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Creatures of the Night Stock and Resources Contest

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 6, 2012, 6:05 AM

"Ware those who leave the safety of the fireside after the midnight hour on Old Hallows Eve; lest the dead steal your soul and your body be turned into a creature of the night!

Would you turn towards the waning moon or turn away? 
Witch, or Witch Hunter, Demon or Demon Hunter...  undead, ghost, vampire or werewolf?

:pumpkin: THEME

Create your creature of the night as stock for your fellow artists to turn into Halloween themed art!   Go to town with makeup and props and strike a zombie pose!

:bulletorange: We are looking for some really outstanding "creatures of the night" stock, it doesn't matter if you are a zombie or a ghost, or a demon hunter - but we want you to push the boat out and be as different and as original as you can manage!


Digital work:  images rendered on a computer using 3rd party software such as Daz Studio etc

Photography: photographs focusing on a single element; in this case a model

:pumpkin: JUDGES

PirateLotus-Stock Elandria & guest judges to be announced



:pumpkin: PRIZES**

:pumpkin: 1st Place :pumpkin:
12 month subscription,
 DA Icon T-Shirt (must be placed on your wishlist)
Features from StockandResources Elandria PirateLotus-Stock Dreamers-of-Avalon DesigningDivas Inspirational-Stock ManStock The-Stock-Directory
Exclusive stock from PirateLotus-Stock Elandria pranile

:pumpkin: 2nd Place :pumpkin:
6 month subscription,
Series 1 keychain set (must be placed on your wishlist)
Features from StockandResources Elandria
PirateLotus-Stock Dreamers-of-Avalon DesigningDivas
Inspirational-Stock ManStock The-Stock-Directory
Exclusive stock from pranile

:pumpkin: 3rd Place :pumpkin:
3 month subscription,
series 3 sticker set (must be placed on your wishlist)
Features from StockandResources Elandria
PirateLotus-Stock Dreamers-of-Avalon DesigningDivas
Inspirational-Stock ManStock The-Stock-Directory
Exclusive stock from pranile

**More prizes to be announced, want to support the contest? Get in touch with us via note!

:pumpkin: THE RULZ

:bulletorange: Each participant can enter up to 3 entries PER category (only 1 deviation can win)
:bulletorange: Each submission must conform to's submission policy
:bulletorange: Entries must be newly created and submitted for this contest from the start date shown above
:bulletorange: Entries must be submitted to the stock & resources gallery in the correct sub category for its type
:bulletorange: ALL contest entries must link to this contest journal in the description to confirm that you have read these rules
:bulletorange: Entries should be submitted to the appropriate folder in StockandResources (Membership is auto signup!) DIGITAL STOCK / PHOTOGRAPHIC STOCK
:bulletorange: Entries should cover the minimum stock guidelines highlighted here FAQ #809: What are deviantART's stock image guidelines?
:bulletorange: Entries should clearly show the theme in a character portrayal
:bulletorange: Digital stock entries MUST BE ORIGINAL IE pre-purchased/pre created characters by other designers are NOT acceptable.  If required artists must be able to provide evidence that they have developed the character from basic rigs EG the Victoria/Michael et al starter rigs

Halloween 2012 Stock and Resources Contest "Creatures of the Night"
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PE S&R Contest Icarus Updates

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 19, 2012, 4:20 AM

"On Delicate Wings"

Mourning for Icarus by H.J. Draper 1898

The Theme- ART:

We want you to recreate the story of Icarus, be that modern, or ancient using stock and resources available on DeviantART.

The Theme - STOCK:

We want you to recreate the story of Icarus, in stock form!  Is your Icarus male or female?  Are your wings made from feathers and wax or something more magical?

The Story: Icarus
Son of Daedalus who dared to fly too near the sun on wings of feathers and wax. Daedalus had been imprisoned by King Minos of Crete within the walls of his own invention, the Labyrinth. But the great craftsman's genius would not suffer captivity. He made two pairs of wings by adhering feathers to a wooden frame with wax. Giving one pair to his son, he cautioned him that flying too near the sun would cause the wax to melt. But Icarus became ecstatic with the ability to fly and forgot his father's warning. The feathers came loose and Icarus plunged to his death in the sea.

Will you concentrate on Icarus reaching for the sky, or lost in the depths of the sea, or will you twist the myth?  Its all up to you!

The Rules:

     :bulletgreen: Please make sure your entry is a new deviation - submitted after the 19th March 2012  :bulletgreen: Please leave a comment in your works description saying your work is for this contest. :bulletgreen: ARTISTS should use AT LEAST 5 individual resources found on DA, which should be credited and listed in the deviation description. (You can use more than 5, but 5 is the minimum) :bulletgreen: STOCK ARTISTS we are looking for poses, and other resources based around the theme of Icarus, your imagination is the only limit here! :bulletgreen: To submit your entires please send me ( Elandria ) a NOTE with the subject title "PE Icarus contest entry" or similar so I don't miss them! :bulletgreen: Maximum of 2 entries per person please! :bulletred:  For the purposes of this contest - we are looking for ORIGINAL artwork and resources - Therefore, we will not be accepting "PREMADE" stock as these are primarily created from already existing stock.

The Deadline:

The Contest will end on the 30th April 2012 at 00.00 hours (midnight GMT)

Submission Categories:

Submissions for this contest fall into 2 categories.  STOCK or ART.  Your submission must be visual media (sorry no lit this time!)


StockandResources  will now be hosting the contest folder HERE  for you to submit your work to! Don't forget only 2 entries per person!
**EDIT 27TH MARCH  - We have altered this so that we can submit entries more quickly into the folder**


There will be 2 winners, and 2 runners up from each category, ART and STOCK.

