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Sat Oct 20, 2012, 10:50 PM
Hello! :la: how's everyone doing :)
It's been a long time since I've done a feature so here's one :eyes:

Enjoy looking at these amazing photos! <3 and don't forget to fav the journal so more people can see it :eyes:


Remember Me by random-void                                                                                 

The Explorer by Healzo   ascent by tjasa                                                                              

Bluebirds by iNeedChemicalX   The Waterbender by AchmadKurniawan                                                                              
Dark Birches by JoniNiemela                                                                                  
Dark Sun by Emmatyan   The way it all falls. by CaitlinWorthington                                                                               

:thumb331815581:   .2867. by amosbeck                                                                                

Don't leave me behind by LukasSowada                                                                                   

:thumb312491269:   Footfall by NataliaDrepina                                                                                 

The girl who swam with books by DianaGrigore   Good Bye Kiss by sexties                                                                                

Stay Strong by pocketXsizedXchica                                                                                    

celestial by NikolasBrummer   Manifested Attitude by AlicjaRodzik                                                                                  

Head in the Clouds by eulalievarenne   headless by raindropsMelody                                                                                   

Snails garden by lieveheersbeestje                                                                                     


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*200 Points Giveaway!* + New Groups! - WINNER!

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 31, 2013, 12:50 PM

Hello all! Thanks to EVERYONE for entering this giveaway and spreading the word
I truly appreciate it! ; u ;

Now onto the winner~

Oooh~ parlez-vous français aussi ;P mais félicitations!
Congratulations to :iconyuki-namida:~!
You win 100:points: :la:

Thanks again for entering everyone! Tune in next time, I do giveaways every so often! `7`/

Hello watchers, passerbyers, distant stalkers-

As you might know, I've become admin of two new groups, those being

:iconhopespeakacademy: Hope's Peak Academy :iconhopespeakacademy:
A Role-Play group based on Dangan Ronpa where you can apply with your very own Super High School Level Student and solve murder mysteries with only your wits and the other students around you.


:iconvir-ragnarokkr: Vir-Ragnarokkr :iconvir-ragnarokkr:
Vir-Ragnarokkr is a Roleplay group that is mediumly based on the game RAGNAROK ONLINE as well as the manga 1/2 Prince.
It's a semi-School Roleplay group, where the setting is an academy in the virtual world.

While HopesPeakAcademy is opening VERY soon, Vir-ragnarokkr is under construction!

I'd love if you could check them both out and +watch either if interested :aww:
Here comes the giveaway part-

Crown Divider by Xiahism :points: 200 Point Giveaway :points: Crown Divider by Xiahism


:pointr: By COMMENTING AND FAVOURITING this journal, you are instantly entered to win 100:points:!

:pointr: However, if you ALSO copy the following text ( click here ) and paste that into your OWN journal, you will win 200:points: instead!

:bulletred: RULES :bulletred:
:pointr: :new: You MUST paste the text into a NEW journal. C'mon guys :|
:pointr: Your account must be at LEAST 2 months old.
:pointr: You MUST have a deviantart icon and not the default one :icondefaultplz:
:pointr: No using alternate/plz accounts.

Not too shabby eh?

How's about that? You either win 100 or 200 points, so promoting my groups isn't necessary but I'd love if you did! :heart:

get your freak on

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So my new friend :iconchanhyochu: suggested I do a Kyuhyun facts journal. Best journal request ever. I get to talk about Kyuhyun!  I know. You guys are just as excited as me, aren't you? haha So I'm going to separate all the facts I find into categories so you can pick and choose what ones you want to read :D I even posted some links to videos at the bottom too

Spotlight Bio of Kyuhyun Spotlight
Bullet; Blue 3rd February 1988, is his birthday

Bullet; White  His blood type is A

Bullet; Blue  He's 5'10" (180cm) (he's taller than me! yay!!!)

