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Fresh wolf PHOTOS

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 6, 2011, 5:25 PM


Uah, what a night :XD:
I was so excited with free international shipping offered by DA, that I shopped like crazy, ordering so many things :XD: I hope they will REALLY arrive and that I will REALLY have shipping for free.

Also, I see that some of you used that offer too, because some people bought stuff I sell - THANK YOU for every shopped item, people, thank you, really! :aww: I have already sold several mugs and also 3 calendars, which makes me really happy! :aww: I wish I could see, how the printed calendar looks, so I thought about buying it too, but honestly, I would not use it that much :oops: haha, from some 5500 points, I have 500 left now :XD:

Do not forget that I now sell new FOX MUG - Colourful FOX mug by woxys :giggle:


My amazing cousin had to travel to Ostrava today, he had some important meeting there. And he was nice enough to take me to Olomouc, which is on the way. So I could visit my most favourite ZOO and amuse myself with watching animals :D the light was really bad, so I took only few acceptable photos, but well, maybe you might like some of them. My cousin then took me back to Brno, he is really a sweetheart. We chatted a lot in a car - chat with him always makes me feel so much easier. He is young, but very successfull, positive, caring, handsome man and my biggest example :aww: he is also manly - in the best meaning of that word :D I am happy that we meet so often!

The funny thing is, that because of furious dA shopping, I got to bed at 5:30 AM, and I was supposed to wake up at 6:35 AM. I forced myself to sleep so much, that I could not fall asleep at all, so I went for a trip without a minute of sleeping :XD: when I got back, I just slept like a baby since 5 PM to 10 PM :D


I would also like to thank Basike-Crowolf for buying me three months subs - those only 3 remaining months made me nervous, now it is much better :giggle:

Before I give a little "thank you" feature for Basike-Crowolf and before I show you today's photos of wolves, I would like to ask you for voting for Allerlei again. Thank you all for voting, I know that you do that and I am grateful for it! :hug: do not worry, the event ends soon, so I will stop posting this message :nod: I just want to help my friend now :oops:

So please, if you want, go to this page… (it's DATART, electronic company :)) and give her your vote, please! It's easy, just scroll down a bit, click there on the first blue button on the left, which bellow called DARUJTE OZDOBU TOMUTO PŘÁNÍ +2. You can vote ONCE A DAY! Deadline is on 19th December :) Thank you very much! :hug:

Felix felicis by Basike-Crowolf
Brotherhood by Basike-CrowolfCold autumn morning by Basike-Crowolf TRU BLOOD RBW by Basike-Crowolf
Kittens by Basike-Crowolf ARABIAN HORSE by Basike-Crowolf :thumb206069376:
Xmas Dogs by Basike-Crowolf Fall in Love by Basike-Crowolf Ocelot final by Basike-Crowolf

Arctic, Hudson's and Iberian wolves. Today's photos!

I am going to excercise and to "ride a bike" now. Nah, I am so sleepy and it is 2:30 AM... But I skipped yesterday, so today, I must go! I just need coffee first. :D

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Journal Entry: Thu Jul 26, 2012, 11:29 AM


I prepared a promised Wolf calender for you - August 2012 - July 2013! :la:
Here you can see the photos I have chose for this version :aww:
I hope you will like it! :aww:

You can download the calendar here:

Wolf calendar 2012 - 2013 FOR FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by woxys

It is for free, but I welcome every donation (I have a paypal account connected with, as my Premium membership will end soon :XD:

Those photos are included: please, note, that the MASSIVE watermark is NOT on the calender, it is just in the journal!

I will be offline for few days, I am having vaccation with my family - please, keep your fingers crossed for me so I can see dolphins! :aww:
Last time I asked you to do that and I really saw them :aww: thanks!
After I get home, I hope to be a millionaire thanks to all your donations :laughing:

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12, KIRIBAN is close, troll, wolves on snow-PHOTOS

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 17, 2012, 2:25 PM


At first - there is a new kiriban - catch my 866 666 pageviews  and send me a printscreen as a proof via note to win a feature :D
(no feature for animal abuse, porn or art-thieves).

