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Daddy, please don't touch me.
It doesn't feel good.
It makes me feel..

Daddy, please don't hit me.
I didn't mean to disappoint you.
When you hit me, it makes me feel...

Daddy, please don't hurt her.
Mommy didn't do anything.
When you hit her, it makes me feel..

Daddy, please don't say you love me.
I know you're lying.
When you say you still want me, it makes me feel...

Daddy, please stop screaming at her.
You already killed her.
When you scream at her, it makes me feel..

Daddy, stay there.
Let me sink the knife into your throat.
When you bleed, it makes me feel..

Daddy, aren't you happy now?
As you lie there, lifeless.
I'm only following your footsteps.
This makes me feel...

Daddy, please listen.
I know you can't hear me, but...
I still love you.

The same way you always loved me.

And it makes me feel...

Good, Daddy.
It makes me feel..
I don't really like this one. But I decided to post it since it's one of my poems that ISN'T about labels or stereotypes =P
Comments and critiques?
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The sun melted into the glamorous sky
The moon stood there, hidden by sweet lullabies.

But mommy was crying, her day had been hard
The tears in her eyes twinkled just like the stars.

Her face wasn't happy like it should have been
And though she was saddened, she forcefully grinned.

I wanted to see Mommy smile through it all...
I painted a picture on her bedroom walls.

I told her to look, just to come in and see
But Mommy was angry... she wasn't happy.

She threw me down hard on the cold wooden floor
Then picked me up, slamming my head on the door.

She yelled and she screamed, then she hit me once more
She slapped me till I couldn't see anymore.

My heart then stopped beating, my laugh went unheard
Then Mommy got up without saying a word.

She looked at the walls splattered with my young blood
Then fell to the ground in her tears with a thud.

She looked at my face, then she looked all around
Then wrote on the walls with the first thing she found.

Then, after she finished, she wanted self harm....
She sat on the ground, putting me in her arms.

She reached for the knife she had placed on her bed
Then stabbed her own body... she cried as she bled.

The words on the wall echoed throughout the room...
"I love you so much, Mommy... get better soon!"
An older poem that i wrote :)
Comments and critiques? <3
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The face at the door is a demon, a god
He smiles through stitches, his stare rather odd
The face at the door is a cruel, silent being
Yet, people are calm, and the children aren't fleeing
Quiet yourself, for you're the only one
Crying for help at the point of a gun
Learn how to fly, rather, learn how to fall,
The face at the door... well... there's no face at all.
About a hallucination I had.
Thanks for reading... comments and critiques? <3
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They're listening.
Look behind you.
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
In again.
"Are you okay?"
I'm dying.
"I'm fine."

Shapes, forms, bodies, animals, plants
Shifting, moving, being
"What's wrong with you?"

You're a freak.
No one wants you.
You should kill yourself, let them out of their misery
Do it
Or we'll do the job for you.

"You're crazy."
I know.
"They're fake, you know."
No they're not.
"What are you doing?"
I'm shaking.
I'm dying.
This is how I live.

Save me
Save me, from the monsters, the shadows
Save me

"What can I do?"
You can stop.
You can stop being ignorant

<3 i'm so sorry if it's inaccurate.. I really do apologize...
please comment and critique! :)
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As I sit here cradling the blade in my hands
Treasuring the moments I wish that I had
I can't stop growing more lost and confused
I can't stop thinking... am I good enough for you?

As I sit here, wrapping the rope around my neck
No one will understand a meaning so complex
I simply can't stop thinking about it somehow
Thinking, am I good enough for you now?

As I sit here, pulling the trigger on the gun
I think, maybe I was never meant for "the one"...
And ...
goes the bullet.
For when I think it through...
I really won't ever be good enough for you.
<3 Just a thought, just some words.
Comments Critiques? :)
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My mind
just can't
seem to

s h u t   u p.

Too many "fuck you's"
that morph into
"I'm sorry's"
drip off this
like acid.


Try and make it better. Fail. Try again. Break down.

So many faults
that seem to just
turn me into someone
I'm not.

Look into the mirror. See nothing but a clone. Fabrication. No longer me.

I stare and want
to break that glass
so that I can also
b r e a k.

Try and say something. Turns into nothing but rage. Take it out on you.

This shattered heart
only wants to make it
and become one again.

"I want to hate you."
"But I can't."
"So I hate me instead."
"But why won't this stop?"
"Why can't you make it stop?"




"'s not my fault."

Say what you want to say. Honest brutality.

"H E L P   M E"


It's time for me to

s h u t   u p.


...I'm sorry.
...I'm sorry.
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My legs are covered in bruises
And I have a scar by my left eye.
I’m not allowed to smile, though
And I’m not allowed to cry.

I think my right arm’s broken
But shh, don’t tell my dad.
He doesn’t like to worry bout me
When he’s already mad.

I have a burn on my left wrist
From when he pushed my arm
Against the stove, the hot, hot stove
And did a bit of harm.

I have a bear, a teddy bear.
He doesn’t have a name.
He makes me better every time
I’m feeling hurt and shame.

Today, my dad came home kind of late
A beer still in his hand.
I closed my eyes and waited.
He screamed, he shouted, and…

Well, my name is Mary Starr
And this is how I died.
But daddy always loved me.
And daddy always lied.
Speaks for itself.
Just a thought in my head, thought I'd write it down...
Comments? Critiques? All are appreciated :)

Facebook !! : [link]
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Who are you?
Where are you?
What... are you?

The blinding white walls
Closing in on you
Trapping you
Drowning you.

Who are you?

Certainly not
Certainly not that
happy little girl
jumping through fairy tales
as a sunset paints the silver sky.

Where are you?
Certainly not
Definitely not where
you'd want to be.

What are you?
Certainly not
Obviously not

Blood, scars, wounds.

All you see are shadows
In a room of white walls...
inspired by [link]
mine is not exactly an original version of it, but it's something. :)

comments and critiques?
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Little red house on the corner left to fade
Tire swing swaying above a sparkling blade
Silver gown, just for the hour
Starts out sweet then you taste the sour
A little girl's heart doesn't last for long
When a little girl gone right goes horribly wrong
One little fall means blood on the breeze
Little red house with a ghost to please.
Thank you :iconrunswithbooks: for the last two lines :) Check out my facebook to end my poems!! [link]
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I used to think make up
Made people ugly.
Now I think I'm ugly without it.

I used to think people
Always loved me.
Now I think everyone hates me.

I used to think everybody
Was my best friend.
Now I think no one truly is.

I used to think
Boys were icky!
Now I wish I had one.

What happened to being
I don't like the ending :iconblahplz:

NOOO. :iconomg--plz:

Okay please comment and stuff! <3
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