Bullet; White He's a Christian. (Like Siwon)

Bullet; Blue  His English name would be Marcus

Bullet; White He is near-sighted and has to wear glasses/contacts

Bullet; Blue Is right handed

Bullet; White Has a dimple just below the right corner of his mouth

cho family photo: CHO family chofamily.jpg
SpotlightFamily LifeSpotlight
 Bullet; Blue His family consists of his parents and an older sister, named Ahra
                 -Ahra is three years older

Bullet; White He performed for the first time with Ahra on Immortal Song
                 -Song was Etude of Memories

Bullet; Blue His whole entire family dotes on him a lot, but are really strict towards his sister

Bullet; White His mother runs an art academy and plans to build a coffee shop

Bullet; Blue When Kyuhyun comes back to Seoul from other countries, Ahra Unnie gives him a present. All SJ members envy him for having a sister who's very kind and often gives him gifts. Sometimes, Kyuhyun even shows the presents that his sister gave him and it makes the members envy him more

Bullet; White Kyuhyun's father is the Country's Revision/Review Association Chairman

Bullet; Blue During a Shim Shim Tapa radio broadcast in March 2009, apologized to his sister for being busy and not taking the time to talk to her when she calls him. Kyu has stated several times that Ahra loves him so much that she treats him like a son

SpotlightSchool LifeSpotlight
 Bullet; Blue Shinchung Middle School 
   -when Kyuhyun was attending school he would tell his friends he wasn't allowed to go outside so he go home and play video games

Bullet; White Yumkwang High                    (where he meets my character Yun)
         -Kyuhyun is a recipient of the President's Award as he showed excellent results in a Math Olympiad
         -Went to the same high school as Jung Sunhee
         -In high school, got into a fight with a friend because of borrowed money. He ended up breaking his friend's nose and having his own tooth broken as a result

Bullet; Blue Kyunghee University
    -Back when he was in college, he went through a period were he ate a lot and became a bit chubby. So, before his big debut, he went on a diet and lost it all.
 -Is a modern music major

SpotlightKyuhyun with Super JuniorSpotlight
 *He's never called Ryeowook or Kibum 'hyung' before
         -He sees Ryeowook and Ki Bum as friends, not hyungs

* Kyuhyun is the heaviest drinker in Super Junior

* "I am evil, but my hyungs and fans love me anyway."

* Because Heechul visited him every day after the accident in '07, Kyu Hyun really loves him

* When he first joined SJ he didn't have a bed so he either slept on the floor or one of the members let him share their bed
          - "I was bedless for eight months in our dorm, thus THE BED SONG."

* He likes it when his hyungs worry about him

* He doesn't Tweet often because he's busy bullying his hyungs

* Ryeowook hyung is the member that Kyuhyun loves to bully the most

* He once gave Sung Min a pink rabbit doll, but he hated it because Kyuhyun hugged it too much

* When Kyuhyun's bored, he usually bothers Yesung by giving him hard math questions

* Kyuhyun's room is always a mess, that's why he never shows his room in television shows

* Sometimes when he gets in a rebellious mood, the other members will tell him to listen to Kangin's words

*Kyuhyun once made a birthday wish to drop all honorifics with his Hyungs

* Leeteuk once said "If you can't find Kyuhyun in his room (playing games), go to the living room. He must be watching drama there."

* Because he wanted to cook ramen for the hyungs, but he added too much water, until it became too bland.. and that's how the "Han Gang Ramen" became famous!

* He isn't good at cooking, even when he tried to fry some ham, although under Kangin's reminder, he added sesame oil instead of cooking oil

* Both Kangin and Siwon have said that Kyu actually cooks well, but only when he makes the food for himself

* Loves to imitate other members' voices. Pretty good at it too. There are YouTube videos of his imitations of Eunhyuk, Hankyung, and Ryeowook.

