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This took many tries, but I finally got this stamp the way I wanted it! I love =AnnMarieBone's Acrylic Paintings and when I looked on DevaintART I didn't see any support stamps for her so I made my own :clap:
All the paintings in this stamp are her own. There are so many paintings of her's that I love so it was kinda hard to choose which to use in the stamp :faint: But anyway gp check out her Gallery! :heart:

EDIT: I've recieved a lot of :+fav:'s for this and I'm happy, but I feel guilty not being able to thank everyone individualy so I'm gonna have one big THANK YOU here!!! :tighthug:
:icongouseplz::iconthisartplz: Template By: =Kencho
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Much fantastic
So profile
Very ID
Many new.
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Just thought I'd have a new ID.
For new watchers~ Hi there!!

This is just a piece I recently finished. It'll be a part of the series I'm currently working on so it will be uploaded at some point :rose:
Photographed with my phone but it shows you what my works look like before I scan them and throw them up here.

ID blurb since it is an ID.
Name's C-Yen, I love traditional art and I do all these for a hobby when I'm not studying something Health Science related.

Media for this work and most of my other work is usually:
Faber Castell Classic Colours
Fine Black Pigment Pens
0.5 Mechanical Pencils
Typo Gel Pens

Any questions? :floating:
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I finally got a new tablet!!! drawing with a tablet is so much easier than mouse ; v ;
so continuing with my goddess theme, she's sort of the star goddess, but I thought naming her that would seem too boring

belongs to :iconpeachtail: now!
starting bid: $50
minimum increase: $2
auto buy: $120 (she's got a lot more shading and details so price will be slightly higher ; v ; )

comment below if interested! reply to last bidder plz ^o^ I accept paypal only 
auction ends Jan 29th 12:00pm (or maybe a bit earlier :p)
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Some crazy person standing at the edge of the 100 foot drop of Upper Trestle Falls. ;)
Umpqua National Forest
Lane County, Oregon

Photo taken by Doug Berline. :iconstrobefx:

A whole fall shot for you.

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I hate it whenever my mind began to think somebody is ignoring and hating or angry of me... Just because I got no response.

They could be busy. I told myself to keep thinking positive.

But I don't know why I am still thinking that way and even I became worried and sad and guilty myself... :C

I can't stop thinking that way... I need to stop it...

I am hurting my own feelings T___T
Great, now I feel guilty again...

I need to stop thinking that person is angry to me D::::

D: but my mind keep blaming me that she is angry to me...
I won't tell you who is the person...

*Toro angsty-guilty mode on*
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ahhh this cutie, TormentorSky I love him, he's so sweet uvu
You guys should really check him out ; v ; he has really amazing art and made my ever so lovely icon <33
just guhhh he really is amazing uvu and would very much appreciate if you guys would take your time to look through his gallery ; v ;
but if not, that's fine as well uvu;; I appreciate that you took the time to even read my description! ; v ;

but I apologize for messing it up uxu;;; I know it looks awkward and I'll try and fix it later;;
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:star:ENTER HERE!:star:

I've just reached 1,000 followers on my main website! :D Time for another giveaway!

The prize for this giveaway is one of my original hat creations, this adorable and fluffy little bat x3 It features cute little ears, a professional satin stitched face, and two long wings that come down the sides. It’s made from polar fleece which is perfectly machine washable, but also air dries quickly if you want to avoid machine drying it and keep it looking new as long as possible. It’s pretty much a one-size-fits-all for adults, as it fits heads between 22”-25” in circumference because it stretches so nicely.

:star:BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!:star:
For this giveaway, I thought I’d try something new. While the randomly chosen winner will get the bat hat, everyone else will also get a prize! I’ve been working hard all month making some more hats and hoodies (like the bat hat here) from the last of my fleece yardage and they’re done just in time for the holiday season :D Once the winner of the giveaway reaches me, everyone will be mailed a coupon code to my Etsy store so you’re free to buy a hat at a discount if you didn’t win! ^-^

The fun part is, the coupon code is a mystery that you choose >w< When you sign up for the giveaway, you’ll be asked to pick what’s behind door number 1, 2, or 3, and depending on what you choose you might receive a coupon for a certain percentage off your total purchase, a certain dollar amount off, or maybe a free gift with purchase – that kind of thing!
Thank you all again for signing up for email updates and getting me to over 1,000 followers! And good luck to all of you that are entering :D I hope the winner loves their new hat!

Here are all the details you'll need to know when entering:

:bulletred: The giveaway will be active from Monday, November 18th and the winner will be chosen at 10pm EST on Monday, November 25th
:bulletgreen: To enter, simply fill out the form found at my main website
:bulletpurple: The winning entrant will be chosen at random from the list of completed forms
:bulletred: The winning entrant will be contacted via email about their win (so keep an eye on your emails for messages from!)
:bulletgreen: The winner will have 48 hours to respond to their winning notification before another winner is chosen
:bulletpurple: As a winner, you will be expected to divulge your address (or PO Box) to me so the prize can be shipped to you
:bulletred: As a winner, your name/pseudonym (and website, if given) will be announced on my website as the winner of the prize, so every entrant knows who was the final winner
:bulletgreen: The prize will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail -- domestic takes 2-3 business days while international takes 6-10
:bulletpurple: By submitting this form, you agree that you’re totally fine with me emailing you a coupon to my store (just this one time, I’m not a spammer!)
:bulletred: International entrants are more than welcome to enter
:bulletgreen: To all international entrants: note that you may be required to pick up your package at your local post office or pay customs fees. These rules differ for every country so unfortunately I can't be held responsible for any extra charges you might be asked to pay.
:bulletpurple: By entering in this contest, you agree to these rules :)

Good luck to all who enter!
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omg sorry for the awful anatomy aslkdna;sldnk
also I gave my character a sort of different hair style
and for some reason, I like drawing backgrounds now
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