Winners will receive:
x1 - 12 months DA subscription
x1 - 6 months DA Subscription donated by Realm-of-Fantasy & digital-artists combined
1000 DA points
DA goodie pack
Features from multiple groups and individual journals including
Dan-Heffer  Elandria StockandResources projecteducate DesigningDivas Photomanipulated Dreamers-of-Avalon  Realm-of-Fantasy  digital-artists

(More prizes to be added asap)

Runners Up will receive:
x1 - 6 months DA subscription
x1 - 3 months DA subscription donated by Realm-of-Fantasy  & digital-artists
500 DA points
DA goodie pack
Features from multiple groups and individual journals including
Dan-HefferElandria StockandResources projecteducate DesigningDivas Photomanipulated Dreamers-of-Avalon Realm-of-Fantasy  digital-artists

(More prizes to be added asap)

Icarus Themed Artwork
Icarus by eWKn Icarus by sapphire-feather
Icarus's Wish by alyn .: icarus :. by xdragonflyx
Icarus by Offering Icarus by RainbowCrowCat
Icarus by Venlian Icarus by MD-Arts
Snow Icarus by Jacoberinmann

Icarus Themed Stock
:thumb64151915: Wings Archangel by markopolio-stock
Wings Brushes Gimp by BlaclyStuff Demon Wings - PSD STOCK by nightgraue
AquaLilia Wings Brushes by AquaLilia :thumb113027107:
Wing Tutorial by windfalcon Ornate Angel Wings by seiyastock

PE 2010 stamp by projecteducate

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Stock Radar #4

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 21, 2014, 1:54 PM

The Stock and Resources gallery on DeviantART is a digital treasure trove, filled from top to bottom with creative, imaginative, beautiful, unique and inspirational images - all waiting for you to turn them into masterpieces. Heres just some that caught my eye and my imagination over the past few days.

Stock and Resource providers are incredibly generous with their skills and time providing all these wonderful things for you to use, please don't forget to read their terms of use and to credit them correctly when you use their work!!

Stock Radar Archive
Stock Radar #1 | Stock Radar #2 | Stock Radar #3 | Stock Radar #4 | Stock Radar #5 | Stock Radar #6
Stock Radar #7 | Stock Radar #8 | Stock Radar #9 | Stock Radar #10

The last snowflakes - Daily FREE Stock - 061 by AuroraWienholdSTOCKOffering 1a by jagged-eye
Vein Texture Pack by Hands-and-Teeth
STOCK - Blonde in Black 08 by LienSkullovaButterfly Stock 15 by NellyGrace3103
Belly Dancer Stock 01 by LoryenZeytin
Magic Spheres Pack by CelticStrm-Stock by CelticStrm-StockPhotomanipulation Brushes by kuschelirmel-stock

Roseburg 3 by Capricornus60
Tiles Texture by IvaxXx
Vanessa Chun Li Original 2a by jagged-eyeRockStocks300S02059 by RockStocks
Japanese garden 7 by stockdeana
places484 stock by pranileJelly Fish Stock by Hands-and-Teeth
2013 Shilin's drawing tutorial/walkthrough by shilin        Photomanipulation Tutorial  on blending by tamaraR         Black-Wings way of doing Nature's elements by Black-Wing24
Wireframe Fractal Pack by NichrysalisWork In Progress: That's how I make textures! by mercurycode
Premium Texture Pack IX by Sirius-sdz
rb 4 by jojo22

I raided PirateLotus-Stock's faves - fancy have me raid yours to help with the next feature? 
Send me a note! :D

Stock and resources feature #4
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Stock Radar #8

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 6, 2014, 1:09 PM

The Stock and Resources gallery on DeviantART is a digital treasure trove, filled from top to bottom with creative, imaginative, beautiful, unique and inspirational images - all waiting for you to turn them into masterpieces. Heres just some that caught my eye and my imagination over the past few days.

Stock and Resource providers are incredibly generous with their skills and time providing all these wonderful things for you to use, please don't forget to read their terms of use and to credit them correctly when you use their work!!

Stock Radar Archive
Stock Radar #1 | Stock Radar #2 | Stock Radar #3 | Stock Radar #4 | Stock Radar #5 | Stock Radar #6
Stock Radar #7 | Stock Radar #8 | Stock Radar #9 | Stock Radar #10

Balls-001 by petronellavanree
Stock 220 by UmbraDeNoapte-Stock
Lily 21 by dsweetz Bluebell Wood by jenny4
TEXTURE #014 by Atelophobia-Graphics
Flower Stock 95 by BFstock
Black Star - Upcoming Stock Preview 3 by Liancary-Stock Exploration Center Stock 1 by Cassy-Blue
Texture 83 by NinjaRabbit-Stock
Regency Set 1 by magikstock
Ardennes 15 by Colourize-Stock
Steampunk Absinthe Fairy Exclusives 21 -400 points by mizzd-stock STOCK ~ Red Velvet by SoniaJosie
Rose Maiden 01 by KittyTheCat-Stock
Texture 100 by Malleni-Stock
Tangled 2 by kirilee STOCK - Persian Fantasy by Apsara-Art
Boat 03 by cemacStock
Culdalasse Laihendi Ranger Teaser by PirateLotus-Stock enfant 7 by Jules171
Galapagos Tortoise Stock 02 by Vesperity
model stock/natural light by ArtbyHope Oracle stock 9 by charligal-stock
Forest stock by FrantisekSpurny
Elf 11 by chirinstock Stock - Black  gold Vampire Queen Faun Demon 26 by S-T-A-R-gazer
HARRY POTTER studio sets tour ,tomas riddle,s tomb by Sceptre63
Rose Garden By Cindysart-stock by CindysArt-Stock
Photography - Image Quality + Size by kuschelirmel-stock  2014-05-18 Hamlin Piper 85 by skydancer-stock
field flowers by stockmichelle
Red Riding Hood8 by faestock
Fire 5 by Chamarjin Boho Stock 06 by Anna-LovelyMonster
Boat - Three by Altair-E-Stock
HOt as HELLO!!! by AlphaSheep2841
Guide to Horse Colors and Patterns by Majnouna

stock and resources feature
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The Stock and Resources community is an integral part of deviantART, both for having an active community of its own as well as providing high quality stock to all deviants. 