* Owns a headphones necklace given to him by Yesung

Kyuhyun King of Sharp Tongue:…

SpotlightKyuhyun's Favorite SongsSpotlight
 Bullet; Blue His favorite Super Junior song is 'Believe' from the first album, and whose lyrics were written by Heechul

Bullet; White His favorite song from the Second Album is 'Disco Drive', because of the melody

Bullet; Blue His favorite song from the SJM album is 'Miracle', he said it was because he wasn't able to sing it on the first album because he hasn't joined the group yet then

Bullet; WhiteHis favorite music video is It's you

kyuhyun accident photo:  kyuhyun9_zps7095ea33.jpg
Spotlight Kyuhyun's Near Death Experience!!Spotlight  :iconomgnoesplz:
 Bullet; Blue On april 19 2007, Kyuhyun was in an car accident. Leeteuk, Shindong, Eunhyuk, Managers, and Kyuhyun were in the car. Eunhyuk and Shindong's injuries were not that serious. Leeteuk needed stitches. But Kyuhyun's state was very serious. it's said that Kyuhyun was mute for awhile because of the shock
Bullet; White His dad who never supported his dream fought for Kyuhyun to get a surgery that wouldn't require him to lose his ability to sing
        His father said: 'This is a child who sings. He's a singer, his dream is to be able to sing; if you operate on his throat, then how could this kid live even if he survives?' 
Bullet; Blue If Kyuhyun didnt get the tracheotomy his chance of survival was 20% or less but still his dad refused. 
Bullet; White A certain Wang Youngpil, a doctor who came from China and to whom Kyuhyun says he owes his life, took matters into his own hands and told Kyuhyun's family that for the sake of Kyuhyun's dream to sing, they would find another method to operate without harming his throat.
Bullet; Blue When Kyuhyun was told all this.. about his dad's resolve and how he fought for his son's dream, he cried a lot. His dad protected his dream and did anything in his power to be sure the doctors wouldn't make that dream dissolve while Kyuhyun couldn't fight for it because he was still in a state of unconsciousness. But Kyuhyun especially cried because his father did all this despite the fact that he had always been against Kyuhyun's dream of becoming a singer and had strongly opposed to it.

Bullet; White Kyuhyun was in a comatose state for four days and when he regained consciousness, he realized he was at the hospital.

credits go to… thats where I got it from

Kyuhyun starcraft photo kyuprogamer.gif
 As you may already know Kyuhyun loves to play Starcraft. For some reason I always that he stumbled upon it himself and just fell in love with it. Nope. Kibum actually taught Kyuhyun how to play starcraft. My mind was blown!

Bullet; Blue He isn't good at cooking, at all. Even with a supervisor, he'll forget to add something/add too much

Bullet; White He has a 'glib tongue.' Meaning: He's very persuasive, a smooth talker. Not even Kangin is resistant :noes:

Bullet; Blue He is good at Mathematics

Bullet; White "I am the master at every computer game because I love them !" OMG MOAR POEMS!
Bullet; Blue plays the piano and the clarinet

Bullet; White Is a good skier, snowboarder

Bullet; Blue Kyuhyun's witty

Bullet; White Amazing singer

Bullet; Blue Rudest Maknae Ever (yes that is a talent)

Bullet; White Was Crowned King of Sharp Tongue on Super Junior Foresight
        -Besting both Eunhyuk and the Leader

Bullet; Bluevery good at imitating 

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
SpotlightWhat Kyu likesSpotlight
 Bullet; Blue He loves Gelato on pizzas

Bullet; White He loves wine

Bullet; Blue He is an avid fan of SBS' "Secret Garden."

Bullet; White He loves watching historical dramas

Bullet; Blue His favorite movie is "The Big Swindle."

Bullet; White His favorite gelato brand is called Doublesice

Bullet; Blue He loves snow

Bullet; White His favorite colors are blue, black and white

Bullet; Blue His favorite foods are seafood and pork chops

Bullet; White Loves to read novels

Bullet; Blue The video games he likes to play the most are Thousand Years, Diablo  and Sudden Attack :icongameaddictplz:

Bullet; White Likes sports such as football (soccer) and basketball

Bullet; Blue Loves the beach and has, on more than one occasion, expressed his interest in going to Phukhet, Thailand

SpotlightWhat Kyu does not likeSpotlight
Bullet; Blue He hates eating vegetables

Bullet; White Kyu doesn't like to show his stomach because of the scar he received after the car accident

SpotlightKyuhyun on DatingSpotlight
Bullet; Blue Once he has a girlfriend, she will be his PRINCESS.

