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Behold your ultimate overlords. Shower them with pagaentry and wubs.

Seriously, even if you hated the finale, how could you not be drowned in feels durring Celestia's Ballad? I knew the moment I heard it I needed to draw something. I also added in Luna and Cadance because I've wanted to draw a pic with all the princesses together for awhile.

Fair warning: If I see any anti Twilacorn comments, they'll be hidden. :>

Enjoy! :D

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Sunglasses fell on the ground and broke. She had to buy a new pair.
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I don't even know why did I draw this. (Maybe I like humanized ponies more than I think...)
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I got WIPs of all the main girls but for starters here's some side characters!

Gilda Gryphon, Big Macintosh
Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, Apple Bloom
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I still need some works on human designs and had to use various references here and there.


Tumblr Ver.
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Messy drawing of a human Pinkie Pie and her pet alligator Gummy from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.

Edit: I've been getting a lot of comments about how she looks like a Disney character, (I think it's the eyes) so if you guys could possibly refrain from repeating the same comment, that would be much appreciated. Thank you!

Edit 2/28/13: I think you've had enough attention, Pinkie.
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owner: :iconsakairi-chan:

please offer above 200 points or 2 usd non watermarked and fullsize given tio winner
fullsize is 2500x3000
increase bid by 1 usd or 100 points each time PAYPAL is perffered over points!

credit me even once you own it! (design)
you are not allowed to resell her.
you may change anything about her (gender name so on...)
stealing my art in art manner is forbiddden
art trades may be accepted depends on conditions
reserves are on one week holds no longer
first come first serve arguing will result in disqualification

one thing to add ... the only time that i takle points is when i know how to convert to real cash

Others in my folder that are not yet finished coming soon!
, apocalypse , Ghostsoul
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Friendship is Magic,
Romance is Annoying, or Silly, whichever you prefer.

I call it "Cyridoo."

Ditzy "Derpy" Doo from My little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
Cyril Proudbottom is from Disney's Wind in the Willows.

Disney/Pony Pairing Series:
MLP Romance is Annoying: [link]
MLP Romance is Awesome: [link]
MLP Romance is Beautiful: To do List
MLP Romance is Fun: [link]
MLP Romance is Groovy: [link]
MLP Romance is Sinister: [link]
MLP Romance is Spunky: To do List
MLP Romance is Stubborn: [link]
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:iconprincesslunaplz: :iconsaysplz: HHuzza THE PAGE IS DONE!

So yes finally this page is done. It took about...idk I have to gage a time to see how long these actually take, well take care <3 until then.

Hey there, This is a comic book idea I have about the show My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. I'm doing this because I'm a fan of the series and want to give back to the community with something that I can do best, go as deep as possible with the lore that is Nightmare Moon.


After Princess Celestia and her younger sister, Princess Luna, gained prosperity over the new continent Equesrtia, they established a order to rule the land in fair honesty and Respect to everypony kind. Princess Celestia would raise the sun, while younger her younger sister would raise the moon. Together the two sisters bound a pact to keep to there duties and create harmony and balance for there subjects and those they cared for, those that lived on the land they helped fix to live and laugh upon. They kept order and Balance Keeping the Sun up during the day, and the Moon at night. But not all was well, as they say as time grew, so did the younger sister's wants and needs of hating constantly being shut out. Since at night everypony sleeps and simply can not play. Due to Luna's appeal of protecting the night, means that everypony sleeps while she guards them, never speaking to them, only silence So this is where our story starts. Princess Luna decides to take a flight stroll in the Equestrian skys, going about her night, as we would go about our day. These are the days before everything the two sisters knew and didn't know would change there lives forever. From the moment they placed there hooves on the soil they stand upon, there fate were sealed. Not even the Elements of Harmony, a power Celestia discovered to help her and her sister aid in battle to bring down the evil of the land, the symbolizing strength she kept close to her heart to guide herself, her sister and the world she cared for, all of this and still...nopony could see this coming.

and so our story beings.

Chapter 1: The Moon Princess

page 1:[link]
page 5: [link]
page 6: [link]

As much as it serves me to be a pain in the ass, I do have the next page done. I just have to add text,bubble font, and sound effects. Then I'll upload the next page...All and all I've been working on this since 8am? took a break and watched the new Doctor Who epsiode with the snowmen...OMG SO MUCH HYPE FOR THE NEXT SERIES YES! But yea, this is the new style and please note it is messy on the sides, I have no finalized the coloring. But overall this is what the new coloring style is going to look like, bascily....manga/comicish / color. I have to do this to keep my sanity. I think it looks really nice...

anyways I'll just spam you all with a update ! <3 when I submit it again!


My Little Pony friendship is magic :iconfyre-flye:
Studio B (DHX) and Hasbro. All rights reserved to them.

Illustration and drawing, storyboard design and script by AJ Morga.
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I did a thing : D

I bet someone else did it before me...but I did this one : D

[EDIT] I'm working on redoing this comic on Illustrator. So sit tight, it's going to look a tiny bit better, lol
[EDIT#2] Finished! Four days of work...I think you can tell I did the ponies last, I started getting sloppy, lol

Here's the original to compare: [link]

MLP:FiM - Hasbro
Spongebob Squarepants - Nickelodeon
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