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>>> Transmission start: Something different, something familiar... aye, still a bot.

Here's a little something I did for the cats from the infamous Colony Drop blog. I was invited by them to do a piece for their second anime zine and here's what I came up with. I like that they have been actually talking about, and supporting, a lot of older classic anime most of the current fandom seems to have forgotten or ignore. Frankly, the creatively bolder visual bravura that those classic works had are what inspired older guys like me to produce this kind of work as well. While there're still certainly good shows or films, here and there, much of the more modern anime utterly lacks the fearless creativity and boldness the classic films and show from the 80s and 90s had. I found Colony Drop producing an actual printed zine, in this time of web and digital, appealing to me so the piece is very much my homage to those old 80s underground dojin (hell I did contribute to some in the 90s for Studio Revolution). I'm old... so I suppose it follows.

DOWNLOAD for a higher resolution image.

You can get the zine here: [link]

Colony Drop blog: [link]

I've been very busy on a lot of damn cool stuff. Stay tuned... >>>
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Ok, here we have one of the first of many sendai digital concept illos. These little things are the most common bio-mechanical life form in SOL. This one is a S.A.D.U.S sendai (Self Aware Defense Utility System). Saedus (spelled saedus when not displayed as it's acronym S.A.D.U.S.) sendai are often not the high end quality Taedus systems (Telepathic Defense System) tend to be. Saedus units are often somewhat (to utterly) unstable as occasionally you can encounter one with multiple brains that can work independent and in contrast to one another. Well you can imagine how that could turn out. This and other even “stranger” issues can plague Saedus units and as such they can often lose it and become sociopaths and serial killers. These organisms are rarely taller than a 6 foot human being. More often than not sendai range 4 to 5 foot in height. They may not be large creatures but they’re exceedingly dangerous when confronted in combat.

This little fella is made by Gavil, a division of Jeindel and as such carries some aesthetic flourishes of the last two FOILs posted. Sendai on Indus come in all kinds of colors and this one is obviously some material emulating a bronze/copper patina look (also indicative of it being from Indus as the environment is completely industrial and architectural with a great deal of artificial lighting, sodium vapor, etc. As such many places have a distinct amber hue so this finish would blend in more with the surroundings). There are other styles of design by other companies to come, including work from but at the moment I’ve been having fun with this fictional company’s visual aesthetics. Those feathers on it’s head are likely of the synthetic type (all FOIL flourishes like this are as there aren’t any big giant-ass birds to provide the real thing. Small birds yes) though some can have real feathers and those would be very expensive units. This particular sendai looks like he might be a hired gun or merc type with some level of independence… or maybe he just whacked his handler and went rogue.
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M.A.R.S (Mechanized Assault Reforming Suit) Is a combat type model, only equipped with close range combat capability. Even the lack of firepower, its makes up with its high burst output of speed and with its heavy dense armour plating making it nearly indestructible.

song: [link]
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CRG-360F GiLRAM Fortress
Related Link :
• Clean Slate WIP ► [link]
• Line ► [link]

Rate = 93
Story = Red Guardian
Class = Heavy Artilerie
Overall height = 17.2
Base weight = 68200
Full weight = 104200
Armaments =
• CMCLG-G36 Main Massive Condensed Positron Gun
• CMRG-G36 Optional Mini Rail Gun
• CHCS-G36B Secondary Beam Gun
• CBS-R1 Melee Beam sword
• CRWS-G36 Dispersing Neutron Cannon
• CAM-G36 Chaff
• CDMP-G36 Missile Pod
• CAB-G36 Pulse Interceptor
• CDVC-G36 Attached 75mm Vulcan Cannon
• CDMG-60 Atached 30mm machine guns
• CHCS-G36S Heavy Coated Carrier Shield

Line : 0.5 Standard BGel pen + 0.3 Pilot hi-tech
Softwares : Easy Paint Tool SAI
Hardwares: Mouse DX
time : forgot, but arround 3-4 hours i guess


Armored Unit produced by Chezernoff Heavy Industries. Used by certain military officer and the rebel of the Republic.
A modified series of GiLRAM III for long range attack with more firepower and heaviest defense of all GiLRAM series. Its armor were coated with the material used for the light shield used by G-100. Due to its weight, it cannot move as agile as the previous series, its has the slowest movement speed of all the series.
The Positron Gun of this series can destroy everything on its way, the energy can reach longer than 100,000 range. The positron gun consume a massive energy, to cover it, the G-310F was equiped with an energy reserve system on its back.
The pulse interceptor was attached to repel any incoming intermediate energy attack. Chezernoff was also attached a rear weapon system to anticipate its vulnerability from back attack [due to the weight, this system scatter out a neutron energy to jamm enemy system and do a significant damage.
The lastest version of shield for G-360F can withstand any attack, from a simple projectile to high particle attack. Upon impact with any energy attack, its shield battery activated to back up shield durability against it. It also can carry additional ammo for its projectile weapons.
G-360F is a perfect option for Long range combat, the production cost is also very high, makes the price even higher, thats why this kind of GiLRAM are few can be found in the battlefield. Only experienced or ace pilots are allowed to ride it.


