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I miss you, even though I pretend that I don't. It hurts just to be awake, just to breathe this air... I don't know if I can keep this facade up for much longer. I tried. But despite all my efforts, you still decided I just wasn't enough. Now you're already with HIM and expect it to not hurt me even more? I- I hate you... I hate you and our memories...
This is a very heavily adapted existing piece in my gallery. It originally had six quatrains and was also orginally titled "Document 5" [link] (Yes, that was on purpose - completely different story though) but, I decided to retitle to "Beautiful Disaster" because it's catchy and more relatable. This is/can be about a serious break-up or divorce or whatever you want to call it. This was written a while ago, I simply adapted it to this typographic background. I don't really feel like this, but if you do, my heart goes out to you with care :heart:

The font that I used is called "Old Dreams".

Background Image: Google Images
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So this is something new. I think I'll start writing my poems like this. This one was just an abstract practice round. If I decide to continue doing this for my poems, the backgrounds and font will pertain more to the poem itself.

Please, let my know your thoughts on this piece. Anything that you feel could be improved (besides my misspelling of 'somebodies' ene), I would love to know. Thank you <3

This is my 'To Do' list. What's yours?

I would like to thank Google Images for the background. Thank you Google. You make all of our lives easier <3
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Do you fear your own death?
Is it hard to conceive?
Draw in your last breath, then-
Your last breath will leave.

Isn't it strange to think,
That there's a timer above your head?
A countdown you can't see,
That finishes when you're dead.

Don't you ever wonder,
What it'll be like when you're gone?
I bet the world will keep on spinning.
There will be another dawn.

But the harsh reality behind it-
We're all going to die.
There's no reason to try to fight it
Not even to question why.

It makes me wish that I could have a little more to give,
Because I'm not afraid of how I'll die...

I'm afraid of how I'll
The one certain thing about everybodies life is that we will all eventually reach death. And death can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people. The important thing is to make sure that when death arrives, we feel as though we've accomplished everything that we were meant to do with our time on this wonderful green/blue, life sustaining planet of ours.

I just hope that I'll be that ready
Whenever my time actually -does- come...

And I hope that you will be too.
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When you get into an arguement with the one you love and it ends bitterly, it's hurts. But you both think that you are the one who is rght. So you both hurt. You both of you hurt and, sometimes, it is a meaningless pain that plagues your body and mind. But why suffer through that just to make a point that will only be forgotten? Why not just be the bigger person? Why not just forgive them and apologize..? It is one thing to love someone, but an entirely different thing to be loved by someone.

This is another adapted poem from my gallery. "I'm Sorry, Darling." [link] I retitled to "Roses Are Forgiving" to be more appropriate. Perhaps some of you will appreciate this: By presenting somebody with a rose, it is socially defined as a presentation of love, compassion, caring, sympathy, companionship, and so forth. That is why I chose this title and this picture. Because Roses Are For Giving.

The font that I used is called "Beyond Wonderland".

Background Image: Google Images.
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I hate that there will always be
A lingering regret
An ache set so deep inside me
I cannot forget

I turned away as my thoughts strayed
“What chances have I missed?”
I don’t want one more regret
To add among the list

I need to know what could’ve been
What could become of this
I’ll take my chances, no regrets
For just one kiss…

Between what I feel and I say
Is what I don’t understand
You say it’s better this way
This is not what I had planned

I watched as you just walked away
“What chances have I missed?”
I’ll add just one more regret
To the top of the list

I need to know if you can see
There was something more to this
I’ll take my chances, no regrets
For just one kiss…

To taste your kiss…

Just one kiss…
Is that too much to ask..?
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I hate knowing all the answers on the test, but purposely failing so people won't make fun of me for being a 'nerd'. I hate having to hide the fact that I'm a poet at heart from my best 'friends' because they're jocks and poetry is 'lame' to them. I hate it when my parents feel like they need to scream for me to understand anything. I hate being different. But I can't help that I am.
This is, once again, an adapted piece from my gallery. "Acceptance" ([link]) is the premiere piece of my gallery and one that I am very proud of. To me, it is the most raw emotion I have ever put into a poem before. And I hope that this adaptation helps those who read it understand that emotion a little better.