As this community has grown so much over the years, so has the amount of invalid stock and resources that have been provided by some deviants. The Stock and Resources community feels like this reflects negatively on them, the volunteers have a hard time trying to teach people about valid stock and how to use it correctly, and it gives an appearance that deviantART Staff tolerate so-called “art theft” or copyright infringement.

In this article our aim is to reinforce our policies regarding stock and stock use and clear up some misconceptions.

Stock and Resource submissions to deviantART:

What are Invalid Stock and Resources?
In short, invalid stock or resources are anything which you do not have full permission to upload. This includes images of celebrities, images taken from films, games and books or images found via search engines. 

If you didn't take the picture, or have clear and explicit permission from the artist prior to submission your stock or resource will be considered invalid. All submissions to deviantART must comply with our submissions and copyright policy

FAQ #157: Can I use things created by other people in my submissions?
deviantART Submission Policy
deviantART Copyright Policy

What happens to Invalid Stock and Resources?
First we will look to see if the deviation would be better suited to a different gallery or a deviants scraps, if that is the case than it will be moved. If we need take further action then we will request that the deviant provides proof of permission to submit. Once we have requested proof of permission, the artwork will be suspended from public view for 30 days, during this period the deviant can lift the suspension by providing the necessary proof. For repeat offenses or large scale infringement other administrative actions may be applied, this may include immediate deviation deletion or account suspensions. The falsification of submission proof is met with zero tolerance and will result in immediate removal of the image as well as a suspension or indefinite ban on the account.

FAQ #193: How do I prove that I had permission to use someone's work?

Stock and Resource use on deviantART:

What can I use in my submissions?
You can only use images in your submissions which you have permission to use. This is either works created entirely through your own means, valid stock and resources or images for which you have obtained specific, verifiable written permission to use.

You may also use images that are considered Public Domain in your submissions. Please note however that public domain does not mean anything you can find on the internet. Public Domain images are images which are free from copyright either because the term of copyright has elapsed or copyright was never applied to the artwork. The current term of copyright that deviantART adheres by is the life of the artist and 70 years after their death.

What must I do to make sure that my images are valid for submission?
deviantART requires that you document your source material and encourage you to provide links where possible. We also require that you follow the terms and conditions set by the provider or host website. Most providers and host websites do not allow the redistribution of their stock or the modification of their stock in to other resources, such as application brushes, premade backgrounds or "renders". We will remove any works that violate a stock or resource providers terms and conditions once notified by the provider or their legal agent.

FAQ #217: What are "Stock and Resources" and can I use them in my submissions?

My image was deleted but it came from a stock website, why is this?
There are a lot of sites claiming to be valid stock and resource sites, but they are offering materials which they do not have permission to offer. If we receive notice from the copyright holder or their legal agent acting on their behalf then we will honour their copyright and remove any infringing work, even if you thought it was taken from a valid stock and resource site. You should use extra caution when using materials from sites offering famous images or photos of well known people, as these are rarely valid stock. We recommend that you only use recognised stock and resource sites such as,,, or our own stock and resource providers.

What this means for the Stock and Resources Community:

We're going to put some extra energies into clearing up these galleries over the next few weeks. This may involve a simple admin action such as moving your deviation to scraps or a more relevant gallery, or for persistent policy violators, it may involve further administrative action. You may find that you are requested to submit permissions documents, or worst case scenario -- we may have to suspend your account.

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The Unseen Stock - June (ll)

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 30, 2014, 9:48 AM
:heart: :+fav: :heart: :+fav: :heart:

I hope you enjoy these underappreciated stock photos as much as I do! :love:
If you like the journal please add it to your favourites so more people can see it :hug:


  2014-06-29 Hair Today 005 by skydancer-stock BR 7 by bumimanusiastock Bedsheet Ghost 3 by The-Lionface
 Luthien Tinuviel 8 by Anariel-Stock Stock - Pink Fairy by Apsara-Art Only small by stockmichelle model stock/natural light by ArtbyHope
Valkyrie 02 by KittyTheCat-Stock Stock - Black  gold Vampire Queen Faun Demon 18 by S-T-A-R-gazer
Lormet-Renaissance-perform-001101sml by Lormet-Images STOCK - Pink Glamour by Apsara-Art Musketeer 5 by kirilee model stock by ArtbyHope White Dress Small Child Girl 033 by ShawnaMac
Pisqah Green Wizard 2011-05-24 67 by skydancer-stock Snow Princess Stock 3 by kayleeehall Little Wizardess Preview by RachgracehStock Tangled 2 by kirilee Culdalasse Laihendi Ranger 4 by PirateLotus-Stock
Black Star 35 by Liancary-Stock
Stock by devious-stock Sitting 2 by AryieaStock Apoc-Survivor (3) by anyman82 Killer 07 *STOCK* by aleexdee Ice Queen (I take Stock requests for this) by Liancary-Stock

 Untitled by cassyuiu Sunset 5 by wollibear sky by LadyEloise Riverside Hot Pool Yellowstone by AdmiralAngela
Sunset 3 by wollibear Steaming Geyser Yellowstone River by AdmiralAngela BG Scotland 13 by andrakis75 Nature 271 tree by Dreamcatcher-stock

Waterfall by gillhjuanita Zakynthos082 by kismuntr <da:thumb id="461207191"/> Let it be by mickeyrony
Kjerag 2 by Castlemoor-stock Landscape of frost by Castlemoor-stock Sunset 2 by JStockart Mountain lake III by dani221
Yunnan10 by alais-stock Sunset by JStockart freestock - link back by carolinesphotos Field Sunset by xxtgxxstock
tree trunk 06 by NellyGrace3103
Michigan's Upper  Peninsula Five by Soda-Bear-Stock Ocean Sunset by annamae22 Gagetown waterfall 1 by LucieG-Stock stock park... pack by mirandaarts
Beach I by KillerStocks Dunes by xxtgxxstock sky 70 by chasmdeep Starfield by alkhor
Pastel sky by dani221
The Raptured Sky by Charmed-Ravenclaw Cavity by cendredelune Forest of GROS-MORNE by A1Z2E3R Eire Stock (25) by Brizzolatto55
 Beach 16 by GraphicsKiwi Clouds from above7 by Skudde-Textures Overgrown Path - Foliage 01 by kuschelirmel-stock
Clouds 13 by lonermade Dark Skies by Forestshifter 15614 by ashfaaa

