around a little confused. “This is not my home… What happened?”

Tears began flowing down her face. She and her parents had just moved into this village and she had no friends here. Also, she had no real idea where she was in the village. ‘I don’t even remember a lake…’ she thought and started to cry freely now.

“Uhm… excuse me? Is something wrong?” a voice asked from behind her.

The girl flinched and spun around. She was facing a boy of about her age. He wore a white shirt, with a red jacket and black pants. Also his hair was black.

“Err…” was all she could say. ‘Why does my heart beat so fast?’ she asked herself.

The boy looked a bit worried. “You look a bit lost.” He stated.

The girl nodded, unable to say anything.

“Maybe I can help you.” He said. “I lived here the moment I’ve been born.” He grinned and added: “By the way, my name is Mark. Would the beautiful lady be so kind and tell me hers?”

The girl blushed at his comment. “My… my name is… Ruby…” she managed to croak out and blushed even more.

Mark smiled and sat down beside her. “Ruby… that’s a beautiful name for a beautiful angel.”

Ruby had no idea what to say. ‘Is he mocking me or…?’ she asked herself, but couldn’t find an answer to this question.

The two children sat at the beach of the lake for quite some time and watched the sunrise. They didn’t say a single word anymore.

After some time Ruby felt her eyes falling shut and barely suppressed a yawn. Then, not really knowing what she was doing, she leaned against Mark.

At first he was a bit surprised, but actually he liked it. A warm feeling was spreading through his body.

‘What is this feeling?’ he asked himself.

They sat on the beach for a long time and eventually Ruby’s parents came found them there, when they searched for their daughter. Two children, experiencing love on first sight…
Art trade with: :icondancingspartan:
An old couple is having a falling out, so a mysterious lady turns them into little kids of the opposite gender to experience first love again.

his part: [link]
link to the pic: [link]
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The way he tossed his golden-blonde hair to the side and the
gleam in his perfect, gray eyes. He knew what I desired for when he looked at
me. I knew he knew.

The way his tan, lean, strong body glowed under the sun.

The half smile he had plastered on his mouth.

The slight mischief playing in the light of his face.

With but the slightest of a wink, he had me and I felt my
legs grow weak.

I was nudged back into reality by Josh, my best friend of 7
years now ever since I first spilled that chocolate milk all over his white tee
back in 8th grade. We still joke about how his shirt still smells
like it.

As I was snapping out of my dreamy state, I see a slight
eyebrow raise and that oh so perfected, closed in face.

“What?,” I flash a quick smile at him, “Taylor’s hot.” Another
eyebrow raise.

I shoved his chest with both hands and threw back my head,
laughing, “You know you want a bromance with him!”

At that, he laughs too and we walk to the table we always
sit at for lunch. I unzipped my backpack and took out a sandwich I made this
morning while plopping myself down on the bench. He takes his usual seat across
from me and whips out his food for thought , literally; It’s his English essay
rough draft.

“Not gonna eat anythin’ Joshy?” I mumbled through a mouthful
of peanut butter and jelly.  

“Nope, college English finals paper versus my soggy
sandwich? No brainer,” he didn’t look up from his paper. Curious, I decided to
ask, “Sooo, what’s the topic?”

“Stuff,” he grinned.

“Stuff as in ‘stuff you will never know about Samantha’, or
stuff as in the-latest-josh-secrets”, it was my turn to raise an eyebrow.

“Stuff you wouldn’t know about if you begged me on your
knees making puppy-dog eyes”, he stared intently at the paper. Some of his hair
fell into his eyes. Typical. He probably rolled out of bed and ran out the door
without bothering to do anything to that brown mess on his head.

“Alright,” I sighed, I knew well enough not to bug him when
he was doing his homework. Straight-A Josh will be straight-A Josh, what can I


The bell rang and we quickly packed our stuff to head our
separate ways into our next class. I punched him in the arm before giving him a
small smirk as I waved goodbye. I ran up the stairs, two steps at a time.

Class dragged on as Ms. Logan lectured on about some
inaudible calculus lesson in that monotone voice of hers. I think I might’ve
fallen asleep, though I really can’t blame myself. After all, half the class is
snoring by the time our one hour period is done!

The bell drowned out her voice as 31 students bolted for the

“Don’t forget your homework! Page 348, numbers 1 through 50
ALL!,” Her voice ringed out with an annoyed edge to it before going back to her
usual robotic tone.

I was putting my calculus textbook away when I felt a tap on
my shoulder; I didn’t need to turn to know who it was. I whipped around and met
Josh’s bright green eyes.

“What’s that smile on your face?”

“Nothing,” he smiled again”

“Did you…. ace your chemistry test or maybe you got Lizzy
Mack to fall for you for the millionth time,” I rolled my eyes and drew out my American
government and law book from my locker.

He snickered, “What you jea-lous?” The last two syllables
were unbelievably annoying as he dragged them out.

“No,” I replied firmly, “I’m just concerned that she starts
believing you like her back and that when the time comes, you’ll break another
one of your ‘fan-girl’s hearts” I went back to studying an intricate little ant
crawling up the side of my locker door. I took particular interest in its

He sighed and leaned against the locker next mine, “I don’t
get you sometimes..”