Bullet; White His favorite type of girl has long hair, big eyes, a pair of beautiful legs, and only cares about him

Bullet; Blue He says he'd be impressed if the girl payed for their food on a date

SpotlightKyuhyun on LanguageSpotlight
Bullet; Blue He thinks his Mandarin is the best of all the SJ-M members
     - "My Mandarin pronunciation isn't wrong, it's Mandarin that is wrong."

Bullet; White His favourite Thai. phrase is "Rak na dek ngo," which means, "I love you, silly baby."

Bullet; Blue So far he has sung in English, Chinese, a little Japanese and Spanish, and all with good pronunciations, even though he is not fluent on any of those languages

Bullet; White Favorite Chinese expressions: Wo Bu Hui Han Yu (I don't speak Mandarin), Tai Bu Xiang Hua Le, and of course, Fuwuyuar (Waiter)

SpotlightKyuhyun with Other IdolsSpotlight
Bullet; Blue DBSK's Changmin is his best friend

Bullet; White Considers f(x)'s Victoria as his noona

Bullet; Blue Well-known for imitating singer Sung Si Kyung's famous expression "Jal jayo."

Bullet; White Admires Korean actresses Kim Tae Hee and Jun Ji Hyun

Bullet; Blue Was a fan of DBSK member Mickey Yoochun

Bullet; White Sung Si Kyung and Lee Sok Ra are two of his favorite singers.

Bullet; Blue Taiwanese singer A-mei as his favorite in one of his radio interviews

Bullet; White Kyuhyun said that Seohyun and himself are SM's best unofficial couple…  Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun talk about Yunho

SpotlightRandom Kyu FactsSpotlight
Bullet; Blue He said that children hang their socks at their bed fronts on Christmas Eve to wait for Santa's present but because he wanted a bigger present for himself, he hung His PANTS at the bed front instead

Bullet; White Whenever he starts laughing, he can't stop and it makes him tired

Bullet; Blue It is rumored that he has over #900 nicknames

Bullet; White When he sleeps, he snores really loudly and even drools

Bullet; Blue Kyuhyun's singing talents were discovered at the Chin Chin Singing Competition in 2005, where he placed 3rd

Bullet; White Has confessed that he suffered a middle ear infection when he was younger thus his hearing on his left ear is impaired

Bullet; Blue Has been singing for his church since he was a little kid

Bullet; White He has also recorded some Christmas carols for his church when he was about 8 years old in Korean age

Bullet; Blue His motto is, "Don't listen to the others."

Bullet; White Known for his less-than-stellar driving skills

Bullet; Blue In "The Three Musketeers," he played a character named D'Artagnan

Bullet; White Insists that his main hobby includes reading and that he usually does it in the dressing room before shows/appearances

Bullet; Blue When filming TRAX's MV for "Blind", Kyuhyun was having a hard time squeezing out tears. The director asked him "do you not have anything sad to think about?" Kyu thought for a moment and said "I get really sad when I cannot play games". The director sighed and asked "then try crying!" Kyu innocently said: "but after filming this I can play all night… so I'm not sad"

Now for some funny/ Adorable videos
Super Junior Members yelling at Eunhyuk and Heechul on Intimate Note:…

Leeteuk is scared of Kyuhyun:…

Siwon imitates Kyuhyun:…

Siwon says nice things about Kyuhyun:…

Eunhuyk talks about naked Kyuhyun:…

Kyuhyun mad at Ryeowook:…

When People Don't Recognize Kyu:…

Eunhyuk Scared of Kyuhyun:…

Kyuhyun King of Sharp Tongue:…

Kyuhyun sang Even Now by Sung SiKyung in front of him:…

Kyuhyun singing Jal Jinaenayo (by Sung SiKyung):…;

Yay! I'm finally done after spending literally all day on this!! :iconimdeadplz:

Thank you for reading!!! I hope you have a great day!! :iconbaibaiplz:


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Book of Life

Fri Jan 16, 2015, 6:51 PM
Img-10 by techgnotic

A Collaboration between MARX77 & DeevElliott

What must any of us do before we can understand what we read in the Book of Life? When is one ready to write upon its pages his or her own contributions?

