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This is the second half of the short Animation Film 'Sleeping Lullaby' I did last year as a study project.

Here is the first half:

And here you can watch the whole film in better quality:…

For the illustrations I had Carolin Barisch for the face and Nicole Radermacher as body reference. The pictures without animation, editing or soundtrack took several hundred hours of work.
The Soundtrack was composed and edited by Katharina Diederichs and me. The piano song 'Chloé's Death' which you can hear at the funeral scene of Chloé and later of her mother, was all composed and performed by Marek Polgasek.

Several illustrations will be uploaded here on DA the next weeks :)

Soundtrack of the film here:

Fall of the Dead - SL Main theme…
Gravewhisper -…

Here you can visit my Youtube site:…
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**Please do not copy or distribute without my permission.**

This is the second animated short I made in my animation program.

I'm a big fan of all things elemental (specifically the wind) and natural (specifically the sky ^_^), and I really wanted to do something very this is what was born.

This project was a two semester assignment and actually wasn't my original idea for it, so I crammed my pre-production stage for this film within a week or two at the end of the first semester. I originally was going to do something about a baby Gryphon learning to fly from the reluctant help of a Wind Sprite...but I began to lose interest in it and this current project had been an ongoing idea of mine and I really wanted to do I went for it. Plus...I just really wanted to do pretty sky backgrounds with luminous clouds in them. ^.^

The student, Derek, who did the original music for this film is amazing. He was able to come up with this score within 3 days...granted, I would've liked for him to make some changes but I actually asked him to do it about a week and a half before the film was due...but that's only because my original composer backed out on me. The first composer I had wasn't really capturing the sound I wanted I'm glad I got Derek to do it. The temp track I used for the film is actually "Time's Scar", from Chrono Cross...and the film is actually heavily inspired by that song (I'd listen to the song on repeat while storyboarding and conceptualizing). So I guess it would've been ideal for me to actually get the rights and use the song...but I wanted something different from it, and I'm happy with the result.

Anyways...I've rambled on way to much about this...but I hope you guys enjoy it. You're welcome to critique it if you like...or whatever else you want, be it lambaste or praise.

Tools Used:
Wacom Tablet
Photoshop (animation and backgrounds)
After Effects (compositing and effects)
Premiere (editing)
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"Disconnect" (2011) is an animated film I created/directed, exploring themes of depression and loneliness. The protagonist - Malcolm - struggles with his inability to connect with the world and the people around him.

This was my graduation film for Emily Carr and took about 8 months to complete. To date it's the largest project I've worked on. I feel I could have done better, but I'm still very proud I what I managed to accomplish.

Special Thanks to my family and friends for putting up with me during the process.

Created With: 3D Studio Max 2011, Adobe Photoshop CS3/CS5, Adobe After Effects CS4/CS5, Adobe Premier CS5

Film doesn't work? Watch it on Vimeo
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Before you ask...

This is made in Flash Cs3. With a texture using blendingmode to make the traditional effect. Backgrounds are drawn in photoshop Cs3. The traditional parts are drawn on paper, stopmotion figures cut out from cardboard, and cutout scanned in, and then an animated drawing. ( draw slightly then scan then draw alittle more then scan etc)

FINALLY The movie you have all been waiting for xD <3
Ive got so much to spew out about this but ill try to keep it short.

ITS DONE!!! GUUUHHHH!! This is such a relief!!
Frustration release: sdjgfsbdjgfsbdjgfsbj!!!!

OK First of all I WANT TO thank ~Nichoo FOR the beautifull job on the music ;W;!! I love it so much and hes put so much work into it even though he had his own prodject, and music to do for others. FFF YOU are an awesome dude Flikoflai <3

The consept and story for this movie started in january this year(school prodject) and ive had since then til now to finish it all by myself. Over 5 mins alone in less than 5 months all together, that is some hard work done right there.

Ive been frusterated, exited, happy, insane, crying, angry and overly joyfull while doing this. BUT MOST OF ALL Ive learned so much from this prosess. durr!

:bulletred: Flaws and mistakes

PEOPLE Believe me, i know almost every flaw and mistake, because ive seen though theese files 1.000.000 times. I know them, I JUST didnt have time to fix them fFFFFff xD
I just had to consentrate getting this done til today. Some animations are so rushed i didnt even sketch them first xD

And the most annoying one i didnt have time to fix was when hes flying the jump from scene 4 to 5 doesnt make sense i should have animated him sitting up but durr xD

GUH ;U; So i hope you will enjoy my biggest and hardest working projects ive ever done in my entire life.
It has been amazing to do for me and I hope it will please you to ^^

I totally had to share with you aweosme people <3

Ok Ill shuut up nuw :la:
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Death comes to claim a little ghost girl. (He's not great with kids.)

Shadows is my senior film at MCAD, a one-person labor of love that took about a year to complete. It's a piece that draws on my own experiences in working with kids; how it can be both frustrating and fun.