Architecture & Other Backgrounds

 Spanish Doors Set by CD-STOCK by CD-STOCK
Glenn Dale Hospital Childrens Nurses Home by ticklemeimsexy
Church 02 by cemacStock Old farm house VII by dani221 Ickworth House by Shaykola Urban wasteland by joelshine-stock
188 by MASYON Kirna manor 17 by MASYON Castle on the sea by Altair-E-Stock Castle Marienburg 4 by wollibear
Carnival Popcorn and Cotton Candy Stand Stock by BeccaB-Stock-N-Art
BG Scotland 9 by andrakis75 Rhuddlan castle, Wales by buttercupminiatures Ruined Country House by fuguestock gazebo/bandstand stock by L-A-Addams-Art
Blue House/No Parking sign/Background stock by BeccaB-Stock-N-Art DSC00583ps Petworth House by VIRGOLINEDANCER1 Abandoned Villa 1 by bhorwat Old house/barn/background stock 3 by BeccaB-Stock-N-Art 
Cemetery 15 by cemacStock
Beelitz 2010 10 by picmouse-stock Places in the world 001 by petronellavanree Sun Temple I - STOCK IMAGE by Karinta DSC00944 St. Cynog's Church, Ystradgunlais by VIRGOLINEDANCER1
Untitled by lysanne26721 Dussen Castle 2 by Poulus1967 Eire Stock 03 by Brizzolatto55 Dussen Castle 6 by Poulus1967
STOCK Houses in Amsterdam by Inilein
Old Building/Garage/Background Stock by BeccaB-Stock-N-Art Water Wheel House by krissybdesignsstock Bridge1 by lovesmp Photo of Angkor Wat Template by environment-textures
Temple by dani221 Background Stock 13 by BeccaB-Stock-N-Art Stock: Maulbronn Monastery by artphilia247 Places 550 abandoned house by Dreamcatcher-stock BG Scotland 11 by andrakis75
A long time ago 3 by petronellavanree
Places 539 by Dreamcatcher-stock Stock: Maulbronn Monastery by artphilia247 Places 534 by Dreamcatcher-stock Stock - Abandoned 1 by cfowler7 Stock: Maulbronn Monastery by artphilia247
Old Barn/Field/Background stock 5 by BeccaB-Stock-N-Art bridge by netbandit 007 Night Lights by ashfaaa Just for a walk by mickeyrony
Rose Garden By Cindysart-stock by CindysArt-Stock
Fireworks XVI by ChristophMaier Premade BG Desertland 2 by E-DinaPhotoArt scrapyard fire 23 by Topaz172 Bubbles Stock 01 by NellyGrace3103
Fire 2 by wollibear Mayo field Winter by Iron-Chicken Cabo da Roca 2 by JStockart
Summer Stock Set by CD-STOCK by CD-STOCK


Snake - 1 by AivisV Sparrow by Poulus1967 Tortoise stock 1 by Elsapret
Dragonfly - Stock by SerenaDream Chipmunk1 by debzdezigns-lamb68 Locust Stock (Premium Content Available) by SpiderMilkshake White Peacock by GypsyMidnight
Butterfly Stock 23 by NellyGrace3103
Blue! by Danika-Stock 2014 - Snow leopard 32 by Lena-Panthera Common Morphos by Tanyuuu Frog by ArtbyHope
Florida Scrubjay Stock 2 by Cassy-Blue Latte 005 by Notorious-Stock Bird Stock by ArtbyHope Butterfly Stock 24 by NellyGrace3103
Californian Sea Lion Stock by Oniendra
Black snail of Martinique island in MONTAGNE PELEE by A1Z2E3R Butterfly 01 by CD-STOCK Mendy 001 by Wolkuuz Elephant Stock by beks8385
Stock - Toad by rockgem Butterfly Stock 20 by NellyGrace3103 Squirrel22 Stock by Redherc46 Young pelophylax esculentus 1 by FuriarossaAndMimma


StockHeaven ~ Nature Flower 18 by StockHeaven Stone pile by dani221 Passion Flower I by Esmeralda-stock
 Clock by gestandene statue stock 3 by LightNDark25 Garden chair from East Riddlesdon Hall JPG by superlibbie Bottle -Stock- 4 by SvartHeks-Stock
Mohn Stock 03 by NellyGrace3103
  Suitcases by YBsilon-Stock Football II (Stock) by KarvinenStock Standard with Book by FrankAndCarySTOCK Orchid IV by Esmeralda-stock
Tainted Rose by IdunaHaya-Stock locomotive 2 by wollibear Old Rusty Stock by tntrekabulator Pink rose by immortaljellyfish00
Plant 02 by GraphicsKiwi wild mushrooms by ArtbyHope Old Car by wollibear
Pink Roses by Forestshifter
Cord-Stock 38 by Hoangvanvan Stone2 By Cindysart-stock by CindysArt-Stock Skull stock 12 by Micky009 Old Locomotive 2 By Cindysart-stock by CindysArt-Stock
Holy Water Font by FrankAndCarySTOCK Vase I by dani221 colonne Morris 4 by Jules171 Perfume bottle 01 by NellyGrace3103 Light post/Lamp/Street light Stock by BeccaB-Stock-N-Art
Stock- Gypsy Witch Spell Box 6 by SucculentMoon
  Stock - Rose with water drops 2 by hallonsmurfen Lupe 3 by gestandene Flowers of Martinique in the rain 3 by A1Z2E3R
  random stock 2 by LightNDark25 freestock - link back by carolinesphotos 16 by MASYON Bottle -Stock- 7 by SvartHeks-Stock