At second - I lost 12 kilos :nod:  it means I need to lose 20 another killos to have NORMAL weight. Well, I am on a good way, I just need to try harder. 12 kilos are nice, but not nice enough if you consider the time. I am still satisfied, because I think I mostly lost fat and not muscles, which is great :D I will do my best to lose another 10 kilos faster. Let's give it try ok? I will do my best to lose another 10 kilos until the end of October (I do not want to go to quickly. To lose weight fast is definitely not a good way, because then you get a lot of fat back and you lose muscles...).
I went to buy some present for my sister's nameday (which is today and we had a cake, OH! :XD: and because my job's colleague is also Martina, we had another cake, OH! :XD: I think I will eat grass and water tomorrow :XD:) and there were SO awesome sales, that I bought a lot of clothes although my money situation is far from ideal, really :XD: I bought some t-shirts for extremely low prices and I will probably return at least one of them, changing it for smaller. It would be "S" size! :O_o: I think that shop must be pretty wrong with sizes. I even fit "S" sized trousers my mom bought for herself. Pretty strange, considering the fact I am still 20 kilos overweight :XD:

At third - holy mother, am I the only person who is THAT unlucky with dA troll's? :XD: there is now some art-thief who keeps sending me rude notes :XD: everytime I block that funny person, it founds another account just to send me new and new notes :XD: I think that person might have a lot of time and boredom :lol: I just informed admins, let's see what happens :XD:

Those photos are dedicated to all trolls and art-thieves, who do not create their own work and need to steal photos from Google ;)  poor you, people, poor you :P  (the dedication is ironical and it does not give you any right to use or post photos posted below)

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:-( and ZOO animals - PHOTOS

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 5, 2012, 1:37 PM


I hate that thesis SO much... :roll: I feel like total idiot, I somehow can not write it. Why?! :noes:
It is my the last attempt to complete it, if I do not finish it properly, I totally lose my chance to get my second Master degree. Which would be pretty embarassing, because not only I already have all the credits I need, I even passed the graduation exams! After so much work, it would be stupid to end without the title just because of inability to write stupid 80 pages.

Also, I wish USA a lucky hand when it comes to voting! It might be interesting, I will definitely watch US elections ;) interesting material for a student of political science. I do not mind to share my opinion - I would vote for Obama. But I do not feel like advocating my opinion, I have no problem with those whose attitude is different ;)

The first few photobooks have been already shipped!

P.S.: still exercising, still riding a bike (two days, then a pause), still eating 5x a day. I have problems with drinking, I simply can not force myself to drink more than 1,5 or max 2 litres of water :XD: but yesterday I today's morning I got a bit more weight, which did not please me. I hope tomorrow will be better B-)

Wonderful by woxys

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Love of wolves (mating season) - PHOTOS

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 18, 2012, 10:04 AM

Hello :)

First of all, kiriban (766 666) is VERY close!

At second, Brno's females, Alex and Clair, are in heat now. I went to the ZOO to take some photos - because of mating season, wolves were very excited and active. I had a great chance to watch their fantastic and natural behavior, which included gentle touches, aggresivity (not between alphas and beta, but younger wolves were somehow excited) and mating itself. It was just incredible to observe so intimate moments of the lives of wolves. Thanks to winter, I was totally alone with them - only me and wolves. I would like to share some shots I took - sorry for lower quality, the weather was cloudy and as you can imagine, wolves were moving a lot. Although I took some photos of mating itself, I do not want to post such shots. Not to offend some of my watchers (mating and also eating are absolutely natural for animals ;)) but to somehow respect privacy of the wolves :)

Thank you for every :+fav: it would help me to share this :D

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Failing horribly + white wolves - PHOTOS + kiriban

Journal Entry: Sat May 12, 2012, 4:14 PM


uaaaaaah, I will hardly have that practical part of my thesis finished tomorrow! :fear:
I would need to write FIFTEEN pages tonight (it is 1:10 AM here) and 20 pages tomorrow.

Kiriban: 833 333!
If you catch my 833 333 pageviews and send me a printscreen as a proof via note, you win a feature! (no feature for porn or animal cruelty)


PEOPLE, I have a small request! Czech ZOOs currently have a contest - they are fighing to get people vote for the most beautiful baby animal born in 2012.
Can you, please, look at this facebook page ===>… and vote for BABY DONKEY EMA from ZOO Děčín?
ZOO Děčín is a tiny but very nice ZOO, I would love to suport them somehow - and they are close to victory!
Only Dvur Kralove is closer, but I do not like this ZOO for their terrible marketing and bad attitude to visitors...

