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This is my first time doing an actual tutorial, so if anyone has any further questions feel free to ask. I'll do my best to answer. Though I probably might just add the info in artist' comments rather than the piece itself.

Hope you guys find it useful!
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I tried to make some tutorial ..but it's rather to show way.... how I usually draw that..but it's rather technical.. I don't fel like expert XD I hope that some people can find is useful.
If you have any question just ask me.

download for full view if it's illegible.

update: I added some notes

When I learn some more scars I will add them here or made new tutorial ^^

next tutorial

:iconcommissionsopen: note me if you are interested
prices info [link]
newest picture samples :
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EDIT: A real life example of silver hair I made for someone which might be useful to show other people as well:

I got a request for white hair palettes and felt I needed to go a little more into detail about white hair as well as black hair, and the common mistakes I see. I hope this is helpful and if you have questions or tutorial requests, just post a comment asking c:

Made with Paint Tool Sai and Intuos 4 Tablet

Other Tutorials and Resources:

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I originally wanted to make a video of this but never did so thought I could make it a tutorial like this.
Something I've been asked about earlier and thought I'd share it :) I always enjoy doing this part in my pictures!

Not much to say about it though here, but let me know if you have any questions or if anything's unclear. Wrote the texts pretty quickly so it might have some derps but hopefully not haha!

It works at least in photoshop, but it should work in any other programs that have a Gaussian Blur... thing or something similar at least.

Hope you like it!! :)

characters used in this are (c) to their owners!

edit: added some little things!
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:star: You can request a tutorial here :…

:pointr: Tutorial for FafnirtheDragonLord ^-^
:pointr: I apologize for my bad english I know there are some errors on this !
:pointr: I hope it will help you, credit are appreciated. :hug:

:pointr: Brushes :…
:pointr: Tutorial by ShadeDreams aka BlackDreams

Wolf drawing - Tutorial by ShadeDreams Feathers - Tutorial by ShadeDreams Leaves + Drops - Tutorial by ShadeDreams
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I WOULD BE HAPPY TO MAKE MORE TUTORIALS for realistic painting style using photoshop
you can place a request in the comment section below

The advice and technique given here can be used in a number of artistic medias and not only for photoshop users. if you're not a photoshop user and you're having trouble converting the proces onto another media you can contact me for advice, i'de be happy to help :)

the examples were taken from here…

for the painting process of this piece press here
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Blood tutorial because so many have asked for it.
Hope it is usefull to you!

Tutorial (c) :icongrypwolf:
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TW: Anyone that can not take any sort of gore/wound/blood content should not look at this deviation.
If you have dealt with self harm I also advice you not to look at this deviation.
In the end you make your own decisions.

Scars are quite often just drawn as white stripes, but there's a lot of variation in them.

Wounds are as varied as humans, and so is skin colour. don't be afraid to mix around with other colours.
There is a lot of browns and reds in wounds. (Green and yellow if a wound get's infected)

It's important to remember that a colour never consists of just that colour. It will always be a mixture of different hue's and saturation.
If you're not sure which colours you should use just try some out, you will see if it does not work and you can just press ctrl z. Just try until you're pleased.

Everything is drawn in 'mypaint' which is a free program that takes only a minute to install.

Other Tutorials Featuring Skin Damage:
Tutorial for Scratches by snufhob Tutorial for Cuts by snufhob
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Please Download for full view!

Alas, the long awaited fur tutorial is finished! It only took 5ever but I finally got it done. :faint: I don't really consider myself an expert on this subject but quite a few people have asked me to do this so I guess I must be doing something right! xD

I was originally going do a stylization tutorial next but I scrapped the idea cuz there's just waaay too much stuff I hafta go over for that one. ^^' So if I was to do a stylization tutorial I would probably break it off into different subjects haha

I decided to add a little twist to this and added how to stylize fur, cuz I wanna encourage people to find their own unique styles while understanding the basics of course. 8) I hope my poor writing skills make sense to you guys.

I'm not a really confident tutorial maker so if you see that I've said/did something wrong, something doesn't make sense to you, or if you have questions please let me know! C: I'm probably not going to make any more tutorials unless I get multiple requests on a specific subject people would like to see. ^^;

If you're interested in other tutorials by me, I also have another tutorial on shading but its kinda outdated since I've resorted to grayscale shading recently.

IN OTHER NEWS, I got a haircut today. :B

EDIT: sasfgdsh omg oh wow thanks for the DD guise!! ;w;

Other places to find me:  
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Apparently glowing effects are a mystery to a lot of people,
but they're so easy! So here you go!

Apologies for the lame layout, I didn't want to use any more complex backgrounds to bring out the effects to their fullest.
Also apologies for typo's

If you're looking for more resources for drawing (ponies), check out my other tutorials:

I never use any other program but SAI, so I can't tell you how to do glow effects in PS, Gimp, etc...
(and I don't want to know either)
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