Life is no passive gathering of information. It is not a spectator sport. Only in participation is one truly alive. In order to express feelings or opinions about anything in life, one must have a personal experience of it. Only personal experience conveys the qualification and the right to speak, to write or to create art as explanation and explication of any topic of discussion and debate.

We amaze ourselves with our achievement when we look at photographs taken of objects by man trillions of light years away, yet we are still so primitive a species that we throw rocks at one another. We grasp tightly onto the words, rituals, and beliefs of our ancestors, that our reverence might imbue them with magic and ultimate truth, so fearful and unprepared are we to attempt to understand or even acknowledge new realities and more accurate truths.

We clothe and feed ourselves from creatures we deem lesser than ourselves, even though technology has eliminated the need for this sacrifice. Can any of us who have been shown love by an animal ever look a pet in the eye and not see a kindred soul returning the gaze? Is it not our recognition of similar thoughts, feelings, needs and emotions in animals the very reason we are drawn to them and bond with them and bring them in to shelter within our homes and the bosom of our families?

We carelessly pollute our atmosphere, the single biosphere that sustains us, with the unnecessary waste products of our energy systems. Even though we have been gifted with the miracle of the singular star anchoring our solar system that made all Life on Earth possible. This same star can provide all the energy we will ever need.  Why do we allow the corrupt, greedy few endanger the future survival of the vast global majority? These are the shameful passages of fearfulness, cowardice and indifference that darken the Book of Life.

When did we stop listening to our elders—those with the life experience to know better?

Those whose deep wisdom is informed by the bitter struggles that are Life’s lessons?

They are founts of Information that could be invaluable and always available to us. Yet we choose to put them away in homes once their needs interfere with our lifestyles. Those who were the active participants in Life, whose minds are treasure troves of accumulated experience, are warehoused to await death along with those who chose to remain bystanders.

It is never too late to go back to the Book, to pick it up and dust it off. Open its pages and dip that quill deeply as you seek to capture the most honest and accurate assessments of your life experiences. Scratch into the pages the most salient and illuminating details of the experiences in your life. We have only each other and the records of life we leave in our wake to learn from. You are not inconsequential, not in your Book, for there you are a powerful transformative agent, the Hero who must triumph in writing his or her story – a tale instructing in how to protect and secure the future for all those wise enough to consider your words.

Every Book of Life can be read and experienced on its own, but there are always so many more things to be revealed in the sequels and prequels and contemporary narratives of other active participants in Life. Fulfill the promise of this greatest franchise by taking risks with your writing in the service of truth. This instruction may sound obtuse presently, but you’ll know what to “say” when your ultimate moment of truth presents itself at the most inopportune time and place.

What must any of us do before we can understand what we read in the Book of Life? When is one ready to write upon its pages his or her own contributions? Life is no passive gathering of information. It is not a spectator sport. Only in participation is one truly alive. In order to express feelings or opinions about anything in life, one must have a personal experience of it. Only personal experience conveys the qualification and the right to speak, to write or to create art as explanation and explication of any topic of discussion and debate.
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Well, season 2 has finally come to a close,  and I'm sitting here and looking back on it all, with a few thoughts I want to share.

I just want to say thank you (again) to everyone that watched and enjoyed the MLP season finale this weekend.  There were lots of hard nights and long hours from all of us on the DHX crew to make it the best would possibly could.  Of course, there are things that are always going to be imperfect, but overall from what I gather, it seemed well-received.