 Concrete Texture Unprocessed by kuschelirmel-stock Golden Highlands - Map Stock by AgaaveStock
The Green and The Blue by CD-STOCK
blob of light streaks3 by photogooroo Watercolors on Pavement II by Stock-WulfLight Art (7) by LeenaHill
railway by BVFoto
70 by IdunaHaya-Stock Digital Art Texture 182 by mercurycode light experiment I by mimose-stock La Gruta 04 Exclusive Texture by CD-STOCK 1005 by glassthroughskin
From Hell Texture Set by CD-STOCK by CD-STOCK

My own latest stock

Altschlossfelsen Stock 01 by Malleni-Stock Gerbil Stock 04 by Malleni-Stock
Altschlossfelsen Stock 63 by Malleni-Stock
Bird Stock 083 by Malleni-Stock Altschlossfelsen Stock 27 by Malleni-Stock Frog Stock 03 by Malleni-Stock Parrot Stock 07 by Malleni-Stock
Altschlossfelsen Stock 64 by Malleni-Stock Bird Stock 086 by Malleni-Stock

Yesterday one of my stock photos was featured as a Daily Deviation :happybounce:
It was this photo of my vacation in Croatia:

Croatia  Stock 155 by Malleni-Stock
It was featured by dear Elandria, THANK YOU SO MUCH! La love
If you don't know her amazing photos yet please go check out her gallery,
she is such a wonderful model and photographer :heart:

Argentum Caeli 039 by Elandria
Creeping Tears 171 by Elandria Remnant by Elandria

Other stuff

Summer, Sun and Fun - Challenge- is closed        Theme : Summer, Sun & Fun - Challenge
The challenge is closed. Thanks so much to all participants, who send me so lovely entries. Wow!   They are all unbelievable beautiful and all fit to the theme so great. :love: All judges will have a lot of fun to look at and we will have a hard voting. :omgomg: 
I returned from my holidays to the Canary Islands. I brought back some stocks, but not so many, I relaxed a lot and enjoyed the sun and the silence in my hotel. I´m sad that the week is over, but it was so wonderful for me. I will post some new stocks soon. Most I took from the dunes of Maspalomas (Gran Canaria), the sea and plants :D
And on
  Providing Stock+Resources - A Beginners Guide Pt02This is Part 2 of Providing Stock+Resources - A Beginners Guide. It is aimed at resource providers new and old - I'm trying to give some tips and pointers based on my experience both as a stocker and a photomanipulator. If you have anything to add (maybe you have an example from your own gallery I could insert - pretty please?), feel free to comment, I still feel like I forgot soooo much ^^; Any other comments are of course welcome as well. I hope this helps at least some :heart:
>>What you will find in this guide:
Part 01: Introduction incl. Note on Copyright
Part 02: What should I put online? incl. Subject Choice | Dealing with Abuse | Technical Basics for Stock Images | Lighting setup | Tips and tricks on getting the most out of your camera | Post-processing images [you are reading it]
Part 03: Stock Rules incl. Where t
  Talking About Legitimate Resources... AND How to Verify Them!
To Start With PLEASE Read:

deviantART Groups Two Good Groups to Check for Unrestricted, as well as Legitimate Stock Resources Are:
:iconunrestricted-world: and :iconlegitimate-stock:
On my Profile Page, Beneath the ID, is a List of Unrestricted Stock Providers I am Aware of.

To get a lot of Stock Updates, Watch:
The Group's Latest Update:
Shameless Self-Promotion of Groups I Admin that are Either Stock-Related or Contain a Stock Folder:

:iconfantasy-stock-group: :iconjoint-stock: :iconstock-for-premades: :iconholidays: :icondevnews: :iconwingit-stock: :iconmindspan: :iconclear-cut:

Stock Goodies from my Favorites' Folders!

:iconfairytalestock: :iconwinterresources: :iconanimal-stocks:

A rose de porcelaine for LENI by A1Z2E3R

That's it for now.
Have a wonderful week!


This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast
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Stock & Resources

I see Stock & Resources as a category of art on deviantART where the entire focus is on helping others and providing them with what they need. This helps artists of any medium! Photomanipulators for example rely heavily on the stock photos they find here. If you draw or paint, digitally or traditionally, many stock photos can be hugely helpful as reference, as can line art and textures. There's literature templates, fonts, fractal and vector resources, designs & patterns for artisans and crafters.. and then there's tutorials for any kind of art, and about deviantART itself.
So one great way to contribute something to the community and your fellow artists is to provide such resources!

We will not go into this in depth as it has its own Community Volunteers and Project Educate weeks that should help you get started! :)

Informative articles:

deviantART Related

The deviantART Related category is like Stock & Resources in that it's a varied category with a common theme - but in this case, deviantART. While perhaps best known for deviantIDs, it also contains Journal and Gallery Skins, stamps, user scripts and styles et cetera. For you, as deviant with the wish to contribute to the community, some of those are of particular interest, some not so much - so let's have a look into some of them shall we?

Again these have had their own Project Educate (and other) articles about them, that we will link for each category!

  • Deviant Stamps - many deviants love to include stamps in their journals or on their pages or artist's comments, sometimes silly, sometimes to communicate important messages.
  • Journal & Gallery CSS - know some HTML & CSS? Use these skills to decorate your own gallery folders and journal, and publish your skin for others to use while you're at it.
  • Browser Scripts & User Styles enhance the way deviantART looks, and works! Styles can change the appearance while scripts can change - normally, add - a wide range of functionality to deviantART. These are normally done in CSS or Javascript. For some great examples of scripts see Did You Know? Browser Scripts.
  • deviantART Suggestions, visual or written, help you communicate your ideas for deviantART. They can not only spark discussion with other deviants about improvement of the site, they will also be seen by the deviantART staff and a good number of these have been implemented in the past.

Other handy links:

:#1: Try your hand at some of these and have fun!

The "Getting the most out of dA" PE Team: ^3wyl | ^Astralseed | $namenotrequired

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Stock Radar #1

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 27, 2014, 1:53 PM

The Stock and Resources gallery on DeviantART is a digital treasure trove, filled from top to bottom with creative, imaginative, beautiful, unique and inspirational images - all waiting for you to turn them into masterpieces. Heres just some that caught my eye and my imagination over the past few days.

