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Mon Feb 3, 2014, 5:52 PM
she told me i had soft palms,
i said yeah but i've got a hard
heart, because when

i was young i got given
two goldfish, and one day the
big ate the little

and that's when i learnt i'd
be fucked by the world, it would
do the same thing to me too

(i heard the language of evil and i started to speak it, saw the actions of evil and i started to be it)

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All Alone

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 20, 2013, 5:45 PM
It hurts, after a while. At first, you can brush it off, go about your life with no thought. But it starts to creep up, crushing your resolve the one moment you let your guard down, and take it for granted. Then you begin to hate it, but more often than not, there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.


One man had two adorable little boys, and he cared for them so much, even though they were not his own. But that love became too much, and they left him, alone and broken, without a backward glance. Now he is all alone, ridiculed and shunned, left to sit alone every night, trying to figure what he had done wrong.

Another man had many people live under his house, and though he never treated them the best, they still respected him. But soon they all left, and he could do nothing about it. Who was once a great man, powerful with many people under his control, now is alone in his grand house, to play songs to no one but himself.

Another one had many friends, but is now forgotten. He tries to be remembered, but his so called 'friends' turned on him, and now he is defeated and alone, watching as his life all but disappears in front of his very eyes. And this all happens even after every wound he has suffered, after every thing he has done for the benefit of others, it is like an insult.

It hurts, and almost all the time there is nothing you can do.
So you suffer.

  • Mood: Pity
  • Listening to: Pierce The Veil - King for a Day
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Sun Mar 23, 2014, 4:27 PM
if these
walls could
then i'm sure
they'd be
get out,
burn us
we can't
to hold you

(been too busy dreaming to get any sleep)

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I am stronger than my emotional and physical scars.
I am stronger than my past.
I am stronger than my disorder.
I am stronger than my depression.
I am stronger than my anxiety.
And I am stronger than their judgments.

Guess what!

So are you.

Don't give up.
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Weekly 100 Points Giveaway - Week 8[CLOSED]

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 11, 2013, 4:54 AM

Sorry, I couldn't log in yesterday . ^^;

Congratulations! :D

Giveaway Week 8 by 2kaze


Alright people :la: it's time for another one.

Better later than never :iconfeelingfreeplz:

Last giveaway was the last one with bonus :points:, so now we are going back to 100:points: a week.

There will be 4 winners ( 25 Points each ) on this giveaway.

It's easy to participate :iconmikulaplz:

Bullet; Red+fav This journal

:bulletred: Share your favorite "plz account" :dummy:

And that's it :iconfeelingfreeplz:

The winners will be announced september 18, good luck everyone :la:

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Plush Commission Info. and Price Guide

Journal Entry: Thu May 12, 2011, 5:13 AM
  • Listening to: SOS-Rhianna



COMMISSION INFORMATION: I make fan-art plush of pretty much anything, but my gallery mostly consists of pokemon because of my deep love for the series. If you want something other than a pokemon, please let me know and provide whatever reference you need. The material I work with is Minky, fleece, felt and faux fur.  My personal Plush style are Derps, which can be found below in the Plush style Descriptions :)

AVAILABILITY: I will be opening slots here on DA every month. I will also be doing the same for the Live Journal Pokemon Collectors Community.

Dissatisfaction Policy: All Sales of Plush are final. Upon seeing the final image of the plush before shipping, you agree to it's final design and it's shipping to you. No changes after shipping can be made. Any changes to be made BEFORE shipping have 3 days before the plush has been started.

Plush Styles Available: (I CAN'T MAKE HUMAN CHARACTERS)

Poke'dolls: Pokedoll plush are based on the pokemon center style dolls that are small, big headed chibified pokemon characters. If you want a pokedoll style plush, let me know the size specifications and if you would like a special variant of it, like a shiny form or with closed eyes, etc.These can be made with Minky or Fleece :)

Reference Accurate: Normal plush would be plush that can range in any size that you want and are meant to look as much like the cartoon or video game drawing/sprite as possible. I have no size restrictions, unless it is just impossibly huge O_o These can be made with Minky or Fleece :)

Derpy: Derp plush are my own design of simplified plush designs based on pokemon, original characters or any other pre-existing character. Derp plush are small and fit in the palm of your hand. They have small beady eyes and are ALWAYS made from fleece :) usually size wise they range between 3-6 inches in height.

Jumbo Derp Plush: Jumbo derpy plush are twice the size of normal derpy designs, but made with the same materials and style.