I bet people from ZOO Děčín would be happy if they won!
Thank you for every vote :aww:
I have so many watchers - I hope some can vote :D every vote is important now!

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Is anybody here? + news + ZOO animals - PHOTOS.

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 2, 2012, 5:14 PM


Ok, ok, ok, I am almost scared - what happaned? It seems that this site is totally empty for last week! :O_o:
I wonder what caused this: Sandy? Or do Americans have some Halloween holiday so they are not online? Or... is there some secret and slow Zombie attack? :noes:

Of course dA decided to use this time to announce free shipping :XD: usually they do it before Christmas and I usually get pretty nice money from it. This time I got just few dolars, so I hope dA will repeat the action - just before X-mas as they did the last year. Because this site really seems to be empty now! :noes: as a response to a free shipping, I released Free calendar for 2013 - I think I have never had so few faves, views and downloads on it. What a pity, what a bad time :(

I know about Sandy, it was covered by Czech media a lot :(
Poor people, I hope everything will be fixed as soon as possible. I did not know it affected so many people :(

You also know I asked you to vote for Allerlei's photo - thank you for doing that, she is now on the first place with great number of "likes"! :aww: I wanted to take my part in the contest too, because the 12 chosen photos were to be printed in a calender, which would be then sold and earned money would be used for contruction of brand new wolf habitat. But the ZOO made a mistake and forgot to add my photos into the collection of participiants - it is not a big deal, they apologized and seemed to be very sorry about that so it is fine. I told them to have no hard feeling about it, mistakes happen ;) I wanted to use this photo ( I had to say my first idea was that they did not want to include my photo because it is everywhere on the web, so I was about to hate all those art-thieves even more :XD:

What makes me a bit happy? I am probably out of annoying 77,5 - 79,5 Kg cycle and I started losing weight again. I really needed to see that "76,something" to be aware of some progress. It is a nice kick and I am now totally good girl, as I am trying to reach "75,something" as soon as possible ;) hurray!

Also, me and my sis decided to use and eat more seasonal stuff. It is autumn now, so it means... PUMPKIN TIME! You from USA probably do not get my surprise, but I would not say that many Czechw know and use this vegetable often. We also do not celebrate Halloween (11/2 we have "All souls day" which is much more silent and spiritual than American Halloween. We just go to cemeteries and lit candles on graves of our beloved...), so pumpkin is not that popular. But it is amazing vegetable - full of vitamines and many many healthy things, you can use it to prepare almost everything (desert, soup, main food, side dish...). It is also very filling, but it gives you almost no calories! Simply a miracle food.

I would like to share a recipe for fantastic, easy and pretty delicious soup :-)
You need:

One pumpkin (without skin and without seeds) - some 600g
1,5 big onion
2 carrots
bouillon cube
1 liter of hot water
1 table spoon of olive oil
1 tea spoon of ginger

Put olive oil into the pot, cut an onion into bigger pieces and as soon as the oil is hot, put the onion into the pot too. Stir. Soon add also carrots and pumpkin, both also cut into pieces. Stir and let it fry (it is not the best word, because there is only one spoon of oil) for few minutes. Do not forget to stir it ;) In the meantime, use a jug kelltle to get approximately one litre of boiling water. Then put it on the vegetable into a pot - the water level should be some 1-2 cm above the vegetable. Add salt and pepper and also a bouillon cube. Let it boil only for some 15-20 minutes. After you test a piece of pumpkin and it is not tough anymore, just add a tea spoon of ginger and few pieces of fresh resemary. Put the pot away from the flame and let it cool down a bit. Then use a blender to mix it properly - the soup will be creamy. It is incredibly tasty, filling soup, which is very healthy and gives you no calories. It is also so easy to make, it takes you only 30 minutes from the start to the end of mixing, when you can immediately start eating. And you will look like a king, because the soup looks and tastes very luxourious ;) As I say - a miracle ;)

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Apology + animals on snow - PHOTOS

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 27, 2013, 2:13 PM

Hi pals :-)

I would like to apologize. I was so annoyed with the thieves (and I still am) and all similar ignorrant persons, that I almost stopped replying to notes and comments... Let's say that if you write "use of this photo is allowed only with written permission" and then you do not answer those, who DO ask, it is definitely not the most fair thing :/ so sorry, I promise I will answer as soon as possible. It really would not be fair if those, who are able to politely ask for permission, would suffer for the acts of the thieves. Once more, I am sorry that allowed all those rude thieves to annoy me that much that I stopped replying...