Stock and Resource providers are incredibly generous with their skills and time providing all these wonderful things for you to use, please don't forget to read their terms of use and to credit them correctly when you use their work!!

Stock Radar Archive
Stock Radar #1 | Stock Radar #2 | Stock Radar #3 | Stock Radar #4 | Stock Radar #5 | Stock Radar #6
Stock Radar #7 | Stock Radar #8 | Stock Radar #9 | Stock Radar #10 | Stock Radar #11 | Stock Radar #12

The Stock and Resources gallery on DeviantART is a digital treasure trove, filled from top to bottom with creative, imaginative, beautiful, unique and inspirational images - all waiting for you to turn them into masterpieces.  Heres just some that caught my eye and my imagination over the past few days.

Stock and Resource providers are incredibly generous with their skills and time providing all these wonderful things for you to use, please don't forget to read their terms of use and to credit them correctly when you use their work!!

Ivy Covered Archway.. by Alz-Stock-and-Art
Stairs by CD-STOCKVizcaya Stock 6 by Cassy-Blue
Object 37 - lion statue by Momotte2stocks
Wild animal 314 - baby giraff by Momotte2stocks
items 018 by Kebehut-stock
In the water_55 by anastasiya-landa
Asteroids by DagohbertOf the Winter 1 by LadyEru
Glasure and Yellowstone 768 + by JustmeTD
Lilianne 25 by Kuoma-stock
Coat of eagles by ladysivali-stockEdenfall 06 by LadyxBoleyn
M by 13-Melissa-SalvatoreModern Witch by Mihaela-VStock
Sky Texture 2 by jojo22FREE PHOTOSHOP/GIMP BRUSHES! + Explanation by JonasDeRo
Free Stone Alcove Model by LuxXeon
Necromantic shapes stock 01 by MortuusDiabolus

A feature of some of the beautiful and inspirational stock and resources I have recently faved
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The Unseen Stock - May (ll)

Journal Entry: Fri May 30, 2014, 1:23 PM
Go support these amazing artists ! :la: :rose:


 Parasols 2 by Sitara-LeotaStock
pirates 18 by inferno-sensus Nymphtwo 3 by CAStock Faun/Centaur/Satyr/Pan STOCK 44 by DamselStock     
STOCK Tomb Raider by EmeraldVenom-Stock Stock-Photo [109] by Model-Salvaje 2014-05-2 Elder Painter 05 by skydancer-stock Fire Breather by TrisStock
 Black dress Stock 3 by Liancary-Stock Pisqah Green Wizard 2011-05-24 57 by skydancer-stock Lucrezia Bogia 5 by kirilee STOCK Tomb Raider by EmeraldVenom-Stock
STOCK  Lady in Red by Apsara-Art 70ies by jlior


ocean_06 by BloodyArt-Stock Mountain Stock 03 by thereexistsonex
The Woods Stock 502 by new-horizon-stock Winter Path by 07buck Aerial Clouds 1 by JustinBHB cave 28 by chasmdeep
Stream 14 by fuguestock sparkly green and red fireworks by photogooroo birthing stones by carolinesphotos Winter Snow Path by Archangelical-Stock
Forest 129 by MASYON Waterscape Stock 02 by thereexistsonex Blow Hole 6 by Angelic-Studios Glacier 3 by veryevilmastermind
Rocks 2 by veryevilmastermind Lapland sunset I by dani221 Mountain 6 by SweetBeautifulKiller Rockpool 006 - HB593200 by hb593200
Sky and Water 2 stock by ilustrator Sunset Stock 4 by Sisterslaughter165 Lake Stock by tina1138 Morning Fog 02 by CD-STOCK
Desert Road by gregoriuspl Big Sky Montana by Nevada216 Sky Stock by SeedDestiny Poppy Path 01 by CD-STOCK
  Ocean Stock 002 by petronellavanree Holiday 2014 - Cave Spring by cfowler7 Water Lilies Stock 4 by Sisterslaughter165 droga 2 by mirandaarts  
Turku Cottage by dani221 Mud Brick Ruins 02 by fuguestock Christchurch Cathedral by veryevilmastermind Arches 01 by cemacStock
Ruined Station 16 by CD-STOCK Dead Mine 15 by CD-STOCK Untitled by RWTA tomb stock by carolinesphotos
 View of NY, Staten Island ferry 03 by LucieG-Stock Holiday 2014 - Dark Subway by cfowler7 Park Stock 12 by Naerys-Stock The road leading to the fog by A1Z2E3R 
<da:thumb id="457385431"/> Detritus 03 by fuguestock Seattle Cemetery by dollieflesh-stock
 <da:thumb id="455292411"/> Stone archway with wood gate stock free to use by Kibblywibbly Houses 1 by TheConstructicon 


 Cat - 4 by AivisV Grey cat with green eyes by photogooroo Kangaroo 2 by xXAyanisXx
lion stock img by canine-rein Ranger by ArrsistableStock 2014  White lion 7 by Lena-Panthera
Deer 01 by NellyGrace3103 Squirrel Stock 2 by Protokol-Stock Chinese Pheasant 2 by fuguestock
 Hen Stock 1 by Cassy-Blue T-rex (17) by Bansheeda Thailand 38 by Afrolovertje Crow 001 - HB593200 by hb593200
   Snail 02 by maiaschka Selah 21 by nevvs-photography Full Underside by skydancer-stock BABY RABBIT  S T O C K by Theshelfs
squirrel 3 by ArtbyHope Western Lowland Gorilla 1 by blue-horse-stock Butterfly2-Stock by SilkenWebs Grasshopper (early instar) by DoctorPhrog   
  is it safe here? by andreea09 STOCK - TotR Arabians 2013-506 by fillyrox Cat Stock 1 by mippieArt