My Little Pony, friendship is Magic:  I do commissions for My Little Pony style plush. More often than not they are requested to be accurate, so if there is any other style, size or anything else requested, please let me know :)



Pricing for Commissions:  Prices Offered below are base prices only with additional information added. Please use this as a guide when choosing a plush.

Derpy Pokemon- $45.00-$55.00 Depending on complexity+Shipping Derpy Weepinbell by Bubble-Rhapsody

Jumbo Derpy Pokemon- $65-75 Depending on complexity+Shipping Derpy Goodra Plush - Jumbo size! by Bubble-Rhapsody

6'' Plush Minky: $100.00 Base Price +Material Cost+Shipping Myn the Dragon 2.0 by Bubble-Rhapsody

6'' Plush Fleece: $90.00 Base Price + Material Cost+Shipping Palpitoad Pokedoll by Bubble-Rhapsody

8"-9" Plush Minky: $120.00 Base Price + Material Cost+ Shipping: Pokemon Time Grumpig Plush by Bubble-Rhapsody

8"-9" Plush Fleece: $110.00 Base Price + Material Cost + Shipping

10''-12'' Plush Minky: $160.00 Base Price +Material Cost+ShippingVulpix Plush by Bubble-Rhapsody

10''-12'' Plush Fleece: $130.00 Base Price +Material Cost+Shipping Cacnea Plush by Bubble-Rhapsody

12"+ Plush Minky: $190.00 Base Price +Material Cost+Shipping Chandelure Plush by Bubble-Rhapsody

12"+ Plush Fleece: $160.00 Base Price +Material Cost+Shipping Spheal Plush by Bubble-Rhapsody

MLP Plush Price Guide:

Standard Ponies 11 inches (Price is subject to change depending on Size being larger) Applejack Plush by Bubble-Rhapsody Rarity Plush by Bubble-Rhapsody

Rarity: $150.00 Flat + Shipping

Rainbow Dash: $180.00 Flat+ Shipping

Fluttershy: $150.00 Flat+ Shipping

AppleJack: $160.00 Flat+ Shipping

Pinkie Pie: $130.00 Flat+ Shipping

Twilight Sparkle: $150.00 Flat+ Shipping

Princess Twilight Sparkle: $170.00 Flat+ Shipping

***Background Ponies Vary between prices listed above. Please let me know which background pony you want***

Ponies that require accessories will have to have them figured out seperately when the quote is asked for, as well as any other amenities.

There will be an additional charge if there is an excessive amount of machine or hand embroidery.

I take payment plans for more expensive commissions, but I always accept payment upfront. Please ask me if you have any questions.

SHIPPING: ALL SHIPPING COSTS WILL INCLUDE TRACKING. Any claims that a plush did not arrive to it's destination will not be compensated for.

When you note me to ask for a quote, PLEASE TELL ME WHAT SIZE AND FABRIC YOU WANT. I can't mind read you guysXD It makes it easier, and faster for me to get back to you for an accurate price on a plush :)

Current Projects


-Derpy Shiny Mudkip - COMPLETE
-Primeape Pokedoll
- ONE ORDER: 2 Jumbo Derpy Dedenne- STARTED, 2 Jumbo Derpy Sylveon- COMPLETE, 2 Minky Sylveon
- ONE ORDER: Derpy pokemon Etsy order (team of 6)
-Bird Plush


Derpy Eevee Evolutions by Bubble-Rhapsody Sailor Mercury through the years by Bubble-Rhapsody Garchomp Plush Twins by Bubble-Rhapsody
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  • Mood: Depressed
  • Listening to: Ashbury Heights - Unbearable Beauty
  • Reading: Her texts...over and over again.
  • Watching: Supernatural
  • Playing: Faster Than Light
  • Eating: Chocolate bar
  • Drinking: Water
Self-harm isn't always about harming yourself physically.
Very often it's also about mental harm, in some cases all about mental harm.

I for one have never ever cut myself, even though I've played with the thought.
But for many years I've harmed myself with my own mind.
Digging deep mental holes in which I tried to bury myself when I couldn't handle all the chaos going on.

A lot of times I've harmed myself by forcing myself to not make myself heard when what I really needed was someone to speak to.
Ignored friends when they tried to reach out and help me. And then coming back and begged for help just to repeat the same damn mistake over and over again.

I don't do shit like that very often anymore. But sometimes I just can't do any better than close every possible way into my heart and mind, and just shut everyone out. Even close friends that I care about. They who care about me.

In the long run, and most of the time in the short run too, it's nothing else but self destructive. Obviously I need to make tons of change my way of thinking and handling my mind whenever the pressure is getting too high, but it's easier said than done.

