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Spread the word! Link back or embed to this page or youtube, or post a journal for us and put in the thumbnail~

Notice: Looking for animators and anyone willing to join the art team.

If you're interested in joining our fanime project, check out :iconvocaloid-fanime:

There can be problems with this version. Watch on youtube: [link]
Song used: Boku-Boku.β by AVTechNO!

Permission for song usage here: [link]

*Project is fan made and fan run and is not associated with Yamaha or any other company that owns VOCALOID or Utau.
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Something for the lolz...

This is just my homework... I hope you guys enjoy... :iconpervymikuplz:

Even though it's censored, I do apologize for the words of profanity that was used in entitling this artwork...
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Angry Gumi Version 1.0.2

Download "Angry Miku" For $0.99. For Android, iOS, MAC and PC

Because of my addiction to Gumi and Angry Birds, I present to you their new fusion! "Angry Gumi". I am planning to complete the set of Vocaloid. This is the "Project Angry Divas".

Version 2.1.2 - Coming Up!

Compatible with iPad, iPhone - Requires iOS 4.0 or later

Samsung Galaxy SII, Samsung Galaxy Note
HTC Desire, LG Optimus - Requires Gingerbread or later

Complete pack of Project Angry Divas, soon!

Please support My "Angry Miku". I love them both =]

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How to play

Can you match the correct outfits to the characters from the anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica?

Press the "try match" button if you think you've found an outfit from the anime.

There are a total of 10 different outfits that will match for a bonus item.

Have fun playing dress up with or without the bonus items!

Can't remember what the characters outfits are? Click the (?) button in the game or go here:

Artwork in Adobe Photoshop CS6
Programming in Adobe Flash CS6
Song performed by me, composed by Kajiura Yuki
You can download the song: [link]

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Beware: big file!! heed now if you had slow connection!

Dunno... just in mood of making some 'a bit moving' picture because of listening Rin's song, Nazokake (Nazo o toka nai nazokake) the answer song for Nazotoki (Nazo ga toke nai nazotoki) by Len

texture ~Fall-Out-M
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Well, just a lip sync test actually (and by test I mean it's nowhere near being actually finished *sob) Eeeeeh, not sure how this is gonna look, I've been trying to put this on YouTube for a while and I'm having some issues (mostly because I've never uploaded anything there by myself before heh...) :icontearplz:
So if you come to see what this is and it's not working in one way or another, please bear with me, though feel free to tell me so I can get this figured out :iconcraiplz:

If I ever do finish this, I'd add romaji and translated lyrics and maybe some sort of snowy effect on top. XD

Music by Binyu-P: [link]

EDIT: EEEEEEEEEeeeeeek, it repeats!! Sorry, sorry, I'll work on that, sldkjf I also sort of feel like the timing's kind of off now that I watch it outside of flash...

EDIT 2: EGH, I'm sorry, please bear with me, I'm making buttons right now, maybe that'll clear this up asldkfj :iconorzplz:

lsdkjf with the help of my fantabulous friend *Koceta and her amazingly easy to follow tutorial [link] I was able to put a button on this dang thing. So hopefully it works alright now! If not I'm just gonna go cry about how useless I am... :icontearplz:

It still works best if you don't switch tabs or scroll around too much. I don't know if it's just my internet connection or what, but it just does asldkjf for some reason the music can keep going on after it's supposed to cut off if you scroll away. I...have no idea why, I guess I'm just really really bad at this sort of thing, I'm so sorry... :iconsawbplz:
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NO This is NOT MMD

4 mikus you see supposed to be one. i havent figured out how to make configuration so i had to turn them into states. Its a pain in the :icongutsmanassplz: to do all these coding =w=

Credit to Nodah for Chouchou base
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:bulletred: **NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED** :bulletred:

I created the game, but the background, the picture (character), and the character Hiyama Kiyoteru do not belong to me!!
If you know who created the pictures, please tell me so I can properly give them credit for their work. I have no idea who the original owners are, since I found them on Photobucket...


So, I decided I wanted to create a sim date, since there are so many out there I dislike, and all the good ones cost money. This one was just for practice. I still need to practice drawing and doing more interesting things.

I used :iconpacthesis:'s tut on how to make this game, and she's my inspiration for dates in the future.

Sorry it sucks so much, I tried. :C And please don't get mad that the pictures don't belong to me. I'm awful at drawing and I tried to make it better for you. I in no way claim them as my own.

Also, I apologize for the silly story line. I plan on actually giving my characters personality and background in future games. Thanks again for playing.
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:bulletpink::bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletyellow:NEW DRESS UP!:bulletpink::bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletyellow:

Programation: Rutch

Drawings: By me

Link the game in web []:


Dress up characters ( Only females):
- Miku Hatsune
- Rin Kagamine
- Luka Megurine
- Meiko Sakine
- SF-A2 Miki
- Black Rock Shooter
- Teto kasane
- Miku Hagane
- Haku Yowane
- Neru Akita
- Miku Zatsune
- Aku Yamine
- Miku Tatsune
- Gumi Megpoid
- Macne nana
- And more versions...

With background options and final percentage.

Thanks! I waiting yours Screenshots ^v^
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