 <da:thumb id="455103102"/> Central Park 18 by LucieG-Stock Tasmanian Fungi by jenne-j 3535 - Cactii 4 by HelenaRothStock IMG 0090 by gestandene
Quart of Mont Blanc Mountain by A1Z2E3R roseeee by vin-stock Rose 5 by FuriarossaAndMimma Tech Stock 02 by PsykoHilly
fern by pono4evnaya Pine Cones by parallel-tide rose stock by Kikiravain Central Park 15 by LucieG-Stock
 Cherry Blossom by fuguestock Small Triangle Bottle 4 by RosesLittleSecrets <da:thumb id="457109299"/>


Stock texture- Grunge Paint by rockgem Rust Stock by Serena1791
 Q2-4 by jojo22 1003 by glassthroughskin Texture 1 by CindysArt-Stock Texture Chris by CD-STOCK by CD-STOCK Digital Art Texture 157 by mercurycode 
BT62 by jojo22 Digital Art Texture 160 by mercurycode       

My own latest stocks
French Casern Stock 06 by Malleni-Stock Waterfall Stock 10 by Malleni-Stock Fair Stock 03 by Malleni-Stock Water lily Stock 07 by Malleni-Stock French Casern Stock 20 by Malleni-Stock
Croatia  Stock 155 by Malleni-Stock French Casern Stock 12 by Malleni-Stock

Contests & news

CREATIVE MINDS CHALLENGE is now closed!Thanks for your participation!
Gracias por participar!

Merci de participer!
Děkuji za účast!
Obrigado por participar!

You can choose your own theme

(I prefer : surreal, fantasy, conceptual, dark, macabre, horror, psychedelic. CD-cover or book cover format are allowed)
Only exception: no emotional and no people ( not just a woman on background )
Medium: Photomanipulation or Mixed Media

Please do read the full submission rules before submitting your entry

This contest is only open to my watchers

Your artwork must be new and created for this contest

You must use my stock images to create your artwork
You ar
  Great stockers with fair rules around dAAdded 11 new stockers  18th of August 2014
Hy folks
As I am lately back with some manips, I thought its about time 
to make a journal with some of my favourite stockers :)
Why they are my favourite? Well they are for several reasons!
Each of those who will be listed here, will have:
:bulletpink: good to excellent quality, 
:bulletpink: Sizes which are usable beyond webpics shortest side at least 1200, 
(that excludes cutouts, jewellery or any stuff you wouldn't need as primary object in your manip and seamless patterns)
:bulletblue: Rules that allow commercial usage (at least on dA and on request for outside dA) 
:bulletblue: Rules that allow outside dA usage without being forced to slap the stockers name ON the artwork itself. 
:bulletblue: or Rules that are fully unrestricted
:bulletred: This includes stock-providers that take a few points for their stock, because I rather pay a few points if the TOU's & quality are grea

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast
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Stock and Resources Updates

Sun Aug 26, 2012, 5:12 AM


Every year we get excited, eager, passionate new stock providers entering our small but growing community, and every year these new stock models in particular get targeted by a small group of "requesters" Those of us who have been on the site for more than a few years recognise the types of "requests" I'm talking about and know to absolutely avoid them at all costs, but its something that I've seen more and more regularly over the last few months, and its definitely a concern.

There are standard "pose requests" that are NOT requested for the "artist" to work from.  They are simply asking you to take photos of yourself in provocative poses so they can get off to your stock.

Firstly - please keep in mind that the images you are providing to artists are STOCK ART - they are first and foremost designed to provide artists with useable, useful references, either for traditional art, or digital art or whatever media they choose to create their own artwork with.

Regularly repeated "requests" you should avoid -

:bulletpink: "play dead with your feet to the camera"
:bulletpink: "can you take more photos of yourself in your panties bending over"
:bulletpink: "could you hog tie yourself and stick an apple in your mouth"
:bulletpink: "could you do more shots tied up/gagged/bound/naked"
:bulletpink: "can you take photos of yourself soaking wet in the shower"
:bulletpink: "can you just take photos of your toes/in stockings"

I'm sure you are starting to get my drift.  These "pose requests" are NOT designed to be useful to an artist.  They are designed to get the requesters jollies off.  Over your photos.  This is NOT what stock is designed for, and as Tasastock so succinctly said standing in my kitchen on Friday - if you must take photos of yourself with no clothes on for the sake of art, take NUDE photos, not NAKED photos.  Theres a difference and its something you should learn to see.

Nude reference stock art - good USEFUL poses, either full body or portrait, good lighting/extreme lighting to help pose and form
Naked shots - not useful blurry self portraits of you in your knickers in the (usually dirty) bathroom/bedroom mirror with poor/non-existent lighting taken on your phone camera, or worse on your webcam.

If you are new to model stock, PLEASE for your own sakes TALK to your fellow stockers, compare notes on "requests" and learn to avoid the ones that are not genuine - for your own sakes.
If you don't really care about stock but just want to take photos of yourself in your (usually dirty) bathroom mirror tied up naked, please do not post to stock.  You have a scrapbook for a reason - OR if they are better quality and not taken with your phone or webcam, the photography gallery can be found in the main drop down list.

"Older" stock providers - PLEASE help our newer members by TALKING to them and helping them!!! As people with significantly more experience you are a vital source of information!!

EDIT - not an hour after posting this I got a couple of notes all with similar examples -

Hi. I just want to thank you for posting the stock pics. I admit, I'm
not an artist, I'm an admirer of beautiful pictures of beautiful women
and you are most certainly a beautiful woman. I'm also an admirer of
legs in hosiery and you have some of the most gorgeous pantyhose legs
and feet I've seen on DA. If you decide to post more stock photos of
yourself I urge you to continue wearing pantyhose. Thanks.

Perfect example of what we're talking about, thanks to the people who sent me the notes, who will remain deliberately anon ;)  Would you walk up to somebody you don't know in the street and tell her this?  (actually... given the manners of some of these people... they probably would) :roll:


SenshiStock also makes a very valid point that SOME requests are of course going to be legit and that the best way to tell is to check out the requesters gallery and faves which will give you an immediate indication of how they might be utilising your potential stock.

