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NO This is NOT MMD

4 mikus you see supposed to be one. i havent figured out how to make configuration so i had to turn them into states. Its a pain in the :icongutsmanassplz: to do all these coding =w=

Credit to Nodah for Chouchou base
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:bulletpink::bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletyellow:NEW DRESS UP!:bulletpink::bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletyellow:

Programation: Rutch

Drawings: By me

Link the game in web []:


Dress up characters ( Only females):
- Miku Hatsune
- Rin Kagamine
- Luka Megurine
- Meiko Sakine
- SF-A2 Miki
- Black Rock Shooter
- Teto kasane
- Miku Hagane
- Haku Yowane
- Neru Akita
- Miku Zatsune
- Aku Yamine
- Miku Tatsune
- Gumi Megpoid
- Macne nana
- And more versions...

With background options and final percentage.

Thanks! I waiting yours Screenshots ^v^
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Well, just a lip sync test actually (and by test I mean it's nowhere near being actually finished *sob) Eeeeeh, not sure how this is gonna look, I've been trying to put this on YouTube for a while and I'm having some issues (mostly because I've never uploaded anything there by myself before heh...) :icontearplz:
So if you come to see what this is and it's not working in one way or another, please bear with me, though feel free to tell me so I can get this figured out :iconcraiplz:

If I ever do finish this, I'd add romaji and translated lyrics and maybe some sort of snowy effect on top. XD

Music by Binyu-P: [link]

EDIT: EEEEEEEEEeeeeeek, it repeats!! Sorry, sorry, I'll work on that, sldkjf I also sort of feel like the timing's kind of off now that I watch it outside of flash...

EDIT 2: EGH, I'm sorry, please bear with me, I'm making buttons right now, maybe that'll clear this up asldkfj :iconorzplz:

lsdkjf with the help of my fantabulous friend *Koceta and her amazingly easy to follow tutorial [link] I was able to put a button on this dang thing. So hopefully it works alright now! If not I'm just gonna go cry about how useless I am... :icontearplz:

It still works best if you don't switch tabs or scroll around too much. I don't know if it's just my internet connection or what, but it just does asldkjf for some reason the music can keep going on after it's supposed to cut off if you scroll away. I...have no idea why, I guess I'm just really really bad at this sort of thing, I'm so sorry... :iconsawbplz:
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Based on the Vocaloid VY2 Yuuma's song "A Clingy Boy Sticking For 15 Years".

Yes I'm aware that Raven's nasod arm is on the wrong side in the first picture. I'll fix it later. I am also aware that said nasod arm is drawn all wrong but I don't care because there are like, no good references for that thing and I refuse to try and figure it out.

The preloader took me like 15 minutes to code. Stupid Action Script 3.0
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How to play

Can you match the correct outfits to the characters from the anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica?

Press the "try match" button if you think you've found an outfit from the anime.

There are a total of 10 different outfits that will match for a bonus item.

Have fun playing dress up with or without the bonus items!

Can't remember what the characters outfits are? Click the (?) button in the game or go here:

Artwork in Adobe Photoshop CS6
Programming in Adobe Flash CS6
Song performed by me, composed by Kajiura Yuki
You can download the song: [link]

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1. Miku Miku Shite Ni Ageru
2. Ievan Polka (Iloituma)
3. Keikendchi Joushouchuu (Minami ke Op)
4. World Is Mine
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I've been watching Power Rangers. This happened. No one is surprised.

Time Force has always been my favourite Power Rangers series. The Rangers are awesome, the story is really involving and heartwarming and heartbreaking and adorable and funny and bittersweet, the acting is pretty darn fantastic and there is a Zord called Quantasaurus Rex. Need I say more? Didn't think so.

So, yes, join me in my childlike joy and come play Rangers!


It's a quiet day in Silver Hills. Ransik and his mutants are nowhere to be seen and no-one is in need of Nick of Time Odd Jobs. The Rangers are taking a well-earned break and relaxing around the clock tower.

The Power Rangers Time Fore Clock Tower Playset is an simple drag-and-drop scene maker based in the home of the Time Force Rangers. Place the Rangers around the clock tower by dragging on characters and dress them up using the clothing options. You might be able to find a few extra things lurking around too...

- Click on the character icons in the menu to look through clothing options
- Click on the clothing options in the menu to dress the characters
- Click on the computer screen to open/close the menu

There are six secret outfits to unlock. See if you can find them...

You can PrintScreen and then paste into any image editing software to save your creations. If you want to compile your saved scenes into a multiframe comic then you can do that too. You can add speech bubbles / text but please do not edit the artwork. See below for help.


- Press the Print Screen (Prt Scr, Print Scrn, Prt Scn, Prt Sc, Prt Scrn, or Prnt Scrn) button on your keyboard. This will take a screenshot of your desktop.
- Open up ANY image editing software - Photoshop, Gimp, Sai, etc.
- Click Paste from Clipboard, Create New from Clipboard, Paste as New Image, etc. This will vary depending on your software. Usually these options can be found in the >File or >Edit menu.
- Crop the image and save as a JPEG or PNG.


- If the game won't load make sure you have the newest version of Flash installed.
- If the game stops on the preloader right-click and choose Forward. Repeat if necessary. Alternatively, right-click and make sure Loop is checked before pressing Play.

All art and programming by =Gasara
Play more games at G*REVO Games

I do own Power Rangers, sadly. This game is non-profit and completely just for fun.
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The music on this is unfortunately way out of sync. Near the end the animation ends up 5+ seconds ahead of where I originally animated it to the music and it definitely loses a bit from where I synched actions to beats and that kind of thing.  I wish I could fix it but the original flash file for this is long lost in the sands of time.

This is a flash gift for mah muffin.
I've been working on it for weeks, and it has the most effort I have ever put into a flash ever. Finally its a flash that has music in it, the song is "love love shine" by kosaka riyu.
Hopefully this will get uploaded without incident, I couldn't get a preloader to work so hopefully loading it won't be too big a deal either. :3

I hope everyone enjoys it.
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-Gakupo Kamui from Vocaloid-

This one was supposed to have prizes for dressing the doll in the correct outfit like in the One Piece girls v2 game, but first I failed to write the code for that, and then I failed to port the old bad code for the same thing from the OPgirls dress up, and after having spent over two hours on the futile coding thing I just decided to leave it out. uh-oh... Kaito and Len's outfits are there as extra since I didn't know anything else about vocaloid I could have added.

F.A.Q. here

Other days:
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Lottery entry by ~NuttyNuti.
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Vocaloid piano! I would've done it with voice but.. that's impossible. Maybe another day~ XD

I use it to tune my guitar lol~

Promotion time: here's some bluesy piano rock to play along to. (:

And here's a link to a similar deviation I did, only with Miku's voice from Vocaloid instead of piano sounds!
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