And... after several months of terrible overeating caused by diploma thesis, family problems stress, I had no courage to try to use a scale to check my weight. I just felt that my body is covered with fat again. But then I decided to move and checked it - I found out that after all those months of "piggy" overeating, I got only some 4 kilos back, which is amazing! :O_o: I got so happy that it immediately encouraged me to continute, so I am riding an exercise bike again :D I signed for some internet (free one) program held by experts, the program controls the amount of food (and also fat, carbohydrate, fibre), drinks, movement. When I joined, I set 12 weeks program and the main goal is to lose 11 kilo... mehehe, so let's see! :D

I honestly do not understand this: when the weather is awful, the wolves are able to stay relatively white and clean. But when the exhibit is covered with wonderful snow, pups can get SO dirty that they do not even remind of arctic wolves :XD:

Visitor Map

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Tiger drama in local ZOO + animals - PHOTOS

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 22, 2012, 10:48 AM

Hi people!

Once more sorry for low activity. Thesis, thesis. Thesis. Thesis. DIES.

Today a white tiger in Czech ZOO Liberec attacked a young guy (he was on practise, not a visitor), who was saved thanks to bravery of two female keepers who hit the cat with some bucket to get his attention. The tiger escaped from the exhibit, so three people, all of them injured by the tiger, stayed inside the cage. The tiger was shot with some drugs and went limp. Fortunately, this whole accident seems to have a happy end, injuries are not severe and the tiger has not been harmed. Just wow, huh... Drama!

Finally a feature for Kiriban winner and then some animal photos. Please keep your fingers crossed for me, so I can finish my thesis soon. Thank you!


Mid-Preen by snowwolf-suraku Luminescence by snowwolf-suraku Regal and Fuzzy by snowwolf-suraku
Innocence 2 by snowwolf-suraku Imperfect Perfection by snowwolf-suraku Frozen in Time by snowwolf-suraku
Imperfections by snowwolf-suraku Gentle and Calm by snowwolf-suraku Flying Free by snowwolf-suraku

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Shame about fennecs + my favourite wolves - PHOTOS

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 2, 2012, 12:07 PM


I went to my beloved ZOO Olomouc to photograph animals yesterday - I needed a break from the thesis writing.
I spent hour or maybe more with my favourite wolf subspecies - Iberian wolves. They were very active and even aggresive, snapping their jaws and snarrling a lot. One of them tried to catch a crazy rodent. It was fun and I got many photos for you ;)
But the bad news - fennec fox got a new light in their enclosure. It is a red light and it TOTALLY does not allow you to photograph, because the specific light ruins the texture of the animal's fur and there is no chance to get any photo :( I am sad about it, I loved this place for fennec photography :( now it has been lost... in ZOO Dvur Kralove, they put those foxes into very dark indoor exhibit, so this place is also lost and in Prague, you never see them... Hm... I am a bit sad about it, I would miss those little guys :(

I also definitely need a new lens. My current one had troubles to focuse yesterday and I could not take a sharp picture for several minutes... I am more and more sure I should buy Canon 70-200 L 4 USM (not IS version)... it is relatively achievable and people say the quality is great. But I am still nervous about the lack of IS :/

Ok, wolves and kiriban. Then thesis again. Sigh.

KIRIBAN winner

15 and 16. The Great Leonopteryx and Jake Sully by ConkerTSquirrel Naruto caped by ConkerTSquirrel Spyro and Hachi doodle by ConkerTSquirrel
Everything the light touches... by ConkerTSquirrel Thorachu 3d by ConkerTSquirrel Blue 3d by ConkerTSquirrel
River Fox by ConkerTSquirrel Emmy - artswap by ConkerTSquirrel Alvin and the chipmunks by ConkerTSquirrel


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