I was also shocked at how many people recognized my OC pony that made a small cameo in this weekend's episode.  As a blanket response to a lot of the same questions I've been getting all weekend: No, I did not voice her and I'm unsure as to who did.  I would assume just one of the regular VA's.  She was put in kind of last minute.  The artist who drew her in the storyboard, made her look like my pony (just a coincidence), and after seeing it, I simply asked Ridd our Art Director if he could make it mine.  I wasn't sure if it was posible, but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask.  That's all there is to the story.  There was no "sneaking" about it.  There's not really a way TO "sneak" characters into a show, as every pony has to be built and designed in Flash first.  

One last and big thanks to everyone for all the kind words and support over the last few years (for my pony work AND original art).  I'm so glad to be a part of the MLP crew and to have the chance to talk and interact with fans.  Your love and support is overwhelming and keeps me smiling everyday.  Being a part of this has introduced me to so many wonderful and talented artists from across the board and for that I will always be grateful.  Your continued and constant stream of kind words and support never fall on deaf ears.

Looking forward to the future, and I hope everyone is just as excited as I am to see what's to come.

Sabrina "Sibsy" Alberghetti
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PE: Drawing Faces in Manga Style

Mon Jul 29, 2013, 6:29 PM

Basic notions for drawing heads and faces
Welcome back everyone! :love: Today I'm going to teach you the basics of drawing a face. Before I start, I want to clarify that this is the way I do it, but there are a thousand other methods that you can follow, make sure you understand the concepts and apply them the best you can, you don't have to stictly do it like I do, develop your own way and keep on learning! :love:

Many artists suggest using circles to start sketching the head and the body but... I don't use them. I've never used them. I tried using them in the past and it only resulted in messed up lines and strange-looking faces and heads. So I dropped the circles. If you feel comfortable using them, I bow to you and I encourage you to keep using them, but I'm afraid you won't see any circles in my tutorial :giggle:

Steps, Tips & Tricks when drawing Faces for beginners
See bigger version in
Forgive me if there are any typos! <3

Hope you found it useful!!
Do you need further help? Leave a comment below! :love:

Meet me tomorrow at 2 PM PDT in #CommunityRelations for a chat about general questions related to art, deviantART, critique events and point raffles!…!

Skin made by Ikue and Redesign by SaTaNiA
Welcome back everyone! :love: Today I'm going to teach you the basics of drawing a face in manga style!
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EDIT: WINNER IS #136! THE KEY WILL GO TO :iconsashawren:

Thanks everyone! Check back next week for a new contest!

Giveaway #11 is now CLOSED, we'll upload a new journal next friday for #12!


:star: Free Key Giveaway :star:

Each week we will be giving away 1 key for free to say thanks for all the support.

So what do you have to do to win one?


:bulletgreen: Just post on this journal. Post anything you want. Say hello, tell us a joke, give us a funny plz account. Anything.

:bulletgreen: From when we post this journal, you'll have 24 hours to put your name here.

:bulletgreen: Please only comment once. If you comment twice, you will be disqualified.

:bulletgreen: We'll count up how many people commented and then we'll use the random number generator to pick a number:

:bulletgreen:We start from oldest comment first (#1), and the person whose number is generated will get the key :)

:bulletgreen: Each week there will be a new journal - do not post on this journal once a winner has been announced!

We will select the key each month, meaning if you don't like the key then please don't comment (wait until you see one you like).

You can only win once. If you don't win this week, you are more than welcome to try again next week! We just pick the keys at random to give away, sometimes they will be more detailed than others.

NOTE: We will do these on Fridays! So check back on Fridays (we are in the United States so if you live in another country where you might be a day ahead just remember then it would be a Saturday for some of you).

:star:This week's free key giveaway::star:

Choose your own Basic Key.
You may design a basic design, here are some examples of basic keys (basic keys are a wing or two, a charm, maybe some gears, etc)

OneWing Steampunk Key by DrayokCeltic Circle Key by KeypersCoveWolf Pendant by KeypersCove

Parts might vary depending on the supplies we have in stock :)

Thank you and good luck!
See our other journals for past winners~
>>>>>>>Current dollar amount of keys given away so far: $300<<<<<<<<<<
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Featured Artist - Bobby Driscoll

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 3, 2013, 12:43 PM

Best known to Disney fans as the voice of Peter Pan!