Also - in case I came across as being completely anti nude/naked/fetish - nude stock does not mean you have to look like a sack of beans, and I have nothing against fetishes in all their forms (but theres a time and a place)  - we simply want you to consider any requests you get and to be aware that there is a small few who aren't looking for reference stock.  When you are not sure, ask :)


By now most of you should have noticed that DA has rolled the new "large thumbnails" for all galleries.  These new thumbnails CROP long/tall/thin art to "zoom in" on just the top part of the image.


FOR EXAMPLE - Thumbcrop Examples by Elandria

Thanks to Momotte2stocks DamselStock pixelmixtur-stocks ImperialStarletStock MercGribern Biselva kurisu-kuriyosu-san for being my example guinea pigs - these are all full body images.


SOLUTION - Keep your shots to the original dimensions to prevent them being cropped - or if you are hiding unwanted backgrounds just block in the sides with a neutral colour rather than completely cropping off the sides.

For more more information on the large thumbnails and other updates, please read this HQ release here -

Site Update: New deviantART ThumbnailsIn our continuous effort to improve the deviantART experience, we're publishing weekly Site Updates to keep members informed and to gather feedback. Below is a list of recent changes to the site, bug fixes, and feedback that was brought up by members in the last Site Update.
New deviantART Thumbnails
This feature will be rolled out to everyone over the next few days.
DeviantART's thumbnail images just got bigger and better! Starting today, we've increased the size of deviantART's thumbnails and, by popular demand from the community, we're also giving you a "Thumbnail Grid" mode.
Here's a run-down of what's changed:
We've made all thumbnails bigger!
Deviations display in tidier rows with no unnecessary cropping, allowing you to see the art as it's meant to be seen!
For literature thumbnails, the background has been lightened and


jademacalla is what we like to call a prominent figure in our stock community.  He is universally loved/worshipped by everyone who uses his stock and his desire to promote the very best of what stock and resources are about.

Hes currently running a "kickstarter" project which is frankly brilliant in its premise and goals and is something that not only positively promotes excellence in stock but also will ultimately create top quality resources for all you artists out there.  We gain, you gain, Jade gets to hang upside down WIN WIN WIN

Please - go check the project out, support him, promote the project, learn from him - BE INSPIRED.

Kickstarter Update: 1 Week To Go!UPDATE 5
Hello, Everyone! Thanks so much for the continued support of the Kickstarter project. We're super-excited (and still a bit overwhelmed) about the opportunities this is opening up. We've been busy this week laying a bunch of the groundwork for the character (costume details, modifying gear, etc.) and creating the shot list of all the different poses and attitudes we want to shoot.
We have also added a brief FAQ section to the Kickstarter page that clarifies a few key points. All the project details are here: , and the FAQ section is at the bottom of the page.
Check out the reward section, there's some pretty cool swag for different levels of support. If you know anyone who might be interested in the project, please pass it on.
More soon,
It is unbelievable to announce that the Epic Stretch Goal, which will result in a collaborative stock pho


When I say EVERYWHERE I mean EVERYWHERE.  I haven't got a list because I am disorganised like that :XD:
Lists are what I am after - so if you are running a contest or a challenge get in touch!! I amd more than happy to promote and can even in some cases help with prises, and I will ALWAYS feature winners in news and journals.

Collaboration Contest: Dark Halloween (UPDATE!!)UPDATED DATES AND PRIZES
Hi there :wave:
Sign-ups now CLOSED!
Hello from the admins of TheArtOfManipulation! We would really like to revive the mentoring aspect of our group and we are going to start by having a Collaboration Contest. :happybounce:
How it Will Work
For this contest, two or more artists must team up and collaborate to create an entry. One artist must be at the intermediate/expert level and the other must be a beginner. We (the admins) will decide which class you fall into and assign participants into teams (requests will be considered if there is a specific person with whom you want to partner). We hope that this contest will create new friendships and allow beginning photomanipulators to learn something new =).
The Rules
:bulletblack: You must note the group TheArtOfManipulation no later than September 4, 2012. Title the note "Collab Contest" and
by TheArtOfManipulation
Red Riding Hood Challenge winnersCongratulations, here are the winners chosen through the finalist poll here
First place -
:iconSweedies: wins - 3 month premium membership, 300 points, 1 large stock pack and one premium content stock image

Second place -
:iconSatoriRose: wins - 1 month premium membership, 100 points, 1 small/med stock pack and one premium content stock image

Third place -
:icontwistingthenorm: wins - 1 month premium membership and 1 small/med stock pack

Extra prize out of all of the other entries - my choice -
:iconairyfairyamy: wins - 3 month premium membership, 300 points and 1 large stock pack http://cathlee
by CathleenTarawhiti


Yep its still happening.  Every day.  Whilst you are asleep (or awake depending on your time zone)  its hard work, and there are only a few of us actually tackling this so PLEASE as much as we LOVE that you are supporting this MAMMOTH task, please remember we can't be at it 24 hours a day!!! PATIENCE!! :heart:

We are trying our best to help stock providers understand what they can and can't do with regards to PREMADES and I must make it clear that like ALL PHOTOMANIPULATIONS (which is essentially what they are just being shared) THEY MUST MUST MUST CREDIT all stock sources.  Regardless of if they are your own photos or renders or whatever.  THIS IS DA POLICY and not something you can pretend doesn't exist.

PRO STOCK SITES - DO NOT ALLOW REDISTRIBUTION OF STOCK FILES - so PLEASE stop using them as sources.  SXC, DEPOSITPHOTOS, GETTY, ISTOCK ET AL - its a NO.  Any "premade" found using prohibited stock sources will be removed or warnings sent to the artist.

You can't just state "stock from the internet" as sufficient credit.  Firstly we will beat you round the head a few times with our FAQ then we will make you memorise them. Then we will introduce you to the artists who used "premades" that weren't legit and later had to remove their hours of hard work because "stock providers" couldn't be bothered to use legitimate sources.  They will be far far harder on you than we will.



If you have something awesome going on that involves stock and resources and would like it promoting - get in touch with Dan-Heffer and myself, thats what we are here for!! :D

:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:


:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

Stock and resources, updates and reminders
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