“HA, funny” I couldn’t help but crack up, “that’s what you
said 7 years ago too” I grinned at him, “But no in all honesty, you sure you aren’t the one jealous that I’m all
over Taylor Jamison?”

He groaned, “You mean Mr.Sexyeverythingwhoalwaysmakesmemelt?
The “perfect” blonde hair with those “perfect” lips that you dream of making
out with?”

I glared at him through slitted eyes. He flashed me an
innocent smile back which I have to admit is cute.

I punched him in the arm again, same spot as earlier today.

“Ouch! What was that for?,” I watched him rub his arm
profusely until he looked up. His inability to hide his twinge of shock was

“Not so much of a tough guy now, are you?,” I snickered as he
groaned and leaned back on the locker again.

We both laughed then and I couldn’t ignore the slight tug in
my chest I felt as I looked into his face.

Silly Joshy… 

I wrote this out of pure boredom while procrastinating from an English essay xD

Mmmm, well if you guys want me to continue ahah I'll look forward to hearing your feedback~!
I have a slight obsession with writing light romances ovo *totally did not write them for school short stories nope*

xD Enjoy~! If I get into writing too much I might as well make another account, lawl, that is depending on how much you guys like this stuff c; :meow:

And LOL this can so be described as 'cliche' most definitely, please keep in mind I did no planning out whatsoever xD

But I have to admit, writing things even like this will definitely help in the long run once I start writing/drawing my graphic novels :3 Which I AM planning out haha~! everything from concept sketches to the plot and settings ahah, now those I promise will be my absolute best work and I hope will not disappoint you for the wait :D
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When you do something because your gut tells you to

When you do something for the love of doing it

When you do something with no monetary goals.


is When it doesn’t matter how many times you talk to someone,              

                Every time you do it again, it’s a new, exciting, experience

When you do your job without ever having to work

When you can look in the mirror and feel pride without vanity

When a smile is on your face and you don’t know how it got there.


The state of being when you

                do what you Love, and Love what you Do;

                                have Love and Passion in your Life;

                                                live Life like there’s no tomorrow


is only complete when you’re Happy

Just a short poem I wrote aha ^-^ After a small talk in class about the definition of work once you find something you truly love to do :) And of course the quote~!
(tho I don't have it atm, I seem to have forgotten the exact words/author x__x)

But aha enjoy ;D

Haha this was written in a matter of 20-30 minutes so I know it isn't very refined or anything ^-^'
But I'm looking forward to feedback and all still :'D But err, critiques as always are welcome though I'm sure of my abundant mistakes already >u>
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Hello again
it's me.
No, not who you were expecting, 
just me.
But look, I'm smiling, for me
for you.

I'm no one pretty, I'm sorry
my smile turns others down
and what sad face I have- they say
Until now it never bothered me- not too much!
But hello again,
it's me.
I haven't seen you in what seems like an eternity
Do you remember?

We used to sit over there- that's right!
That patch of grass and wildflower, the
swing set we'd sit on at night as children,
looking up to the stars- we'd talk about
how one day when we'd fall asleep forever, we'd be among those too.
I would be a star smaller than yours but we'd be stars together, and
you and I would have our special place, in the sky.

But hello again, hello.
I see you're happy, with her. Not me.
And hello again, why don't you look at me
like you used to?
Like you.. used to.
We'd talk about a family and children- when we were children!
But of course we knew nothing of what or how it actually-
Oh I apologize, I see now why you left..
How could I be so daft?

Hello again, 
it's been a year
too many.
I still sit on that special place, looking up to the stars at night.
The mischievous twinkle in their single eyes
Oh, we didn't know at the time.
But they weren't shining down on us- no!
They were trying to tell me, 
hello child.
We've seen it all, happen, one time too many
but we didn't tell you, you see, if we told you it would've ended sooner.
Thank us now for your childhood.

Sigh... I suppose it's time I move on.
I used to see so many people, just like you and me!
There were two.. no.. three! Three of them, they said they'd been friends 
since they were like you and me! Like you and me.. years before.
And I said to myself, my gosh! Three! Three, for heaven's sake!
My, if there are so many, then how could I ever lose you, for it's meant to be!
We're meant to be.

Oh my, what a fool I was. What a child
Three. That's three too little.

Hello, are you still listening to me.
Or are you listening to her..
It was nice seeing you again, you know?
I just wanted to say hello, 
it's okay I'm really not sad.
Because look! I'm smiling 
for me,
for you.
Haha another quick one x3
Just shy of 15 min this time..
But I like it more than my previous works..

I'll submit art after this no worries :3 In fact, I'm in the right mood to draw more, if you get what I mean haha!

Leaving this up for interpretation yet again~ Enjoy :)
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Sealed Away: Arc III
Reaping of the Wicked

Draft of Prologue - "Something wicked this way comes"

[Update] Minor edit of grammatical errors.
[Update 2] Major edit of grammatical and style errors. Improved readability. Renamed from Chapter I to Prologue.
[Update 3] Moved some conversations to a new line, where it was difficult to differentiate the speaker.
[Update 4] Edited some sentences and made them sound better. Took some other review advices and saw them put in action.
[Update 5] Edited more grammatical and styling errors based on the critique. And a few that were not made so obvious, as well. Hopefully this is one of the last grammatical edits of the prologue. I feel silly making so many corrections.

Chapter I ->
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