Bobby Driscoll lived a very short, rollercoaster life.

He was discovered as a natural actor in a barbershop at the very young age of five-and-a-half! And, he was the first actor to sign a long term contract with the Walt Disney animation department.

At the age of 12, he was given an Oscar for outstanding juvenile actor for his performances in So Dear to my Heart (A Disney Movie) and The Window (RKO Picture).

At about the age of 16, Bobby Driscoll played his most famous roll - Peter Pan. He acted out all the parts himself before they were animated onto film. He was also the first boy ever to play Peter Pan (traditionally, Peter Pan is played by a girl.)
Here are some production pictures for y'all!

Unfortunately, life doesn't always have a fairytale ending for us like in the magical world of Disney. ;_;

Bobby Driscoll was introduced to drugs at the age of seventeen, had several run-ins with the law, and was sentenced as a drug addict in 1961.

On his drug addiction:
"I had everything. I was earning more than $50,000 a year, working steadily with good parts. Then I started putting all my spare time in my arm. I'm not really sure why I started using narcotics. I was 17 when I first experimented with the stuff. In no time at all I was using whatever was available, mostly heroin, because I had the money to pay for it."

He managed to get rehabilitated by 1962, but Hollywood back in the day was less than forgiving. Because of his record as a convict and a drug addict, nobody would work with him. Dispirited and alone, he eventually died fundless in New York at the age of 31 - two children found his body in an abandoned tenement, and was buried as a "john doe" in a pauper's grave on Hart Island. His identity was discovered later on by fingerprinting.

"I have found that memories are not very useful. I was carried on a silver platter and then dumped into the garbage can."~ Bobby Driscoll, on his rise and fall in Hollywood.

Though his story had a less than happy ending, his life definitely had an impact on us. He brought joy and warmth to the screen whenever he was on it - animated or not. And, it serves us a valuable life lesson; don't become a slave to drugs, and if you know someone who has, don't give up on them.  

"A child lives in a world of its own, so, logically, a successful story for children must strike a chord in that world; possibly involve something he would like to do if he had the chance, like fly with his own wings or go down a rabbit hole, but above all, it must be something he can understand. Anything a child understands, chances are he will enjoy. However, everyone seems to enjoy these successful, so-called children's stories. For instance, you'll never meet a truthful person who says he doesn't like movie cartoons."~ Bobby Driscoll

:star: Artwork feature!

Peter Pan by MistyTang Peter Pan by AMSBT 50 Chibis Disney : Peter Pan by princekido Disney Prom- Peter Pan by spicysteweddemon
Peter Pan by jill-calico Peter Pan and the Mermaids by Terrauh Bobby Driscoll as Jim Hawkins by ratscout Jim Hawkins by MistyTang
Disney Peter Pan by joaquimbundo Peter and Wendy by spicysteweddemon Peter Pan and the Lost Boys by BOiKEM Peter Pan and Thinkerbell by spiderguga

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Confession. Im sorry.. well we are

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 31, 2014, 7:12 AM

Hello my fellow Ryceballs. Its been a while since I wrote another journal I do apologize, I have been busy lately with things. Well.. to be honest there has been some frictions.. with us. You might be confused by what I just said.. well ok let me begin by saying thank you to all the supporters over the years first, 6 to be exact! Ry-Spirit began his life on Deviant 6 years ago! Wow long time right?! And I think it is time that I share something with you guys. Just wanna be honest here.. There is no I in Ry-Spirit. But there is an 'Us'. Ry-Spirit.. Umm Ry.. He never existed. I will explain in this journal entry.

6 years ago me and 4 talented friends decided to make an account on Deviantart and created a fictional artist by the name of Ry-Spirit. We all had our own individual Deviantart accounts but we weren't really getting a lot of pageviews and attention, mostly because we have our own lives and don't have all day to just sit down and draw. But we really wanted a page that can get a lot of attention, we then joked and came up with an idea to create a fictional character called Ry. And make it seem like he is just one guy who sits at home all day to draw, but in fact we are 5 artists who contributes a piece to the account once in a while.