A special thanks goes to my family for supporting me, my friends for encouraging me, my teachers for making me get my rear in gear, and the kids of cabin five for inspiring me. You guys are awesome.

Created with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects.
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**This edition of Birds of a Feather for DA's Film Gallery**

Yet again, I got the wonderful opportunity to work alongside one of the gifted music majors from USC over the winter on an original score for Birds of a Feather.

For my most beloved animated film, I worked alongside David Stanton for an original score for the animation. I couldn't be more pleased with our collaboration; the end result is a completely original film that is now ready for film festivals! Well, next year, perhaps. :3 Things are a little too busy at the moment.

I animated this short over the course of 11 weeks last summer using Macromedia Flash 8. Guh. . . that was my 8th quarter. . .eh, so long ago! Good times.


That is all! Enjoy!

Flash 8 + Adobe After Effects
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Vengence is a phone line which rings to those who grieve.

After finding an old book lying in a creek bed, Caitlin is lead to an abandoned building with a mysterious phone ringing inside, it then becomes obvious that the tattered book she found is no ordinary book, but a directory to the dead.

But are the voices on the other line what they seem?

This was filmed for my yr12 VCE media assesment, it took about 4 months all up.


Samantha Pearce

Kylie Hall

Ben Pearce


Matt Gates - Orchestral

Kevin Macleod - Piano Piece

Misen - 'Forgiveness' - Final song

Filmed in September 2007.
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The Context

This was done for my 2D Animation class midterm last year. This was strictly speaking an After Effects assignment, and though most of it is just individual frames imported from PhotoShop, I did need a lot of After Effects skills to sew it together.

The Behind-the-Scenes

Frames were "hand drawn" in Photoshop CS5.5 using a Wacom Intuos3 tablet and brought into After Effects CS5.5, except for the carnosaur which was a puppet with pieces drawn in Photoshop and rigged in After Effects. Sounds are from

The original storyboards started at primordial soup and ended at a pair of cockatiels, but after I realized this was a MIDTERM project and not a TERM project I had to cut out acts 1 and 3. O.o Animation takes... a while....

I didn't really do much paleontology research for this but I used to be into dinosaurs like ten years ago and this is based on what I remember.

EDIT: original storyboards available here: [link]

The Ranting

There are mistakes all over the place and I didn't have time to properly synch the sound or add touches like eye blinks during the walk cycles, but I do like the way it looks overall. I also would've liked the running up the tree bit to be a new cycle, but there wasn't time to do it.

The Rejoicing

I was so glad when this was done! And there are bits of it I really, really like, like the running dino animation (after our hero gets startled by the carnosaur).

EDIT: Holy cow a DD?!
Wow, thank you so much ^kingmancheng! I'm delighted by everyone's enjoyment of this little short. :3
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Graduation Film - Stop Motion Puppet Animation - Solo Project

Animation, Production, Set Design, Puppet Fabrication, Lighting, Audio Recording and Editing: Michelle Williamson

Music: Elijah Bossenbroek ([link])

Year of Completion: 2011

Duration of Artwork creation: 6 months

‘The Presence in the Absence’ is a stop-motion animated short film influenced by having seen the effects that loss and grieving can have on people. In particular the loneliness that can be experienced after having lost someone close to you. Drawing from personal experiences and experiences of close family members, the film positions the viewer into the life of an old man, grieving the loss of his beloved wife. Struggling with the melancholy and loneliness that her absence leaves behind and in an attempt to rid his life of grief and pain, he begins physically filling the empty spaces with anything and everything he can. The film seeks to draw attention to the many people, especially of the older generation, whom live in similar situations. Many of which feel closed off from the world, even in today’s society where technology has allowed for greater expansions in methods of communication. A miniature home created specifically for the 15cm wire, brass, foam and silicon puppet , hand crafted by the artist, acts as a stage for which the story is brought to life. Woven together through a frame by frame process of animation is the tale of one man’s emotional journey.

For more of my work please visit:

EDIT: A huge thank you to *MissDudette for the suggestion, so very appreciated and to ^ditto9 for the feature!

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to watch and to comment, your feedback and response is very greatly appreciated :)

Here are a few extra details about the making of the film if you are interested...

- Around 50% of the furniture/objects etc within the set were hand crafted by me. The other 50% were objects I have collected over the first few months of the film from various dolls house stores, considering the time frame i couldn't make it all myself.

- Puppets are crafted by me from silicon, wire, brass tubing, foam, super sculpey oven bake clay and fabric.

- The whole film was created within my own bedroom at home.

- Full permission has been given by the artist Elijah Bossenbroek to use his amazing music in this film.
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Ok. This is an animation of a green gem, spinning around (like they do in the Spyro games) that I did earlier today on Anim8or. Took me ages to get the spin right X_X!
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