I keep telling myself that if people around me just started asking if there's something bothering me I could easily start talking about it, and that way get a lot of steam off my mind. But just like with most problems the steps that makes the change possible is the ones that you take yourself.
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Weekly 100 Points Giveaway - Week 9 [CLOSED]

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 22, 2013, 8:21 AM

This week winners: :iconpaperkoalas::iconsachigami::iconmissbutterfly11::iconannalena250199:

Giveaway Week 9 by 2kaze

Congratulations :D


Alright, it's time for another one :iconfeelingfreeplz:

However this one will be a little different.

There will be 4 winners, 25 Points for each one.

Bullet; RedGroup 1 +fav This journal ( 2 winners )

Bullet; Red Group 2:  Make a journal talking about this giveaway ( 2 winners ).

And that's all :la:

The winner will be announced september 29.

You can join both groups if you want La la la la

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I finally hit 3000 watchers! Thank you all so much. So then, I guess it's time to give back a little. Therefore, I will be holding the contest that I alluded to so long ago, in order to give away some ponies! Without further ado, here are the rules:

The deadline for submissions is 9pm PST Saturday September 14th, 2013. Late submissions will NOT be accepted. Please submit by COMMENTING on this journal with a link to your submission. Submissions so far are in this favorites collection for your browsing and perusing pleasure: fireflytwinkletoes.deviantart.…

Your entry must fit the following criteria:

The Prizes!
  • I will provide the prizes, but the winners must provide shipping! Please don't whine about this I have my reasons, and you'll still be getting an awesome pony plush for the price of a few bucks' shipping. Even if you are 8 years old and don't get an allowance, you could make that much by picking up bottles on the side of the road, or watering your elderly neighbours' plants.
  • The number of prizes will vary depending on how many entries I get. However, as a starting point:
    • First Place: Winner's choice of a filly with a couple of accessories, or a sitting pony. Cutie marks included. (Shipping $15 in the US, $20 overseas)
    • Second Place Alpha: Minipony! (Cutie marks included if they are not too complicated and can plausibly be appliqued really tiny). Plus an accessory! (Shipping $5 in the US, $7 overseas)
    • Second Place Beta: Minipony! (Cutie marks if they are not too complicated and can plausibly be appliqued really tiny). Plus an accessory! (Shipping $5 in the US, $7 overseas)
    • Third Place: Winner's choice of a simple MLP related cutie mark themed accessory such as a bandanna, coin purse, good luck charm, or iPhone case. (Shipping $5 in the US, $7 overseas)
    • Fourth Place: A handwritten poem extolling your awesomeness, and a doodle of your choice.

General rules for prizes:
- You get to choose the character your prize is based around. This may be a canon character or OC.
- If you choose an original character that someone else has created, you must get their permission to use that character.
- The character must be relatively simple. For example:
  • I will NOT do complicated minis like Rainbow Dash or princesses. A good rule of thumb is that the character should have one body color and no more than three hair colors (preferably less).
  • If you are the first place winner and ask for Vinyl Scratch or Rainbow Dash (or a similarly complicated pony), then you are basically trading in your accessories for a more complicated filly.
  • I will consider "pay to upgrade" propositions on a case-by-case basis. You may NOT upgrade to a full-size pony, but you may be allowed to purchase extra accessories or get a more complicated character.
  • Do NOT ask me about these things until you win a prize! I don't want to answer a whole bunch of individual "What If" questions.
Let me know if you have further questions or need clarification about anything, and I'll add to this journal!
Thanks to everyone who entered!

Hello everyone!

We are hosting another contest yet again, with some brilliant prizes to get your hands and hooves on!

This time the subject of the contest is Mystery, a very underestimated background character.

Mystery Mint by SJArt117

What you need to do:

Create any form of art featuring her.

That's it.


But here's the Rules:

:bulletblue:No copying other people's entries. Collaboration is allowed if you don't mind your prize points being split equally between every person involved (rounded up =P).

:bulletblue:No Bases. No Recolors. No Tracing. No Exceptions.

:bulletblue:You must follow the group rules. They apply.

:bulletblue:You can have up to 3 entries!

:bulletblue:All submissions must be in by November 20thth.

:bulletblue:You ABSOLUTELY MUST post a link to your entry on this journal post. We might not find it even if you submit to the group. You are not entering this contest without posting a link to your entries here. It’s vital, you see! Very vital! There's also this group :iconmylittlemystery: which is brand new and needing deviations of her. ^^


:bulletyellow:1st place: 600 :points: and a Three Month Premium Membership from :iconsjart117:

:bulletyellow:2nd place: 300 :points: from :iconsjart117:

:bulletyellow:3rd place: 100 :points: from :iconsjart117:

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