That way, we have created over 800 artworks on this account so far! We also tried to be consistent with our style..? but its kinda obvious sometimes that its done by different people... Like for example compare this with this one.

Cheers! by Ry-Spirit vs Mind Palace by Ry-Spirit

One is really cartoon simple vector style while the other one is rather realistic and detailed looking. You know what I mean? But no one pointed that out so we were quite happy about that.

So why are we confessing this? Why ruin the magic? Why not just keep it the way it is? Well we didn't think we would make it this far to be honest. What started off as kinda an experiment spiraled into a giant massive lie, the fans were very supportive, we just felt guilty. In fact we often argued whether we should tell the people about the lie.. and after 6 years we just thought, yeah we owe you guys...

And yes.. you have guessed it. We are closing the account after this, I mean the account will still be here, you can still come by once in a while and admire our art. But we just won't update it anymore, Putting an end to Ry-Spirit once and for all ^^" our team of five kinda grew apart over the years too.. we had our little friction that kinda put the final nail on the coffin. Drama llama!

So we are sorry for hiding this, I mean we STILL put in our effort and hard work to make these artworks don't get us wrong. But just not done by one person called Ry thats all... and yeah we are sorry but its true, Ry doesn't exist. He never did. He was merely a Spirit, remember how we mentioned how there wasn't any explanation for how the word Spirit in Ry-Spirit came about? Well here's the reason, he is just a ghost, an invisible ghost.

The Team

Well since we are going full out, we might as well reveal who we are. Have some closure to this mess.

Alfonso Franklin is me, the person writing this journal right now, Im in charge of writing journals and polls and making sure that there's a consistency in the writing part of Ry-Spirit. I also draw a little bit.

Penelope O'Donald is a talented artist who's strength is in painting. She was also my girlfriend but we are not together anymore.

Renmin Ong is an artist who lives in Malaysia, he specializes in Graphic Design so his work are usually a bit more designer looking. If you see an artwork in the gallery that looks kinda tripply and stylish, that's most likely Renmin's.

Irene Law is another fantastic artist who specializes in cartoonish chibi style artworks, Irene did most of the Pokemon artworks in the team's gallery.

Leo So is the 'Face of the public' as we like to call him. You probably seen him on previous journals about going to conventions and selling our art. Leo cannot draw but he can sell, so we have him on the team for that. He is merely the face of Ry-Spirit for any public appearances.

And thats it! This is gonna be the last journal entry from team Ry-Spirit. We totally understand if you feel angry towards us for not being honest that we are a group of five people, and trust me sometimes we do too... And you know what? Feel free to unwatch this account because there won't be any updates here anymore. Anyway. For the last time, THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR SUPPORTING US. We cannot be thankful enough for the love you have given us, of course we appreciate it! Thats why we are confessing here ryght? haha... a Ry pun. I am gonna miss that. For the team, for me, this is Alfonso. Take care and goodbye.

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Hey guys, sorry I took so long! This year I'm going to try something a little different and not Flash-dependent. I wasn't really sure how much I was gaining by making the pages squiggly and separated by animated transitions, so without further adieu, here's my report on this year's Anime Expo, now with alt-text! (hover mouse on image for commentary)

My biggest regret this year was being too busy and not getting around the artist alley more and visiting people and panels. Thanks to everyone who visited, and sorry to everyone who I didn't visit (or visited only very briefly)! I feel really rude in retrospect. I also feel like I didn't really get to see much of what AX had to offer this year by confining myself to my table for most of it.

Next year I hope to have some sort of book-type product at my table, but knowing myself, I will probably either give up or miss deadlines again and you'll see a repeat of the first two images in the report.

MAN, I sure got tired of drawing myself. But I'm glad I finally finished this so I can go back to drawing other things / playing games without feeling like I should be doing something elseOHYEAHSALESTAXES.
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