done with the BG at last :D
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Finally! Mecha galore is back and I got 2 here for show and tell! First, we have here a VRE Executioner unit: Batou, which means horse head in Sanskrit. The Batou is a super type assault unit, which serves as an artillery unit with powerful firepower and capable of transforming into a tank. She can also carries 4 mechs together with her tank form in order to provide mobility and deployments.
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*EDIT* It's not much, but I darkened the mid ground a little. Until I learn more efficient techniques for digital work, that's about what I can do. :nuu:

Finally! :dummy: Background could have been better, but overall I'm pretty happy with it.

This is a pic of a battlefield that has been "broken" (i.e. battle lines have blurred into one big mess.) Faction units (in green) fighting Federation units (in desert paint.) In the background you see some Federation missileers and in the far back, one of the main assault platforms and its compliment of mecha.

The title comes from "ace" pilots -those who have earned a name on the battlefield. Hiro groups aces into two categories: "runners" and "shooters." Runners employ exceptional maneuverability, and often specialize in melee tactics, while shooters are highly flexible and accurate with firearms. Typically each ace has a little of each in them. Hiro is THE ace of the Federation. Kana is a runner ace, and Eric is a shooter ace. None of them appear in this picture though. ;P

Oh and something I never mentioned -The Federation refers to the Faction as simply that, or the full name, the "Red Seal Faction." The Faction military and the citizens in Faction-controlled territories refer to themselves as the "Red Seal Republic." Just in case anyone wondered what "RSR" meant on the mech in the foreground.

Also, I realized earlier that I gave an overestimation of size for the mecha in "Dream" -based on my original mechanical designs and the fact that I actually did some approximate measuring, the mechs are around 28 meters tall, not 40. ^^;
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Here's another improved version of an old work:[link]

Also inspired by Raja Shahriman's steel scupltures series "Rhythm of the 21st century", where blades, missiles, full-metal-jackets and guns are tools of war and death.
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[Project A-STAR]

designed by CSY & Bangyoolsae & DEEPle & TAE-DOO & Muzkey

Gundam SEED A-STAR Homepage
(korean novel, image, meca, char)
- [link]


Serial Number : TSX-08A
Unit Type : Prototype Assault Mobile Suit
Manufacturer: Tria, Inc
Operator(s): Tria Industry's MS TEST TEAM (T.M.T.), Three Ships Alliance
First deployment: November, C.E. 73
Accommodation: pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso
Pilot : CERES Al-MAINE, 'Nam Sung Ju'
Height : 18.5m
Weight : 59.3 Tons
Armor materials: unknown
Generator : ultracompact hyper deuterion nuclear reactor, power output rating unknown
Armor : Unknown Phase shift Armor
System : Tria's G.U.N.D.A.M. Complex, SAINT System Ver2.4
Equipment :

- vulcan pods X2(head)
- "Super Lacerta" beam saber X1 (left waist)
- "Balmung" beam claymore X1 (left back)
- "Super Lacerta" + "Balmung" -> beam sword lance

- beam rifle X1 (right waist)
- beam launcher X1 (right back)
- beam rifle + beam launcher -> Mega Buster Launcher

- beam shield generator X1

Remote weapons:
- beam shield D.R.A.G.O.O.M X4 (beam shield)
- sword D.R.A.G.O.O.N. X4 (left waist)

- Hiden special Unit, SAINT System Unit Ver2.4
- Neutron Jammer Canceler


One of super spec MS in C.E.74.

Detail -> [[link]
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A finished paint of a red desert variant cammo pattern. This is the version I had posted on our main site, never posted the tan one until now. Bio-organic lifeforms the sendai are the control nerve centers of FOILs and operate the machine with a symbiotic relationship with a human pilot. These machines are life-forms with personality, voice, and a sense of identity and personal honor. With a good pilot they fight with pride honored to transmit the pilot's skill in combat into their own frame. the more skiled the pilot in combat arts the more skilled the FOIL is in translating that skill.

Inked pencils CG colored in Photoshop 7.0
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