I also hope that the veiwers of this piece, both in its original and adapted forms, can find some comfort in the knowledge that they are not the only ones who hurt this way. You are loved <3

The font I used is called "ForbiddenLands"

Background Image: Google Images. Thank you Google <3

*EDIT 1/24/13*
I forgot to mention that there's a little easter egg up there in the right hand corner. My first and last names are there, because that's where I would writet them if I were actually in school. The '3rd Period' is the period I have my literature class in, English 12. I'm a highschool senior. The date on there is just the date when I finished creating this adaptation. That's about it. Your welcome <3
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Like verbal synesthesia,

in my head.
Words go

bang bang bang

and all I think are flashes.

Computer fans are white noise
and clicking keys a melody.
I sleep on piles of books
and tell myself bedtime stories
that never, ever end.
It's the same one, every night.
     and over
       and over
         and over
           and over.......

I edit, even in my head.

One color brings four hundred synonyms to mind
and the feeling of fabric is like a burst of light.
Looking at a photograph is often over whelming,
and all I want to do is know what
they were thinking,
not what I am.

It's a curse and a blessing,
on a wing and a prayer,
and a hundred other cliches
that will never go away.

Here's to the over active imagination
that won't stop finding the meaning in everything.
I don't know how to describe what it's like to be inside my head,
so I thought I'd write an auto-biographical
poem instead.
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You looked at me with sunset eyes
Teeming with an ocean’s depth
Waves were crashing down your cheeks
Tears you should have never wept

And I heard a sound I’ll not forget
The slamming front door as you left
In shock I waited as tragedy unfurled
Denial settled into the silence of my world

Without a glance or shallow sigh
You left me here with no goodbye
But in my heart there grew an ache
A pain that, most nights, keeps me awake

And now I finally realize
What I saw in those shining eyes
Not the sunset; the sunrise
So this was never a goodbye


This was letting go.

And now I’m coming back.
“If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it is yours. If it doesn’t, it never was.”

That quote was the basis of this piece. Just a fun fact. Hope you enjoy! :meow:
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I may live inside my own, twisted universe
I may change, sometimes for the worst.
What's normal to me is not normal for you.
Sometimes I just do what I need to do.
Behind a brick wall, I hoped someone would break it
I threw out my heart hoping someone would take it.
But I got tired of hiding and tired of hating
And instead of throwing myself at every guy, I'm waiting.
I'm sick of the person I tried to be
So basically, here I am, I will be me
I'm sick of the hatred, would you not agree?
.. Basically I'm sick of society.
don't hate
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An echoing silence.
Haunts my bones,
I hate this feeling.
Of being alone.

An emptiness,
That I cannot fill.
I do not have the strength,
Nor the will.

What I've longed for,
Has gone and changed,
To form a monster,
One so strange.

I do hate,
What you have become.
You try and impress,

I hate myself,
For messing up,
One too many chances.
It's just my luck.

So I'll give up,
On thoughts I had.
It was just a trend,
A new found fad.

So many lies,
I'll fill my head.
Though it will haunt me,
Till I'm dead.

Even though I'm angry,
And though I am in pain.
It's not you,
Who I blame.

Being alone,
Is a pain I can't bear,
And though you're not who I want.
I still wish you were.
This is something that has been eating at me for ages, it's always there.
Sometimes other emotions will come and take its spot, but it's always there under my skin.
So when there's someone who that I've had feelings for, for a long time. Then the person changes, due to meeting new people who change him. So I realise that he isn't the same person, and I tell myself that he's not the one. It hurts, but it passes.
Then one day I'm sitting and he comes over, barely makes eye contact with me and I get a heavy feeling. That you miss it all, that feeling of butterflies when he's around the playful teases. Everything.
Now he's a different person, a stranger.
That's what hurts the most.
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